GHG: Chapter 113 Part 1

Wednesday: 4:17 a.m.

Liu Huai was too anxious due to Bai Liu’s speculation. He had already lost a lot of blood. In addition, he refused to rest because he kept worrying about his sister. His health and mental values were both showing signs of decline so Bai Liu simply took advantage of when Liu Huai was unprepared to use sleeping pills on him.

Now Liu Huai slept soundly on the straw bed while Bai Liu and Mu Ke weren’t asleep. They were still sorting out and analyzing the information they obtained today. It was mainly information that Mu Ke obtained from the medical records room and that Bai Liu obtained from little Bai Liu (6)’s side.

Mu Ke looked at Liu Huai sleeping on the bed in a complicated manner. He remembered himself this morning and found that Bai Liu’s method was really too bad. He didn’t speak and directly drugged them. This approach was simply, simply…

In short, it didn’t look like a good person’s approach.

Mu Ke slowly moved his gaze to Bai Liu who was leaning against the wall and still analyzing the comprehensive information.

Bai Liu leaned against the wall, one leg bent with the paper on the other leg. His face wasn’t noticeably tired. He was clearly bruised but his eyes were still clear and calm. He lowered his head and continued to draw pictures on the paper with the pen as he spoke in a calm voice, “Now we have roughly understood the mechanisms of this welfare home and most of the doubts are basically explained. There are still two things left and it is best not to discuss these two things in front of Liu Huai.”

Mu Ke was stunned.

Bai Liu glanced at Liu Huai who was still sleeping on the hospital bed. “First, why are Liu Huai and Liu Jiayi tied together and why is their health reduced to 50%?”

“I speculated previously that it was caused by her poisoning but there are two things not quite reasonable about this. First, why is Liu Huai’s health also reduced by half? This can be based on the game’s binding logic. However, after integrating the information you gave me and the information I got from little Bai Liu (6) and Liu Huai last night, this possibility is completely overturned due to the second suspicion I found.”

“The second point—” Bai Liu calmly looked at the little girl on the paper and drew a big question mark on the thin girl. He looked at Liu Huai without any fluctuations in his eyes. “Liu Jiayi was screened by the blood ganoderma lucidum in reality due to being the offspring of close relatives. In other words, Liu Jiayi was parasitized by the mushrooms. In this case, it is very strange that she coughed up blood during her escape. This is completely irrational. The blood ganoderma lucidum wouldn’t waste her blood by making her cough it up.”

“Another thing that makes me feel strange is that the timing of her coughing up blood is too coincidental. It wasn’t too early or too late. It just happened to be when they were about to reach the gate.” Bai Liu narrowed his eyes. “Bai Liu (6)’s hesitation and consideration at that time was right. If it was me, I would also wonder if she didn’t want to escape and was deliberately delaying things.”

Mu Ke gradually felt numb as he heard this. He looked at Bai Liu and asked in a low voice, “Bai Liu, do you mean…?”

“Now it is obvious after synthesizing all the information. She is acting and lying to me, or to little Bai Liu (6).” Bai Liu’s expression was serious as he came to this conclusion.

A chill rushed down Mu Ke’s spine. “Why is Liu Jiayi doing this? It isn’t good for her to stay in the welfare home!”

Bai Liu’s eyes moved to the face of Liu Huai who was sleeping on the bed. “She should be trying to save her brother. She wants to stay in the welfare home and wait for her brother to come and draw her blood.”

“Then she will die!” Mu Ke couldn’t figure it out. “How old is she? Isn’t she afraid of death?”

Bai Liu paused. “She might not die.”

Mu Ke became even more puzzled. “Why? If her blood is drawn, she will die when her health is exhausted. She also has only 50 health so she will die more easily.”

Bai Liu slowly looked up. “What if she has a personal skill to restore her health?”

Mu Ke was stunned for a few seconds before loking at Bai Liu with a startled expression, “F*k?! No way? You mean she is…”

Liu Huai was pushed awake from his half-sleeping, half-awake state. He woke up to see Bai Liu’s calm eyes and he couldn’t help feeling cold.

“Jiayi—” Liu Huai shook his head as he remembered the issue he had been arguing with Bai Liu about before going to bed. The bleary and sleepy expression faded away and he became anxious. “Bai Liu! You promised me you would save Jiayi! I have given everything to you! You promised me!”

Bai Liu replied coldly, “Maybe your sister doesn’t need anyone to save her.”

Bai Liu told Liu Huai about his own guess.

Liu Huai was startled. His brain response was sluggish due to excessive blood loss so he looked at Bai Liu’s expressionless face in a somewhat confused manner. “What do you mean by Jiayi is acting and lying?”

Bai Liu raised his eyes. “Don’t you understand? I told you a long time ago that your sister isn’t as simple as you think. She is very smart, far smarter than you and I expected.”

“The system was indeed acting for the balance of the game. It weakened the health of the two of you mainly to weaken your sister, not to weaken you. This game isn’t fair to other players because her personal skill is too strong. In this type of game where more health will give you an advantage, if it doesn’t weaken her and your health, this instance will have no gameplay. She is a cheat-like existence in this game.”

“Liu Jiayi has been acting as a good sister in front of you and even little Bai Liu (6) was fooled by her. However, in the end her flaw was revealed because of you.”

Bai Liu stared straight at Liu Huai. “She guessed the mechanics of this game. She wanted to save you so she didn’t want to run away. She pretended to cough up blood to stay in the welfare home and wait for you to pick her up tomorrow. However, she doesn’t want you to be aware of her identity. This made her very careful from beginning to end. Even so, she showed a crack because of you.”

Liu Huai shook his head and whispered ‘impossible’ in disbelief.  Due to his lack of arms, his body was unbalanced. When he got up from the bed, his body swayed badly and Mu Ke hurriedly stood up to support him.

Mu Ke couldn’t bear to see Liu Huai’s expression. What Bai Liu was currently telling Liu Huai was far from the cruelest part.

Liu Huai staggered out of bed and walked over to Bai Liu. Liu Huai’s eyes were full of tears and he seemed completely unable to understand what Bai Liu had just said.

“How could… what identity? She is just a child. What identity can she have? I’m going to protect her…”

Bai Liu looked up at Liu Huai. “Liu Huai, from beginning to end, we have made a mistake in the logical relationship. It wasn’t you who influenced Liu Jiayi to enter the game.”

Liu Huai stood motionless in front of Bai Liu, his head lowered toward Bai Liu as he waited for Bai Liu to tell him the extremely cruel fact.

Bai Liu paused before declaring very clearly, “It was Liu Jiayi’s desire that influenced you to enter the game. She should be a player who entered the game before you. She is the player who forced the system to take the initiative to weaken her in terms of health and then bound her to her brother to limit her. She is a player with an extremely special personal skill.”

Liu Huai was silent for a long time. He only reacted by lowering his head to look at Bai Liu in a sluggish manner.

Bai Liu’s eyes had no fluctuations and his voice wasn’t rushed. “Liu Jiayi is the little witch, the one who wanted to team up with Puppet Zhang to participate in the league. She is the new star player launched by the King’s Guild who can restore health, the number one newcomer on the rising stars list.”


The game hall, inside the King’s Guild, the office of Queen of Hearts.

Hearts lazily crossed her legs and shook her high heels. She was extremely bored as she watched the people under the stage giving her a long and tedious report.

The person reporting read in a loud voice, “Next is the analysis of the small TV data of the members of the King’s Guild this season…”

“Among the team members this season, the comprehensive data that rose the fastest is for the newcomer ‘Little Witch.’ Seven weeks after entering the game, she is firmly at the top of the nightmare rising stars list and her popularity and support rate have remained high. After entering the guild, her output and support in several large-scale group battles is commendable. She is the core support in a group battle…”

As he spoke, the person reporting clicked on his system panel and a huge video panel floated in front of the queen like a PPT. The reporter slid through the panel to show Queen of Hearts and eventually stopped on a video.

The title of the video was ‘Taboo Witch’s High Energy Collection—I have a bottle of poison tonight and I have a bottle of antidote. However, tonight isn’t Christmas Eve. Guess who I am going to kill?’

Queen of Hearts barely gained some interest when she saw this title. She sat up a bit straighter and raised her hand to signal the reporter to play the video. “Have you edited a Little Witch support video? Show it to me.”

The video started playing at Hearts’ signal.

In the originally dark video, white smoke started to slowly appear. In the swirling smoke, there was a player who was dressed in a black lace dress and who was half the height of an adult. She turned indifferently to look at the camera. Her body was completely covered in a veil and her face couldn’t be seen, but it added a mysterious aura to her.

She walked barefoot through the misty jungle in the early morning. Her white skin was revealed through the hollow lines of the lace embroidery and her footsteps were light and graceful. Then this graceful feeling was destroyed the next second.

A large number of monsters appeared in the jungle. They seemed to grow along the vines and wriggled on the rotten ground. They soon rose from the ground. Some players ran and shouted in the jungle full of monsters but they were soon caught and swallowed by these creeping vine monsters.

She stretched out two glass bottles filled with liquid from under her black veil. She ran fast through the jungle and blood smoke rose from the veil as she scattered the liquid in the bottles neatly and simply.

The monsters quickly rotted and the players begging her for mercy rotted in the jungle along with the monsters. Little Witch only accurately saved the members of her team while never looking at other players, even though she still had a lot of antidote left in her bottle.

Footage of different games were quickly interlinked together. The witch hidden under the ominous black veil used poison to bring death to players while using the antidote to pity the rotting players.

Her footsteps were brisk and agile as she moved between different monsters and players. Her black fabric was soaked in the blood of the dead monsters and unfortunate players who passed away, becoming thicker and heavier. It was hard to tell if she was a human or a ghost.

The blood on the veil dripped onto her white feet and she indifferently shook it away along with the player grabbing her ankle for help. A hideous bloody handprint was left on her ankle and as she moved away, she was silently covered by the falling black veil.

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