GHG: Chapter 112

Mu Ke, who was pushed away by Miao Feichi, wanted to stand in front of Liu Jiayi. At this age, he was taught to protect girls and Miao Feichi was obviously wrong. He bravely spread out his arms and protected Liu Jiayi again. “Miao Feichi, I told you! It has nothing to do with us that you couldn’t escape! If you dare to do anything to Jiayi, I will tell Bai Liu (6)! Believe me!”

The experience of escaping and being left behind made Mu Ke quickly and one-sidedly shorten the psychological distance with Liu Jiayi. He now regarded Liu Jiayi as a little sister who was as weak as himself and needed his protection.

He knew that he didn’t have the ability to resist Miao Feichi. Although Mu Ke didn’t know what type of agreement the two people had reached with Bai Liu (6), it was obvious that Bai Liu (6) was able to control Miao Feichi. Thus, Mu Ke had no choice but to bring up the method of tattle-telling.

Mu Ke’s eyes were wide but his tone was calm and convincing. “You don’t dare defy Bai Liu (6), right? If he saw you doing this to us, do you think anything good will happen?”

Miao Feichi paused while walking. Then his expression quickly became ferocious and he waved Mu Ke away. “I don’t have a good ending now! Get lost! I have to take this little blind person for meat today. If you f*king get in my way then I’ll eat you!”

Mu Ke stared at Miao Feichi’s bloodshot eyes and couldn’t help shivering. Then Liu Jiayi suddenly shouted. “Teacher! Teacher!”

The teacher who went to the toilet by chance heard Liu Jiayi’s cry and pushed open the door impatiently. “What’s wrong with you?”

After seeing that Mu Ke was going to point to Miao Feichi to complain, Miao Feichi preemptively opened his mouth. He stood up and smiled at the teacher. “Teacher, there is a small conflict between Mu Ke, Miao Gaojiang and I. We had a fight.”

Mu Ke was startled by this sentence and his expression sank. Then he stood up and shouted loudly, “Miao Gaojiang and I don’t have any conflict with Miao Feichi. He wanted to bully…”

“It is a conflict!” Miao Feichi raised his voice and interrupted Mu Ke. He narrowed his eyes and his mouth curved up in an evil manner. He slowly turned his head to look at the teacher. “Teacher, if you continue to lock me up with the two of them, we might continue to fight. It isn’t good if someone is broken right? I remember that Mu Ke has a heart disease. What if something happens to him?”

This was a blatant threat. Mu Ke flushed with anger and wanted to continue to refute it. However, the teacher frowned after hearing this. “There are too many things. Then I will separate you.”

Miao Feichi finally smiled with satisfaction. “Teacher, Miao Gaojiang also bullied Liu Jiayi in the fight just now. I don’t bully girls.”

Mu Ke was so angry that his eyeballs were protruding and he jumped twice in an anxious manner. “Fart!” This was the dirtiest thing he could say at this age.

“A few children are fighting.” The teacher’s eyes briefly swept over the group before she came to a conclusion. “Then you and Liu Jiayi will be shut up together. Be obedient and don’t make trouble.”

Mu Ke finally found the opportunity to interject. “Teacher, he bullied…”

Miao Feichi simled at Mu Ke. “Mu Ke, think about it well. Me and Miao Gaojiang can’t be in the same room. Then it is either you or Liu Jiayi who will end up with me. Do you want to be shut up with me?”

His eyes had an extremely obvious bloody appetite. Mu Ke got goosebumps at the sight and even took two steps back. Then Mu Ke glanced at Liu Jiayi, who was still gasping after calling the teacher. He gritted his teeth and prepared to say that he would be with Miao Feichi.

Just then, Liu Jiayi stood up slowly. Her hand groped out twice before she placed it on the palm that the teacher extended to her. She looked down so her expression couldn’t be seen. “Teacher, let’s go.”

Mu Ke anxiously jumped. “Jiayi, don’t go there!”

Liu Jiayi heard his voice and turned to ‘look’ at Mu Ke. She smiled and her tone was a bit pleasant. “Don’t worry about me. I have a way.”

Mu Ke was stunned for a second and instinctively stepped back.

The smile from Liu Jiayi just now made him feel strangely cold. He felt that Liu Jiayi had expected Miao Feichi to do this and deliberately let them be locked up in the same room. She condoned Miao Feichi’s actions.

Mu Ke remembered that this girl had proposed to kill the teacher when leaving the welfare home, so as to delay the time of being discovered. This was eventually rejected by Bai Liu (6), saying it wasn’t easy to kill an NPC in the welfare home. Mu Ke didn’t understand it very well but Liu Jiayi naturally said that they could push Miao Feichi forward if something went wrong.

Liu Jiayi had an almost innocent cruelty. She was smart, intelligent and had excellent ability to execute actions. The only thing was that she wasn’t a schemer on the same level as Bai Liu (6).

The plan to escape the welfare home was made by her and Bai Liu (6).

The teachers’ rounds, the location of the keys and the general direction of escape were all information that the blind girl Liu Jiayi had figured out in just one day. It also only took her a minute to trick the teacher out. The little girl even wanted to kill the teacher while escaping to prevent the teacher from waking up and catching up. Bai Liu (6) had been silent for a moment before saying, “I also think so but killing will take too much time.”

Mu Ke watched Miao Feichi and Liu Jiayi being taken away by the teacher and couldn’t help feeling uneasy. No matter how clever Liu Jiayi was, she was still a little girl after all. She couldn’t rely on intelligence to counter Miao Feichi’s physical strength.

‘Ahhhhhh, what should I do?’ Mu Ke broke down slightly. If only Bai Liu (6) was here!

The teacher shut Miao Feichi and Liu Jiayi in another handicrafts classroom.

Liu Jiayi quietly crouched in the lower right hand corner of the handicrafts classroom. She had made a doll in this corner yesterday so the box in the corner still contained some cloth heads. She was crouching down and sorting them out one by one. Then she was suddenly pricked by a needle and a drop of blood poured out.

“Ah! It is bleeding,” Liu Jiayi whispered. She put her finger in her mouth and lowered her eyelids to cover her misty eyes that were a bit vague. “It is a bit wasteful. This is blood to save my brother.”

Miao Feichi was approaching her from behind while constantly gulping. The expression on his face was feverish, like a starving man seeing a big meal for the first time.

He saw Liu Jiayi prick herself and the bright red blood oozing from her white and tender fingertips. The color impact of this ‘food presentation’ caused Miao Feichi’s heartbeat and breathing to accelerate a lot as he moved behind Liu Jiayi.

“What are you looking at, Sister Jiayi?” Miao Feichi prepared to give himself a friendly start to the meal as he checked Liu Jiayi’s cloth box.

Yesterday, Liu Jiayi had huddled in this corner alone with a smile and fiddled with this box all day. Finally, she only took out an ugly doll with thick and simple stitches. It was so crude that it felt like the limbs could fall off with a tug.

However, yesterday he had seen Liu Jiayi ask the teacher for a needle. The teacher said she couldn’t give a blind person such a dangerous thing so it wasn’t given. Then where did she get the needle to sew the doll?

Miao Feichi finally saw inside the cloth box and he couldn’t help his pupils shrinking. Liu Jiayi smiled brilliantly and cocked her head. “There is no need. I need a needle to sew a doll for my brother.”

The box was filled with various fabrics in different styles. There was also a needle stained with blood and it was attached to the head of a semi-finished doll, almost to the point of penetration.

This doll was wearing the exact same clothes as Miao Feichi was right now.

“Does it look good? The doll I made.” Liu Jiayi stood up slowly with an innocent and evil smile on her pale face. She carried the doll and approached Miao Feichi while pulling out a syringe. “According to the 50% mortality rate of a level 2 game, it requires at least 1.6 children’s blood to save a player. My blood alone isn’t sufficient to save my brother. I have to trouble Brother Miao Feichi to donate blood.”

Miao Feichi took half a step back before his butt fell to the ground. He moved his legs frantically to retreat while shouting, “Teacher! Teacher, help!”

[System notification: Player Liu Jiayi has used the ‘Silence’ item. No one can hear any sound in your space. Players, please enjoy it!]

[Item duration: One hour.]

[System notification: Player Liu Jiayi has used the ‘Magic Space’ item. This is your exclusive space and only those you allow can enter or leave. You are the magician who dominates this space!]

[Item duration: One and a half hours.]

[System notification: Player Liu Jiayi has used the muscle relaxation potion. Player Miao Feichi’s secondary identity line has lost all strength and his muscles have relaxed…]

Liu Jiayi relentlessly used items from her system panel and the system continuously released new notifications and instructions.

[System notification: Player Liu Jiayi, your personal skill is special within Love Welfare Institute. After entering the game, the following restrictions have been placed on you to balance the game—]

[One: Bind the health of you and Liu Huai, the core character of your desire.]

[Two: You have received the mushroom poisoning debuff and your health will continue to drop. Please pay attention to restore your health in time.]

(Note: The debuff isn’t imposed by the system. It is a poisoning debuff that the player brought in from reality. The system will slightly expand the debuff effect as a restriction.)

[Three: The cooldown time of your personal skill ‘Antidote’ has been extended from one hour to six hours.]

[Four: Your blood is the blood that is most suitable for nurturing the blood ganoderma lucidum among all the players and children in the game. There is no need for a blood relationship. Your blood can grow a blood ganoderma lucidum to cure any investor’s terminal illness. Your blood is ‘universal blood’ and can serve as the core blood for any investor’s blood ganoderma lucidum.]

(Note: Once other investor players solve the game’s background clues, the system will release some appropriate information guidance to the players to let them know that your blood is the best blood. Of course, it is under the premise of completely protecting your privacy. We won’t fully disclose your identity.)

[Five: …]

At the last moment when Liu Jiayi put away her panel, a shiny silver crown logo could be seen on her personal attributes panel.

[Senior member of the King’s Guild: First on the Rising Stars List.]

[Skill Identity Name: Cursed Taboo Witch]

Liu Jiayi put away the panel and looked down at Miao Feichi who was struggling on the ground. Miao Feichi was slumped down softly like a puddle of mud. He leaned back and made small sounds, tears streaming from the corners of his eyes.

“No one can hear your cry for help, Brother Feichi.” Liu Jiayi crouched down and cocked her head as she ‘looked’ at the frightened Miao Feichi. “I have heard about your small TV before. You like to eat the meat of children?”

“I also like to draw blood from your body.” Liu Jiayi smiled sweetly, revealing two dimples at the corners of her mouth “Have you ever seen a bunny have blood drawn from its ears? It can eventually be killed by injecting air there. It is said that this is a very painful death and is like dying from semi-suffocation. I had a small hamster before that was given to me by my brother. I originally wanted to experiment with it.”

“Unfortunately, it was so fragile that it soon died. I cried so hard.” Liu Jiayi stroked Miao Feichi’s head lovingly but her tone was very light. “Do you want to be my hamster?”

Miao Feichi’s face was full of tears. He looked at Liu Jiayi’s sharp and huge syringe and shook his head in a pained and frightened manner.

“The hamster has no right to refuse.” Liu Jiayi smiled. “I’m starting.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

Oh my goddd this twist i did not see this coming

1 year ago

wowwww that was a huge turning point
if they were real brothers it would be a siscon and brocon pair

poor hamsters though
but this is so coool

1 year ago

I- WHAT!???? SHE’S- Is she actually the Witch or has the Witch taken her identity???

1 year ago
Reply to  NIAN27

She’s probably the witch, I remember that taboo witch is also a newcomer and was planned to be partnered with Puppet Zhang

1 year ago


i had been suspecting that Liu Jiayi had actually played at least one game before this one, but i never thought she’d be the taboo witch mentioned by the king’s guild!!!!! so powerful!!!! ⊙﹏⊙

zhan zhan
zhan zhan
4 months ago

liu huai … u might need to reevaluate everything u know

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28 days ago

Well that took a turn i did not expect.
Wouldn’t be suprised if BL already knew about it and that was the main reason he wants to save her.