GHG: Chapter 11

Four intense beams of light shone violently at the merfolk statues from four directions. For a while, Bai Liu’s small TV screen was much brighter than the one next to it. The screen had a pure white glare, making it impossible to stare directly at it.

Under the strong beams of light, the merfolk statues raised their hands stiffly and prepared to block their eyes. The eyes of the statues were dazzled by the strong light of the flashlights. They started to retreat and curled up like poor criminals surrounded by the police. They huddled in the middle of the bright light and some of the statues tried to bury their heads in their arms.

Bai Liu crouched in front of these statues like a big devil and smiled. “Ah, I really guessed correctly. You are afraid of the light.”

The onlookers in front of the small TV, “……”

“Are you a villain!!!”

“F*k! There is a new use of the 3D projectors!”

“…How did this person think of using the 3D projectors to record an image of himself holding the strong flashlight and then project it to deal with the merfolk statues.”

“Sh*t, the 3D projector is trash in my hands and a replicator in the hands of bigshots. The weapon is doubled and can be used repeatedly.”

“I couldn’t help buying three 3D projectors…”

“Oh, the projector is on sale now! It only costs 8 points for three! Grab it quickly!”

Nearby, the player who was heavily praised for picking the right item was frantically waving the torch to force the merfolk back while trying to read the newspaper in the hot pool in a flustered manner. The merfolk statues were still leaning toward him with fierce faces and sharp claws. They were constantly approaching and the player seemed like he was going to die at any time. This scene was extremely thrilling and exciting.

It was obviously a scene that could lift people’s hearts but as long as they watched Bai Liu, it became tasteless and dull.

Bai Liu let his three projections surround the mermaid statues like policemen. Then he unhurriedly shook the newspaper and read it by the hot water pool like he was on vacation. Meanwhile, the merfolk statues were weak, pitiful and helpless as they curled up motionless in the middle of the circle.

The contrast was simply too big!!

Someone sighed in a complicated manner. “From now on, the fire torch will no longer be the best item to use to clear Siren Town…”

[347 people liked Bai Liu’s small TV, 355 people have saved Bai Liu’s small TV, 21 people have charged Bai Liu’s small TV and player Bai Liu obtained 21 points.]

[Player Bai Liu has received over 300 likes in one minute and his reputation is rising rapidly!]

[Congratulations to player Bai Liu for gaining a promotion position and entering the edge of the game screen in the central lobby. The number of viewers is rising rapidly…]

Someone stared at Bai Liu’s TV in a trance. “F*k, this is the first time I’ve seen a player in the newcomer area get a promotion place and enter the central lobby.”

“I seem to be… witnessing the rise of a bigshot…”


[The ‘Siren Town Monster Book’ merfolk statue panel has updated.]

[Monster Name: Merfolk Statue (Pupa State), Amulet Statue (Cocoon State)]

[Weaknesses: Human eyes looking directly at it, bright light (2/3)]

[Attack Method: Incubation.]

[Player Bai Liu has only one weakness remaining before he can collect the page of ‘Merfolk Statue’ in the Monster Book. The corresponding reward can be unlocked after the game is over.]

Bai Liu had long guessed that one of the weaknesses of the merfolk statue was the fear of bright light. It was actually pretty easy to guess.

Previously, the driver said that some valuable fish only came out at night because they were afraid of strong light. The merfolk fishing activity happened to be held at night. It was conceivable that fish like the merfolk were also afraid of light.

As for whether the merfolk statues had anything in common with the merfolk about avoiding light, Bai Liu hadn’t been able to easily reach a conclusion.

Therefore, Bai Liu observed and found there were hardly any merfolk statues on the streets of Siren Town during the day. The hotel and the Siren Museum had insufficient lighting and there were many merfolk statues. He made a guess that the merfolk statues might have no sense of hearing or smell but their vision was extremely sensitive, so they had a strong ability to perceive light.

The answer was almost in front of him. The merfolk statues feared bright light.

There was a bit of a gambler in Bai Liu’s bones. After inferring this, he calmly and frantically pursued this weakness using the most cost-effective method.

How many merfolk statues could be forced back by strong light? How much influence did strong light have on the statues? How long would it affect them? If the merfolk sculptures formed an encirclement, could the strong light directly help him break through?

Therefore, Bai Liu conducted an experiment. He deliberately induced these merfolk statues into an encirclement and tried to use the strong light and 3D projector to break through. Of course, it might fail but Bai Liu didn’t just do things fearlessly. According to his inference, this action had a more than 80% success rate. It was a situation he had to face in the future so Bai Liu didn’t hesitate to gamble once.

If he failed then he failed. No risk, no gain. This was normal. Playing games was a risky process and he was playing a game.

However, his current attention was on the softened newspaper in the pool. Bai Liu grabbed it and gently tore the back of the newspaper with his hands. It separated! Sure enough, this wasn’t an ordinary newspaper.

[Player Bai Liu has completed the task of separating the newspapers in the hot water pool and is rewarded with 10 points.]

[21 points have been charged and the current points balance is 31. Do you wish to purchase items?]

Bai Liu refused and continued to look down at the newspaper. Bai Liu touched the two separated newspapers. The thickness was obviously different. One was much thinner. He frowned slightly and tore the thicker one. It separated again.

Wow. Bai Liu raised his eyebrow. He was almost confused by the reminder that the task was completed. In fact, there were still newspapers stuck underneath. If he hadn’t looked at it twice then he might’ve thought he found all the information about this place.

Hey, this game was quite deceptive.

Bai Liu tore it apart seven or eight times and the washbasin behind him was full of wet, old newspapers. He confirmed there were no more layers and quickly glanced at the content. All the headlines of the nine old newspapers were ‘missing notices’ by the police about missing tourists. The number of missing people added up… well, it wasn’t a small number.

The earliest time the tourists disappeared could be traced back to last year which was the time when Siren Museum just opened.

In the beginning, there weren’t many missing tourists and there were obvious signs of robbery. Popular tourist attractions always had disappearances so one or two people wasn’t a great event. Such crowded places were always prone to crime and it was the seaside. Falling into the sea or being kidnapped and robbed was normal. These things just needed to be reported for registration.

However, based on what Jeff told Bai Liu, the outside world didn’t know that so many people had disappeared here before last month. The tourism industry was still vigorously developing. It wasn’t until the number of missing tourists gradually increased and strange things happened frequently that it was noticed. Last month, the number of people missing in Siren Town alone was 12 and this was a big report.

If Bai Liu didn’t guess wrong, the disappearances of these tourists were covered up by Mayor Harris. He loved his people like they were his children and used some means to suppress the news in order to continue developing the tourism industry.

Judging from the information in the newspaper, the townspeople here were really good at crime.

Bai Liu collected the newspapers and projectors and shone the flashlight on the statues. Once they didn’t move, Bai Liu came out of the corridor and headed to the central exhibition hall of Siren Museum where Lucy and the others were waiting.

It was said the central exhibition hall only contained the skeleton of a merfolk and it was placed in a tightly locked, bulletproof glass cabinet. It was the perfect merfolk skeleton the driver said they caught that was the beginning of everything.

This skeleton was like a gift from the sea to Siren Town. It brought wealth to Siren Town but it also brought an ominous feeling. Everyone only saw the wealth it brought and no one realized their current misfortune also came from this.

Bai Liu was stunned when he walked in.

The central exhibition hall was a circular one. There was a glass cabinet that was like a crystal coffin in the middle. Inside the glass cabinet was a bright white LED light that illuminated the merfolk ‘skeleton’ at 360 degrees without any dead ends. Bai Liu looked at the merfolk corpse that was called a skeleton with surprise.

This couldn’t be called a skeleton, at least by Bai Liu’s standards.

Lucy stared at the merman in the glass cabinet with an obsessive expression. “He is so beautiful. I have never seen… such a perfect look. It isn’t even computer generated.”

Jeff seemed to be greatly affected. The shocked boy with thick glasses stared up at the merman with disbelief. It was unknown how long he had been standing here.

As always, Andre had an absolute contempt for this creature. “You are all deceived. It is just a matter of finding a fishtail, sewing it on a human body and putting it in a glass cabinet. It is a trick to deceive the eyes… but it is really well done.”

The merman’s body was immersed in liquid in the glass container. It was white bone from his left hand to his shoulder while the rest was flesh and blood like a real person.

His lines were elegant and sharp and the well-proportioned muscles enveloped the thin bones. Bubbles slowly rose in the dark blue liquid and tangled around the merman’s long, dark brown hair that was floating. Finally, they were stuck on the long eyelashes like pearls

His eyes were closed and his face was so delicate and beautiful that it was incredible. Long, slightly curly hair floated across his beautiful cheeks in the water, revealing a pair of ears that was very different from ordinary people.

The left ear was a fin with a mica shell-like texture that shone brightly in the water while the right ear was a bone-like fin that emerged from the long and wet hair.

The winding fishtail resembled a bright, silver-blue ribbon in sea water. It hung down in the glass cabinet and the inverted triangle scales gleamed under the light. There was a translucent membrane between the fingers of the right hand which overlapped with the white bony left hand on his chest.

The author has something to say:

This is the gong’s first appearance. Please cherish this beautiful, white, elegant gong who looks good. This guy will soon be blackened.

Xiao Bai doesn’t know this is his future partner. He is wondering how much the corpse can be sold in reality. It should be more expensive than pork.

Gong: ……

Let’s shed some tears of sympathy for the gong.

Proofreader: Purichan

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