GHG: Chapter 109

After the phone call, Bai Liu looked at Liu Huai beside him who was drinking mental bleach. Liu Huai’s two arms were cut off and now he was struggling like a beggar. He was drinking with a bottle in his mouth and choking everywhere.

Previously, Bai Liu wanted to feed Liu Huai but he only had one hand. The moment Bai Liu (6) called, Liu Huai told him to answer the phone first. Now Bai Liu finished the call and reached out to grab the bottle to help Liu Huai. Liu Huai looked at Bai Liu.

Bai Liu had no expression on his face as he held the bottle out.

Liu Huai stretched out his head to drink.

Liu Huai felt that he must look very embarrassing right now. His face was grey and black and he was drinking from someone’s hand like a stray dog. He knew that many viewers were watching this ugly scene. Once his mental value recovered, he felt an unprecedented embarrassment and the emotional turmoil made tears drip down his face.

“What are you crying about?” Bai Liu asked as he held up the bottle. “Didn’t you survive?”

“I don’t know why I’m crying.” Liu Huai’s mental value hadn’t been fully restored. He was like a male university student who easily felt ashamed of himself at this age. He covered his face so that Bai Liu couldn’t see him.

Liu Huai shrank back, lowered his head and spoke in a hoarse voice, “…I’m like a homeless stray dog.”

“It is a bit similar.” Bai Liu commented without any emotions. He raised his eyes to look at Liu Huai, his severed arms still oozing blood. “We both look like stray dogs but at least we are living stray dogs. Everyone is alive and so is your sister.”

Liu Huai bit on the bottle of mental bleach in Bai Liu’s hand. He endured and endured it but he finally couldn’t help whimpering and crying.

Liu Huai, who had no arms, curled up and cried. He bent down, his head against Bai Liu’s hand bending deeply toward the ground like he was kowtowing. He vaguely choked out his thanks. “Thank you for saving me, thank you for saving my sister.”

A few seconds before the explosion, Liu Huai had thought he would die. It was because an assassin who had lost both arms and exhausted his energy would have little use for Bai Liu, a person whose own interests were paramount.

Yet Bai Liu rushed into the flames of death and dragged him into the mirror with the whip.

“In fact, I didn’t think that my other self would save your sister. I’m not quite sure about his reasons.” Bai Liu lowered his eyes and used his hand to straighten the bent over Liu Huai. He coldly looked at Liu Huai’s tearful face. “However, I saved you for a reason. It is because you also saved me. This was our previously negotiated transaction content. If you successfully hold Miao Feichi back then I will try to save you.”

“I have to say that I am a trustworthy wanderer…” Bai Liu looked into Liu Huai’s tearful eyes, extremely calm. “Stray dog.”

37 minutes ago, Ward 913.

The restless Liu Huai paced back and forth anxiously, turning his head from time to time to look at Bai Liu sitting on the bed. He took a deep breath. “Do you really want to ambush Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang? The two of them are S-grade players. If we don’t succeed then we will die!”

“So we have to succeed.” Bai Liu said. “They should be suspicious of Mu Ke’s identity. I think they will go to the ward to find me but I’m not in the ward. Then they will search other places to catch ‘Mu Ke’.”

“They can’t have guessed that Mu Ke would be in the medical records room so they won’t be able to find Mu Ke in the hospital. However, Mu Ke will be sure to go back to the ward before 9:15 p.m. It is because the nurses in the hospital will come to check the rooms. My guess is they will wait for Mu Ke.”

“Where will they guard?” Liu Huai asked nervously. “Is it Mu Ke’s ward? Then won’t they come?”

“It is stupid to stay in Mu Ke’s ward. What if Mu Ke returns to Bai Liu’s ward or other empty wards? Then these two people will be trapped in Mu Ke’s ward by the nurses patrolling. Of course, they can go out in the gap in the patrols to search for Mu Ke in other wards but this will double the trouble. It isn’t a very sensible plan.”

Bai Liu looked at Liu Huai. “If I am Miao Gaojiang, I would think the more effective and feasible way is to guard the elevator.”

“Mu Ke can’t take the emergency stairs because his personal panel isn’t enough to resist the monsters there. He is more likely to take the elevator. For Miao Gaojiang’s group, they just need to wait in the gap between 9:00 and 9:15 next to the elevator doors. Once they see the elevator move, just press the button. All the nurses are on duty so the only ones who will take the elevator are the patients sneaking back to their rooms i.e. Mu Ke.”

“After catching Mu Ke, Miao Gaojiang will definitely want to figure out Mu Ke’s plan with me but Mu Ke won’t open his mouth easily. Miao Gaojiang will naturally think of the keyboard that Mu Ke and I used to communicate.” Bai Liu continued blankly. “I’ll reveal some information that he can understand from this keyboard, such as [9], [0], [6]. In this case, Miao Gaojiang won’t doubt the information he received.”

“In addition, we are going to adopt the children tomorrow. To prevent me from doing something at the critical moment tomorrow, Miao Gaojiang will definitely come to kill me tonight.”

“In the case where they come to kill me, the initiative is on their side. They won’t have too many psychological precautions toward the people in Room 906.” Bai Liu raised his eyes to look at Liu Huai. “This will create favorable conditions for your successful ambush. Liu Huai, the main character of this plan is you. On the surface, it might appear like the routine assassin and thief strategy you played with Mu Sicheng before but this time, the assassin is taking on the main task.”

“…I know.” Liu Huai also sat on the bed beside Bai Liu. Liu Huai lowered his head, his clenched fist touching his forehead. “However, I have always acted as the attacker and Brother Si has always… God Mu did this. It is too risky for you to put all the chips of the plan on me.”

“This plan has three steps.” Bai Liu’s voice was soft. “In the first step, Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang will come to do a surprise attack. Once they open the door, you ambush Miao Feichi and hold him. I will steal Mu Ke from Miao Gaojiang’s hands and have him go downstairs to look for a nurse. This will make Miao Feichi shorten the time he attacks you and he will attack me instead.”

Liu Huai didn’t raise his head while his voice became hoarse. “In this case, if Miao Feichi wants to shorten the time of the fight with me and disrupt the attacks of the assassin, his best way is to disarm me.”

“To put it bluntly, it means cutting off your arms.” Bai Liu’s voice contained no emotional fluctuations.

Liu Huai’s head was buried very low. “Yes, this is the fastest way to neutralize a player who is good at using both hands.”

“The good thing is that after cutting off your arms, he will never think you still have the ability to attack and will relax his alertness toward you. This is the second stage of the plan. I will buy some time with Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang for you to enter the rage panel.” Bai Liu made an extreme understatement of both S-grade players. He never seemed to think he couldn’t hold them back. “After your panel explodes, you can use the skill One Hit Flash to cause a state of stiffness in Miao Gaojiang.”

“This is the third stage of the plan. You will block Miao Feichi’s attack. It will only take a second or two for me to drag out the bomb….”

Liu Huai looked up and interrupted Bai Liu, his expression horrified. “Bai Liu …I don’t think I can stab Miao Gaojiang once and then block Miao Feichi’s attack on you. This plan is too risky. Bai Liu, if you give me your back then you will die! I will die too!”

“You have cooperated with Mu Sicheng so many times and he handed over his back to you. You didn’t let him die.” Bai Liu’s eyes were calm, like a lake without any ripples.

Liu Huai was silent for a long time before closing his eyes. “Still, I let him lose his hands.”

“You betrayed Mu Sicheng with that dagger in your hand but once the time comes, you will have no arms to betray me.” Bai Liu looked at Liu Huai like he was asking for advice. “Liu Huai, my style is that before things happen, I always assume that the other person can do it. You can do it, right?”

“I don’t know.”

Bai Liu retracted his gaze. “Then try it first and see if you can do it or not.”

“What if… I die?” Liu Huai asked in a trembling voice.

“If you block Miao Feichi, I won’t die easily. If I don’t die, I won’t let you die. If you don’t block Miao Feichi, I’ll die.” Bai Liu’s voice was flat. “Then you will likely die with me.”

Liu Huai stared at Bai Liu in a daze and Bai Liu squinted at him. “Why? Are you not satisfied with me giving you company?”

Liu Huai really didn’t die.

The moment Liu Huai was dragged out of the mirror by Bai Liu, he even thought in a daze that he had reached hell. It wasn’t until he saw his still cut off arms that he reacted. He was still alive. Bai Liu quickly gave him mental bleach. Liu Huai coughed as he drank it and little Bai Liu (6)’s call soon came.

After the call was hung up, Liu Huai was fed by Bai Liu to restore mental value and staggered up. It was only when Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang had been carried away by the nurses that he and Bai Liu dared to come out of the mirror. This made the nurses think there was no one else present so there were no nurses to treat them.

Bai Liu lay on the hot ground in a not too anxious manner. “Wait for Mu Ke to find us.”

Bai Liu had the skin of an ‘investor’ and it was very thick. This ground had just experienced an explosion but it didn’t feel particularly hot. The straw bed was also blown up. Liu Huai sat cross-legged on the ground. He leaned against the remnants of the blown up walls and looked up at the bright sky. It wasn’t known how long he watched before Liu Huai suddenly turned his head to look at Bai Liu. Then he hesitated for a moment.

“If I sell my soul to you now, do you want it?”

“Yes.” Bai Liu agreed without hesitation. “However, little Bai Liu (6) currently has my game manager. How much do you want for your soul once he returns it to me?”

Liu Huai was startled. He seemed amused by Bai Liu’s ‘must take advantage of a bargain’ appearance and his eyebrows gently curved. “I thought you wouldn’t want it. After all, I will most likely die in this game. My dead soul should have no value to you.”

“Still, it’s fine if you really want to buy it.” Liu Huai’s voice was soft. “How much did you give when Brother Si sold it to you?”

Bai Liu looked at Liu Huai slightly warily. “Don’t open it at Mu Sicheng’s price. That is too high and I won’t buy it for that price.”

“…I don’t want that much.” Liu Huai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He was just asking casually. He didn’t expect a wicked thing like soul trading to be turned into an ordinary bargaining transaction by Bai Liu. The heaviness in his heart dispersed a lot.

Liu Huai lowered his dirty eyelids and his voice was very soft. “I will sell it to you for one point. One point is fine.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

a soul for one point hahhsh

1 year ago

BROOOOOO 1 POINT!? What is up with most our transactions being 1 point?

1 year ago

Poor thing

2 days ago

lollll, there’s the devil buying souls at the cost of fulfilling a wish for that person but Xiao Bai over here is being souls for 1 point ToT!!! (In some special cases just scam them out of their soul :))