GHG: Chapter 108 Part 2

Miao Feichi was unable to recover the knives and slashed the double knives into Liu Huai’s body, who was screaming as he covered for Bai Liu. At almost the same time, Bai Liu turned his head and his monkey hand finally hooked onto Miao Gaojiang’s body.

[System warning: Player Liu Huai has been attacked by Miao Feichi’s double knives. Your health has fallen to 17… 16… 14. There are 4 points left! Please leave the dangerous scene as soon as possible! Your health value is falling!]

[System notification: Player Bai Liu has used the skill Thief’s Monkey Hand to successfully steal the Siren’s Fishbone, Ghost Mirror (has been pierced together completely)… and so on.]

Bai Liu pulled out a white, fluorescent whip from Miao Gaojiang’s body. Miao Gaojiang was still in the stiffened state and could only watch Bai Liu pull out the whip without hesitation and aim it at Miao Feichi’s double knives.

Siren’s Fishbone couldn’t exert much power in the hands of the F-grade panel Bai Liu but it had a special bug—the attack judgment was extremely strong.

A strong attack judgment meant that regardless of whether the item’s attack caused damage or not, it was judged to be true. Bai Liu’s whip snapped at Miao Feichi’s double knives and immediately knocked away the double knives, Liu Huai, who was being slashed by the double knives, felt his legs softening. His eyes were unfocused as he knelt on the ground stained with his own blood.

[System warning: Player Liu Huai only has 2 health left! Please leave the dangerous scene as soon as possible!]

Miao Gaojiang’s 30 seconds of stiffness was almost over but he was filled with an inexplicable uneasiness as he looked at the completely unresponsive Liu Huai and Bai Liu whose health was almost exhausted. As long as Miao Feichi dealt one hit, Bai Liu and Liu Huai would be resolved quickly.

These two people might’ve successfully stolen something but it was impossible to overturn the situation. There were no items in that pile of things that could turn defeat into victory.

So where did this sense of crisis that made him breathless come from?

Miao Gaojiang quickly thought about the items that Bai Liu took away. They were all the items dropped by Bai Liu when he pretended to be dead.

This guy did such a big move to get back the items he abandoned when he played a trick?

Wait, this was wrong!

Miao Gaojiang’s eyes froze as he thought about a very peculiar item. There was an item that was from Bai Liu but also wasn’t from Bai Liu.

That Ghost Mirror.

After getting all the broken lenses last night, they put together the Ghost Mirror. However, this Ghost Mirror had no special use. The system didn’t give any specific functions and the attributes were unknown. They needed to explore it on their own and it could only be used once in each instance.

However, the mirror didn’t react when they put it together. It was just an ordinary mirror that could store things.

Miao Feichi had complained about this for a long time. A storage place that looked like a mirror? Wasn’t the system backpack easy to use? Who would use this mirror to save things? Who knew if the things stored in there would disappear?

Still, the Ghost Mirror that could have things stored in it originally had something inside it. The bomb from Exploding Last Train was stored in it.

Miao Gaojiang hadn’t cared about this bomb because with his skills, this bomb wouldn’t kill him so easily. Under his protection, Miao Feichi naturally wouldn’t die easily either. His inference was correct. There was indeed no item in the backpack that could kill them in one hit.

Miao Gaojiang just hadn’t expected there would be someone in this instance who could let him stand frozen for 30 seconds.

He was frozen in place and wouldn’t be killed with his skills, but Miao Feichi was a player with very low resistance to damage. He would definitely be killed in a close-range explosion!

Miao Gaojiang never thought that Bai Liu would use the bomb. It was because after using this thing, he and Miao Feichi might not be killed but Bai Liu and Liu Huai who had very low health would definitely die.

These two lunatics weren’t cooperating in an ambush of a thief and assassin. This was a completely desperate suicide attack!

Bai Liu was playing a two for two trick!

From beginning to end, Bai Liu wasn’t trying to steal but to kill them!

“Feichi! Don’t go and attack! Stay away from them!” Miao Gaojiang broke through the shackles. His eyes were red as he roared hoarsely, “Hide behind me!”

Bai Liu had one foot on the bookcase and the other on the frame of the stolen Ghost Mirror that was as tall as the bookcase. He crouched on the bookcase and mirror, his intact hand (or scarred monkey hand) casually placed on his bent knee, blood dripping down and hitting the mirror.

He held the fishbone with a mild white fluorescence. His forehead was scratched in the struggle and blood flowed down to wet his eyes and long eyelashes. Even so, he kept his eyes open. There was a peaceful smile on the blood covered face as he looked down at Miao Feichi, who hadn’t recovered yet, and Miao Gaojiang who was screaming with fear. Bai Liu’s hand entered the mirror as if to pull something out with force.

“It’s too late, Father Miao,” Bai Liu said with a smile. “Isn’t it good to see your son die? Still, I want to tell you something. I won’t do a bad thing like separating father and son. You and your son won’t be separated. You will both die together. Oh, it isn’t exactly together. Your resistance is higher than your son’s. You will watch your son die first before accompanying him.”

Miao Feichi had already hidden behind Miao Gaojiang. He didn’t know what was going on but Miao Gaojiang had roared like it wasn’t a small matter. Therefore, he obeyed the order.

Miao Gaojiang looked up at Bai Liu who was barefoot on top of the mirror and tried his best to maintain his composure. “The explosive power of this bomb can’t kill me.”

To be precise, it would normally take five large explosions from this type of bomb to kill Miao Gaojiang.

Bai Liu opened the eyelids that were dyed bright red and he looked down at the father and son without any fluctuations. He was like a god who arbitrarily sanctioned the lives of others because of boredom.

“You might think this bomb can’t kill you as a player with high resistance, but you have forgotten something. You aren’t only a player. You are also a monster.”

“—A terminally ill monster that sucks blood from children. You have weaknesses.”

Miao Gaojiang’s breathing paused for a few seconds and his pupils shrunk to small dots.

Yes, this was correct. If players had the status of a monster then they would be affected by the monster’s weaknesses. The impact wasn’t serious but once it happened, this usually small impact would be the last straw to overwhelm them.

This was a damp place with no light in order to grow mushrooms. The weaknesses of the patients here were obvious from the beginning but the system didn’t sell them any related items.

“You can’t see the light.” Bai Liu leaned into the mirror as ripples spread on the surface of the mirror. He pulled out a large black bomb from the mirror and smiled lightly as he threw it to the ground. “There can’t be fire or dryness.”

The bomb on the ground exploded with great heat and light.

The face of Bai Liu standing on the mirror and Liu Huai’s hollow eyes as he lay on the ground were gradually covered by the red light bursting out of the bomb.

Miao Gaojiang’s eyes seemed like they were about to pop out. “Stop it!!!”

The entire building shook with a loud bang and huge smoke and fire broke out.

[The Love Welfare Institute Monster Book has refreshed—Plant Patient (2/3)]

[Monster name: Plant Patient]

[Features: 500 movement speed, needs a lot of water for growth, likes humid environments.]

[Weaknesses: Blood ganoderma lucidum, dryness, light (3/3)]

[Attack method: Sucking body fluids, poisonous fog pollution.]

[Congratulations to player Bai Liu’s main identity line for collecting the Plant Patient page of the monster book.]

[System notification: Player Bai Liu has used the Ghost Mirror item once. The item has entered the cooldown state in the ‘Love Welfare Institute’ instance and can’t be used again…]

“So? How did you survive?” Bai Liu (6) felt rare interest and asked as he read the interface of the monster book. “I listened to what you said before. Liu Jiayi’s brother, Liu Huai, also survived. How did you survive the explosion?”

Bai Liu answered lazily, “In the last moment of the explosion, I dragged Liu Huai with the whip and hid in the mirror. The Ghost Mirror is an item that can clearly resist explosions so I was lucky enough to survive. In fact, I thought I would die because my health was too low. Just a small touch from the explosion would kill me. In the end, I was lucky. However, I fainted due to the bombing and just woke up.”

“Is that Miao duo dead?” Little Bai Liu (6) asked.

“Unfortunately, they aren’t dead either.” Bai Liu didn’t feel any frustration despite his plan failing. He gave a very objective and plain evaluation. “It was my calculation error. I don’t know what method Miao Gaojiang used but he attacked himself to let his mental value fall below 20. The rage panel allowed him to resist the explosion.”

“Still, their health was also depleted. After the explosion, the nurses came up quickly and dragged them both down. They are currently in the surgery room and at the very least, they won’t be able to make things difficult for you tomorrow. The nurses won’t allow it and the welfare home won’t be opened.”

“Many investors and their rooms were damaged in the explosion. The blood ganoderma lucidums on the beds are also being rescued. Therefore, the hospital has canceled tomorrow’s matching. Generally speaking, my goal was achieved.”

Bai Liu (6) was quiet for a long time. He could only hear the sound of Bai Liu’s gradually weakening breathing.

In fact, it was a bit disgusting. He wanted to ask about Bai Liu’s situation but asking was too disgusting. Thus, there was a silent standoff.

“Hello? If you aren’t speaking anymore, I want to report you for passively chatting and cheating me of money.” Bai Liu casually opened his mouth.

“How are you?” In the end, Bai Liu (6) still asked in an expressionless manner. “It is a bit disgusting but I think I need to understand your situation. After all, you are dying in order to give me an opportunity.”

Bai Liu, who had one hand cut off and was lying on the ground, unable to move, held the phone he had difficulty answering in his other hand. He stared up at the ceiling that had a big hole blown in it by himself.

There were no stars in the night sky outside, only the deep night. The ground he was lying on and the sky were the color of burned coal, making him feel like he was dead for a moment. He felt like he had become a floating soul and was calling his 14 year old self in a sky without stars.

“It’s fine.” Bai Liu smiled as he spoke wearily, “Everybody is still alive. We did a good job tonight.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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Bai Lui: mangled and dying I’m fine. smiles

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YAY!! Liu Huai isn’t dead 😋😋

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yayy liu huai is alive !! but ugh the miao pair are still alive

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BL said that there could be a misunderstanding between Tawil and BL if he continued to wish Taeil to hurt him (exploding train).
But now i don’t see a misunderstanding. BL is truly a masochist