GHG: Chapter 108 Part 1

Bai Liu’s ambush did make Miao Gaojiang panic for a moment. Then after he calmed down, he realized they couldn’t lose.

Miao Gaojiang patiently dangled the constantly attacking Bai Liu like a monkey. From time to time, he glanced at the battle between Miao Feichi and Liu Huai out of the corner of his eye.

Liu Huai was indeed a good assassin for attacking but Bai Liu wasn’t a competent thief.

Bai Liu didn’t steal anything that could allow them to retreat in time. Liu Huai was a player who wasn’t good at a head-on confrontation and he soon lost under Miao Feichi’s close range attacks.

Miao Feichi tore open the bag of mental bleach with his mouth. The attack and drop in mental value made him so manic that the double knives in his hands danced.

Liu Huai obviously had a lot of trouble dealing with Miao Feichi, a rampaging senior player. Miao Feichi didn’t have much intention of playing with him. He simply did a cross slash with his double knives, cutting off Liu Huai’s arms with a skill and turning to meet Miao Gaojiang.

[System notification: Player Miao Feichi has attacked Liu Huai with his double knives. The attack was successful. Player Liu Huai’s health has decreased by 17 and player Liu Huai has 20 health remaining!]

Removing the opponent’s attack limb was a very common and effective attack strategy in the game. In other words, cutting off an arm was a crude version of disarming and effectively preventing the player from using their weapon skills. This was why Liu Huai had cut off Mu Sicheng’s hands.

It was also the reason why the previous Bai Liu and now Miao Feichi would cut off Liu Huai’s arms.

A lot of blood spurted from Liu Huai’s shoulders and the arms and daggers fell to the ground together, making a clear ‘ding’ sound. Liu Huai knelt on the ground, his face as white as a piece of paper soaked in water. He was gasping for breath and it was obvious he had lost any attack power.

He tried his best but he could only drag Miao Feichi for this long.

[System warning: Player Liu Huai’s mental value is fluctuating violently and has decreased to 57. Hallucinations are about to occur. The player is asked to quickly restore their mental value!]

Generally speaking, Miao Feichi would directly kill Liu Huai but now time was urgent. It would take at least a while to kill Liu Huai, a player with an A-grade panel. Now there was someone he wanted to kill even more.

Miao Feichi gritted his teeth and turned around with the knives. “Bai Liu—!”

He crouched down and jumped across the wall, double knives filled with a violent destructive power as he attacked Bai Liu who was attacking Miao Gaojiang. The wall was cut by his double knives, causing the wallpaper and plaster layer to be damaged and burst out. The whole room was filled with flying debris. Bai Liu turned sideways in the air and blocked Miao Feichi’s descending double slashes with his claws.

Miao Feichi’s knives were blocked by Bai Liu with Mu Sicheng’s monkey hand skill for a moment. Most of the attack power was removed but it wasn’t completely blocked. Miao Feichi had completely exploded with anger and one of Bai Liu’s hands was cut off by Miao Feichi, blood gushing out.

[System warning: Player Bai Liu’s health has dropped from 6 to 3! It is continuing to decline! Please get away from this dangerous scene quickly!]

It would only take one more blow. Miao Feichi just had to deal one more blow and Bai Liu would die.

Lying in a pool of blood, Liu Huai coughed. The drop in his mental value made everything in front of him float strangely, as if a bad scene had been slowed down by millions of times. Liu Huai couldn’t hear anymore. He could only see Bai Liu falling down slowly in mid-air, blood spurting from his hands. Bai Liu’s unwavering eyes seemed to gaze straight into Liu Huai’s eyes.

This look instantly pulled Liu Huai out of the slow-motion world. Liu Huai shook his head and struggled to get up.

It wasn’t over, everything wasn’t over yet.

In Bai Liu’s plan, this was just the beginning.

For Jiayi, Bai Liu must not die!

Liu Huai tried his best to focus on the ground and search. Finally, he saw the pair of arms holding daggers that had been cut off by Miao Feichi.

The daggers were held loosely by his hands. The tips of the daggers flashed with a bit of blood and Liu Huai’s eyes focused on that bloody light.

Bai Liu was fighting with Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang and no one noticed this bloody corner. Liu Huai’s eyes finally hardened. He knelt on the ground and stumbled forward on his knees. He crawled to where his arms had been cut off. Liu Huai looked at the face-up daggers, took a deep breath, closed his eyes and fell on the tip of one dagger.

[System warning: Player Liu Huai is attacked by the shadow dagger and your mental value has decreased… the mental value drop caused by your own skill weapon is being calculated… after the calculation is completed, player Liu Huai’s mental value has dropped to 7!]

[System warning: Player Liu Huai has opened the rage panel!]

[Player Liu Huai’s Personal Panel (Rage State)]

[Mental value: 57 → 7]

[Physical strength: 39 → 319]

[Agility: 1140 → 1510]

[Attack power: 731 → 2200]

[Resistance: 1003 → 2100]

[Comprehensive defense and attack power has increased. The total of the panel attribute points has exceeded 5000 and the player is rated as an A++ level player. The player Liu Huai’s level has increased from A to A++ level.]

[System notification: Does player Liu Huai want to use the skill One Hit Flash? After fully opening it, the individual skill will be upgraded to the A++ level but the player’s physical strength will be affected due to overdraft and it can’t be restored with a physical strength recovery agent for 24 hours.]

Liu Huai crawled up. He was covered in blood and his arms had fallen to the ground. He grabbed a dagger with his mouth, his eyes filled with a type of inorganic coldness. There was a type of desperation and sadness that made him seem like a real, deadly assassin trained to kill others at all costs.

Bai Liu was the user of this assassin and was likely to be the last user.

There were tears in Liu Huai’s eyes.

[I am sure.]

[System notification: Player Liu Huai is certain to use it. The dagger attack +6037, comprehensive panel attack data +2200. The total attack data is 8237. Player Liu Huai’s physical strength is declining rapidly…]

The double knives held high by Miao Feichi were about to fall fiercely when his back seemed to be approached by a dark wind. It seemed like something that made him feel danger and alertness suddenly appeared behind him. Miao Feichi’s alertness from his many battles made him turn back quickly.

He saw Liu Huai, with a dagger in his mouth and no arms. Liu Huai’s eyes contained a sinister determination and he stabbed at Miao Feichi who couldn’t dodge in time.

“Feichi, be careful!” Miao Gaojiang pulled Miao Feichi over but Liu Huai reacted very quickly. He lowered his body while biting down on the dagger. The moment Miao Gaojiang tried to pull Miao Feichi, he changed the target of his attack. Liu Huai bit the dagger and with a distorted and ferocious expression, he silently roared as he viciously and tearfully plunged the dagger into Miao Gaojiang’s abdomen.

“How can you…” Miao Gaojiang stared at the dagger plunged into his abdomen. “…Break through my defense?”

[System notification: Player Liu Huai has used the skill One Hit Flash. The skill’s critical hit has broken through player Miao Gaojiang’s defense, causing player Miao Gaojiang to become stiff for 30 seconds. The mental value has fallen to 51 and hallucinations are about to appear. Due to the mental shock, player Miao Gaojiang’s defense value is falling…]

The moment when Miao Gaojiang stiffened and fell into a trance, Bai Liu clearly felt that Miao Gaojiang’s originally hard skin had become softer. He quickly used his only intact monkey’s hand to grasp this gap and grab at Miao Gaojiang.

Miao Feichi, who was pulled over by Miao Gaojiang, saw Bai Liu’s actions. His eyes were red as he roared, “Don’t f*king think about moving against my father!”

Miao Feichi’s double knives were raised high. One was preparing to attack Bai Liu while the other slashed at Liu Huai.

Liu Huai bit the dagger and pulled it out of Miao Gaojiang’s abdomen. His physical strength was almost exhausted and he had no strength to deal a blow. He could only narrowly dodge Miao Feichi’s attack. However, he couldn’t prevent Miao Feichi from attacking.

Meanwhile, Bai Liu simply didn’t care about Miao Feichi’s knife that was about to cut him. His eyes were extremely focused and he didn’t care about his own life or death. The monkey hand was still extending toward Miao Gaojiang as he entrusted his back to Liu Huai, who had no arms.

This was what they had discussed from the beginning.

[…I don’t think I can stab Miao Gaojiang once and then block Miao Feichi’s attack on you. This plan is too risky. Bai Liu, if you give me your back then you will die!]

[You have cooperated with Mu Sicheng so many times and he handed over his back to you. You didn’t let him die.]

[…Still, I let him lose his hands.]

[You betrayed Mu Sicheng with that dagger in your hand but once the time comes, you will have no arms to betray me. Liu Huai, my style is that before things happen, I always assume that the other person can do it. You can do it, right?]

The decline in mental value caused Liu Huai’s eyes to be somewhat unfocused. He looked at Bai Liu stretching out the monkey hand and finally stared at Bai Liu’s face.

In this world where Liu Huai’s mental value was low, the familiar cooperative attack caused the faces of Mu Sicheng and Bai Liu in front of him to overlap repeatedly. It was as if the man who skillfully stole with him and trusted the rear to him without the slightest doubt was Bai Liu as well as the friend he hadn’t contacted for a long time.

‘Brother Si,’ Liu Huai muttered silently.

The betrayal was like a dagger stuck in Liu Huai’s heart.

Liu Huai’s body struck Miao Feichi, his face full of unknowing tears. He blocked the way for Bai Liu but he couldn’t tell if the person behind him was Bai Liu or Mu Sicheng. He just did what the assassin in the thief and assassin combination should do.

—Stand at the rear and do everything possible to clean up all obstacles for the wildly stealing monkey thief.

Proofreader: Purichan

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