GHG: Chapter 107

17 minutes ago, Ward 906.

As the two arcs of light rushed straight at Bai Liu, Liu Huai fell from the ceiling with his daggers in both hands, gritting his teeth to block it. He directly smashed Miao Feichi’s double knives into the wall. Meanwhile, Bai Liu used the full speed of Thief Moving Stealthily to rush past Miao Feichi.

Miao Feichi squinted and watched Bai Liu pass below him like a swallow touching water, rushing past to Mu Ke behind him.

“F*k!” Miao Feichi’s knives cut down at Bai Liu slipping past him but his knives were tightly caught by Liu Huai’s daggers. Liu Huai used all his strength and stuck his daggers to Miao Feichi’s double knives. The daggers slid down the double knives and cut hard at Miao Feichi.

At the same time, his hand was severely cut by Miao Feichi’s double knives.

[System notification: Player Miao Feichi has been fully attacked by Liu Huai’s shadow daggers. Your mental value has dropped to 43 and entered the danger zone of hallucinations!]

[System notification: Player Liu Huai has been attacked by Miao Feichi’s double knives and your health has dropped by 13.]

Liu Huai raised his head and resisted a scream. His arm was hooked by a curved knife and a piece of flesh fell to the ground. Still, the effect he achieved was very obvious. Miao Feichi backed away two steps in a daze. The reason why he didn’t like Mu Sicheng was because Miao Feichi’s resistance attribute wasn’t high.

This resistance wasn’t high whether it was against a player like Mu Sicheng with high skill judgment or Liu Huai who attacked mental value.

The thief and assassin was originally a combination of high judgment against players with low resistance.

Then as time passed, some people forgot about Liu Huai, the puppet assassin standing in the darkness. They could only see the shining and arrogant thief.

“Feichi! Bai Liu joined with Liu Huai! We have been ambushed! Drink mental bleach!” Miao Gaojiang yelled at Miao Feichi.

After seeing Bai Liu rush toward Mu Ke in his hand, Miao Gaojiang instantly sobered up. He twisted his hand on Mu Ke’s neck to try and kill this player but Bai Liu on the ground was like a gust of wind. He used a speed invisible to the naked eye to step on the ground several times, leaving a few intermittent afterimages as he came to Miao Gaojiang.

Bai Liu’s right hand raised high and Miao Gaojiang instinctively reached out to block Bai Liu’s attack. However, Bai Liu had only made a false move. His calm eyes were fixed on Mu Ke choking in Miao Gaojiang’s hand. Then his monkey hand reached out and grabbed, ripping Mu Ke from Miao Gaojiang’s hand and throwing him down the corridor.

[System notification: Player Bai Liu has used the personal skill ‘Thief’s Monkey Hand’ to successfully steal player Mu Ke from player Miao Gaojiang.]

The choked Mu Ke was thrown out by Bai Liu. He slid down the corridor for some distance and hit the elevator door at the end of the corridor. He realized he was alive and got up with a cough as he looked at Bai Liu, who was in a battle with Miao Gaojiang. His head was dizzy and he couldn’t figure out the situation for a moment.

Miao Gaojiang wanted to rush over to kill Mu Ke but Bai Liu came up from the side like a gust of wind and stopped in front of Miao Gaojiang. He looked at the stunned Miao Gaojiang with calm eyes and raised a hand to attack him. At the same time, he gave an order to Mu Ke.

Bai Liu’s voice was cold. “Take the elevator down and call the nurses patrolling the other floors to come!”

Mu Ke still hadn’t figured out the situation but he quickly understood Bai Liu’s order from the elevator where he was thrown. He hurriedly opened the elevator, got in and pressed the first floor. Miao Gaojiang was stopped from interfering by Bai Liu. Mu Ke looked at the closed elevator door and leaned against the smooth elevator wall.

Soon, Mu Ke realized what Bai Liu was doing and sat up with an expression of shock.

Was Bai Liu crazy? He actually wanted to partner with Liu Huai to attack the Miao Feichi father and son!

Miao Gaojiang looked in front of him at Bai Liu who was constantly attacking him from every angle. He had the exact same thought as Mu Ke.

He let Liu Huai, an A-ranked player, slow down Miao Feichi, a high attack player. Meanwhile, Bai Liu had low health and he would attack the thick-skinned tank player like himself.

What type of messy plan was this? Was Bai Liu crazy?

Miao Gaojiang’s confused thoughts of shock and disbelief froze after seeing the black monkey hand that Bai Liu reached out to him.

This was Mu Sicheng’s skill Thief’s Monkey Hand.

“This is Mu Sicheng’s skill. How can you use it?” Miao Gaojiang stared at Bai Liu fiercely. He couldn’t believe it as he looked at Bai Liu attacking him and soon understood what happened. “Your personal skill is a rule skill? You can not only share backpacks but you can also share skills across latitude and time?!”

Bai Liu didn’t answer Miao Gaojiang and just kept attacking without mercy. Miao Gaojiang gritted his teeth to cope with Bai Liu’s attacks while looking at Miao Feichi who was held back by Liu Huai.

This familiar team operation made Miao Gaojiang finally realize Bai Liu’s plan.

This was a very simple battle plan. Bai Liu wasn’t trying to fight them at all. He was using a very old method.

It was a very simple thief and assassin routine.

Bai Liu wanted to steal something from them. He took advantage of the assassin Liu Huai’s ambush of Miao Feichi. The assassin held back the high attack player which was equivalent to keeping a lookout. As a thief, Bai Liu took the opportunity to steal something from another player, Miao Gaojiang. This was a routine often used by Mu Sicheng and Liu Huai in the early game against guild team players.

The assassin Liu Huai set up an ambush, distracting the player with relatively high attack power. Then Mu Sicheng would steal items from other players.

Miao Gaojiang once again dodged the monkey’s hand that grazed his cheek. He gritted his teeth and reached out to viciously punch Bai Liu, but it was agilely dodged by Bai Liu.

Damn! This was why they didn’t want to meet Mu Sicheng! A thief’s skills were really slippery and difficult to deal with.

Bai Liu’s skills couldn’t hurt Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang, two S-grade players, but they couldn’t easily catch Bai Liu, a high speed person. This meant they would reach a deadlock. However, Bai Liu’s persistent stealing behavior made Miao Gaojiang alert. He realized that Bai Liu wanted to steal something important from him.

For such a thing, Bai Liu risked all their lives on this sneak attack.

Miao Gaojiang thought of this and couldn’t help cursing in his heart. Was this the f*king path a normal game player would take in the game? This guy actually put all his chips on the game generated children NPCs. He was dragging them to give the children a chance to escape!

Even so, what item could hold back two S-grade players?

Such an item must be of a decisive nature, a one-hit kill type of item. Otherwise, Bai Liu’s thief and assassin strategy would be meaningless. If this item couldn’t attack them to the point of making them lose their ability to fight back, Miao Feichi would be able to instantly kill these three players with his high attack and speed once he recovered.

Such an item simply didn’t exist.

Miao Gaojiang wasn’t being conceited but he was making an objective statement. He simply didn’t have any weapon items that would break through his resistance panel.

So what exactly was Bai Liu going to steal from him?!

It was impossible no matter what Bai Liu wanted to steal from him.

Miao Gaojiang’s brain was running at full speed as he looked at Miao Feichi who was being dragged down by Liu Huai. He stopped being flustered and completely calmed down. There was a big loophole in Bai Liu’s plan for Miao Gaojiang and Miao Feichi. It was that after Liu Huai led Miao Feichi away, Bai Liu couldn’t steal things from Miao Gaojiang so easily.

The ability that the F-grade panel could show with the Thief’s Monkey Hand was too limited. Miao Gaojiang might not be able to attack but Bai Liu simply couldn’t break through Miao Gaojiang’s defense to steal something.

In particular, Miao Gaojiang’s defense would be even higher after he opened his personal skill.

[System notification: Does player Miao Gaojiang want to fully open your personal skill ‘Carrion Zombie’? After fully opening, your individual skill will be upgraded to S-grade but your physical strength will be affected by overconsumption. It can’t be restored using a physical strength recovery agent for 24 hours.]

Miao Gaojiang answered: [Yes.]

[System notification: Player Miao Gaojiang has decided to use it and your body has transformed into a zombie. Defense +8,037 and your physical strength is rapidly decreasing…]

Miao Gaojiang’s body became strangely tall. His skin became blue and thick and two teeth in his mouth grew longer and longer. His eyes revealed a strangely blue color.

Once Bai Liu’s monkey hand reached out and touched Miao Gaojiang’s skin, he could hear a metal collision of his fingernails against Miao Gaojiang’s skin. It was as if he had grabbed a hard, iron plate.

[System notification: The Thief’s Monkey Hand attack is judged to be too low. It is invalid.]

Miao Gaojiang’s palm became bigger and his nails blackened and grew longer. He turned to Bai Liu. Bai Liu was unable to hit this person so he stepped on the wall lightly, using his speed to avoid Miao Gaojiang’s attack. Miao Gaojiang’s nails caught on the wall behind Bai Liu and broke it. The sudden change in Miao Gaojiang didn’t make Bai Liu’s attacks waver.

His eyes were cold and he didn’t seem to mind his ineffective attacks. His feet stepped on the wall as he quickly turned and extended his monkey hand, attacking Miao Gaojiang.

Miao Gaojiang had completely calmed down. He stayed still, not chasing Bai Liu but waiting for the prey to exhaust its energy like a patient, old hunter.

From the data, Bai Liu couldn’t steal anything from him once he activated his skill. Nevertheless, he didn’t act rashly. He just needed to wait for Miao Feichi to kill Liu Huai and then it would only take a few minutes to kill Bai Liu once the two of them cooperated.

Bai Liu himself seemed to know that if this quick attack wasn’t successful, he would die. Therefore, he asked Mu Ke to go downstairs to call the nurses. It was the insurance that Bai Liu planned.

If Bai Liu and Liu Huai couldn’t end the battle in a short period of time, it was inevitable that they would fall into a disadvantage. Bai Liu would attempt to stop Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang using the nurses, NPCs with a certain restraint ability.


“I think that before the nurses come to save you—” Miao Gaojiang sneered. “The battle on our side will be over. The nurses will only be collecting corpses when they come.”

Bai Liu crouched in the corridor and looked at Miao Gaojiang from below in a condescending manner. He answered lightly, “I agree with your point of view.”

Miao Gaojiang soon realized that Bai Liu meant to collect their bodies. He cursed with an ugly expression, “You f*king dead people have hard mouths!”

Proofreader: Purichan

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