GHG: Chapter 106

Little Bai Liu (6) had bumped his knee on the edge of the baptismal pool when he crawled out of it in a dizzy manner. He limped out and pushed open the door of the church with great effort.

Outside, there were teachers running and screaming in a panicked manner. The teachers who had just been chasing little Bai Liu (6) were all shocked as they watched the building that was still affected by the aftermath of the explosion. The sparks coming from the private hospital were like fireflies in the night sky, glowing hotly.

“A floor of the private hospital suddenly exploded! All the investors on that floor are seriously injured!”

“The hospital informed us that the children can’t be matched tomorrow. The investors need to recover. Let us wait one more day until Thursday…”

“No way. This group of children won’t be sent to the hospital until Thursday.”

Bai Liu (6) held the door of the church as he watched the building burning in the night. It was as bright as glowing charcoal that had fallen on a coal pile.

Sparks coiled and rose like fireworks blooming on the ground. This child stood in the cold welfare home’s church. He had just been taken out of the baptismal pool and was freezing. Yet the wanton brightness and temperature made him less inclined to tremble.

His other self had given him an extra day of opportunity to live.

Bai Liu (6) took out the wet phone and shook it. He hesitated for a moment because he didn’t know if this thing could be used. The dean was supposed to take the phone and coin manager from him but she died before she could.

Bai Liu (6) called Bai Liu’s number once, twice then three times. The other side didn’t connect but Bai Liu (6) didn’t give up. He persistently called. He didn’t know how many times he tried but he eventually got through.

“Hey,” Bai Liu (6) asked in an emotionless tone. “Are you still alive?”

The voice on the other side was hoarse from the smoke but it lazily replied, “I thought I was going to be blown up to death but I’m still alive. What? You haven’t run out of the welfare home? You called me so early?”

“Yes.” Bai Liu (6)’s mood was calm despite the failure. “There were dead investor monsters guarding the gate. I gave up.”

Bai Liu wasn’t surprised. “After all, this is a level 2 game. The death rate means it won’t be so easy to escape.”

He coughed twice before speaking slowly, “Even so, giving up when seeing monsters isn’t your style. I thought you would try to break out using the items in the game manager. After all, it was a rare opportunity to escape. Were there other unforeseen circumstances that made you give up?”

Little Bai Liu (6)’s lips opened. He paused for a moment before answering Bai Liu. “Yes, I considered using Passengers’ Blessing to break through.”

“My plan was to let Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang rush out and find a faster moving vehicle, i.e. a car on the new map outside the welfare home.”

“There were so many rich investors coming today and the private hospital is closed. Tomorrow, they will have to pick us up. It is possible that the investors would park outside and not drive away. If there is transportation then we can use Passengers’ Blessing to hold back the investor monsters outside. It might be risky but we can try to run out.”

Bai Liu laughed. “Then in the process of exploring the way, you can sacrifice Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang. This way, you will help me kill those two while also completing your deal with them. You did help Miao Feichi and the others run out of the gate of the welfare home. You didn’t violate your transaction with them. Then in the end, you would’ve brought out the children I wanted you to save.”

“It is piercing three eagles with one arrow. It is a good idea and worth a try.” Bai Liu commented objectively and with appreciation.

The corners of Bai Liu (6)’s mouth curled up when he heard the comment, before he quickly flattened it out again.

“So why did you give up on this good plan?” Bai Liu asked softly. “What happened?”

Little Bai Liu (6) was quiet and only opened his mouth after a long time. “There was an accident with Liu Jiayi. During the process of running out, she coughed up blood. If we escape and she doesn’t get timely treatment, I believe she will soon die.”

“There are doctors in the welfare home so you stayed for her.” Bai Liu’s voice was slightly surprised. “Wow, this is actually a choice you would make. I thought you would immediately drop her and run. It is obvious that you have a higher vested interest in the second choice.”

Bai Liu (6) clenched his fists and pursed his lips. For once, he didn’t retort to what seemed to be Bai Liu’s slightly sarcastic words. “…Did I make the wrong choice by staying?”

“No.” Bai Liu’s voice softened slightly. “From the perspective of general values, the choice you made should be regarded as the right choice.”

Bai Liu (6)’s voice was very low and there was a type of unspeakable depression. “However, neither you nor I received any benefits. It is strange to say that it is right based on general values.”

“It is because the general values means giving to others. It is others who receive things, not you and me.” Bai Liu smiled softly. “Liu Jiayi got her life and her brother got a living sister. Now he is thanking me and you.”

“You did a really good job, Bai Liu (6).”

Bai Liu (6)’s lips opened softly and a rare expression close to confusion appeared on his face. Then he soon returned to his blank expression. “Oh, then tell her brother that I don’t do anything for free. Remember to charge him. It has to be higher than the vested interests of you and me. Still, all in all, it was a bad decision for me.”

“—I didn’t escape the welfare home.”

“It’s fine. I expected that you might not be able to escape tonight and prepared a fault-tolerant plan for your failure ahead of time.” Bai Liu wasn’t in a rush. “The hospital won’t be able to take you tomorrow. You have one more chance to escape.”

Little Bai Liu (6) raised his head to look at the still burning private hospital. “You used the explosion and near death for this opportunity?”

“Yes.” Bai Liu added, “However, I’m not someone who gives things for free.”

He said casually, “Next, it is your turn to pay for me, Bai Liu (6).”

Bai Liu (6) was quiet again. This time, he stayed quiet for a while as if he was thinking about something.

In the end, his eyelashes trembled. He avoided Bai Liu’s question and wondered, “I’m curious about how you did it. The main identities of Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang don’t seem easy. The system store is also on my side and it is forbidden to buy large explosive items.”

“How did you fight these two players who are more than one level higher than you in 10 minutes and successfully blow up the hospital with a bomb you got from an unknown place?” Bai Liu (6) wondered in an emotionless manner.

Bai Liu lay on the ground that was darkened from the explosion. His face and body showed traces of injuries and burns. His clothes were torn by the explosion and the hem of his hospital gown had been burned. One arm was gone and his mouth was bloody. He looked extremely wretched.

However, his face had a satisfied smile like the plan was successful. He held the phone that hadn’t been blown up with difficulty. This phone item issued by the system was quite amazing. It was fine even in this situation.

It wasn’t blown up and didn’t fail when soaked in water.

“Well, it was a complicated plan.” Bai Liu spoke slowly. This meant he didn’t want to elaborate.

“I charge by the minute for chats.” Little Bai Liu (6) was very calm. “You can take your time.”

Bai Liu, “……”

Proofreader: Purichan

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