GHG: Chapter 105

The blood-stained thorns quickly gathered on the ground. Some of them scratched at Bai Liu (6)’s wet feet but it was with a very light intensity. There was no pain at all, like a person was touching him comfortingly.

Eventually, the thorns returned to the cross but the god on it was wrapped even more tightly by the thorns. Previously, his whole face was revealed but now it was only half a face.

The god under the thorns opened his eyes and looked at Bai Liu (6) quietly. Then he blinked slowly like he was sleepy.

Bai Liu (6) watched as a few thorns gently slipped by the back of his feet.

The thorns wrapped around Bai Liu (6)’s ankle in a very intimate and spoiled manner. It was a bit itchy.

Bai Liu (6) raised his foot and looked from the back of his feet to the god’s face covered by thorns, looking subtly at this god who seemed like he was going to fall asleep again.

This guy should be the one that Bai Liu said he kissed twice, some god-level NPC right?

However, this NPC looked only 16 or 17 years old… was the future him going to be with someone so much younger than himself?

The god’s limbs were tied to the cross by the ever-growing thorns but he moved like he was going to pull himself off the cross. His actions were particularly slow. Bai Liu stepped back vigilantly—although in Bai Liu’s narration, this god-level NPC didn’t seem hostile to him. He was a fairly trustworthy and powerful NPC.

Nevertheless, the system notifications made Bai Liu (6) maintain a sense of crisis.

[System warning: Player Bai Liu’s secondary identity line has triggered the god-level NPC!]

[The Love Welfare Institute Monster Book has refreshed—Thorn God]

[Monster Name: Thorn God (god-level NPC)]

[Features: Will punish those who kill children in front of him.]

[Weaknesses: None (the player isn’t required to explore the monster’s weaknesses)]

[Attack Mode: Fish Tail Strike, biting the face (2/???) (Note: Since the upper limit of the attack mode can’t be determined, it is decided that the player will collect the page if they collect one attack mode)]

The youthful face was hidden in the black and bloody thorns. He didn’t seem to feel pain from the thorns on the cross pulling at him. Instead, he persistently and curiously leaned down and looked at Bai Liu (6) with pure curiosity. “Bai Liu, you have become… a human child.”

He reached out curiously to try and touch Bai Liu (6)’s face. Bai Liu (6) alertly evaded him. He seemed to think of something. “Yes, your health is only 0.5. You can’t resist my touch.”

“Still… even if your health is only 0.5…” His fingers moved as he stared at Bai Liu, the words ‘want to pinch’ clearly written all over his eyes. “Bai Liu, your face is so much chubbier than when you are an adult. I can…”

Bai Liu (6) knew that his face still had a bit of fleshy baby fat. His body wasn’t fat but there was some fat on his face.

However, Bai Liu (6) felt it was strange when this guy said it. The words of this god-level NPC were so strange.

Bai Liu (6) quickly refused with no expression. “You can’t pinch it.”

The other person seemed extremely lost and lowered his eyelids. “…You let me bite your face before. Can’t I pinch it now?”

Bai Liu (6), “……” It felt like he bullied the other person.

Looking at the system warning, this guy was clearly a monster with explosive attack power. How could he have such a setting?

Bai Liu, what the hell did you do to this god-level NPC monster?

Bai Liu (6) couldn’t help showing a subtle expression on his face.

Bai Liu (6)’s health was still 50 but he pursed his lips and didn’t tell his real health value to this god-level NPC. He was still measuring the danger of this god-level NPC who suddenly appeared. However, Bai Liu told him to try and collect all of the monster book…

Bai Liu (6) struggled for a long time. Then he raised his face slightly and aimed his still slightly fat cheek at Tawil who was trapped in the thorns, telling him a bit stiffly, “Hey, you can pinch it if you want. This is a type of attack, right? Just pinch in a way that doesn’t hurt me too much. I need you to attack me.”

Tawil raised his slightly shining eyes. He examined Bai Liu (6)’s side face for a long time, as if trying to evaluate where to start. This particularly intent gaze made Bai Liu (6) stiff.

In the end, he slowly reached out his index finger wrapped in thorns and lightly poked Bai Liu (6)’s slightly stuck out cheek.

The thorns rubbed against Bai Liu (6)’s face incredibly lightly, leaving behind the cold touch of Tawil’s finger. It was really light, so light that people couldn’t believe this finger was hidden behind thorns. Bai Liu (6) felt no stinging sensation at all.

[System warning: Player Bai Liu’s secondary identity line has been attacked by the god-level NPC’s thorn entanglement attack. The health value has decreased. Since it is too small to be calculated… calculated. The health value is decreased by 0.3.]

[Attack mode: Fish Tail Strike, biting the face, poking the face (3/???) (Note: Since the upper limit of the attack mode can’t be determined, it is decided that the player will collect the page if they collect one attack mode)]

[Congratulations to player Bai Liu for collecting the Thorn God page of the monster book.]

“It is warm.” Tawil whispered. “Bai Liu, were you so warm as a child? Your face is even warmer than the lips I touched before.”

Bai Liu (6)’s eyelashes trembled slightly. He couldn’t help raising his hand to touch the place where he was poked.

“I’m not warm.” He had just come out of the baptismal pool. Bai Liu (6) looked down at Tawil’s overly white fingers and pointed out, “You are too cold.”

“I’ve always had this body temperature.” Tawil looked at Bai Liu (6). “However, you are the first person to approach me and let me know that I am cold.”

A tired but contented expression appeared on his face. There was a slight smile as Tawil’s eyes slowly lowered and he muttered, “Waking up and killing an NPC is going against the rules of the system used to trap me. I will be forced into a deep sleep…”

“Still, I felt your call so I woke up to see you.”

Tawil curled up and grasped the finger that contained Bai Liu’s body temperature. He finally closed his eyes completely and his voice gradually faded, “Bai Liu, I am very happy to see you every time I wake up. I will see you next time.”

“I really like your body temperature. I hope that you can give me a bit more the next time I see you.”

Let me, a monster in a cold sleep without any temperature, hold a little bit of that body heat that you gift me with every time I wake up.

The thorns tangled around him even more and finally completely covered Tawil’s face. He was bound back to the cross by the ferocious thorns. The thorns became even tighter as if to punish Tawil who had fallen back into a deep sleep.

This young god cherished the index finger held in his other hand as he cocked his head and slept among the blood-stained thorns. He didn’t breathe but he slept very deeply. It seemed that he had some unspeakable fatigue due to attacking people.

This guy was also very skillful in controlling the attack, not making it too strong…

Did Bai Liu play this type of game, forcing Tawil to attack himself like this? Bai Liu (6) thought of Bai Liu’s abusive tone when saying ‘play casually, just a game, just an NPC’ about Tawil before. Then he couldn’t help looking at Tawil who was happy to be tied back to the cross after just poking his face…

This NPC looked only 16 or 17 years old. There was quite a big difference from Bai Liu’s age. He was cheated by Bai Liu to do things. Every time he came out to attack, he gave Bai Liu an item from the monster book. Bai Liu took advantage of this, kissing and sticking close… now it seemed that Tawil was looking forward to seeing Bai Liu next time.

Bai Liu (6), who also realized he was an NPC, was in a delicate mood as he looked at Tawil with a strange type of pity.

This feeling of a minor being lured into a relationship by a shrewd scumbag…

“Wow.” Bai Liu (6) complained with no expression on his face. “I’m really disgusting.”

The author has something to say:

Little Bai Liu (6): You are suspected of falling in love with a minor. Please come with me.

Bai Liu: When did this happen? I don’t know myself.

Little Bai Liu (6) (taking out handcuffs with no expression): I won’t listen to your sophistry. You are arrested. Go in and say it.

Tawil watching from the side: ……?

The face of a human child is really good to poke! Fleshy!

Little Ta is curious about the strange structure and body temperature of human beings. He also likes Bai Liu’s body temperature. Then Little Ta, let me tell you a good place. The temperature of the human rectum is also very high…

Little Bai Liu (6): Suspected of illegal lessons. Directly beat you.

Author’s friend: Now you’ve had Tawil and Bai Liu do the tail play and mirror play. So this instance is the binding play?

Little Bai Liu (6): Suspected of… forget it. Just take you away.

Proofreader: Purichan

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