GHG: Chapter 104

They turned back and had to carry Mu Ke and Liu Jiayi. The three children’s speed obviously wasn’t more than an adult but fortunately, Bai Liu (6) took them to run at 9:30. This still had a certain time advantage. The teachers behind couldn’t catch up with them in a short time.

After seeing that they were approaching the gate, Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang showed ecstatic expressions on their faces. Yet Miao Feichi’s expression soon stiffened like a drop of wax solidifying in cold water.

He froze in place, stopping at the edge of the open gate and not going outside. He even took two steps back.

Outside the gate, there were countless Slenderman-like investors with hats and bandages wrapped around their faces.

Their mouths chewed on the bandages used to bind them, exposing their mouths. Their sharp teeth were wide open as if they were grinning all the way to their ears. Their noses were tilted into the air as they kept sniffing, smelling the fresh prey approaching them. Sticky saliva dripped from their mouths.

They were dressed all in black and couldn’t be seen clearly in the night. It wasn’t until he reached the gate that Miao Feichi could see the white spots floating outside the gate weren’t moonlight.

It was the bandaged faces of this group of people.

They blocked the welfare home’s half open and half closed gate, stretching out their long and slender hands through the gate to reach the children beyond it. The sharp teeth in their mouths clicked as they opened and closed them, seemingly imitating chewing on something. Saliva dripped down continuously.

The children saw the monsters outside the gate and couldn’t move. Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang sat on the ground with Mu Ke and Liu Jiayi on their backs, their faces full of shock.

Bai Liu (6) also sat on the ground. He adjusted his breathing and calmly looked out the gate. “We failed. Sure enough, it isn’t that easy to escape.”

These monsters should be those who were seriously ill and died because they couldn’t get the right child’s blood. They wandered outside the children’s welfare home at night and the children who escaped were likely to be split up by these investors.

The teachers behind them caught up and scolded the children who dared to escape. Bai Liu (6) was slapped by a teacher and fell to the ground.

He was beaten hard with a broom but there was no expression on his face. It seemed that he had expected these actions. The dean locked the gate before turning to look at these children in a gloomy and condescending manner.

Her face was so gloomy that it was about to drip off. She turned to look at the children and spoke in a deep voice, “Tell me whose idea it was to escape right now. The children who speak don’t have to be punished so severely. If you don’t tell me…”

Before the dean’s threat could be spoken, Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang stopped running all over the place and looked at Bai Liu (6) with hatred. They didn’t hesitate to identify him. “It is him!”

The dean’s eyes moved to Bai Liu (6), who was still lying on the ground from the beating and slowly getting up. She paused, her tone unclear. “It seems that today’s baptism hasn’t washed away your sins, Bai Liu (6).”

“You need to be washed cleaner.” The dean smiled kindly but there was no smile in her eyes. “Tonight, before you are sent to the hospital on Wednesday to be paired with other investors, I will thoroughly wash away your sins.”

“The other children will be locked up together for a day of fasting. I will take Bai Liu (6) to the church alone for confinement.”

The moment Bai Liu (6) stood up, he was carried away by the dean by the back of his collar, dragged rudely in the direction of the church.

He had run all night and he had no strength. He was dragged away by the dean without any resistance and was thrown into the church in a disorderly manner.

Fortunately, the dean just used the old technique to punish him. In other words, he was repeatedly forced into the pool and suffocated. This seemed to be the only trick the dean had to torture children.

However, Bai Liu (6)’s escape this time seemed to have completely angered the dean. She took the trouble to push his head into the water of the baptism pool and recited some words. In fact, Bai Liu (6) didn’t actually listen to the words.

“Disgusting little animal.”

“How dare you do such a thing when you have lived this far thanks to the kindness of the investors?!”

Bai Liu (6) feebly half-opened his eyes. Droplets of water dripped from his eyelashes as he struggled again and again to rise from the sensation of drowning and being held down again. The water rushing in through his nose made him want to choke and cough but before he could do so, he was held down again by the furiously angry dean.

“Do you know how much trouble you would’ve caused by running away?” She roared hysterically, dragging Bai Liu (6)’s hair as she shook him in the water. “You are an inhuman little monster. Your parents really made trouble for us by throwing you away. They should’ve drowned you at birth for the good of society…”

Bai Liu (6)’s eyelids gradually drooped down as he lost interest in playing the ‘mole in water’ game. He also lost strength.

On the next occasion when Bai Liu (6) floated up to take a breath before being pushed into the water, he didn’t get enough air and choked.

The dean pressed Bai Liu (6)’s head under the water in an expressionless manner. Bubbles spilled out of Bai Liu (6)’s mouth and nose. His expression was calm without the twisted fear of a drowning person. Even though he felt like he was really going to drown now, he had become a bit used to the painful feeling of drowning.

Bai Liu (6)’s eyes completely closed. He released his grip on both sides of the pool and sank into the water. His entire body floated in the clear water of the pool like he was unconscious. The coin on his chest floated out of his clothes and shone in the water.

“Okay!” The dean grabbed the coin fiercely and screamed. “How dare you steal from the investor? You sinful, devil’s child!”

She continued to torture Bai Liu (6) and Bai Liu (6) thought he was really going to drown in such a boring way. Then there was an earth-shaking explosion outside the church and a bright red system warning popped up in front of Bai Liu (6).

[System warning: Warning! Warning! Player Bai Liu’s main identity line is experiencing a sharp drop in health. Please stay away from the dangerous scene quickly!]

[…The health of player Bai Liu’s main identity line has dropped to 2… dropped to 1… warning! Player Bai Liu’s main identity line is about to die!]

The church also shook from the explosion and the dean finally stopped torturing Bai Liu (6). She turned and walked toward the outside of the church. “What is happening that there is such a big noise?”

Bai Liu (6) struggled to get up from the baptismal pool. He sat in the pool with no emotion on his face, breathing weakly. He was looking up at the statue beside the pool but his eyes were focused on the system’s red warning that kept popping up.

Before long, the dean came back with a gloomy face. “There was an explosion in the private hospital. Tomorrow’s matching ceremony will be canceled. Did you mess with something when you stole from an investor?!”

As she spoke, she violently grabbed Bai Liu (6)’s throat and pressed him back into the water. Bai Liu (6) didn’t struggle. He really didn’t have the strength to struggle.

He lay in the water, eyes half open. His face was pale, his lips were purple and his pupils slightly contracted due to suffocation and lack of oxygen. Behind the red, transparent modern panel in his eyes was the strange god tied to the reverse cross by thorns.

This strange scene made Bai Liu (6)’s mind a bit scattered.

Was there really a God in the world? Didn’t his other self say that if he changed his name to Bai Liu, God would care for him? He could barely be considered a good boy tonight. Why didn’t God bless him?

The god’s eyes suddenly moved. He opened his pure white, pupil-less eyes and looked down at Bai Liu (6), who was being forcibly baptized in the pool. There was a type of warm light around his body. The strange movement of the thorns seemed to want to bind him tighter but the holy brilliance still caused Bai Liu (6) to fall into a trance. It was as if he was being sheltered by something.

[System warning: The health of player Bai Liu has continued to decline… Player Bai Liu’s health has stopped falling. The remaining health value is 0.5.  Player Bai Liu’s main identity line has survived.]

[System warning: The NPC dean has tried to kill a child in the church, triggering God’s taboo.]

[God will bring down punishment.]

The dean seemed to be thrown away by an invisible air wave. She hit a pillar of the church with a scream.

Even so, the punishment didn’t stop. The thorns on the cross grew and countless branches sprouted from the ground to wrap around the dean. She was wrapped all over by the thorns, leaving only a pair of eyes that could be seen through the thorns. She looked at Bai Liu (6) who crawled out of the baptismal pool and the god who opened his eyes behind Bai Liu (6). Then she trembled with fear and knelt down to pray for mercy.

“No, God, I didn’t mean to drown him. I was just teaching a sinful child a lesson. No, God, please don’t punish me like this—ahhhhhh!”

The next second, the thorns tightened.

The dean’s blood splashed on the marble floor of the church as she raised her head and made a harsh scream. The thorns dug into her mouth and skin and moved violently inside her body like a meat grinder. Soon, she shook and her head tied by thorns drooped.

The blood from her body was like the water droplets on Bai Liu (6)’s body. They dripped to the ground and joined together.

She instantly became a corpse. The thorns slowly put the body on the ground. The body had only been there for a few seconds before turning into data points of light that disappeared from the church.

[System notification: The NPC dean has died. Data recovery…]

Proofreader: Purichan

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