GHG: Chapter 103

The teachers and carers ran out of the lit rooms one by one. In the night, they turned into shadows with unclear faces. They writhed and ran toward little Bai Liu (6).

This was a private welfare home with more than 200 workers. An adult’s pace was fast enough to catch up with an overloaded children’s car and a walker. They came out of the classrooms angrily and ferociously. In the night, they were more frightening than the giggling deformed children.

The deformed children chasing after Bai Liu seemed to be afraid of these teachers. Once they saw the teachers, they screamed like they encountered a natural enemy. Then they scattered into the distance.

Little Bai Liu (6)’s coin vibrated.

[The Love Welfare Institute Monster Book has refreshed—Deformed Child (1/3)]

[Monster Name: Deformed Child (naughty version without blood drawn)]

[Features: Likes to play with other people late at night and take away the children who play with it.]

[Weaknesses: Teachers at the welfare home (1/3)]

[Attack method: Blood Ejection (A+) Phone Positioning (A+), Flute Playing Child (A)]

The deformed children ran away and the teachers got closer.

The teachers obviously weren’t monsters so they couldn’t be stopped by the buff item ‘Passengers’ Blessing.’ Meanwhile, the gate of the welfare home was very close to them. Little Bai Liu (6) looked up at that big iron gate that was half hidden in the night.

Moonlight was wavering outside the door and he could hear the sound of grass being blown in the wind. It was like someone was walking in the grass outside the door, tempting them to run outside, to run out.

Little Bai Liu (6) immediately ordered, “Get out of the car and run!”

Suddenly, the children jumped out of the car in a panic. Mu Ke almost couldn’t get out of the walker. It was only with Bai Liu (6)’s help that he managed to get out in a panic. There was just a downside to this collective scattering method of running. It was that the fast runners would ignore the slow runners.

The moment Miao Gaojiang got out of the car, he left Liu Jiayi behind. Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang were the two oldest with the highest physical strength. They ran the fastest and soon left the people behind.

Liu Jiayi and Mu Ke ran very slowly. One of them had a heart disease and the other was blind. They were dragged by Bai Liu (6) but his strength wasn’t very good. Soon, the pace of these three children slowed down.

Bai Liu (6) gritted his teeth while panting. He quickly calmed down, took out the soul money and ordered Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang, “Come back and carry the two of them.”

Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang didn’t want to come back but they were forced to due to the oppressive nature of the soul money.

The two people quickly picked up Liu Jiayi and Mu Ke. Now they were carrying children and Bai Liu (6) was running alone. The speed of the five people was basically equal but it wasn’t fast. The teachers running behind were chasing faster and faster. Bai Liu (6) could hear them cursing these dirty kids and some were shouting to close the gate.

Bai Liu (6) ran desperately. His lungs were extremely painful as if he had swallowed a burning torch. This forced him to gasp in his throat.

Sweat stained Bai Liu (6)’s hospital gown-like pajamas, slipping from his eyelashes as he stared at the gradually closing gate. The moonlight shone on his sweaty, pale face that was covered with a starlight-like sheen. The wind brushed past his ears like someone was whispering to him.

—Get out of here, get out of here. You are a bad child not favored by God. You have to leave here quickly. No one here likes you.

Bai Liu (6) took a deep breath and ran faster.

Miao Gaojiang suddenly yelled. Bai Liu (6)’s sharp eyes immediately swept over. He thought this person was going to make trouble again. As a result, he saw Liu Jiayi on Miao Gaojiang’s back covering her mouth and coughing up blood. The dark blood seeped out from the snow-white fingers of this fragile girl. She instantly weakened, her face was pale as a sheet of paper.

Liu Jiayi seemed afraid to disturb the others running. She curled up into a small shrimp and tried her best to whisper. She coughed while tightly covering her mouth, but blood still overflowed from her fingers while she held back tears.

“It hurts…” Liu Jiayi couldn’t help coughing. Her unfocused eyes shed tears as she coughed up black blood.

As Liu Jiayi coughed, she called out in a trance for her protector who wasn’t here. “—It hurts so much, Brother. Brother.”

Warm blood instantly wet Miao Gaojiang’s back. Miao Gaojiang looked at their leader with fear. “Bai Liu (6), she is coughing up blood!”

Bai Liu (6) quickly reacted. Liu Jiayi telling the teacher tonight that she was uncomfortable wasn’t a lie or an act. This little girl was really uncomfortable. She had just been cooperating with them and holding back.

He remembered what Bai Liu had told him about Liu Jiayi, the little blind woman.

[There is a player among you children called Liu Jiayi. She is a bit strange. Her initial health value isn’t 100 but 50. I suspect it may be caused by some delayed attack of the poisonous mushroom but this is just one of the possibilities that I guessed. Pay attention to this little girl. She is very special and dangerous.]

Soon, Liu Jiayi coughed until she had no strength and she slowly started to slip from Miao Gaojiang’s back. Miao Gaojiang couldn’t hold her any longer but Bai Liu (6) had Miao Gaojiang carry her. Miao Gaojiang soon collapsed because he constantly had to adjust her and his speed slowed down.

Miao Gaojiang saw that he was about to be caught and roared with red eyes, “Bai Liu (6)! Give up on her! She is useless! She won’t survive even if she runs out! She has coughed up a lot of blood! Let her stay in the welfare home! There must be a doctor to check on her!”

Miao Feichi, who was carrying Mu Ke, was almost unable to run. His head was covered in sweat as he yelled with bared teeth, “Bai Liu (6)! Where the f*k did you get this kindness from? Give up on them. If we don’t give up on these two burdens, we will be caught!”

If it was the former Bai Liu (6) then he wouldn’t have hesitated to give up on these two burdens. Everything should be done in his own interests first. This was his principle. Of course, this principle hadn’t changed but now there were two of him. The two people who dragged him down were obviously linked with the interests of his other self.

Bai Liu (6)’s gaze fell on Mu Ke, who was looking at him nervously and whispering his name, before moving to the pained face of Liu Jiayi who was about to lose consciousness. He ran his emotionless eyes over the two faces—he was weighing the value of both and whether to choose between his own interests or the interests of his other self.

If he abandoned little Mu Ke and Liu Jiayi, Bai Liu (6) could run out smoothly and his interests could be protected. If he didn’t abandon them, it was very likely they wouldn’t be able to get out but the other him’s interests would be protected.

Liu Jiayi finally lost all strength and slipped from Miao Feichi’s back. Her small face was stained with blood and her desire to survive made her instinctively grab Miao Gaojiang’s foot. Miao Gaojiang tripped and fell right on Miao Feichi. After they fell, Miao Feichi threw away Mu Ke with a curse and pulled Bai Liu (6) to leave.

“They are useless people. Why do you have to take them with you?”

“Quickly go, Bai Liu (6)! They aren’t like us at all!”

Everything in the eyes of Bai Liu (6) became as slow as slow motion. The sound of his rapid breathing, the rustle of his feet running on the sand, the cursing teachers getting closer and closer behind them, waving something unknown in their hands.

Mu Ke who panicked after being thrown on the ground and reached out to him for help, Liu Jiayi’s blood-stained face as she called out for her brother and Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang’s gloomy and indifferent faces as they cursed the two people—in Bai Liu (6)’s eyes, there was a strange dividing line. It was just like the scene of an open-air old movie he once saw. In front of his eyes, it repeatedly played in front of him with a boundary between ‘good boy’ and ‘bad boy.’

If he stopped then Bai Liu (6) was a good boy. If he ran away then Bai Liu (6) was a bad boy.

Bai Liu (6) suddenly thought that by the secular definition, this was the way to define if children were good or bad. However, he was a bad boy. Yet the other him didn’t think so. Oh, that person also gave him a strange new name—Bai or white as in the daylight and Liu as in the willow tree makes the shade.

[You don’t have the right to choose to be a bad person until you are an adult.]

[Now, leave what bad people should do to me. I will bear the rest of the consequences for you.]

‘I… promised to help him save Liu Jiayi and Mu Ke and he paid me.’ Bai Liu (6)’s right hand held the coin-shaped game manager on his chest. This was the reward that Bai Liu gave him.

[I am a wanderer. As a wanderer, all you need to do is keep your end of the deal with anyone, including me.]

Bai Liu (6)’s consciousness drifted back from a long distance. These seemingly long thinking fragments were actually completed in only a few seconds in his mind. The moment Bai Liu (6) was pulled away by Miao Feichi, he stopped.

Miao Feichi looked back at Bai Liu (6) with surprise.

“Stop.” Bai Liu (6) was very calm. “Go back and carry Mu Ke and Liu Jiayi.”

Miao Feichi stared at Bai Liu (6) with astonishment and disbelief. “Are you crazy, Bai Liu (6)? You f*king…”

“I said to go back and carry them.” Bai Liu (6)’s tone had no fluctuations. “I’m giving you an order, not discussing it with you, understood?”

Bai Liu (6) raised his eyes. “Go back and pick them up.”

“F*k!!” Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang were going completely crazy. They went back to pick up the crying Mu Ke and the pained Liu Jiayi, holding the other person and running like mad dogs while loudly cursing Bai Liu (6).

“You are f*king sick Bai Liu (6)! I thought you are clear-headed like us but it turns out you are a Holy Father! If we can’t escape, let’s see what I will do to you!”

“If we can’t escape?” Bai Liu (6) suddenly smiled like a real child without any scruples. He ran like he was going to jump up and down, gasping while laughing mischievously and playfully. “In any case, someone said he would help me clean up the mess. It is up to him now.”

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