GHG: Chapter 102

Little Bai Liu (6), who was still wandering around outside, took a look at the phone that had hung up. His expression slightly stiffened and the coin on his chest was shaking all the time. Little Bai Liu (6) opened the system panel in front of him and saw many notifications.

[System notification: Player Bai Liu’s main identity line can recover his physical strength by using the physical strength recovery agent. Do you want to restore it?]

[System notification: Player Bai Liu’s main identity line has the physical strength restored to full value.]

[System notification: Does the player’s main identity line want to use the personal skill Thief’s Monkey Hand?]

Little Bai Liu (6) took a deep breath and closed the system panel. He looked at the teacher who was gradually approaching his bedroom in the dark. Bai Liu (6) had been walking around outside to make a phone call to Bai Liu. After determining the escape point, he crept back quietly. He pretended that nothing had happened and lay on the bed, breathing evenly like he was sleeping.

After lying on the bed and making sure that the teacher had finished her rounds of the room, the pretend sleeping Bai Liu (6) jumped out of the bed. Little Mu Ke, Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang also jumped from their beds.

They saw little Bai Liu (6) who had reached the door of the bedroom and looked at each other tacitly. Then they followed behind Bai Liu (6) out of the bedroom and into the dark corridor. Looking at the bedrooms and corridor engulfed in darkness, little Mu Ke couldn’t help gulping and gave himself a pep talk. Then he nervously followed Bai Liu (6) into the vast night.

The first floor of the building directly opposite Bai Liu (6)’s bedroom was Liu Jiayi’s bedroom. In the middle of the two buildings was a small square that was like a children’s playground where there were deformed children wandering. Bai Liu (6)’s group couldn’t cross the square directly and could only find another way.

If they went through the window of the women’s toilet on their side and went around the back of the building to the first floor where Liu Jiayi was located, they could effectively avoid being seen and chased by the deformed children—this was the path Liu Jiayi told them.

Bai Liu (6)’s action of breaking into the ladies’ room was very sharp. He looked left and right before going in directly. He tumbled through the ventilation window next to the last cubicle in the ladies’ room and landed in the grass. All behind their building was overgrown scrub grass. Bai Liu (6) touched the wall and walked along the edge to the other building.

As they walked they could hear the faint and ethereal laughter of children coming from the building.

This laughter was getting closer and finally became a shadow following Bai Liu (6)’s group. It was like something had tumbled out of the building and followed them who were touching the wall and heading to the other building. It was also touching the wall and following them, playing this fun game with them.

Mu Ke was at the end and would turn back occasionally due to the child’s laughter approaching him. His face was already white with fear—he always felt that something was following them.

“Don’t look back.” Bai Liu (6) spoke just as Mu Ke couldn’t help turning back after hearing another footstep in the grass. “Something is indeed following us but it probably thinks we are playing a game. Let’s go and don’t let it catch up with us.”

The faces of these deformed children in the grass were finally revealed in the pale moonlight. They raised their mangled or not-so mangled faces, showing a type of naive but gloomy, huge smile. They raised their hands that were stained red by the crimson mud after crawling through the mud and said intermittently, “Play! Play with me! Stay and play!”

Mu Ke’s heart was frightened when he saw it. The group ran wildly and finally managed to enter through the window of the other building before they were taken away by the deformed children behind him.

Miao Gaojiang sat on the ground with a pale face. He was the last one to go through the window and his shoes were torn off by the deformed children who were chasing them. Fortunately, Bai Liu (6) quickly turned back and snatched them back. Most of these deformed children were physically inconvenient and couldn’t do the difficult action of going through the small window. At this time, the deformed children were surrounding the small vent of the women’s toilet.

Several human-like but strange faces were crowded around the window in the moonlight. The few pairs of large, dead and motionless eyes stared at them while trying to climb up. They also called out, “I want to play! You are going to play with me! Come out!”

Bai Liu (6) handed the shoes he grabbed to Miao Gaojiang before his eyes lightly swept over the deformed children. “They can’t get in for now. Put them on so you can run away later.”

Miao Gaojiang took it with a complicated expression and said a thank you. Bai Liu (6) answered in a casual manner and left the women’s toilet. They finally arrived at Liu Jiayi’s bedroom in this building.

Bai Liu (6) was walking through the corridor to Liu Jiayi’s bedroom when he heard Liu Jiayi pestering a teacher in a soft voice, “Teacher, I don’t feel very comfortable.”

Her tone was very weak and realistic. She also had a slight cough. As a commodity who would be adopted tomorrow, it wasn’t a good thing for her to be sick the night before from the teacher’s perspective.

The teacher repeatedly asked for Liu Jiayi’s symptoms and Liu Jiayi dragged out time for a while. Then the moment Bai Liu (6) made a cat meowing sound twice from outside, Liu Jiayi told the teacher, “Okay, let’s go see the doctor.” The teacher took her hand to take her down from the bed. As they were walking to the door, Liu Jiayi suddenly fell to the ground. The teacher was so scared that he instinctively looked back and exposed his back to Bai Liu (6)’s group waiting at the door.

Little Bai Liu (6) led the group of children to rush forward. The will to survive made Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang, the two children who already had the rudimentary body shape of an adult, do their best to strangle the teacher. Soon, the teacher’s eyes rolled and he fainted.

“I’m weak.” Liu Jiayi instantly released the teacher’s hand and got up from the ground. Her dazed eyes ‘looked’ at little Bai Liu (6)’s group a bit anxiously. “I can’t see. You have to quickly find the keys on him! There will be other teachers coming to patrol later! The time to run away tonight is tight!”

Bai Liu (6)’s group soon found the bunch of keys on the teacher’s waist. Liu Jiayi couldn’t see so it was very troublesome for her to run. Bai Liu (6) had Miao Gaojiang, a relatively strong boy, carry Liu Jiayi on his back. They stepped over the teacher who was lying face-down and quickly ran out of the door.

Apart from Mu Ke, no child looked back at the teacher whose life or death was unknown.

They all seemed to be natural born criminals among children with a certain talent for plotting against others. Bad kids didn’t feel guilty toward the victim they plotted against. However, Mu Ke was a relatively normal child. He followed behind them while glancing back at the teacher on the ground with frightened eyes. Then he soon retracted his gaze and ran after the others nervously.

After all, they had no time tonight to sympathize with others.

Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang rushed out first and entered the square to lead the deformed children away for a while. Bai Liu (6) took this opportunity to open the children’s car locked on the edge of the playground. Miao Gaojiang came over with Liu Jiayi on his back. The two people ran breathlessly and got on the car while little Mu Ke—

Little Mu Ke’s two legs moved in the walker and he tearfully yelled as he ran, “Bai Liu (6), drive faster! Don’t make a f*king phone call! The children behind me are catching up!”

Bai Liu (6) was sitting in the driver’s seat. The toy car wasn’t fast at all. In addition, there were four children in it. Apart from the lighter Liu Jiayi, the others were teenagers and they weren’t light. This made it drive even slower and it was almost lingering in place.

The deformed children behind them really considered this a chasing game. They laughed and dragged their feet on the ground or crawled on all fours. They were about to catch up with little Bai Liu (6). Yet when these deformed children reached out to touch Bai Liu (6) in the toy car, flame-like black smoke emerged from the toy car.

The black smoke boiled and rolled upward, releasing countless scorched corpses. They were smoky yet real, illusions intermingling as they roared and breathed out fire from their mouths to drive away the deformed children.

[System notification: Player Bai Liu’s secondary identity line has used the item ‘Passengers’ Blessing’ while riding on the vehicle. The souls of the passengers will help you drive away other monsters.]

The deformed children were frightened and scattered in shock. Nevertheless, they still followed in a vigilant and curious manner, unwilling to let little Bai Liu (6)’s group go.

Little Mu Ke, who was crying his heart out, hiccuped in surprise at the scene. Little Bai Liu (6) held the child’s phone in one hand and the steering wheel of the toy car in the other. He looked calmly at the receiver and said quietly, “Hey, Bai Liu. How are you doing over there?”

There was silence. No one answered his call.

Little Bai Liu (6) still made the calls but he hadn’t heard Bai Liu’s voice in 15 minutes, ever since that brief call at 9:15.

Little Bai Liu (6)’s eyes were cold. He quickly opened the system panel and found that Bai Liu’s health value had dropped from 6 to 3 in the minutes when he got in the car to flee. It was continuing to fall at an alarming rate, with various values jumping across the board in a dazzling manner.

In particular, his physical strength kept switching between almost full and empty. He was using his personal skill like crazy.

The system coin kept shaking as all types of red warning boxes and notifications popped up.

From the welfare home, it was possible to see the private hospital on the opposite side. Little Bai Liu (6) looked up at the building that was so dark and dreary as if it was going to eat people. His black eyes reflected the other building, his lips pursed tightly.

Suddenly, the welfare home behind Bai Liu (6) lit up. There was a teacher’s panicked screams. “There are children who knocked out a teacher and ran away!”

It seemed as if the lights in the welfare home were sound-controlled. They became brighter due to the screams. The teachers stood at the windows with sullen, horrible faces, their shadows pulled by the light and reflected on the windows. They were like the Slenderman, watching these disobedient and runaway children through the windows.

At this moment, the teachers seemed to take off the kind and amiable coat they wore in the daytime and turned into the same monsters as the investors.

“Get them back!” The dean’s voice was heard through the loudspeaker of the welfare home. She roared like a hysterical, controlling parent. “Grab the kids who want to run away and punish them! Drown the leader in the baptismal pool!”

Proofreader: Purichan 

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