GHG: Chapter 101

”I’m very curious about what life has done to you to turn you this way—” Little Bai Liu (6)’s voice was cold. “It makes me a bit disgusted.”

“You’ve been lying to me from the start. You know that I like money, what I will be curious about and you know my motivations and psychological constructions. You used this to constantly induce me to do things for you. I am your secondary line. You also deliberately let me know this, right? It is in order to ensure I keep in touch with you after I successfully escape from the welfare home.”

“You need to make sure I won’t betray you and make sure I continue to pay for you more than the amount of money you gave me. You know that money can’t sustain a connection with me for that long.”

Little Bai Liu (6)’s breathing sound came through the phone that didn’t have a good signal. It was like suddenly flowing water, heavy and urgent. “You aren’t talking now because you’re waiting for me to calm down, right?”

Bai Liu didn’t speak. He held the phone with one hand while supporting his elbow with the other. His expression was casual as he leaned against the wall. He was indeed waiting for little Bai Liu (6) to calm down.

Little Bai Liu (6) was a very rational child. The breathing on the other end of the phone fluctuated quickly and twice, as if he was breathing deeply to calm his emotions. Then it returned to its normal frequency and his tone calmed down. “I have to say, you know yourself really well. I will never betray myself.”

He was half the soul of a strange investor who wanted to draw his blood. It took 14 year old Bai Liu (6) around a dozen seconds to come to terms with it. Then he quickly and soberly cut to the chase.

“The two problems when fleeing tonight are the deformed children and the teachers. The teachers will come to inspect the bedrooms of all the children who have been baptized. We aren’t allowed to stay out late. I don’t know why but Liu Jiayi is very familiar with the welfare home, as if she has lived here before.”

Bai Liu (6) spoke in a subtle tone. “She figured out the rules of the teachers’ inspection and told me that the teacher will finish our bedroom inspection at 9:15 and her bedroom at 9:30. After 9:30, the five of us can leave the bedroom and run away. Based on her familiarity with the welfare home, Liu Jiayi has planned an escape route for us.”

Little Bai Liu (6) evaluated, “She is very active in making plans. She might’ve been a bit flustered at first when I negotiated with her to escape. Then once she confirmed that I was sent by her brother, she started giving me effective information. It is unlike the level of planning for a blind, eight year old girl. She is more useful than Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang combined.”

“If she wasn’t blind and there weren’t deformed children wandering around, I think she would be able to get out of the welfare home on her own tonight.” Little Bai Liu (6) finally summed it up.

Bai Liu didn’t speak. He was silent as he let little Bai Liu (6) continue. It was normal for Liu Jiayi to be familiar with this welfare home. She had stayed here before. In addition, based on the poisonous mushroom incident in reality, Liu Jiayi’s mentality and intelligence were very good. Bai Liu wasn’t worried about Liu Jiayi dragging them back in the process of fleeing.

Little Bai Liu (6) continued, “The wandering deformed children are indeed a problem. Then after checking the items in the coin you gave me, I found one that will work here.”

Bai Liu and little Bai Liu (6) spoke in unison. “Passengers’ Blessing.”

This buff type item was the main reason why Bai Liu gave the coin to little Bai Liu (6).

[Total reward for collecting the Exploding Last Train Monster Book: Passengers’ Blessing (excellent quality). The passengers are grateful to you for saving them from their painful destiny so they have bestowed a blessing on you. As long as you sit in the seat of a vehicle, their souls will guard you and won’t let any monster hurt you.]

[Note: the vehicle can’t be forcibly brought in by the player. It must belong to the original scene.]

This item wasn’t dropped when Bai Liu pretended to die and gave everything to Miao Feichi. It was left in the coin because it was a buff type item. This type of item wasn’t attached to a physical item but to the player. It was an item that couldn’t be dropped so Miao Gaojiang wasn’t suspicious.

“We have a toy car in our children’s playground. I think it is also a means of transportation in the welfare home. However, the toy car will be locked up at 6 p.m. by the teacher.” Little Bai Liu (6)’s voice was very calm, as if he wasn’t committing a crime but playing with toys. “Liu Jiayi said she could lie and get the teacher with the key alone. Then we can knock out the teacher, steal the key and drive away in this toy car.”

“I remember this toy car can only seat four people in it?” Bai Liu touched his chin. “Where will you have the remaining person sitting?”

Little Bai Liu (6) was strangely silent for two seconds. “We are also preparing to steal a baby walker. There is a baby walker in the welfare home for disabled children. It can be attached to the toy car to run together.”

Bai Liu was subtly silent for a moment.

This walker was a small toy that looked like open crotch pants on four wheels. Its speed depended on the two feet moving it and they had to sit in the car with their legs apart. Little Bai Liu (6) and the others were seven or eight years old. It seemed really shameful to ride in this type of car. It was like running wildly in flowery cotton pants.

“Who are you going to have stay in this walker?” Bai Liu asked.

“Liu Jiayi can’t see and sitting behind us is too dangerous. So—” Bai Liu (6) paused, his tone filled with a bit of an evil taste that couldn’t be hidden. “Only the shortest among us is more appropriate. I’m not the shortest.”

“Mu Ke is.”

During the conversation between Bai Liu and little Bai Liu (6), Bai Liu heard the sound of the nurse’s high heels going away. Shortly after the nurse left, new footsteps came toward the door. Listening to the sound, it was more than one person. Bai Liu’s eyes sank lightly. Such steady and fast moving footsteps should be Miao Feichi and the others.

Miao Feichi obviously went to the door during the time when the nurse finished patrolling and left. This was the advantage of a player moving faster than the NPC. He could seize the gap in the NPC’s movement speed, unlike Bai Liu who was almost chased to death last night.

“Knock knock knock.” There was a knock on the door and Mu Ke’s trembling voice rang out. “I-I am Mu Ke. I came.”

Bai Liu’s eyes moved to the door and he whispered to the phone, “I’m hanging up.”

“Wait a minute.” Little Bai Liu (6) paused. “When should I call you next time?”

Bai Liu answered, “Call me anytime after 9:30 in the morning. The call time is still billed according to the minutes.”

“If I can answer your phone call alive.”

Little Bai Liu (6) was silent for two seconds. “From a financial point of view, I want you to live. However, between the plan you told me and your identity, it will be very troublesome for you to live. Your most valuable things are already on me. From this perspective, I still prefer you to die.”

After saying that, little Bai Liu (6) simply hung up the phone.

Bai Liu didn’t care and smiled casually. He placed the phone behind him. The hand holding the phone was a monkey hand. Bai Liu looked down at his hand. Before leaving the welfare home, he had manipulated the system interface and fixed Mu Sicheng’s soul money panel on him. This allowed Bai Liu to still use Mu Sicheng’s skills after giving Bai Liu (6) the game manager.

However, he could only use Mu Sicheng’s skills.

He could no longer switch to other people’s soul banknotes. Little Bai Liu (6) couldn’t manipulate the panel of his main identity line because Bai Liu’s game manager coin bound his main and secondary identity lines at the same time. Bai Liu (6) could see his living conditions, personal attributes panel and receive the system prompts for Bai Liu. This way, he would know whether Bai Liu’s main identity line was dead or not.

From the moment he heard the sound of footsteps, Bai Liu had kept the monkey hands semi-activated. His physical strength had been exhausted last night so Bai Liu couldn’t use any of Mu Sicheng’s skills. He could only throw out the bait of Mu Ke, leading Miao Feichi to the ward in a roundabout manner and delaying the fight.

But— Bai Liu looked at the clock hung on the wall of the ward. It wasn’t just Miao Feichi who recovered his physical strength at 9:15. It wasn’t just Miao Feichi who cooperated with a teammate.

Bai Liu slowly raised his eyes and looked at Liu Huai who was standing behind the door and holding his breath.

Liu Huai, the assassin holding daggers in both hands, stood quietly in the shadow behind the door like a real assassin. He was filled with the cold and resolute determination of putting all his eggs in one basket. After receiving Bai Liu’s signal, Liu Huai nodded. He took a deep breath, jumped lightly and quietly hung from the ceiling lamp with his legs.

Looking at Bai Liu below, Liu Huai’s mood was more complicated than ever. His eyes were on the monkey hands that Bai Liu had equipped. Liu Huai never thought he would cooperate with Mu Sicheng’s skill in this way after so long.

This might be the last time the thief and assassin would cooperate.

Liu Huai closed his eyes and touched the doll he placed on his chest. It looked very similar to him but was made roughly. It was a gift from Jiayi today for the investor. She fumbled by herself and made a handmade doll of what she imagined Liu Huai would look like.

Liu Jiayi was fond of all types of dolls. She might be blind but she liked touching them with her hands and making them. It seemed to make up for her inability to see the world—although the dolls made by Liu Jiayi were very ugly.

It was also because Liu Jiayi liked dolls that Liu Huai clumsily made bear dolls for her. Of course, they were ugly. The brother and sister were quite similar in this respect. Fortunately, Liu Jiayi couldn’t see how ugly the bear dolls were and she really liked them. Perhaps this would be the last time Liu Huai could see the ugly brother doll made by Liu Jiayi.

Liu Huai took a deep breath. He shook like a weightless figure while gently opening the door of the ward.

The door slowly opened in the dark night with a creaking sound. Before the people standing outside completely appeared in Bai Liu’s vision, two double knives flashed in an arc toward Bai Liu, accompanied by a scream from Mu Ke, “Bai Liu!!!”

The author has something to say:

Little Bai Liu (6) said coldly: I’m very curious about what life has done to you to turn you into this image that makes me a bit disgusted.

Bai Liu: Work.

Little Bai Liu (6): …….?

Proofreader: Purichan

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