GHG: Chapter 100

Mu Ke was dragged from the elevator on the fifth floor by Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang and brought all the way into Miao Feichi’s room. The door slammed shut due to Miao Feichi’s kick. The nurse outside the door started to patrol in high heels, the clear sound echoing in the middle of the night.

Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang stood next to the trembling Mu Ke, guarding the door and preventing Mu Ke from going out. Miao Feichi crouched down to look at Mu Ke on the ground. He stretched out his long tongue and licked his dry mouth. “Okay, now is the time for interrogation. Tell us where Bai Liu is.”

Mu Ke gritted his teeth, his shoulders trembling violently as he lowered his head silently.

Miao Feichi impatiently grabbed Mu Ke’s chin, pinching his jaw and raising his head. “I will ask you again. Don’t think that I can’t torture you just because you have 6 health points. I have many ways to block you on the line of death and make you suffer. Or you can directly open your system panel and let us see what you are communicating on that keyboard.”

Mu Ke’s jaw was pinched and he felt his temporomandibular joints were going to dislocate. It was sore and aching and he couldn’t hold back his tears as he replied in an unclear voice, “I don’t know what you’re talking about—”

Miao Gaojiang also bent down with a very hypocritical and gentle expression on his face. He seemed to be reluctantly advising Mu Ke, like a greasy middle-aged man advising the young people at the table to drink more wine. “Mu Ke, if you are an ordinary player taking refuge with us then we won’t act against you too much. I just want you to be honest and explain. It is the support season and killing you will affect our support rate. If you prefer to die rather than surrender and open your panel to let us take a look, it can’t be helped.”

Mu Ke was short of breath but he still didn’t open his mouth.

“Forget it. He should be controlled by Bai Liu and he can’t do what we ask.” Miao Gaojiang stood up and nudged Miao Feichi’s shoulder with his index finger, tone flat. “Kill him and the keyboard in his backpack will fall out. It’s okay if we don’t understand it. At least it will let Bai Liu have one less person to work with.”

What should he do? Mu Ke’s heartbeat was almost at the extreme. LFG. Bai Liu meant that he should seek cooperation with Miao Gaojiang. However, the need for cooperation would inevitably sell his exchange with Bai Liu on the keyboard. Still, there was a chance the other person might not understand the keyboard.

If he didn’t obey and was killed, the keyboard would fall out anyway.

“I’ll show you.” Mu Ke raised his head.

He tried his best to control his trembling hands as he opened his system panel and brought out the keyboard. He prayed in his heart that Bai Liu hadn’t passed any new information to him during this time but the moment the keyboard came out, he closed his eyes.

Three new keycaps were missing from the keyboard.

Miao Feichi leaned in with interest. “I can understand what this means. The missing ones should be 9, 0, 6 and it should be the room number of a ward.”

“This should be Bai Liu’s room number.” The smile on Miao Gaojiang’s face changed from hypocritical to real. “Mu Ke, is your master asking you to meet?”

Miao Feichi pressed against Mu Ke’s neck and ordered, “Reply to him and say you will be there soon.”

“There is a nurse outside.” Mu Ke’s hands shook. His mind was a mess but he was still trying to maintain a calm tone. “How will you get up there?”

“Kill the children and walk up the emergency staircase.” Miao Feichi patted his face with the double knives. “Have you forgotten? My physical strength is back and I can move faster than the nurses.”

Mu Ke was forced to use the keyboard to reply that he was coming up immediately.

Miao Feichi glanced at Miao Gaojiang and asked silently, ‘Kill Mu Ke now?’

Miao Gaojiang thought about it before rejecting Miao Feichi’s proposal. Bai Liu was a player with a very fast reaction and high intelligence. He might still use the keyboard to contact Mu Ke during this process. If Mu Ke didn’t respond, it would make Bai Liu suspicious. Thus, they will keep Mu Ke for now. They would execute them together after seeing Bai Liu. Mu Ke heard this in despair.

During the time when the nurse took the elevator to patrol another floor, Mu Ke was dragged very quickly and they took the emergency staircase up to the ninth floor.

There were deformed children in the staircase.

Mu Ke watched with horror as Miao Feichi casually took care of the deformed children who had chased them all over the hospital last night. They were cut to pieces under Miao Feichi’s double knives. The blood vessels on the cut surfaces writhed like they were hungry and the sharp cries of the children filled the emergency staircase.

Miao Feichi made a bored sound and his double knives flashed as he cut a child’s neck. The child’s head rolled to Mu Ke’s feet, eyes opened unwillingly and resentfully. However, his mouth couldn’t cry out any longer.

This was a crushing level of strength. Mu Ke had developed a fear of Miao Feichi’s knives last night and now he was even more frightened. He didn’t know if his interpretation of LFG was right or not.

Did Bai Liu really want him to obey Miao Feichi? If they continued like this, they would rush straight to the ninth floor! Mu Ke started frantically praying that Bai Liu wouldn’t be in 906.

At the same time, the welfare house.

Little Bai Liu (6) lowered his body as he ran out to make a call. He watched vigilantly as he walked. “According to your request, the keycaps for 906 were pulled out. Is this your ward number? You are currently at 906?”

“Yes,” Bai Liu replied. “Previously, someone contacted you with the keyboard. How did you respond?”

“I had him team up. Regardless of whether he dies or not, the keyboard will fall and expose his spy identity. It is better to let him surrender first.” Little Bai Liu (6) frowned. “You told me that those two people are likely to attack you at night. I thought you asked me to let them go to 906 to run away. Why are you in 906? If they come up, you will be caught by them…”

“You don’t need to care about my side. I am using this game to catch them. You just have to make sure your side is fine.” Bai Liu spoke calmly. “You did a good job before. It is right to let the other person seek out the enemy group. What about your side? Are you ready to escape the welfare home?”

Little Bai Liu (6) saw the deformed children running around the children’s playground. He quickly found a place to hide and avoid detection.

After two days of chasing, he was already very good at concealing himself. During the day, Bai Liu had asked him to escape with the children tonight because tomorrow was Wednesday, the matching day.

“From 9 to 12, there are deformed children wandering around and the teachers aren’t completely asleep. I recommend not running away at this time. It is easy to be caught by the deformed children and the teachers.” Bai Liu (6) spoke on the phone and explained what he saw in a calm tone. “Still, today is the baptism and the gates of the welfare home haven’t been closed.”

“After 12 o’clock, the gates of the welfare home will be closed. In the early hours of the morning, there will be children playing the flute to take away the rest of the children. So we must run away before 12 o’clock.”

“If you choose to run away before 12 o’clock, avoiding the teachers and deformed children is a problem, right?” Bai Liu asked as he pondered on it.

“Yes.” Little Bai Liu (6) answered coldly. “It is very difficult to run away from them but I think it will be harder to run away in the later stages. There are five deformed children tonight and the number of deformed children increases by two every night. It is already exactly the same as the number of children who will flee tonight.”

“If there were only three, I would consider letting Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang lure them while I run away with Mu Ke and Liu Jiayi. However, there are five tonight. On average, everyone will have a deformed child assigned to chase them. If I let Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang lure them, it will only be three at most and it won’t work.”

Bai Liu became interested. “You got Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang willing to cooperate with you so soon?”

Little Bai Liu (6) replied indifferently, “It was easy to convince them.”

“How did you convince them?”

“I made a deal with them,” little Bai Liu (6) explained in an unhurried manner. “I said I could take them out but they need to make a deal with me.”

Bai Liu raised his eyebrow. “You purchased their souls with my personal skill? You learn quickly.”

“No. It’s not that I bought their souls. They are paying me to look after their souls. They paid me 12 yuan and 50 cents. They entrusted themselves, or their souls, to me and I will take them out.”

“I don’t know why but the soul money that I got from Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang are different from what you said.” Little Bai Liu (6)’s words were puzzled and he sounded unpleasant, like he had been cheated of money.

Yet this little friend earned two souls and 12.5 yuan without paying a single thing.

Little Bai Liu (6) frowned. “After trading with Miao Feichi and the others, the coin system prompted me that the transaction is incomplete. I only have the soul debt right to some of the characters and I can’t use the other person’s skills and system panel. I can only look at their system panel.”

“What can you do with the soul money?” Bai Liu wondered.

“I can’t do anything.” Little Bai Liu (6) was a bit displeased. “The system stated that it is necessary to collect all of the soul or trade with all of the soul at the same time. Otherwise, the death of one part of the soul will just return to the other soul parts. This soul money is only effective for trading but it isn’t completely useless. I can use this to limit Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang’s actions. This will make my escape tonight easier.”

Bai Liu was thoughtful. This was part of the reason why he had handed the coin to little Bai Liu (6). He wanted to see if he could let Bai Liu (6) get the souls of Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang, controlling them in a roundabout manner from the children’s side.

However, the final result was just a semi-finished product. The soul money with only half the debt right was equivalent to it being torn in half. It seemed he had got something but he couldn’t buy anything from the trading partner with this incomplete banknote.

To get the other side’s complete soul, he could only let Miao Feichi or Miao Gaojiang sell their souls to him, which was the whole soul as stated by the system. This possibility was 0.

Miao Gaojiang wasn’t a fool. Why would he do such a thing? The previous matter with Puppet Zhang made him very vigilant. He might not know Bai Liu’s specific technique or operation method but Miao Gaojiang already guessed that Bai Liu’s skill wasn’t so simple on the surface.

All day today, Miao Gaojiang didn’t take anything from Bai Liu or agree to Bai Liu’s language traps. He barely answered Bai Liu’s imperative and interrogative sentences and used active sentences to talk to Bai Liu. This was one of the drawbacks of Bai Liu’s control skill. If the opponent was on the absolute defensive then it was difficult for Bai Liu to take the initiative and make a trade for control.

There was also the second possibility, which was to kill Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang and let their souls go to their secondary identity lines. This possibility was even smaller than zero. Still, it wasn’t completely impossible.

“Little Bai Liu (6), don’t forget about what I warned you when using this skill.” Bai Liu reminded. “This trading technique restricts both parties. You agreed to take Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang out. You have to do it or you will…”

“—Turn into half a soul banknote and be locked up in an old wallet, right?” Little Bai Liu (6) spoke quietly.

Bai Liu had never mentioned anything about his identity from beginning to end. The identity he registered with was the identity of an investor and no one knew his name. The system seemed to be intentionally preventing these children from knowing their true identities. For the NPC children generated by the system in the welfare home, they were more like phantom symbols.

It was difficult to imagine that these children would know that these weird and gloomy investors were their future selves. Yet Bai Liu (6) guessed who he was and Bai Liu wasn’t surprised.

Little Bai Liu (6)’s voice had no fluctuations. “You should’ve expected that when you gave me this coin, I would make this guess according to the information in your coin. I am a very curious person. Once I see the information, I will finally understand why you are willing to die for me.”

“I am like the other children. I am your secondary identity line and the other half of your soul, right? Bai Liu of the future? Or kind investor who has always been anonymous?”

Proofreader: Purichan

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