FV: Chapter 98

Wu Xinyuan saw that Ma Bozhong didn’t do anything for several days and finally became relieved. It seemed that Ma Bozhong should be a bit afraid.

He had some brains.

Ma Bozhong spent two days in the hospital receiving an infusion before returning to the crew with a bad complexion.

Director Zhang felt that he might not be compatible with his crew. Why else was he admitted to the hospital for a total of almost half a month for just one drama?

However, he was sick so Director Zhang thoughtfully gave him a few days off to let him rest.

There was also news from Ma Bozhong’s agent. The agent hadn’t found the big person behind Lin Luoqing.

It was as they suspected. Either this person didn’t exist or he was in a high position.

Ma Bozhong’s agent thought it was the second point and Ma Bozhong’s selfishness also made him inclined to the second point.

It was just that he couldn’t swallow down this anger. He might’ve agreed with his agent not to provoke or embarrass Lin Luoqing and endure it for a while, but he was depressed and embarrassed in his heart.

On this day, the two of them filmed together and Ma Bozhong released all the emotions in his heart, acting with full aura.

He pressed onwards step by step but Lin Luoqing wasn’t afraid of him. He fought back. Of course, he wasn’t as old as Ma Bozheng and was weaker in terms of experience.

Director Zhang didn’t shout to cut but Lin Luoqing asked to do it again after watching it on the monitor.

Ma Bozhong sneered. “Forget it. At your level, this is almost enough.”

“Teacher Ma, don’t you dare?” Lin Luoqing asked him.

Ma Bozhong said contemptuously, “Okay, I’ll accompany you again.”

Then he looked at Director Zhang. “I hope you can take good care of it, Director.”

Director Zhang frowned, not quite understanding what was wrong with this person.

Lin Luoqing soon started the second take with Ma Bozhong, but he was still a bit worse. This time, Director Zhang shouted ‘cut’ and asked them to do it again.

Li Hanhai and Yao Momo saw it and were puzzled. “What’s wrong? Teacher Xiao Lin did two takes but he hasn’t passed?”

Li Hanhai watched Ma Bozhong and thought in his heart, ‘He did it on purpose.’

Director Zhang also had this idea when he saw it for the third time. He didn’t shout cut this time because he didn’t want to follow Ma Bozhong’s wishes.

However, Lin Luoqing watched the monitor and said, “Do it again.”

Director Zhang held him back and told him in a low voice, “It is okay. It is basically almost all there. Can’t you see? He is doing it on purpose.”

In the end, he really liked Lin Luoqing. It wasn’t just Lin Luoqing’s acting skills but the fact that he had been teaching the other actors in private for so long. Director Zhang saw it with his eyes and remembered it in his heart. He had a good evaluation of Lin Luoqing and the other young actors on the crew.

When he first accepted this drama, he was afraid that the actors in the crew were too young and were of the same generation, so there might be infighting. Then once he came, he found that both the men and women were working hard. They might not have high talent but their attitude was good. This made Director Zhang feel a bit moved and he stared at the screen frame by frame with full energy, teaching the crew and actors.

Among them, Lin Luoqing was undoubtedly his favorite and the one who satisfied him the most. Therefore, he might not understand what was going on but he subconsciously favored Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing was surprised when he heard the director say this but smiled. He approached Director Zhang and explained in a low voice, “It’s okay. I just want to practice my acting skills. The rest of the crew is too weak and Teacher Ma has been refusing to show his full strength previously. This time, he is showing it and I can practice with him well.”

Director Zhang, “……”

Director Zhang felt that his overall view of the situation was too limited.

He glanced at Ma Bozhong, who was acting a bit proud. Indeed, the other actors in this crew were a bit too weak for Lin Luoqing. Now there was a volunteer to help him practice and his acting skills could become more refined.

“Then you go,” Director Zhang didn’t stop him this time and even planned to help him see his improvement direction.

It could be said that he was very biased.

Ma Bozhong saw Director Zhang telling them to do it again and was a bit happy. He was completely unaware that he had become a tool for Lin Luoqing to practice his skills and continued to accompany Lin Luoqing to act.

This time, Director Zhang found that Lin Luoqing was rapidly adjusting his subtle expressions and layering of emotion in his eyes, allowing him to gradually catch up with Ma Bozhong.

He shouted ‘cut’ again. Li Hanhai and Yao Momo were puzzled. They couldn’t see the reason. They even felt that Lin Luoqing’s performance was as good as Ma Bozhong’s. He was completely matching Ma Bozhong.

However, Director Zhang called to cut and Lin Luoqing and Ma Bozhong continued to film.

Slowly, other people also gathered around. Whether it was the crew’s leading actors who received Lin Luoqing’s small lessons, an agent or an assistant, everyone had a good impression of Lin Luoqing. So even if he was stuck so many times, none of them thought it was because his acting skills were bad. They just sighed.

“Teacher Xiao Lin is really serious.”

“I think Teacher Xiao Lin acted very well.”

“Am I blind? I don’t see anything wrong with Teacher Xiao Lin?”

“It can’t be Teacher Ma that has the problem, right? I can only say that Teacher Xiao Lin is really good.”

Ma Bozhong, “???!!!”

Ma Bozhong was about to be angered to death because of them. He was full of aura but they praised Lin Luoqing?

In addition, why did Director Zhang just shout cut instead of criticizing Lin Luoqing?

Ma Bozhong had agreed with his agent and was worried about whether there was really someone behind Lin Luoqing. Therefore, he didn’t dare to make things too obvious. He just wanted to crush Lin Luoqing with his acting skills and make Lin Luoqing feel ashamed of himself.

He originally thought the onlookers would say mocking words or even Director Zhang, who was responsible for pointing out the actor’s faults. Yet unexpectedly, no one said anything.

Ma Bozhong was so angry that his heart was unstable. He was too emotional the next time he filmed with Lin Luoqing and Director Zhang instantly called out ‘cut.’

“Teacher Ma, pay attention to your emotions. They are too intense. Don’t be too excited.”

The crowd was shocked. It was the first time they saw Ma Bozhong getting stuck and they were a bit excited. Their eyes as they looked at Lin Luoqing were filled with even more admiration.

“Teacher Xiao Lin is really amazing.”

“Teacher Xiao Lin’s mood is quite stable.”

“Ahhh, I think Teacher Xiao Lin is so handsome.”

Ma Bozhong thought, ‘…At this time, you know how to point out the problem. You are doing it on purpose!’

Ma Bozhong was so angry that he wanted to leave the set.

Lin Luoqing smiled. “Teacher Ma, start again.”

Ma Bozhong looked at him, eyes full of unwillingness and heart full of anger.

“Okay.” He nodded.

Lin Luoqing felt that his condition was getting better. At this time, Ma Bozhong’s mentality was unstable while Lin Luoqing’s acting had become more skillful and delicate.

Director Zhang watched him in surprise. He hadn’t expected Lin Luoqing to catch up in such a short time. It might be just one scene but he was undoubtedly promising if he could maintain this state in every take!

He was like a three-dimensional sponge. He was already very conspicuous at ordinary times. Who would’ve thought his body could store even more energy?

It was really rare.

At this time, Lin Luoqing had the upper hand in the scene.

His state was raised high and his mentality was stable. The problems he noticed every time he looked at the monitor and the problems Director Zhang privately pointed out to him were digested and solved by him.

Even the not-very-talented Li Hanhai and Yao Momo could see that the current Lin Luoqing was indeed more attractive than the Lin Luoqing from before.

He already had a superior appearance but he took away Ma Bozhong’s brilliance with his acting skills. People couldn’t help paying attention to him.

Lin Luoqing watched the scene on the monitor and was satisfied.

It had been a long time since he had such a smooth performance. From this perspective, Ma Bozhong was still very good.

“Okay,” Director Zhang told him and Ma Bozhong. “Go and rest.”

Ma Bozhong confidently didn’t look at the monitor and left angrily.

Wu Xinyuan watched his back and pursed his lips. He was about to leave to find a marketing account to do something but was stopped by Lin Luoqing. “Let him leave. It is best to keep him in this state all the time so I can practice my acting skills.”

He smiled, as bright and transparent as the sun. “If I win an award, I will call him and thank him for his generous teaching.”

Wu Xinyuan saw his relaxed and happy appearance and thought he was quite unusual.

If Ma Bozhong knew what Lin Luoqing was thinking then he would probably die of anger.

However, even if Ma Bozhong didn’t know this, he was still going to die of anger. The head of the crew’s publicity team uploaded the video of him and Lin Luoqing to the official Weibo at night and it instantly attracted people’s attention.

It wasn’t the first time Lin Luoqing had appeared in videos on the official Weibo. The crew had posted him before, but it was mostly with Li Hanhai, Zhang Quan or Yao Momo. This meant the netizens only sighed that he was handsome.

The moment this video was released, netizens were surprised to find that he seemed to… have excellent acting skills!

“F*k, it is so wonderful and exciting. The scene where Meng Hua and Sun Huo confront each other feels just like the book!”

“Ahhh, Lin Luoqing is so handsome and his acting skills are good. He is simply Meng Hua in my heart. This paragraph has been restored too well!”

“I will post the original text for everyone to have a taste. This performance is simply amazing. I knew that Teacher Ma Bozhong’s acting skills were good, but I didn’t expect Lin Luoqing to have such good acting skills!”

“Am I the only one who is surprised that Luoqing managed to match Teacher Ma Bozhong’s acting? I remember that Teacher Ma won Best Supporting Actor.”

“It seems a bit too much to say this, but Lin Luoqing did indeed match him and he did it very well.”

“I am a pure passerby. In this scene, I prefer Lin Luoqing. He was too bright for me to take my eyes off him.”

“Lin Luoqing must become popular. With his appearance and his acting skills, it isn’t scientific if he doesn’t become popular.”

“Wu wu wu, my brother is so handsome. I love him so much.”

Seeing that the quality of this drama was reliable, book fans immediately moved to the forum to publicize it. They shouted ‘Come look at our Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak. It isn’t just that the male lead and female lead are beautiful. The third male lead has an immortal appearance and immortal acting skills.’

Netizens felt disdain. “It is fine for you to talk about his immortal appearance but immortal acting skills?”

The poster: “Really. There is a video in the main section. You can take a look. I am recommending and showing off a clever child.”

Netizens clicked on the video in disbelief and were silent after watching it.

If they hadn’t known this was an idol drama, they would’ve suspected it was a realistic drama or movie. Not only was the scene composition exquisite, but the acting skills were superb. In particular, the handsome young man. His acting skills were good and he looked so handsome! Did this type of young actor with good looks and acting skills really exist?

They were pleasantly surprised.

“This is the third male lead? I’m a bit worried about the male lead.”

“God, the poster didn’t lie to me. Who is this? I want all his information in three minutes.”

“Is the actor opposite him Ma Bozhong? He is so powerful. I think Teacher Ma acted very well but for some reason, I can’t take my eyes off this third male lead.”

“Upstairs, I agree. Generally, I will be attracted to old veterans but in this video, I stared at the third male lead throughout the whole process. His acting skills are too natural and he is really handsome!”

“What drama is this? What drama? This child is going to starve. Tell me what drama this is. I will watch it now.”

“Upstairs, did you read the title? It is Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak. The drama isn’t aired yet and is still being filmed. But looking at the behind-the-scenes tidbits and the video, the quality of this drama should be good.”

“Lin Luoqing, Lin Luoqing! Let me recommend him loudly! The third male lead is Lin Luoqing. He has a good face, good acting skills and a good temper. There is no loss in buying shares. Come and join me in the pit!”

In one night, Lin Luoqing’s Weibo followers continued to rise.

Lin Luoqing saw this and smiled happily. The feeling of letting others make a wedding dress for him was quite good.

His side was happy but Ma Bozhong naturally couldn’t be happy.

He read the comments on the official Weibo with indignation. Were these people blind?

How were they speaking?

They dared to say that Lin Luoqing’s acting skills were better than his?

Were they crazy?!

He never thought that his attempt to secretly embarrass Lin Luoqing would end up making a wedding dress for him by attracting fans. Ma Bozhong almost had a heart attack.

“Where is Director Zhang?” He looked at his assistant. “Go and tell him I have something to say to him.”

The assistant quickly agreed and left his room.

Lin Luoqing watched the video again and determined that the crew posted the last scene where he acted with Ma Bozhong. In other words, it was the one where he was in the best state. This made him feel warm in his heart.

He had vaguely realized that Director Zhang liked him a lot. He just hadn’t expected it to be more than he thought. Otherwise, the director wouldn’t have released this video tonight to help him attract fans.

Seeing his soaring number of fans, he felt he was quite lucky. In his first drama, everyone he met was kind to him except for Ma Bozhong.

Even Ma Bozhong helped him gain fans and improve his acting skills. It wasn’t bad. He was very satisfied with this drama!

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