FV: Chapter 97

Ji Yuxiao, “???”

“Why did you say this so suddenly?”

“I just missed you, so I said it.”

Ji Yuxiao calmly put down the documents in his hand. “Then you are telling the truth.”

Lin Luoqing couldn’t help laughing. “You are so narcissistic.”

“Why? Only you are allowed to praise your male god? Your male god isn’t allowed to have a clear self-awareness?”

Lin Luoqing’s smile deepened.

Then he said to Ji Yuxiao, “I just went to see Ma Bozhong and smashed him with a dumbbell.”

Ji Yuxiao immediately sat up straight. “What happened? Did he make an attempt at you? Why didn’t you tell me in advance? Didn’t you say you would call me?”

“Time was urgent and I was afraid he would find out, so I didn’t call you. But can’t you see that I am okay?”

Ji Yuxiao saw that he was indeed fine and was relieved.

“Turn on the video and let me look at you. Don’t just say that you are okay. I want to check your complexion.”

Lin Luoqing laughed. “Just him? It is almost the same as me letting him injure me. Can he still injure me? He is dreaming.”

“You wait.” Lin Luoqing hung up the call and sent a video call invitation.

Ji Yuxiao saw the person in the video and had him turn to the left and to the right. He made sure that Lin Luoqing really wasn’t injured before nodding. “You saw him and it produced a strong contrast. You finally found out that your male god is the most beautiful meeting in your life?”

“Didn’t I always think that?” Lin Luoqing said with an innocent face.

“Really? Then you had better keep that in mind all the time.”

“Of course, don’t worry.” Lin Luoqing smiled.

Ji Yuxiao saw his smile and felt that the air was a bit quiet and sticky.

“What are you going to do next?”

“Nothing. This type of thing relies on my willingness. I made my attitude very clear. If he is knowledgeable, then he naturally won’t pester me any longer. If he isn’t knowledgeable, I don’t mind teaching him. However, Brother Wu has already gone to talk to him. He shouldn’t be so ignorant.”

“That isn’t necessarily the case.”

Lin Luoqing cocked his head. “Then he will be miserable. After all, I have his recording in my hands but he doesn’t know this.”

He blinked slyly when he finished speaking, full of aura.

Ji Yuxiao was surprised. “You also recorded it?”

“Yes, I can’t go there and leave with nothing. For a person like him, I naturally want to leave something in my hands. This way, I don’t have to be afraid if he dares to say or do something in the future.”

“In addition, there is the possibility that other people might come out to accuse him in the future but they don’t have any substantial evidence. My recording can help them.”

Lin Luoqing actually wasn’t worried about himself. He wasn’t afraid of Ma Bozhong, nor did he care about Ma Bozhong’s coercion and temptation. From the beginning, his attitude when encountering a problem was that he would solve it. This was why he didn’t continue to use exercising to avoid Ma Bozhong and chose to follow his own heart. He chose to use the exercise time to call Ji Yuxiao on WeChat according to his own wishes. He didn’t care if Ma Bozhong was interested in him or how Ma Bozhong planned to coerce and lure him.

He might not care but there were naturally others who would care.

Many people would be tempted by his nonsense and agree to be with him. Lin Luoqing couldn’t do anything about that. However, Lin Luoqing wasn’t willing to see someone feeling unwilling but was frightened by Ma Bozhong and forced to compromise.

At that time, the recording in his hands might be able to help others.

“I hope he can learn a lesson from me and become a person in the future.” Lin Luoqing sighed emotionally.

Ji Yuxiao listened to this and felt his rare gentleness.

Anyone who encountered this type of thing would be angry, but Lin Luoqing’s mentality was very peaceful. He even thought he could help others in the future by obtaining a piece of evidence.

He didn’t need anyone’s help when he encountered problems and troubles.

However, he was willing to extend a helping hand if someone else encountered problems and troubles.

Ji Yuxiao discovered with surprise that Lin Luoqing seemed to have been walking forward alone all along.

When they were first preparing to get married, Lin Luoqing was obviously unhappy with his company but didn’t ask Ji Yuxiao to help him change companies. Ji Yuxiao was the one who proposed to let him sign with Xingyi. This was why Lin Luoqing came to Xingyi.

It was the same when Lin Fei transferred schools. He handled everything alone and only let Ji Yuxiao help find a suitable school for Lin Fei. He didn’t want to use Ji Yuxiao’s strength to teach others.

It was also the case now.

Every time, he faced and dealt with it himself. He didn’t hide it or avoid telling Ji Yuxiao. In fact, he was very frank and didn’t hide anything from Ji Yuxiao. However, he only told Ji Yuxiao about it.

He allowed Ji Yuxiao to be involved in everything he did and didn’t mind when Ji Yuxiao intervened and did something. But beyond that, he was accustomed to walking forward alone without relying on anyone. He dealt with everything according to his own principles and within his own abilities.

It wasn’t that he was unaware of Ji Yuxiao’s abilities and strength. He was simply an independent individual to Lin Luoqing.

It was just like the peony buds about to bloom in summer. They were brightly colored and richly fragrant, but they could bloom alone without the care of others.

He seemed to have simply married Ji Yuxiao, not Ji Yuxiao of the Ji family or Ji Yuxiao, the future leader of the Ji Group.

Ji Yuxiao suddenly smiled.

Lin Luoqing was puzzled. “What are you smiling at?”

“I’m smiling at you for being so cute.”

Lin Luoqing, “???”

“Then I thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Ji Yuxiao looked at him.

He remembered a poem he had learned in school:

If I love you

Chinese trumpet vines that never learned to climb

Use your tall branches to show yourself off.

He actually didn’t mind Lin Luoqing using his tall branches to show off. But if he had his own radiance, why did he have to let Ji Yuxiao’s light shroud him?

Lin Luoqing had always been an assertive person and didn’t want others to know they were married. This way, in the eyes of the audience, he would appear as the actor Lin Luoqing, not Ji Yuxiao’s partner Lin Luoqing. He also hoped to become known to others for the first time through his works, not because someone wanted to try the unspoken rules on him.

He had his own ideas and persistence. He did everything seriously and would naturally shine. He naturally didn’t need to rely on Ji Yuxiao’s power and influence.

Then as a partner, Ji Yuxiao needed to help him do a good job of cleaning up and let him continue to move forward.

“Rest early,” Ji Yuxiao told him. “I’ll wait for you to come back.”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing smiled and hung up the video call.

He went back to the bedroom to change into his pajamas. He was just about to take a shower when he heard a knock on the door.

Lin Luoqing walked out and found it was Wu Xinyuan.

Wu Xinyuan told him, “I have already talked to Ma Bozhong and he won’t harass you in the future, nor will he make unfavorable remarks about you in subsequent interviews.”

“Okay.” Lin Luoqing nodded.

“Then you rest. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”


Lin Luoqing closed the door, took a shower and slept.

The moment Wu Xinyuan left Lin Luoqing’s door, his phone rang. He lowered his head and took out his phone to find it was Ji Yuxiao calling.

Wu Xinyuan picked up and heard Ji Yuxiao order, “Go and warn Ma Bozhong. Tell him that it is best not to think about doing anything to anyone in the future or it won’t be what he wants to see.”

Wu Xinyuan was surprised. “Luoqing told you?”

“Yes, he has a kind heart. He thinks that if this happens again in the future and the other person isn’t voluntary, he can help the other person. Therefore, it is better to completely cut off Ma Bozhong’s thoughts so Luoqing won’t have to release the recording in the future.”

He didn’t want his person to be related to Ma Bozhong. Once the time came, the netizens would eat melons and discuss it. However, there would always be people who rebelliously felt that the world was cloudy and they would definitely splash dirty water on Lin Luoqing.

For example, “There are so many people in the entertainment industry. Why did he have to try the unspoken rules on you? Did you give him any hints?”

Therefore, the best handle was one that was always in hand but didn’t really need to be used.

“I understand,” Wu Xinyuan replied.

“Tell me directly if he doesn’t listen.”


Wu Xinyuan hung up the phone and went to find Ma Bozhong again.

Lin Luoqing slept peacefully. He came to the set the next day and paid special attention to Ma Bozhong. However, Ma Bozhong stayed in his tent and didn’t appear.

‘It is best for him to never appear,’ Lin Luoqing thought. He didn’t care about this person any longer and picked up the script. He started to read what he was going to film today.

Ma Bozhong had a headache at this time.

He was warned by Wu Xingyi last night. He didn’t care in his heart but there was one sentence that he had to care about. It was that Lin Luoqing was Xingyi’s artist and Xingyi was under the Ji Group.

The agent tried to persuade him. “Brother Ma, forget it. We can’t afford to offend the Ji family for Lin Luoqing, no matter how good-looking he is.”

Ma Bozhong snorted coldly. “He is just a small artist. If the Ji Group cares then they care too much.”

“That is true. However, Wu Xinyuan has already warned you about this. If you try it again and something happens to Lin Luoqing, he will definitely take advantage of it and say that you are disregarding the Ji Group. Then it will be our loss.”

Ma Bozhong was also worried about this. It wasn’t only this. It was the seriousness about Wu Xinyuan when he came to him for the second time last night.

Wu Xinyuan made it clear that if there was another time, no matter who the other person was, Ma Bozhong definitely wouldn’t end well.

“Teacher Ma, you might not believe me but the words have already been delivered to you. Don’t blame me for not reminding you when something happens.”

He said it calmly, but it was this calm that made Ma Bozhong even more uneasy.

Was there someone else behind Lin Luoqing?

It was impossible. He had already checked. Lin Luoqing’s parents didn’t love him, his sister died early and his younger brother had a bad relationship with him. The remaining relationship was his nephew. These people wouldn’t care about him or manage him. How could Wu Xinyuan say such things in that flat and natural manner?

There was only one possibility. It was that someone was really behind Lin Luoqing and that person had a very good identity. Thus, the existence of the other person couldn’t be found when Ma Bozhong looked.

It was always easy for people in high positions to check people in low positions, but it wasn’t so easy for people in low positions to know the secrets of those in high positions.

Ma Bozhong hadn’t expected that he would look for a bird, only to end up being pecked in the eyes by the bird called Lin Luoqing. He thought about being unable to take revenge after the other person humiliated him, showed disgust toward him and injured his foot last night. This made him depressed and angry.

Seeing his angry face, the agent had to continue persuading him. “Teacher Ma, it isn’t easy for you to reach your current position. Don’t ruin it for Lin Luoqing. Take a step back and ignore him.”

Ma Bozhong glared at him in a dissatisfied manner. “Did I make you my agent for you to say this? What is the use of that? Go and check again to see if there is anyone else behind Lin Luoqing.”

“I already had people go and check,” the agent replied. “However, if I can’t find it again this time, it can only be said that there is really no one behind him or the person behind him is much more powerful than us. Therefore, don’t provoke him any longer. He obviously isn’t easy and his company is protecting him. Forget it.”

Ma Bozhong didn’t speak and held his anger in his heart.

He was angry and became easily affected by the cold air. This actually made him sick again.

Lin Luoqing heard that he went directly to get an IV and couldn’t help laughing.

“I told him that he should exercise. He deserves it!”

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