FV: Chapter 96

Lin Luoqing, “……”

“I will act well and not let you down,” Lin Luoqing said politely. “Or what do you think I should do, Teacher Ma? I have never encountered this type of thing before. Perhaps I didn’t think thoughtfully enough. If you need me in the future, I will definitely do my best.”

He was serious. He would’ve said such words if he hadn’t known Ma Bozhong’s thoughts before.

Ma Bozhong saw his sincere eyes and was silent for a moment. Then he asked, “Xiao Lin, do you have a boyfriend?”

Lin Luoqing shook his head.

Ji Yuxiao didn’t count. They were legal partners, not boyfriends.

“In fact, I like you a lot. Do you understand?”

Lin Luoqing was shocked.

He looked at Ma Bozhong and pretended it was the first time he found out Ma Bozhong’s thoughts.

“I… I don’t understand.” Lin Luoqing pretended to be confused. “Teacher Ma, I’ll leave first if there is nothing else.”

“There is no need to be in such a hurry.” Ma Bozhong stopped him. “Xiao Lin, what type of person do you think I am?”

‘I think you are a pervert!’ Lin Luoqing thought in his heart, but he didn’t say it.

Ma Bozhong said to him, “I think I’m not bad. I’m actually quite gentle with the people I like.”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘Hehe, do you believe this yourself?’

“I know you have concerns. You said that the person in the wheelchair that day was your brother, but as far as I know, you don’t have a brother. If it is a cousin then a person who can travel so far to see you wouldn’t have ignored you last year when you didn’t have any jobs, right? So my guess is that the brother has another meaning, correct?”

Lin Luoqing hadn’t expected him to actually see Ji Yuxiao. Then thinking about it, Ji Yuxiao had been in the crew for two days. It was normal for him to see him. Thus, Lin Luoqing said calmly, “Mr Ma, you have to talk with evidence. Otherwise, you are slandering me.”

“Of course, I hope that I am indeed slandering you and you have nothing to do with him. After all, you are so young and have such good looks. Isn’t it a pity to waste it on him?”

‘What is the pity about this?’ Lin Luoqing was speechless. ‘I am willing, do I need you to manage it?’

Lin Luoqing didn’t speak and stared at him.

Ma Bozhong smiled as if thinking about him. “I think it is a pity. What can he give you? Even if there is something he can give you, can’t I also give it to you?

“Xiao Lin, you are a person who was once abandoned by your company and you haven’t experienced a good life in the past year, right? Even if you have a new company, aren’t you worried that your new company will give up on you and support someone else?”

“I remember that Su Tong is also in your company. He is popular, around the same age as you and looks good. If you were the boss of the company, who would you choose? You would definitely give resources to Su Tong as well, right? Then how can you get ahead?”

Ma Bozhong followed up with the temptation. “You have to become famous as soon as possible. If you don’t start climbing up now, do you expect to become famous when you are older?”

Lin Luoqing felt that he was very good at talking. It was no wonder Zhao Yu agreed to him in the past. It was because he heard Ma Bozhong’s seemingly reasonable analysis.

He shook his head. “Teacher Ma is thinking too much. It is late. I should go back.”

“Xiao Lin, you aren’t being smart like this.” Ma Bozhong changed his tone and it was a bit serious. “It doesn’t matter if you really like him or if you are following him for resources. You should think about yourself. The place where you are now is the entertainment industry where resources are needed. What is the use of love? If you really love him, what can he give you as a cripple? If you are doing it for resources, aren’t I more suitable than that cripple?”

“He can’t even take care of himself and needs you to take care of him. Meanwhile, I can take care of you. Can’t you measure the pros and cons of this?”

Lin Luoqing heard him saying ‘cripple’ repeatedly and his expression changed instantly. “Teacher Ma, I hope you can pay attention to your tone and choice of words when you speak.”

Ma Bozhong laughed. “Xiao Lin, my words might not be good but reality is like this. Others won’t stop calling him a cripple just because you don’t like it, let alone stop speculating when they see you together. You are a young and beautiful boy following him and behaving intimately with him. Do you really think everyone will believe you really love him? How is that possible? Everyone will think you are enduring the humiliation for something else. It is like a young girl in her 20s marrying a man in his 80s. They say it is true love but do you believe it? You would also think she is going for his inheritance.”

“Xiao Lin, if you really want to benefit him, you should leave him, rather than saddling yourself with a crime with motives and letting others see your jokes.”

Lin Luoqing hadn’t expected Ma Bozhong to have so many words. First, he told Lin Luoqing that he couldn’t compare with Su Tong in terms of objective conditions. Xingyi wouldn’t focus on him over Su Tong. So he needed other help. This was reasonable. Later, he said that Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao being together wasn’t good for the two of them, especially for himself. So he should leave Ji Yuxiao. This was if it was love.

At first glance, it seemed very reasonable. It seemed that no matter whether it was the rational or emotional perspective, he shouldn’t continue staying with Ji Yuxiao but should choose Ma Bozhong. An inexperienced young man at the bottom who was eager for fame would definitely be fooled.

Ma Bozhong’s target was precisely those people.

No wonder Zhao Yu agreed to him back then.

“Are you finished?” Lin Luoqing asked indifferently. “If you are, I will leave.”

Ma Bozhong hadn’t expected him to still be unmoved at this time and couldn’t help changing his expression. “Xiao Lin, are you trying to make me angry?”

“Aren’t you trying to make me angry right now?” Lin Luoqing asked incredulously. “I said I’m not interested in you. Why do you have to rush to stick to me? I might look good and have an excellent personality, causing you to fall in love with me at first sight, but there are so many people in the world who like me. Do I have to agree to every person? If this was the case, I would now have a harem and you would just become one of the many in my palace. At your age, you would have no hope of being an imperial concubine and can only be an elderly woman. If you work hard, I might come to see you when in a good mood. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. Don’t be delusional.”

Ma Bozhong, “!!!”

Ma Bozhong never imagined that someone would dare say such things to him and laughed angrily, “Lin Luoqing, you are really bold.”

“I’m not as bold as you,” Lin Luoqing said, “You dare to say such things to make me be with you. It really shocked my entire family.”

“Okay, okay.” Ma Bozhong nodded. After the sugar coating, he threw the cannonball. “I appreciate you but you don’t appreciate me. If something happens in the future, don’t ask me for help.”

Lin Luoqing heard these words and smiled. “Why? Does Teacher Ma plan to let me have an accident?”

“I didn’t say that. I just said that if something happens in the future, don’t ask me for help.”

“Of course not.” Lin Luoqing smiled. “But Teacher Ma can encounter ghosts when walking at night. If you continue like this, I think you will be the first one to have an accident.”

“You don’t have to worry about that,” Ma Bozhong said coldly.

“I hope so.” Lin Luoqing shrugged.

He turned around and prepared to leave. Ma Bozhong watched him and said in an unwilling manner, “I’ll give you one night to think about it. Xiao Lin, you are a smart person. I hope you will think carefully and not let yourself regret it, understood?

Lin Luoqing heard the word ‘carefully’ from his mouth and turned to look at Ma Bozhong.

He said, “Teacher Ma, I’ll show you my treasure.”

Then he unzipped his backpack and took out the dumbbells from his bag.

Ma Bozhong, “!!!”

Lin Luoqing held the dumbbells, raised them up and down and asked, “Does it look good? Do you know why you got sick as soon as you entered the crew? It is because you don’t like exercising too much. If you lifted weights like me every day, you wouldn’t stay in bed sick for so many days.”

Ma Bozhong, “……”

Ma Bozhong gritted his teeth in anger. “Get lost!”

Lin Luoqing sneered and approached him. “If you harass me again, this dumbbell won’t be in my hand but on your head. Do you know that flowers blooming on the bar? It must be very beautiful?”

Ma Bozhong couldn’t endure his provocation and stood up to teach him a lesson. Lin Luoqing calmly let go and the dumbbell fell naturally, smashing straight onto Ma Bozhong’s foot. The smashed Ma Bozhong let out a pained cry, took two steps back and fell on the sofa.

“Oh.” Lin Luoqing pretended to be surprised. “Does it hurt? It must be very painful. You see, dumbbells are a good thing. They can usually help you strengthen your body and at critical moments, they can help you deal with those with bad intentions. Teacher Ma, I sincerely recommend that you buy a few and start exercising from tomorrow. It is simply beneficial to the body and the mind!”

Mo Bozhong was so angry that he picked up the ashtray in front of him and threw it at Lin Luoqing. Lin Luoqing tilted his head and avoided it. The ashtray fell to the ground with a bang and glass splashed everywhere.

Lin Luoqing clicked his tongue. “Tsk tsk tsk. Look, Teacher Ma. If you don’t exercise then your body isn’t good. You don’t even have the accuracy to smash people’s heads. It can be seen that you are still weak and need to exercise.”

Ma Bozhong, “!!!”

Ma Bozhong reached out to pick up the dumbbell at his feet, wanting to smash it toward Lin Luoqing.

This way, he could exercise one smash at a time, one smash at a time.

However, the moment he touched the dumbbell, Wu Xinyuan knocked anxiously on the door. “Luoqing, have you finished talking with Teacher Ma? I am looking for you for something.”

Ma Bozhong was stunned for a moment. He hadn’t expected Wu Xinyuan to come here.

Lin Luoqing took the opportunity to directly grab the other end of the dumbbell and pulled. He almost pulled Ma Bozhong on the other end of the dumbbell with it.

He easily snatched the dumbbell and continued with the sarcasm. “Teacher Ma, why can’t you even hold a dumbbell? You really need to exercise. Oh, I forgot, you don’t like to exercise. Then why are you touching my dumbbell? Is it possible that you wanted to smash me with it? You are really ruthless. You couldn’t do it once and wanted to try a second time. Fortunately, my agent came or I probably would’ve died at your hands today! If you don’t succeed in the unspoken rules, you will actually try to smash the person. You are so terrible!”

Once he finished speaking, he picked up his bag and quickly walked toward the door.

Ma Bozhong’s head hurt from anger at this person’s sarcastic words and actions. However, he had no objects in his hand and couldn’t throw anything at the other person. He could only say, “You will regret it.”

Lin Luoqing smiled at him. “Wait and see~”

Then he opened the door and walked out.

Wu Xinyuan saw him coming out and felt reassured.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Lin Luoqing replied. What could Ma Bozhong do? Lin Luoqing had been prepared in advance.

“Then go back to rest. I’ll talk to him.” Wu Xinyuan was worried that Ma Bozhong would try other tricks after Lin Luoqing rejected Ma Bozhong like this.

Lin Luoqing nodded. He leaned close to the other person’s ear and whispered, “I recorded it, don’t worry.”

Not only did he record the conversation, but he explained his every action and made a conclusion through his strange words. Ma Bozhong also didn’t deny it, hehe.

“You are pretty clever.” Wu Xinyuan was surprised.

“Of course,” Lin Luoqing declared proudly.

He wasn’t a fool. He had been in the entertainment industry for so many years before entering this book and he ate so many melons. This was especially the case when Yan Qingchi fought Mo Jianying and relied on a recording to reverse things and successfully exposed Mo Jianying’s ugly face. He learned from this.

However, his situation was different from Yan Qingchi’s situation. Yan Qingchi was already quite popular and he had his own masterpieces. In addition, Mo Jianying bit back at him later, so he chose to expose the recording directly.

Right now, Lin Luoqing didn’t have any good works, let alone popularity and attention. Lin Luoqing was unwilling to appear in front of the public for the first time due to such news rather than his acting skills. Therefore, he didn’t plan to expose the recording for now.

—As long as Ma Bozhong didn’t cause any problems afterward.

“I’ll go back first,” he told Wu Xinyuan.

Wu Xinyuan nodded and asked Shi Zheng to send him off.

Shi Zheng didn’t refuse and walked back with Lin Luoqing.

Wu Xinyuan knocked on Ma Bozhong’s door. “Teacher Ma, I am Wu Xinyuan, Luoqing’s agent. I have something to say to you.”

Ma Bozhong called out angrily, “Get lost.”

“Teacher Ma, I think you had better open the door. If you don’t open the door, I’ll go to your agent and then he will go to you.”

“Then you go to him,” Ma Bozhong said disdainfully.

“Okay.” Wu Xinyuan didn’t persuade him and lowered his hand knocking on the door.

He went directly to Ma Bozhong’s agent.

“Are you okay?” Shi Zheng looked at Lin Luoqing and asked with concern. “You didn’t agree to him, did you? He didn’t threaten you, did he?”

“He threatened me but I didn’t agree.”

Shi Zheng frowned and became worried again.

“Don’t worry, he didn’t do anything,” Lin Luoqing calmly told him.

“Then be careful. If you need help with anything, feel free to contact me.”

“Okay.” Lin Luoqing laughed. “Thank you, Brother Zheng.”

“You’re welcome.”

Perhaps it was because he was worried too much. Lin Luoqing kept calling him Brother Zheng and Shi Zheng really regarded him as a younger brother. Shi Zheng was afraid he would enter into Ma Bozhong’s poisonous hands.

“Have a good rest. I’ll go first.” Shi Zheng sent Lin Luoqing to the door of his room and felt relieved. He was ready to go back to his own room.

Lin Luoqing waved at him. “You too.”

He wiped his room card and entered. He unloaded his bag and sat on the sofa.

The room was very quiet. Lin Luoqing slowly took out the dumbbells from the bag, put them on the ground and leaned against the sofa.

The night wind was blowing and the balcony windows weren’t closed.

Lin Luoqing stood up and went to the balcony to close the window.

The moment he looked up, he saw the hazy moon in the sky, high and proud, cool and beautiful—just like Ji Yuxiao.

In fact, he was about to call Ji Yuxiao before he entered Ma Bozhong’s room since he had made an agreement with Ji Yuxiao before. He was just about to call when he became afraid that Ma Bozhong would jump over the wall to insult him, making Ji Yuxiao angry. Therefore, he gave up.

Now Lin Luoqing felt lucky that he didn’t make that phone call. He didn’t like others saying bad things about Ji Yuxiao, especially when they attacked his legs.

He had lost a lot and the leg injury wasn’t what he wanted. He shouldn’t be ridiculed by messy people.

Lin Luoqing lay on the balcony and watched the moon in the sky. Then he slowly took out his phone and called Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Yuxiao was reading documents in bed. He felt a bit tired and was about to take a break when he heard the phone ringing.

This ringtone was special and was different from other ringtones for incoming calls. It was Lin Luoqing’s exclusive ringtone.

He grabbed his phone and picked it up, asking, “Have you finished with your work?”

“Yes,” Lin Luoqing replied softly. He lowered his head and stared at the deep night, speaking in a tone that was like the evening wind in spring. “Brother, do you know? You are the most perfect person I have ever met.”

TL: Yan Qingchi is the protagonist from another one of the author’s novels.

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