FV: Chapter 95

Ji Leyu was watched by Lin Fei and read books all morning. His body was almost out of shape.

“It is noon and it is time to eat.” He closed the book and looked at Lin Fei pitifully. “Let’s take a break. I’m so tired.”

Lin Fei saw him frowning in an aggrieved manner and touched his head, which was regarded as a reward for him.

Seeing his reaction, Ji Leyu knew he agreed and completely relaxed.

“I worked so hard.” He looked at Lin Fei and pouted, acting like a baby.

Lin Fei took out a tablet from his bag and handed it to him. “Go and play.”

Ji Leyu didn’t want to play with the tablet. He wanted to eat. “Why hasn’t Dad come back yet?”

“It should be that Uncle hasn’t finished working,” Lin Fei guessed.

Ji Leyu sighed. “Work is really troublesome. It is more troublesome than school.”

Lin Fei thought, ‘…Then you have to work when you grow up.’

However, now he could see that Ji Leyu was really quite smart.

Some of the first-grade classwork he hadn’t learned before didn’t need to be taught. He already knew it. If he didn’t know it, Lin Fei would explain it once and Ji Leyu would know it.

So after one morning, Ji Leyu’s progress had advanced a lot.

Lin Fei was a bit happy. After all, he had been really worried that his younger brother, who didn’t like to study, would not understand anything after going to first grade. In that case, Ji Yuxiao would definitely be depressed.

All adults wanted their children to get good grades and Ji Yuxiao definitely wouldn’t be the exception.

Now he didn’t have to worry any longer.

He was thinking this when he heard the door opening. The next second, Ji Leyu had jumped off the chair and ran toward the door.

The door was pushed open. He saw the two familiar figures and called out happily, “Dad.”

Lin Luoqing pushed Ji Yuxiao through the door and asked him, “Are you hungry? We can eat together at noon today.”

Ji Leyu’s eyes curved as he nodded, “Yes.”

Luo Jia saw that they had returned and immediately stood up. “Okay, I’ll return the children to you. I’m going out to smoke a cigarette. I have been suffocated all morning.”

“Do you want to eat together?” Lin Luoqing asked him.

“No.” Luo Jia refused. “Your family of four can eat. I will take a nap as well.”

“It has been hard on you.”

Luo Jia smiled. “You are better at talking than Ji Yuxiao.”

Ji Yuxiao felt disdainful. “Go now. You talk too much.”

“If you can’t speak then you don’t need to speak. You don’t need to speak forcibly,” Luo Jia persuaded him.

Ji Yuxiao leaned on the wheelchair. “Then I must be better than you at speaking.”

Luo Jia, ‘…I really don’t know how you can be so confident.’

Luo Jia left and closed the door behind him.

Lin Luoqing sat on the sofa and started to look at the menu to order.

He finished ordering and noticed there were books on the table not far away. He looked at Lin Fei and Ji Leyu with a smile. “The two of you were reading this morning.”

Ji Leyu immediately stood up proudly while sticking out his chest. “I have been reading it for a long time and I’m so tired.”

Ji Yuxiao was very skeptical. “You? Reading? For very long?”

“Yes. If you don’t believe me, ask Brother.” He turned to look at Lin Fei.

Lin Fei nodded. “He did read them for a long time.”

“Then it must be because you urged him and made him feel self-conscious.”

Ji Leyu, “……”

Ji Leyu snorted fiercely to show his dissatisfaction.

Ji Yuxiao chuckled and pinched his face. “But it isn’t bad. I’ll praise you. Do you want anything recently? I will buy it for you.”

Ji Leyu was so smart and immediately hugged Lin Luoqing. “I want Dad.”

Lin Luoqing instantly laughed.

Ji Yuxiao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “I can’t buy this.”

“Dad, when are you coming home?” Ji Leyu raised his head and looked at Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing touched his head and told him, “Next month. I should be able to go back next month.”

“I have to wait for next month.” Ji Leyu sighed.

Lin Luoqing also sighed. Yes, it will take another month.

The family had a warm and comfortable meal. After eating, Lin Luoqing was ready to return to the set.

Before leaving, he hugged Lin Fei and Ji Leyu one by one.

“How are you adjusting to your new school? Is there anything you don’t like?” He asked.

Ji Leyu shook his head. “No.”

Lin Luoqing looked at Lin Fei, who still had the same indifferent expression. “They are all the same.”

“Okay. The two of you are usually together at school and should take care of each other. Xiao Yu, you need to listen to your brother more, understand?”

“I know.” Ji Leyu agreed.

“Fei Fei, if you don’t like anything then tell your uncle or me.”

“Yes,” Lin Fei replied.

Lin Luoqing kissed them and walked toward the door.

Ji Leyu saw that he was going to leave alone and looked at Ji Yuxiao doubtfully. “Aren’t you going with Dad?”

“I have to take care of you.”

“Uncle Luo is here.” Ji Leyu pushed his wheelchair. “Go accompany Dad. My brother and I have Uncle Luo watching us.”

Ji Yuxiao was amused by his appearance. “When did you like Uncle Luo so much? You don’t like me anymore and prefer Uncle Luo?”

Ji Leyu had an expression that said, ‘Why are you so stupid?’ It was hard to come here and be with Lin Luoqing. His father should naturally spend more time with Lin Luoqing instead of them. His father could see them every day when they went home, but he couldn’t see Lin Luoqing.

Alas, why was his father so stupid at this moment? It shouldn’t be!

Ji Yuxiao saw his look of wanting to talk back and laughed. “Okay, you have to stay here well. I’ll accompany your father.”

Ji Leyu nodded quickly.

Ji Yuxiao swiped his nose and called Lin Fei over, swiping his nose as well. “I’m going.”

“Goodbye,” Lin Fei said softly.

“See you later,” Ji Yuxiao replied.

He pushed the wheelchair and approached Lin Luoqing, who was standing at the door. “Let’s go. I’ll accompany you this afternoon.”

Lin Luoqing laughed. “Then I have to thank Xiao Yu and Fei Fei.”

“You’re welcome,” Ji Leyu said sweetly.

Yes, this was right. His father wanted to be with his mother and his dad should also be together with his dad.

The moment Luo Jia woke up, he saw Ji Yuxiao’s instructions to take care of the children and said helplessly: [You are really treating me as a nanny.]

Ji Yuxiao: [Look after them first for practice. Once you have a child in the future, won’t you be able to do it directly?]

Luo Jia thought, ‘…I don’t even have a date yet. A child? You are dreaming!’

Despite his thoughts, he grabbed his phone and left the room to continue to work as a nanny.

So from the start Ji Yuxiao didn’t look for him to be a bodyguard but a nanny. Luo Jia thought in his heart, ‘They both begin with the word Bao. The things I have to do are too different!’ (Bodyguard=Baobiao, nanny=baomu)

Thanks to Luo Jia’s blessing, Ji Yuxiao came here for two days and stayed with Lin Luoqing the whole time. He might’ve spent most of his time on set sleeping but it was a steady sleep. Lin Luoqing saw that he was full of spirit and his heart became steady.

This lasted until Sunday afternoon. After dinner, Ji Yuxiao was ready to take the two children home.

Lin Luoqing felt a bit reluctant. He hugged the two children and kissed them.

Ji Yuxiao thought, ‘…Why am I always left out? Obviously, there are three people here. Both of them get kisses and hugs. I am the only one who doesn’t get them. This is too unfair!’

In the end, it was in front of the two children and Ji Yuxiao was too embarrassed to complain directly. He just secretly noted it down in his heart.

Lin Luoqing got off the elevator with them and entered the underground parking lot. Luo Jia teased Lin Fei and Ji Leyu by asking, “You really don’t want to take my car?”

Lin Fei shook his head.

Ji Leyu smiled. “I’ll sit there tomorrow.”

Lin Luoqing took advantage of when they weren’t paying attention to carry Ji Yuxiao into the car. As he was leaving, he kissed Ji Yuxiao on the cheek.

Feeling his sudden kiss, Ji Yuxiao said with a smile, “At this time, you remember me again.”

Lin Luoqing kissed him again. “I haven’t forgotten you.”

The satisfied Ji Yuxiao pulled him down by the neck and kissed his lips.

Ji Leyu turned around and saw Lin Luoqing leaning inside the car. He seemed to be saying something to Ji Yuxiao. He wanted to step forward curiously but Luo Jia held him back.

Ji Leyu looked puzzled while Luo Jia was a bit helpless. These two people, couldn’t they wait for the children to be gone before being intimate?

It was really crooked.

Finally, Ji Yuxiao had kissed enough and let go of Lin Luoqing. Lin Luoqing raised his head and removed it from the car.

“The two of you should get in the car,” he told Lin Fei and Ji Leyu.

Ji Leyu responded with an ‘oh’ and pulled Lin Fei over to sit in the back.

Lin Luoqing sat in with them.

Xiao Li drove for around ten minutes and sent him to the set.

Ji Leyu reached out and waved at Lin Luoqing. “Goodbye, Dad.”

“Goodbye.” Lin Luoqing waved to him. “Go back and rest early.”

“Yes.” Ji Leyu and Lin Fei agreed.

Lin Luoqing watched them leave and slowly walked toward the set.

Wu Xinyuan saw that he had returned and asked him, “President Ji has left?”

“Yes,” Lin Luoqing said.

He sat on the chair and felt a bit empty. The picture of Ji Yuxiao and the two children appeared in his heart and he couldn’t help smiling.

[Remember to tell me when you get home.] He sent Ji Yuxiao a WeChat message.

Ji Yuxiao replied quickly: [Yes.]

It wasn’t until 11 o’clock in the evening that Lin Luoqing received Ji Yuxiao’s WeChat message, saying they had arrived home.

Lin Fei and Ji Leyu were already sleepy. Ji Leyu had fallen asleep earlier, leaning on Lin Fei’s body.

Xiao Li hugged him and placed him in the bedroom. Ji Yuxiao patted Lin Fei’s head, said goodnight to him and returned to his room to send a message to Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing felt sorry for him. [Then go to bed early and rest well.]

Ji Yuxiao actually wasn’t sleepy. He had slept a lot in the past few days and his sleep quality had been good. This meant he was full of energy. However, he remembered that Lin Luoqing had a scene in the morning and replied: [Yes, you too. Rest well.]

[Good night.] Lin Luoqing told him.

[Good night.]

Lin Luoqing put down his phone and had a good night’s dream.

Once Ji Yuxiao left, Lin Luoqing returned to his previous routine. He filmed on time every time, rehearsed and made WeChat calls with Ji Yuxiao during breaks.

On this day, he had just finished exchanging WeChat messages with Ji Yuxiao when he heard a knock on the door.

Lin Luoqing walked out and found it was Ma Bozhong’s assistant.

“Teacher Xiao Lin, are you busy? Teacher Ma wants to rehearse the scene that will be filmed tomorrow morning,” the assistant told him.

Lin Luoqing had a feeling and nodded.

“Okay,” he said. “Wait a minute.”

He went back to his room, picked up the bag he had prepared and closed the door.

The assistant wondered, “Why are you bringing your bag?”

Lin Luoqing smiled. “A few days ago, someone gave me some tea. I couldn’t finish drinking it alone and divided it up for the rest of the crew. There is still some left and I put it in a bag to bring to Teacher Ma.”

The assistant was dissatisfied that he didn’t first think of Teacher Ma when he had something and only remembered when there were leftovers. He remembered that they were currently in a slightly dissatisfied state with each other. However, he was just an assistant in the end. He didn’t talk much and said, “Okay.”

Lin Luoqing smiled and quickly sent Wu Xinyuan a WeChat message telling him that Ma Bozhong asked his assistant to come to him and bring him to Ma Bozhong’s room.

Wu Xinyuan was so frightened that he instantly sat up. He went out, ready to guard the other person.

Halfway there, he sent another WeChat message to Shi Zheng, signaling for him to come over.

Lin Luoqing followed the assistant to Ma Bozhong’s room. He saw Ma Bozhong sitting on the sofa and there was no joy when he saw Lin Luoqing coming.

“Hello, Teacher Ma,” Lin Luoqing said politely.

Ma Bozhong nodded. “Have you read the script?”

“I’ve read it.”

“Then let’s start,” Ma Bozhong ordered.

Lin Luoqing put down his bag, switched to work mode and started acting with this person.

By the time the scene was over, the assistant had already left and there were only the two of them in the room.

Ma Bozhong put down the script and praised him. “Not bad. You acted very well.”

“Thank you.”

“I said it before but you shouldn’t stay in idol dramas with your acting skills. You should go to the movie industry to develop. The really good directors are in the movie industry. You should know this, right?”

Lin Luoqing said generously, “I will go there if I have the opportunity in the future.”

“Have you seen any suitable movie script?”

“Not yet.”

“That’s right. You don’t have any previous works and not much fame. Even if this drama is aired, you aren’t the male lead and it won’t add much popularity to you, especially since this is an idol drama. Those movie directors won’t watch idol dramas and naturally won’t hand you a script.”

Lin Luoqing nodded. “I know.”

He said, “I still have a long way to go.”

“It doesn’t have to be long,” Ma Bozhong said with a smile. “Your future path will be very easy if someone is willing to help you.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing thought this person was really prepared.

He didn’t speak. Ma Bozhong thought he didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence so he simply pointed it out. “I have a lot of movie resources in my hands. If you want, I can help you.”

“Really?” Lin Luoqing was pleasantly surprised. “Then thank you, Teacher Ma.”

“How are you going to thank me?” Ma Bozhong asked him with a smile.

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