FV: Chapter 90 Part 2

Once he returned to the rest area, Wu Xinyuan couldn’t suppress his questions any longer. “What does he mean by this? How can he even manage other people’s physical exercise? He doesn’t like it so he doesn’t allow others to exercise?”

Lin Luoqing shrugged. “Who knows?”

“So the reason he was angry today wasn’t only because you didn’t eat with him, but because you didn’t eat with him due to exercise?”


Wu Xinyuan was dumbfounded. “No wonder why he told me before that you shouldn’t exercise because it wasn’t suitable for you. It turned out to be like this.”

“He told you this?” Lin Luoqing was surprised.

Wu Xinyuan nodded. “I thought he was afraid you would exercise until you become a King Kong Barbie and develop a bad image, so he said this to look after you. Now it seems I am thinking too much.”

Lin Luoqing smiled and shook his head. He originally thought Ma Bozhong was just egotistical. Now it seemed he was both egotistical and had a strong desire for control.

It wasn’t known where his confidence came from. It was kind of funny that he thought that he could manage others.

Lin Luoqing shook his head with a smile. He packed up his thoughts and got into the car with Wu Xinyuan and Xiao Wang.

He sent this matter to Ji Yuxiao on WeChat and asked him: [Don’t you think it is funny?]

Ji Yuxiao didn’t feel it was funny. He thought it was too much of a coincidence.

Shi Zheng just happened to suggest that Lin Luoqing start exercising and it so happened that Ma Bozhong didn’t like Lin Luoqing exercising. It also just so happened that Ma Bozhong seemed to appreciate Lin Luoqing very much before.

He remembered Lin Luoqing proudly saying to him before, “My acting skills are very good and I can catch the eyes of Teacher Ma and pass in one go. Teacher Ma praised me for acting well.”

He also remembered something else Lin Luoqing said to him before. “In fact, now I don’t think Teacher Ma is very good. He is too perfunctory to Li Hanhai and Yao Momo. Li Hanhai and Yao Momo can also feel it and they are both a bit disappointed. They actually put their heart into acting, but their talent is ordinary. They also haven’t acted in many works, so the effect isn’t too outstanding. Teacher Ma shouldn’t be so perfunctory when acting with them. It is just dealing a blow to them.”

“If he wants to be perfunctory then he should be perfunctory. However, he keeps asking me to go practice with him. It is too embarrassing. It is fortunate that Li Hanhai and Yao Momo have no evil intentions. Otherwise, with his obvious difference in treatment, who could bear it? I would’ve become a moving target with the words ‘shoot me’ all over my body!”

“I tried to persuade him and told him that the rest of the crew was also working hard. He didn’t listen, as if I am the only actor in the crew.”

He really admired Lin Luoqing before. It could even be called liking. Why did Shi Zheng destroy Ma Bozhong’s liking for Lin Luoqing at this time?

[Did Shi Zheng know Ma Bozhong before?] He asked Lin Luoqing.

[He knows.] Lin Luoqing replied to him. [He was in Teacher Ma’s crew four years ago, but he was only an extra at that time and Teacher Ma didn’t remember him.]

Ji Yuxiao saw this sentence and thought it was interesting. Ma Bozhong didn’t remember Shi Zheng but Shi Zheng clearly remembered Ma Bozhong and even remembered his likes and dislikes.

Lin Luoqing: [Why are you asking about this?]

He thought about it before asking: [Do you think Shi Zheng has anything to do with Teacher Ma? In other words, you, Shi Zheng and Teacher Ma. Does he have anything to do with your current situation?]

Lin Luoqing wasn’t stupid. Ji Yuxiao asked this and he also thought about it. In the beginning, it was Shi Zheng who said he needed to start strength training, which would make his martial arts movement look better. Therefore, Lin Luoqing started to exercise.

On the other hand, Ma Bozhong obviously hated exercising.

Lin Luoqing: [Do you think Shi Zheng did it on purpose?]

Ji Yuxiao chuckled: [You can go and ask him. Of course, I will also check. Don’t you want to sign him? Then ask him and see how he answers. This will determine if he is worth you signing him or not.]


Lin Luoqing added: [Once the time comes, I will tell you his answer.]

It was good to see if his words were true or false.

Of course, he was willing to believe Shi Zheng and he hoped that Shi Zheng’s words were true. He also hoped that Shi Zheng was doing this for his own good, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

He regarded Shi Zheng as similar to his former self and wanted to help. He gave trust and kindness to Shi Zheng, so he naturally hoped that Shi Zheng would be kind to him.

In this way, it at least proved that his good intentions weren’t in vain.

Shi Zheng should be doing this to help him. He thought about Shi Zheng’s smiling eyes when looking at him and Shi Zheng’s always hearty and gentle attitude. Shi Zheng had been patient and gentle when accompanying him to correct his martial arts movements and he was willing to believe Shi Zheng. He only hoped that Shi Zheng wouldn’t betray his trust.

Lin Luoqing returned to the hotel, took a bath and lay down.

Ji Yuxiao asked Wu Xinyuan to send him a copy of Shi Zheng’s information and he sent his assistant to check Shi Zheng, especially what happened to him and Ma Bozhong four years ago, the year when they met.

“Yes,” the assistant replied.

“By the way, President Ji.” The assistant looked at what he had just found in his hand. “There was indeed a very complicated transfer on your father’s side.”

Ji Yuxiao’s eyes darkened and he asked in a low voice, “Complicated?”

“Yes, I didn’t find anything wrong with this transfer the first time I checked it because he moved it between several people. If you hadn’t wanted to dig deeper, I wouldn’t have discovered that the source was actually your father.”

“Who is the payee?” Ji Yuxiao asked.

“It is the HR of a small private company. I checked and their family shouldn’t know your father.”

“Then continue to check,” Ji Yuxiao said in a deep voice. “There is a problem with this transfer so there must be other problematic transfers before or after it. I want to see who he is sending money to that he needs to go to such trouble out of fear of being discovered.”


“How is the company?” Ji Yuxiao asked him.

“It is still the same. Ji Mu didn’t make any big moves or too many personnel changes. Everything is very smooth.”

Ji Yuxiao guessed this would happen. No matter how stupid Ji Mu was, he wouldn’t start doing his own actions just after taking the position.

He knew very well that he wasn’t Ji Zhenhong’s son. Once he jumped too high, Ji Zhenhong was bound to pull him down.

He just had to endure it. After a while, things would become stable. Then he could borrow the power of the rest of the Ji family to stabilize his power and gradually expose his ambitions.

It was a pity that he wouldn’t be able to wait for that time.

Ji Zhenhong was simply using him as a pawn and a pretense to paralyze others and be his shield.

Ji Yuxiao clasped his hands together while thinking about past scenes. Ji Zhenhong had something to hide from him and it was hidden very deeply.

His father had been hiding a secret.

He never knew about it.

Ji Yuxiao felt this situation was ironic. They were really a loving father and son who were the closest in the world to each other.

The two of them were ridiculous.

He looked up at the night sky outside the window. It was winter and the new year was coming. This new year was destined to be a very memorable last new year.

Lin Luoqing had a good sleep. The next day, he ate breakfast, did his makeup and went to the set.

He was still looking at the script while holding the dumbbells in his hands. Wu Xinyuan saw his relaxed appearance and secretly sighed.

Ma Bozhong didn’t come but Shi Zheng came early.

“Here.” He handed over the steamed bun in his hand. “Didn’t you say previously that the buns of the hotel weren’t delicious? It just so happened that I went to eat breakfast today and this steamed bun isn’t bad. Try it.”

Lin Luoqing listened to his words and looked at the transparent plastic bag he was holding in his hand. Inside the bag were several white and fat buns squeezed together. They looked very delicious.

“Thank you.” He reached out and took the plastic bag.

“You’re welcome,” Shi Zheng replied. “Eat while it is hot. It isn’t delicious when it’s cold. If you can’t finish eating then give some to your agent and assistant.”


“Then I’m going first. Remember to continue practicing with the dumbbells after you eat.” He smiled heartily and prepared to leave.

Lin Luoqing stopped him. He raised the bag of buns in his hand and asked doubtfully, “Brother Zheng, you came specifically to give me the buns?”

“Supervise your morning exercise along the way,” Shi Zheng half-joked.

Lin Luoqing heard him say this and the smile on his face slowly faded. His eyes became serious and he stared at Shi Zheng, calm and gentle.

“Brother Zheng, there is a question I want to ask you.”

Shi Zheng saw his suddenly serious appearance and asked curiously, “What is it?”

“Why did you suddenly let me exercise?” He wondered. “Is it just to make my fight scenes look good?”

Shi Zheng was instantly stunned.

He didn’t hide his expression. His acting skills were very good but at this time, he unabashedly showed his embarrassment and surprise.

A long time passed before he smiled and said slowly, “Then why do you think I did it?”

“Is it because of Teacher Ma?” Lin Luoqing asked him. “Did you do it on purpose?”

He looked at Shi Zheng. He heard Shi Zheng let out a low sigh, as if helpless yet relieved. It emerged in the winter wind.

The sun passed over his head, illuminating his tough and handsome face with some softness. There seemed to be an ambiguous gold dust that was bright and warm.

“You saw it,” he said softly, a faint smile on his face.

It was as if he had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

Lin Luoqing invited him to the tent, wanting to hear his explanation.

Shi Zheng was silent for a moment, as if not knowing what to say. In the end, he decided to start according to the timeline.

“I told you before. Four years ago, my friend and I entered a crew Ma Bozhong was part of. It was a costume drama. I played the guard and he played the servant. He was very handsome and often followed the male protagonist. I don’t know when but he was noticed by Ma Bozhong.”

Lin Luoqing nodded and listened to him quietly.

Shi Zheng saw his inquisitive eyes and smiled helplessly. “You should be able to guess what happened later. Ma Bozhong asked him to follow him, saying he could give my friend resources. My friend struggled and hesitated, but still agreed.”

In the end, it happened four years ago. Shi Zheng wasn’t that agitated when talking about that time.

He had been young and arrogant back then. How could he agree when first entering the circle and encountering this type of thing? It was probably because his friend knew he would disagree that his friend didn’t tell him that he met Ma Bozhong, called him, dated him and was raised by him.

They joined the crew together but they didn’t leave together. He left first and his friend kept filming. It was only once Ma Bozhong was about to finish that his friend finished.

He moved out of the house they rented together. Shi Zheng asked him, “Where are you moving to?”

His friend only said, “There is a new company that wants to sign me and they have allocated me a dormitory.”

Shi Zheng was pleasantly surprised for him and asked him about the situation of the new company. However, his friend was very vague. Shi Zheng just thought it was because his friend felt awkward. After all, they lived at the bottom of the entertainment industry. Now his friend was about to rise and was too embarrassed to say anything to Shi Zheng, who was still at the bottom.

Shi Zheng was very caring and didn’t ask too much. In the future, he regretted more than once why he didn’t ask more at that time. It might not have been of any use, but it would have been easier to let go if he had tried to stop it rather than doing nothing.

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