FV: Chapter 90 Part 1

Lin Luoqing finished the scene and heard Wu Xinyuan say that Ma Bozhong asked him to go find him to practice for tonight’s scene.

“Yes, let’s have a meal with him after the scene, which can be regarded as compensating him. He is a senior and we have to give him some face. He probably felt that you brushed him off at noon so he became angry,” Wu Xinyuan persuaded him.

Lin Luoqing felt a bit helpless but he didn’t want to have a bad relationship with Ma Bozhong. It wasn’t impossible to have dinner together. He just felt that Ma Bozhong was too egotistic.

However, who made him have the qualifications and acting skills? His assistant and agent were all raising him up. Over time, it was inevitable that he would become egotistical.

Lin Luoqing shook his head, secretly saying that he wouldn’t become like this in the future.

“Okay,” he promised. “Then I’ll go find him now.”

“I’ll go with you,” Wu Xinyuan said.

Ma Bozhong seemed to have returned to his usual appearance when he saw Lin Luoqing again.

Lin Luoqing smiled. “Teacher Ma, I came to find you for the evening scene.”

“Yes,” Ma Bozhong answered. He picked up the script and started acting with him.

His acting skills were very good. He would even occasionally make Lin Luoqing burst out with more infectious acting skills than usual. Wu Xinyuan watched and secretly thought that Lin Luoqing was an actor who was strong when he met the strong, which was rare.

He didn’t know how Brother Li looked after Lin Luoqing before that made him like that, not to mention he wasted so much time without being famous. This was really unreliable.

Wu Xinyuan once again started to scold Brother Li in his heart.

Lin Luoqing finished the scene and heard Wu Xinyuan take the initiative to say, “It is time for dinner. Let’s go eat together.”

Lin Luoqing nodded and said politely, “Yes, Teacher Ma. Let’s go together.”

“What do you want to eat?” Ma Bozhong asked him.

Lin Luoqing gave him face. “You decide. I can eat anything.”

It was only then that Ma Bozhong stood up and walked out of the tent with him toward the business car.

There was a Cantonese restaurant nearby that wasn’t bad. Ma Bozhong liked it very much. He had wanted to eat Cantonese food at noon today, so he took Lin Luoqing to this Cantonese restaurant at this time.

“Their taste is pretty good,” Ma Bozhong stated.

Lin Luoqing smiled, looked at the menu and ordered many dim sums.

Shi Zheng finished his work and finally had time to look for Lin Luoqing, only to find that Lin Luoqing wasn’t in his rest area.

Shi Zheng looked around doubtfully and asked on WeChat: [Where are you?]

Lin Luoqing quickly replied: [Eating outside.]

Shi Zheng didn’t take it seriously. He was about to tell the other person to eat well and eat more when he saw Lin Luoqing’s next sentence: [Teacher Ma became angry when I didn’t eat with him at noon so I’m making it up for him now. This will save him from having an opinion of me because of this.]

Shi Zheng’s hand holding his phone tensed. There was a long silence before he replied: [Then eat quickly. Your evening exercise hasn’t been done.]

Lin Luoqing: [I know, I remember.]

Ma Bozhong saw him lowering his head and seemingly sending a WeChat, so he asked, “Are you busy?”

“No.” Lin Luoqing hurriedly replied to Shi Zheng and put away his phone. “It is just that tonight’s exercise hasn’t been done yet. I talked to the teacher to tell him to handle his matters first without waiting for me.”

Ma Bozhong, “……”

Ma Bozhong didn’t understand why Lin Luoqing loved to exercise so much. He just exercised during the day. Why was there a need to exercise at night?

He said, “At your age, you don’t need to exercise.”

Lin Luoqing disagreed. “It’s fine. More exercise is always good, regardless of age. Besides, exercise can also enhance physical fitness in winter. In fact, Teacher Ma, you can also do some simple exercises in your leisure time. Our crew has a special gym and it is very convenient.”

Ma Bozhong thought, ‘…Do I seem like I want to exercise?!’

Ma Bozhong was a bit annoyed. Why had Lin Luoqing suddenly become like this? He obviously didn’t think about exercising in the beginning!

“Why did you start exercising all of a sudden?”

“I want to increase my strength so that the fight scenes can look better. It can also improve my physique.”

“So how long are you going to exercise?”

Lin Luoqing hadn’t thought about this question, mainly because Shi Zheng hadn’t told him the specific time. Therefore, he just said, “Wait for this drama to finish.”

Ma Bozhong, “……”

Ma Bozhong felt that he was becoming a bit uninterested in this person.

He didn’t want to see Lin Luoqing’s fair complexion turn into the so-called healthy wheat color and he didn’t want Lin Luoqing to raise his arms to show off his biceps.

This wasn’t the image of a teenager in his heart. What he liked was a clean, pure and sunny boy without any deliberate embellishments. He should be young and beautiful.

Ma Bozhong didn’t say anything else. He ate a meal with Lin Luoqing in a perfunctory manner and returned to the set.

Lin Luoqing didn’t join him. He was going to the gym to run so he got out of the car and said goodbye to Ma Bozhong.

Mo Bozhong heard this and felt more helpless and irritable.

He let out a hum and left with a frown.

Lin Luoqing saw his frown and approached Wu Xinyuan in a puzzled manner. “Is he angry again?”

Wu Xinyuan didn’t know. “It shouldn’t be the case? Didn’t we have dinner with him? We even invited him actively. We treated him to the meal, which is saving face for him.”

Lin Luoqing sighed. “He is really difficult to understand.”

“It’s okay.” Wu Xinyuan didn’t care. “In any case, you don’t have to get along with him. It is fine as long as he doesn’t hate you or say anything about you during the interviews.”

Lin Luoqing also thought so. As the saying goes, three years was a generation gap. He and Ma Bozhong were nearly 30 years apart and it was almost like the East African Rift. It was enough to have a seemingly good relationship on the surface. It didn’t matter if Ma Bozhong liked him or not in private. In any case, he wouldn’t be friends with Ma Bozhong.

Thus, he happily went to the gym for a run.

Shi Zheng was running on the treadmill. He saw Lin Luoqing coming and slowed down, walking on the treadmill while talking to him.

Lin Luoqing had just finished eating. It had been a while but Shi Zheng wasn’t in a hurry to make him exercise. He let Lin Luoqing rest for a while.

Lin Luoqing stood next to him and asked him, “Is Teacher Ma like this in other crews?”


“He suddenly seemed to be upset,” Lin Luoqing said in a low voice.

Shi Zheng heard this and looked up at Lin Luoqing. “He isn’t happy again?”

Lin Luoqing nodded. “That’s why I’m curious if he is only like this with me or if he is like this in other crews.”

Shi Zheng thought about it. “It seems that this has happened to other people, but I don’t know much. I’m not sure.”

Lin Luoqing thought this might be the case. Ma Bozhong didn’t remember Shi Zheng, so Shi Zheng must not have had much contact with him. It was normal to be unclear about such things.

However, Shi Zheng said that he seemed to be like this to other people. It could be seen that Ma Bozhong might have this type of cloudy and moody personality.

At the thought of these two words, Lin Luoqing was reminded of the person in his family who also wore the labels of cloudy and moody. His heart moved and he said to Shi Zheng, “Can I rest for a while?”


“Then I’m going to make a call. Call me when it is time.”

“Okay.” Shi Zheng agreed.

Lin Luoqing immediately walked into the lounge of the gym with his phone and called Ji Yuxiao.

Shi Zheng looked at his back and smiled.

It was good. It was fine if Ma Bozhong was angry. If he was angry then he would be disappointed and give up.

Shi Zheng didn’t know if Lin Luoqing would blame him after knowing the truth in the future, but at least Shi Zheng could sleep peacefully this winter.

Shi Zheng ran for a while before going to Lin Luoqing and making him run.

According to Shi Zheng’s arrangement, Lin Luoqing ran for half an hour, skipped rope for another half an hour and rushed out of the gym to the makeup room to let the makeup artist restyle him so he’d be ready to film the night scene.

The night was very dark and Ma Bozhong was a bit sleepy. He sat on the chair and watched the group chat. Then he looked up in a bored manner and saw Lin Luoqing walking toward the light.

He was wearing a thin white velvet sweatshirt and blue jeans. His dark hair made his skin look even whiter. He seemed to have a cold neck as he lowered his head and retracted his chin into the collar of his sweatshirt, revealing only obsidian-like watery eyes that were obedient and pure.

The moonlight was clear and he was brighter than the moonlight.

At this moment, Ma Bozhong felt that he still liked Lin Luoqing quite a lot.

Among the types he liked, Lin Luoqing was indeed at the top. He could give Lin Luoqing more opportunities.

He saw Lin Luoqing come over and took the initiative to stand up and go with him to find Director Zhang. They started to find the right positions before filming.

Once filming was over, Lin Luoqing was ready to go back to the hotel when he heard Ma Bozhong calling him.

He turned around. Ma Bozhong looked gently as he said, “Your acting was very good.”

“Thank you,” Lin Luoqing replied politely.

“You are good like this now. If you have time, you can focus more on acting instead of wasting it on exercise.”

Ma Bozhong directly pointed it out. “There is no shortage of people in the entertainment industry who like to exercise, but the entertainment industry is always lacking people with good acting skills. To be honest, I don’t like you wasting time on these unnecessary things.”

Lin Luoqing listened to this and was a bit surprised.

He hadn’t expected Ma Bozhong to say this to him.

It was too direct and too unexpected.

“However, I don’t think it is a waste of time,” Lin Luoqing stared directly at him and explained gently. “Meng Hua is a person who likes to exercise. He runs in the morning and plays basketball in the evening. His physical strength is excellent, so he fights very well. He can protect his sister when she is in trouble. He is obviously the younger brother but he stands in front of her.”

“In terms of the role, exercising is suitable for the role. From my point of view, exercising is good for my health. Therefore, I don’t consider exercising to be a waste of time.”

“I understand what you mean, Teacher Ma. I thank you for your opinion, but different characters have different personalities. If I play a sick young master next time, I won’t be so active in exercising.”

Ma Bozhong hadn’t expected him to say this and frowned again like he was dissatisfied.

Lin Luoqing said with a smile, “Teacher Ma, I will go first. It is late. You should also go back early to rest. See you tomorrow.”

Then he turned around and left without hurrying.

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Aeanbelle Frost
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