FV: Chapter 89

“You are pretty good.” Shi Zheng encouraged him. “Practice this first. Once I make a specific plan for you today, you can systematically increase your strength using the strength exercises later.”

“Yes,” Lin Luoqing said obediently. “Thank you, Brother Zheng.”

“You’re welcome.” Shi Zheng smiled.

Since Lin Luoqing had agreed with Shi Zheng, he didn’t do it in a perfunctory manner. He started to lift the dumbbells as soon as he was idle.

Li Hanhai and Zhang Quan looked at him exercising without saying a word and asked in confusion, “You are…?”

“Brother Zheng said that this can help the fight scenes look better.” Lin Luoqing didn’t hide it from them. “My fight scenes aren’t as good as his, so I asked him for his experience.”

This literary drama already required so much hard work. Li Hanhai and Zhang Quan, who found that they had to work hard even for fight scenes, “……”

Does your agent know you are working so hard?

They glanced back and saw the affirmation and pride on Wu Xinyuan’s face. Yes, not only did he know but he was also very proud!

He should indeed be proud. Who wouldn’t be proud of someone who was so aggressive and strived for excellence?

Therefore, Li Hanhai and Zhang Quan immediately sent a message to their assistants. They asked them to buy some fitness equipment.

Shi Zheng came to deliver the schedule to Lin Luoqing in the afternoon and saw the male lead, the second male lead and the third male lead all had dumbbells next to the chair, raising them up from time to time.

Shi Zheng thought, ‘…This…’

There was no need to work so hard!

Shi Zheng gave Lin Luoqing the exercise schedule that had been formulated. He thought that Lin Luoqing was thin and usually didn’t exercise much, so he didn’t arrange too much exercise for him. It was basically running, skipping rope, planks and lifting dumbbells, which weren’t difficult.

He didn’t really want Lin Luoqing to become extremely fit. It was just to strengthen his physical fitness to resist catching a cold during the change in season.

Lin Luoqing looked at his schedule and nodded. “Okay.”

“It just so happens that the crew has a gym. Once the time comes, I will accompany you. Then I will increase or decrease it according to your actual situation, saving you from exercising too much at once to the extent that your body can’t bear it.”

“It has been hard for you, Brother Zheng.” Lin Luoqing thanked him.

Shi Zheng waved his hand. “It’s okay.”

Once he finished speaking, he went to do something else. It was as if he just rushed over to deliver this schedule to him.

Wu Xinyuan stared at Shi Zheng’s leaving back. Then he looked at the schedule in his hand and laughed. “He is quite enthusiastic.”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing nodded. “Brother Wu, how do you feel? If there are no problems, I’ll talk to him about signing a deal later.”

“Okay.” Wu Xinyuan had no opinion.

“Then I will sign him as your subordinate at that time. Brother Wu, don’t tell him about my relationship with Ji Yuxiao.”

“I know.” Wu Xinyuan gave him an ‘okay’ gesture.

Ma Bozhong left the tent and saw that the sun wasn’t bad. He couldn’t help thinking about Lin Luoqing again. It was noon and it was time for lunch. He didn’t know if Lin Luoqing had eaten yet.

He looked in Lin Luoqing’s direction from a distance and walked over with this assistant.

Lin Luoqing was lifting weights… To be precise, he was holding dumbbells while reading the script.

He also had to go running and jump rope at night. He could only take advantage of the day to complete the dumbbell tasks set by Shi Zheng.

Wu Xinyuan watched him lift the dumbbells up and down with a relaxed expression. He walked over curiously, picked up the other dumbbell, and fell silent.

Was it that his dumbbell wasn’t the same weight as the dumbbell in Lin Luoqing’s hand?

Why did he look so relaxed?

It couldn’t be that Lin Luoqing was stronger than him?

Wu Xinyuan couldn’t believe it. The way he looked at Lin Luoqing was much more subtle.

He was about to exchange dumbbells with Lin Luoqing. Then he saw Ma Bozhong coming over and quickly put down the dumbbells, going to greet Ma Bozhong with a smile.

Mo Bozhong exchanged a few words with him before his eyes fell on Lin Luoqing. He saw Lin Luoqing’s arms moving up and down, as well as the simple and heavy black dumbbells.

Ma Bozong, “!!!”

Why did he suddenly start lifting dumbbells?!

Who made him lift dumbbells?

Mo Bozhong walked over quickly to Lin Luoqing with a frown. “Xiao Lin, what is this?”

“I’m exercising.” Lin Luoqing smiled. “Teacher Ma, are you looking for me for something?”

“It is noon. Let’s eat together.” Ma Bozhong tried to ignore the dumbbells in his hand.

“I’m afraid that won’t work. I haven’t exercised enough today and have to do it a bit longer,” Lin Luoqing answered honestly.

Ma Bozhong wasn’t very satisfied. “Why are you exercising? It isn’t good for you to do this. You shouldn’t practice these things.”

He really couldn’t understand why a beautiful boy wanted to lift weights. He felt that once the sunny teenager started to exercise, he would no longer be as clean as before.

“Okay, don’t practice and let’s go eat,” Ma Bozhong told him.

“I’m afraid I can’t right now. Teacher Ma, you go to eat first. I will go after exercising.”

Ma Bozong, “……”

Mo Bozhong’s expression visibly sank. He watched as Lin Luoqing calmly lifted the dumbbells up and down while talking to him. Then he turned around and walked away, ignoring Lin Luoqing.

His assistant was a step behind him. As he passed by Lin Luoqing, he tried to persuade Lin Luoqing in a low voice, “Teacher Xiao Li, don’t exercise and come eat with us first.”

Lin Luoqing stared at Ma Bozhong’s back and felt that this person’s temper had come too suddenly. He had a reason not to go. Didn’t he have his own business?

In addition, Ma Bozhong didn’t tell him in advance and he didn’t agree to eat together at noon today.

Why did he suddenly look angry?

Ma Bozhong’s assistant saw that he didn’t speak and that Ma Bozhong was walking further and further away, so he had to look at Lin Luoqing in a depressed manner before chasing after Ma Bozhong helplessly.

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…I am helpless as well, okay?!’

What was this?

Why was it like he did something wrong?

Lin Luoqing decided to leave this person alone and continue to read his script while lifting the dumbbells. In any case, he had a clear conscience. Wasn’t it just a meal?

Shi Zheng, who wasn’t far away, watched and sighed in relief.

He received his own boxed meal. Then he happened to meet Xiao Wang, who came to help Lin Luoqing and Wu Xinyuan get their boxed meals. Therefore, he helped Xiao Wang carry some and sent it over together.

Lin Luoqing had already returned to the tent after lifting the dumbbells. He sat on the chair and waited to eat.

He poked his head out to take a look and happened to see Shi Zheng and Xiao Wang coming back together. He beckoned for Shi Zheng to come in and eat together.

Shi Zheng didn’t refuse and walked in.

He handed Lin Luoqing’s boxed meal to him. Lin Luoqing opened it and found four dishes and one soup. The dishes were all home-cooked and there were meat and vegetables. It looked pretty good.

He looked at Shi Zheng’s boxed meal. Sure enough, there were only two dishes, one meat and one vegetarian, which was much simpler than his.

He used to eat this type of boxed meal. At worst, it was only one vegetarian dish with rice. After all, he wasn’t an important supporting role. It was already good that the crew could provide a boxed meal. How could he ask for more?

Lin Luoqing gave some of the spicy chicken from his lunch box to Shi Zheng.

Shi Zheng hurriedly said, “No, I’ve eaten enough.”

“I can’t finish eating it,” Lin Luoqing said. “You should try a different taste.”

Shi Zheng heard these words and looked at the chicken in his bowl. His heart was warm, like slowly heated water.

He had become a bit more familiar with Lin Luoqing than before, so he didn’t continue to be polite. He said, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Lin Luoqing smiled.

They started eating.

Lin Luoqing chatted with Shi Zheng while eating.

He really didn’t understand it. “Why did Teacher Ma become angry? It might make him unhappy that I didn’t agree to him but there is no need to change his expression directly. It makes it seem like I did something wrong.”

Wu Xinyuan comforted him. “It isn’t your problem. I’ll go find him in the afternoon and talk to him so he doesn’t mind it. Don’t worry.”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing nodded. In the end, he was a senior and they had gotten along well before. He didn’t want the other person to have a poor opinion of him.

“I feel that Teacher Ma has quite a personality,” Lin Luoqing said tactfully.

Wu Xinyuan smiled. “He does seem to have a stubborn temper.”

He finished speaking and turned to look at Shi Zheng. “Have you worked with Teacher Ma before?”

Shi Zheng naturally cooperated.

It was just that the time of cooperation was very early. It was around four years ago, when he had first entered the circle. He entered Ma Bozhong’s crew with his friends.

At that time, he was also an extra and Ma Bozhong probably didn’t remember him. Ma Bozhong always had different ways of dealing with different people and naturally couldn’t remember extras like him.

Shi Zheng nodded. “I have been in a crew with Teacher Ma very early on, but it can’t be called a cooperation. I didn’t have any scenes, let alone act opposite Teacher Ma. Teacher Ma shouldn’t know about my existence.”

Lin Luoqing was surprised. “Then you guys are quite lucky. You actually met here again?”

“Yes.” Shi Zheng smiled. “But Teacher Ma shouldn’t think so.”

Lin Luoqing understood his statement very well. It was because Ma Bozhong truly didn’t remember Shi Zheng.

He remembered the other party but the other party didn’t know his existence at all. This gap was really embarrassing.

“It’s okay, Brother Zheng. I’m sure you will be popular later! At that time, everyone will feel destined when you meet again.”

Shi Zheng smiled. He felt that this person was really simple and enthusiastic. He no longer expected himself to be popular. What he was looking for now was nothing more than a few more roles in the future. This way, he didn’t have to worry about not having another role and not entering a crew after this one.

Once he got tired of it one day and didn’t like it, he would leave the circle, find another job and be a simple and stable person.

“Hopefully.” He looked at Lin Luoqing. “If there really is such a time, I will definitely remember that you are the person I’m more destined for.”

“Then I thank you in advance,” Lin Luoqing said with a smile.

They chatted and laughed after eating. Lin Luoqing rested a while before it was time for his scene.

He took a sip of water, checked his appearance again and prepared to go film.

Wu Xinyuan took advantage of this time to find Ma Bozhong and apologized to him. He said that Lin Luoqing didn’t refuse on purpose and he was really busy with exercising. If he wanted then everyone could have a meal together tonight.

Ma Bozhong listened to these words with no expression on his face. “Is exercise so important? Why is he exercising?”

“Luoqing feels that his fighting movements aren’t good enough, so he wants to exercise and increase his strength.”

Ma Bozhong heard the word ‘strength’ and became even more dissatisfied.

“He is fine now.”

“Isn’t it because he is self-motivated and strives for excellence?”

Ma Bozhong was speechless. Why did a young man in his 20s want to be motivated?

If you are in your 20s then you should look like you are in your 20s!

Will you look good if there are muscles?

You will lose your youthful spirit!

“Tell him to stop exercising.” Ma Bozhong looked at Wu Xinyuan. “He is very good now. It won’t suit him if he keeps exercising.”

“Yes yes, I’ll watch him so he doesn’t overwork himself.”

Ma Bozong, “……”

Why did Ma Bozhong feel like he didn’t understand?

What was exercising too much? Didn’t he say to stop the exercise?

What type of comprehension was this?

“Let Luoqing come over,” Ma Bozhong said. “The scene tonight isn’t right.”

“Okay. Once he finishes filming this scene, I’ll ask him to come to you,” Wu Xinyuan replied.

If he was willing to rehearse together then he shouldn’t be too angry. Wu Xinyuan didn’t understand why he was so angry about not eating together at noon, but he guessed that Ma Bozhong felt he lost face after he took the initiative to show favor as a senior, only to be rejected by his junior.

So give him a supplementary meal and it should be fine.

After all, Ma Bozhong still seemed to appreciate Lin Luoqing.

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He felt that once the sunny teenager started to exercise, he would no longer be as clean as before.

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I guess this is why Shi Zheng gave him dumbbells before

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