FV: Chapter 87 Part 1

Lin Luoqing was a bit surprised when he received Ji Leyu’s video call invitation in the evening. He rarely had video calls with Ji Leyu. Most of the time, it was with Ji Yuxiao and occasionally with Lin Fei, who found the fun of a video call.

Ji Leyu usually appeared in the cameras of the two of them. Why was he now making a video call invitation?

He casually put his things on the table, sat down on the couch and accepted the video call.

Ji Leyu and Lin Fei’s faces instantly appeared on the screen of the phone. Ji Leyu smiled sweetly and called out to him, “Dad.”

Lin Luoqing chuckled. “What’s wrong? Did you miss me? Why are you sending me a video call so late?”

Ji Leyu nodded. “Dad, are you done with work?”

“I’m done.” Lin Luoqing originally planned to take a shower and video call with Ji Yuxiao for a while. He hadn’t expected the children to get there first.

“Have you two taken a bath?” He cared for them.

“We’ve taken a bath.” Lin Fei answered him.

“Are you going to sleep?”

“We’ll go to sleep soon,” Ji Leyu said briskly.

“Then did you send me the video call to see me?”

Ji Leyu nodded while Lin Fei shook his head.

Ji Leyu, “……”

Ji Leyu held his forehead. Why was he shaking his head?

You have to coax Dad first and then tell him what you want when he is happy. This is the order to let Mom, no, Dad help!

Do you understand?!

Ji Leyu felt that he knew this well and was very helpless. Obviously, his brother loved to read and had excellent grades, but he didn’t learn about this from books.

Lin Luoqing guessed that Ji Leyu must have something to look for him at night. Sure enough, this was true.

He looked at Lin Fei and asked him, “So you don’t just want to see me? Why are you looking for me?”

“Uncle found me a new school,” Lin Fei said calmly.

Lin Luoqing nodded. “I know this. The school is good. Once the time comes, let your uncle send you there. I wanted to send you, but I’m not done yet and I can’t ask for leave. He can only send you there alone, but I will send you a video call.”

“Yes,” Lin Fei responded.

After he agreed, he asked, “Can Xiao Yu go with me?”

Lin Luoqing was surprised. What did this mean? Did Ji Leyu also want to enter the first grade?

He turned to look at Ji Leyu. Ji Leyu looked expectant and nodded continuously, like a chicken pecking rice. He fully expressed his wishes.

“Xiao Yu, do you want to go too?” Lin Luoqing asked curiously. “Don’t you dislike going to school? First grade is much more troublesome than kindergarten.”

“I want to go to school with Brother,” Ji Leyu said obediently. “I can protect him.”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei turned to look at him and there were clear words in his eyes, ‘What did you say? Who will protect whom?’

Ji Leyu immediately lowered his proud little chin. “OF course, Brother can also protect me.”

Lin Fei withdrew his meaningful gaze and replaced it with 30% helplessness, 30% ‘that’s better’ and 40% indulgence.

Lin Luoqing smiled and felt that the two of them got along in an interesting manner. “So you want to go to the first grade for your brother.”

Ji Leyu nodded. Why else would he be doing it? To get up early? For more homework?

Wasn’t it for Lin Fei?

“Then have you ever thought about what if you go to first grade, your grades aren’t good and you can’t understand what your teacher is teaching?”

Ji Leyu was very confident. “I can do it. In addition, Brother can teach me. He definitely knows it. If he teaches me, I will also know it.”

“This is true.”

“What about you?” Lin Luoqing asked Lin Fei. “Do you also want Xiao Yu to go to the first grade with you?”

Lin Fei instantly felt Ji Leyu’s gaze shift toward him, strong and intense. It was as if Ji Leyu would tear down the house if Lin Fei said he didn’t want it.

“Yes,” he replied softly.

Lin Luoqing was a bit surprised.

He knew Lin Fei too well. He was very aware of Lin Fei’s indifferent personality.

For Lin Fei, it was very rare for him to want to or be willing to accompany Ji Leyu in school.

It seemed that in a place he didn’t know, his little Fei Fei and the future demon king were getting along very well.

“Okay,” Lin Luoqing promised. “Since both of you want to go to school with each other, then go to school together.”

Ji Leyu was delighted. “Dad, you are so good.”

Lin Fei said calmly, “But Xiao Yu said that Uncle doesn’t agree.”

Ji Leyu’s raised eyebrows were instantly pulled down. It turned into an aggrieved look and he was very pitiful.

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…You are so good at acting. Do you want to come to the entertainment industry to develop? The son inherits the father’s business?’

“I’ll talk to your uncle later. There shouldn’t be any problems,” he promised.

The reason why Ji Yuxiao didn’t want Ji Leyu to transfer with him was that he felt that Ji Leyu asked on a whim. He was afraid Ji Leyu wouldn’t be able to keep up. This wasn’t a big problem and there was no need to make Ji Leyu unhappy about this.

Ji Leyu heard these words and immediately regained his sweet smile. “Thank you, Dad. Dad is so good. I like Dad so much~~”

“Really? Then give your dad a kiss.”

Ji Leyu leaned closer to the screen to kiss him. Ji Leyu was silly and was just like any other child.

Lin Luoqing’s heart softened. He felt that Ji Leyu was very good like this. He would be soft and spoiled with his relatives, hoping that his father could help him.

This was good. He was ordinary.

With Lin Fei by his side, he shouldn’t go too out of control.

“Fei Fei, won’t you kiss me?” He turned to Lin Fei and asked.

Lin Fei felt that it was a bit stupid to kiss the phone like Ji Leyu. Therefore, he wanted to find a kissing emoji on Ji Leyu’s phone. The problem was that Ji Leyu and Ji Yuxiao always called or spoke directly in person. They didn’t send WeChat, let alone messages.

Therefore, he had no emojis at all. There were only the little yellow faces that came by default with WeChat.

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei had already seen many beautiful, cute and interesting kisses, hugs and lifting up high emojis so he sent Lin Luoqing a little yellow kissing face with great disgust.

Lin Luoqing was dissatisfied. “Don’t do this. I want you to kiss me, not an emoji.”

Lin Fei, “……”

After a few days, he was still acting like a baby as always.

Lin Fei was helpless. He had to raise his hand, kiss his fingertip and press it to Lin Luoqing’s face on the screen.

This should be okay.

This was what he learned from the people on TV.

Lin Luoqing laughed and thought he was really cute. “You still know this. Okay, I’ll accept your kiss.”

Lin Fei smiled proudly. He knew a lot!

Lin Luoqing teased Lin Fei and Ji Leyu one by one. Once he was done, he urged them to hurry and rest.

“Then Dad, remember to tell Dad,” Ji Leyu reminded him.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely let you and your brother go to the same school.”

Ji Leyu was happy. He imitated Lin Fei and kissed him, saying sweetly, “Good night, Dad. Dad, you should go to bed early and go home early.”


Lin Luoqing hung up the video call with a smile and called Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Yuxiao saw that he was wearing a thin sweater and asked him, “You just finished filming?”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing nodded. “I just received a video call from your precious son.”

“Xiao Yu?” Ji Yuxiao was puzzled. “Why is he looking for you?”

“A school matter,” Lin Luoqing answered with a smile. “Xiao Yu wants to go to the first grade with Fei Fei.”

Ji Yuxiao smiled. It turned out to be this. Ji Leyu was quite insistent.

“You don’t agree?” Lin Luoqing asked him. “Why? Are you afraid he won’t understand?”

“Listening to your tone, you agreed?” Ji Yuxiao asked doubtfully.

Lin Luoqing nodded. “Yes, I don’t think it is a big deal. If he likes it and wants to go, then go.”

“You dote on him too much.” Ji Yuxiao was helpless. “He is skipping a grade. How long has it been since first grade started? He hasn’t learned anything. If he transfers in now, he won’t want to go to school even more.”

“You can’t say that.” Lin Luoqing persuaded him. “The content of the first grade isn’t difficult. Many children don’t go to kindergarten or preschool and directly enter the first grade. Besides, Xiao Yu is so smart. Some of the first-year coursework might’ve been taught but it is just half a semester. Let Fei Fei give him extra lessons and he will be able to keep up.”

“You trust him quite a lot. What if he can’t keep up?”

“Aren’t you underestimating your son? That is your brother’s son and your nephew. You and your brother are so proud about being smart and virtuous. Can’t Ji Leyu, your son and nephew, learn the first grade coursework? I don’t believe it.”

Ji Yuxiao felt that these words seemed to make sense. His brother was so awesome and was an all-round student. It didn’t make sense that his son was a slacker.

“Will Fei Fei be willing to give him lessons?”

“He is definitely willing,” Lin Luoqing said in a low voice. “The relationship between the two of them is very good and it feels a bit better than I thought. I think Fei Fei spoils him very much.”

“Okay.” Ji Yuxiao sighed. “The three of you are now a united front. If I insist any longer, it will seem like I am unreasonable. Then let him do as he wishes. It is hard work for Fei Fei.”

“It is also hard work for President Ji,” Lin Luoqing said with a smile.

“It is hard for you and hard for him. He has learned to save the country with beauty. I didn’t agree so he went to you. He is quite clever.”

“It is worthy of being your nephew. He is smart.”

Ji Yuxiao smiled but didn’t speak.

The two of them chatted for a while. Then after seeing that it was getting late, Ji Yuxiao started to urge Lin Luoqing to take a bath and sleep.

Lin Luoqing was reluctant and pestered him for a long time before finally saying goodbye. Then he stood up and walked toward the bathroom.

Ji Yuxiao pushed the wheelchair out of the study and went to Ji Leyu’s room.

Ji Leyu and Lin Fei were lying on the bed and looking at the tablet. They heard a sound and turned their heads at the same time.

Ji Leyu smiled and called out to him, “Dad.”

Ji Yuxiao looked at his lively and cute little nephew and beckoned for him to come over.

Ji Leyu curiously lifted the quilt and got out of bed. The moment he walked in front of Ji Yuxiao, Ji Yuxiao pinched his face.

Ji Leyu, “???”

“You’re pretty smart.” Ji Yuxiao pinched his little face and shook it. “You know that you couldn’t get through me, so you went to find your other father.”

Ji Leyu, “……”

Ji Leyu opened his big innocent eyes and tried hard to look cute.

Ji Yuxiao smiled and let go of his hand, rubbing this little face. “Since you are so smart, I believe you can keep up with the first grade curriculum. Don’t let Dad down~”

Ji Leyu nodded quickly. “I will definitely study hard.”

Ji Yuxiao didn’t believe his nonsense. ‘Do you know anything about yourself? Baby, will you work hard? It is time. People are unreliable! You aren’t someone who loves to learn!’

So study well, these words will have to wait until you grow up to say them.

Ji Yuxiao wasn’t in a hurry. As a child, he didn’t like to go to school. It wasn’t until high school that he finally had a sense of learning. He started to do homework and take exams seriously. Therefore, Ji Leyu just needed to wake up in high school. Before this, he would be like his brother and turn a blind eye to his son, giving him the freedom of not liking to study.

Of course, this couldn’t be told directly to Ji Leyu, so he still had a gentle look on his face. “Okay, Dad believes in you.”

Ji Leyu was satisfied and said happily, “Thank you, Dad.”

“You’re welcome.” Ji Yuxiao hugged and kissed him.

After kissing Ji Leyu, he looked at Lin Fei. He pushed the wheelchair to the bed, embraced Lin Fei very fairly and kissed him on the face.

Lin Fei didn’t expect it and was a bit surprised, but he didn’t show it.

“In two days, I will send you both to school together to report in,” Ji Yuxiao stated.

Lin Fei nodded. “Yes.”

“Then sleep. Go to bed early and don’t play too late.”

Ji Leyu hugged his arm and asked him, “Dad, won’t you sleep with us?”

Ji Yuxiao was quite willing to sleep with them, but he hadn’t slept for three days in a row. Therefore, he needed to take sleeping pills today. He didn’t want to sleep with Lin Fei and Ji Leyu on a night when he was taking medicine, out of fear he would have nightmares and disturb the two children.

“Dad still has things to deal with today. Can I sleep with you tomorrow?”

“Yes,” Ji Leyu replied obediently.

“You are so good.”

Ji Yuxiao touched his head and then Lin Fei’s head. Then he slowly left the room.

Ji Leyu waited until Ji Yuxiao left. Then he proudly rushed to Lin Fei. “How about it? I said it was useful to find your uncle, right?”

He tilted his little head proudly. “I knew my dad would definitely listen to your uncle.”

Lin Fei sat on the bed and sorted out the current relationships. Ji Leyu listened to him, he listened to Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao, and Ji Yuxiao listened to Lin Luoqing. So in their family, the head of the family was Lin Luoqing?

This was a bit different from what he thought. He thought it would be Ji Yuxiao.

“Later when there are other things, we will talk to your uncle first and he will tell my dad.” Ji Leyu nodded while speaking.

Lin Fei thought, ‘…Is it really okay to treat your Dad like this?’

Ji Leyu obviously didn’t think there were any problems. He was very certain now. No matter whether it was his own father or Ji Yuxiao, they all listened to their wives. As long as his mother or Lin Luoqing agreed, it was fine.

He shook his small head while thinking he was really a bit of a genius.

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“It is hard for you and hard for him. He has learned to save the country with beauty. I didn’t agree so he went to you. He is quite clever.”
In this family, only silly Yuxiao thought Xiao Yu “quite clever” lol. Fei Fei and Luoqing knows that Xiao Yu is sly little kit 😂.

And the most clear headed is indeed Fei Fei! Luoqing is the head of the family, no the heart~ 😊

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Aeanbelle Frost
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