FV: Chapter 86

Ji Yuxiao coaxed him. “Once you are in the first grade next year, you can continue going to school with your brother.”

How could Ji Leyu wait until next year?

He pursed his lips in a reluctant manner. “Isn’t it okay to get up a bit early? He can accompany me if he gets up a bit earlier.”

Ji Yuxiao smiled. “How can you talk like that? Your brother is also a child. You like to sleep in. How can he not like to sleep too? How can he get up early just to send you to school?”

Ji Leyu didn’t want to accept this. He was used to going to school with Lin Fei. They hadn’t gone to school together these few days because Lin Fei didn’t go to school. Now Lin Fei was going to school again but not with him?

Ji Leyu frowned. Then he suddenly thought of something and asked Ji Yuxiao, “Do I have to go to first grade next year? Can’t I go this year? I will go to first grade with him.”

Ji Yuxiao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “What are you thinking? You are only in kindergarten now. How can you go to the first grade?”

“I’m graduating from kindergarten next year and will be in the first grade.”

“This is now and that will be next year.”

“Can’t it be moved to this year?”

“Of course not. There is still a semester of kindergarten in between. Besides, your brother and the others have been in first grade for half a semester. You haven’t learned anything. How can you keep up?”

“I can keep up,” Ji Leyu swore.

Ji Yuxiao didn’t believe it. “You should stay in kindergarten obediently as long as you don’t want to read books when you come back.”

He persuaded his little nephew. “There is more homework in elementary school and school starts earlier and ends later. You will be much more relaxed in kindergarten.”

However, there was Lin Fei in elementary school and no Lin Fei in kindergarten.

“In any case—” Ji Yuxiao touched his head “–Go to kindergarten well. Next year, I will let you go to school together.”

Ji Leyu hugged him while feeling reluctant in his heart.

He told Lin Fei about it when they took a bath at night.

“Why can’t I go to first grade? I will be in first grade next year anyway. It is just a bit ahead of schedule.”

Lin Fei persuaded him while applying shower gel to himself. “You won’t be able to keep up in first grade.”

Ji Leyu heard he couldn’t keep up and his face instantly puffed up. He said in an unconvinced manner, “I can keep up, I can definitely keep up.”

Lin Fei pulled his arm and applied shower gel to him. “Good boy, go to kindergarten well.”

“But then we won’t be able to go to school together.”

“We didn’t go to school together in the first place,” Lin Fei said indifferently.

“That is different,” Ji Leyu retorted. “We didn’t know each other at first.”

Lin Fei helped him apply shower gel to his upper body. Then he moved Ji Leyu away and let him rub it himself. “It is okay. It will be the same next year.”

Ji Leyu looked over. He saw that Lin Fei still had the same flat expression as before as if he didn’t care about this matter at all. He suddenly became a bit angry.

“Don’t you want me to go to school with you?”

“I can do it alone,” Lin Fei said calmly. “I don’t need someone to accompany me.”

Ji Leyu, “!!!”

Ji Leyu said angrily, “Yes, you don’t need someone to accompany you. You can be alone and don’t need me at all!”

Lin Fei didn’t quite understand why Ji Leyu suddenly became angry. He habitually reached out and touched Ji Leyu’s head, coaxing him. “You are good.”

Ji Leyu cocked his head, removed his head from this person’s hand and asked him, “You don’t need me to go to school with you?”

Lin Fei nodded. Going to school had always been his own business. He didn’t need anyone to accompany him.

Ji Leyu saw his actions and felt a bit more uncomfortable.

What was this?

It had always been others who liked him and treated him well. Now he was so good to Lin Fei and Lin Fei said he didn’t need it.

He was nice to his mother and father and they thought he was the best little baby.

He was good to Ji Yuxiao and Ji Yuxiao was willing to protect him with his life.

Even Lin Luoqing would kiss him and go to work later for him.

Then what about Lin Fei?

He didn’t care at all and said he didn’t need it!

Ji Leyu immediately felt wronged. He stood up directly from the bathtub, turned on the shower head and rinsed the foam on his body. He grabbed the bath towel, wrapped it around his body and ran out.

Lin Fei saw his obviously unhappy expression. He felt that he was a bit confused. What was wrong with Ji Leyu?

Why was he suddenly so upset?

Because they couldn’t go to school together?

Lin Fei was a bit helpless. He also stood up, quickly rinsed and left the bathroom.

Ji Leyu wasn’t in Lin Fei’s bedroom. Lin Fei looked around and guessed that he should’ve gone back to his room. It seemed that Ji Leyu was really angry.

He changed into his pajamas and walked out. He headed to Ji Leyu’s bedroom, opened the door and walked in.

Ji Leyu was sitting on the bed and had already changed into pajamas. He saw Lin Fei come in and snorted fiercely. “What are you doing? Go out.”

Lin Fei walked to his bed. He saw this bulging white and tender face. Ji Leyu was indeed very good-looking. He was good-looking even when angry. He wasn’t annoying and was even a bit cute.

“Don’t be angry,” Lin Fei coaxed him. “I’ll get up early and come with Uncle Luo to send you to school first. Then I’ll go to school, okay?”

“There is no need.” Ji Leyu huffed. “You don’t need it anyway. You don’t have to worry about me. You can just go.”

He went to push Lin Fei away as he spoke.

Lin Fei felt that he was really childish and naive. Still, Ji Leyu was originally a child and younger than himself. It was normal for him to be a bit naive.

Lin Fei grabbed the hand that pushed him. Then he hugged Ji Leyu and touched his head. “You are good.”

“I’m not good.” Ji Leyu pushed him away.

However, he wasn’t as strong as Lin Fei. He pushed for a long time but couldn’t push Lin Fei away. Therefore, he became even angrier and more frustrated. “You don’t need me to accompany you. Why are you coaxing me? Just go.”

Lin Fei listened to these repeated words and finally understood why he was angry.

“I really don’t need you to accompany me,” he explained to Ji Leyu. “I’ve always gone to school alone.”

Ji Leyu was instantly angrier!

“I know!” He said angrily. “So it is fine that I don’t accompany you. I will go to my kindergarten and you can go to your first grade, okay?”

“But you are still angry.”

Ji Leyu pushed him fiercely but couldn’t push him away. Then he said angrily, “I’m not angry.”

Lin Fei, “……”

Very good. Now there was more duplicity.

“Do you want to accompany me?” He asked Ji Leyu.

“I don’t want to.” Ji Leyu didn’t look at him. “Who wants to accompany you? Who do you think you are? I have a bunch of friends in school and they need me to accompany them.”

‘It is like this!’ Ji Leyu thought secretly. ‘I am so popular. The boys in kindergarten like me and the girls also like me. Why do I need to go to a new school with Lin Fei? I don’t need to go! I will continue being king of my kindergarten. Fools can go to first grade!’

Lin Fei saw him tilting his head and not looking at himself. He reached out, pressed against Ji Leyu’s cheeks and turned his head. Ji Leyu immediately turned away again. Lin Fei turned him again, pressing the baby fat on his cheek. Ji Leyu ignored him and was ready to turn back. But after trying to turn away for a long time, he was depressed to find that he couldn’t turn his head at all. He could only stare directly at Lin Fei in front of him.

Lin Fei was amused by him and gently pressed against his soft little cheek, saying in a good voice, “Don’t be angry. It isn’t that I won’t let you accompany me. It is because I am afraid your grades can’t keep up. I have been in school for almost half a semester and you haven’t attended it yet.”

Ji Leyu felt he was stupid at this moment.

“I haven’t been to school but can’t you teach me? Don’t you have good grades? Haven’t you read a lot of books? Can’t you teach me?”

Lin Fei hadn’t expected this.

He had always been aloof and indifferent and he didn’t talk much to his classmates at school. Even if he got good grades, none of his classmates would ask him questions. He didn’t have the awareness that he could teach others and help them improve their grades.

Ji Leyu reached out and pulled Lin Fei’s hand off his face. He turned his head and didn’t look at him.

Lin Fei had pressed against his face for a long time and it was a bit red. This made the rest of him seem even whiter like snow. He was like a beautiful doll placed in a store window.

Now the doll was angry.

Lin Fei saw his angry appearance, thought for a moment and leaned closer to kiss him on the cheek.

Ji Leyu, “!!!”

Ji Leyu’s eyes instantly widened in shock and he turned to stare at Lin Fei in disbelief.

“My uncle said he will be happy if I kiss him. Now I kissed you. Are you happy?” Lin Fei asked him.

Ji Leyu, “……”

Ji Leyu felt that he was indeed happy.

However, he quickly suppressed the little signs of happiness. He was still angry! What was there to be happy about? He wasn’t happy!

Ji Leyu raised his head, very proud. “Then kiss me again.”

He added, “The other side.”

Lin Fei didn’t refuse. He approached and kissed him on the other cheek.

Ji Leyu was happy. “I want it next door.”

‘Didn’t I just kiss over there?’ Lin Fei thought in his heart.

However, he just thought so. He still kissed Ji Leyu very seriously.

“Once more on the other side.” Ji Leyu’s tone rose.

Lin Fei, “……”

“It is the last time,” Lin Fei told him.

Ji Leyu wasn’t satisfied and silently puffed up his cheeks.

Lin Fei directly kissed his bulging cheeks. Ji Leyu hadn’t expected him to kiss so suddenly and his mouth dropped open in some surprise. His cheeks deflated and he looked confused. He was simple and cute.

Lin Fei touched his head and told him, “Then don’t be angry.”

After speaking, he coaxed Ji Leyu again. “You are good.”

“Then do you want me to accompany you?” Ji Leyu asked him awkwardly.

Lin Fei didn’t need others to accompany him to school. Then he saw Ji Leyu like this and felt that Ji Leyu probably wanted to accompany him to school.

He didn’t understand it very well but he knew that most children liked to make friends. Once they made good friends, they liked to stick to each other. The girls in class often went to the toilet hand in hand. Ji Leyu might not be a girl but he liked to sleep with Lin Fei and talk to him. Therefore, Ji Leyu probably also liked to cling to him. He wanted to go to school and leave school together.

If this was replaced by someone else—oh, there would be no one else. It was because Lin Fei was silent and cold from the start. He had no desire to make friends and was too lazy to say a word to others.

Among the children of the same age, he only opened up the net to Ji Leyu. This allowed Ji Leyu, the fish, to slip through the net and swim to his side. Lin Fei tolerated him again and again, indulged him and even helped him keep his secret, preventing others from seeing his true face.

He had much more patience and tenderness toward Ji Leyu than he had toward others.

“Then you have to listen to me obediently,” Lin Fei told him. “You also can’t go to the first grade in a few days and ask to go back to kindergarten after feeling that it is difficult.”

Ji Leyu said disdainfully, “How difficult can it be? I’m sure I can do it.”

Lin Fei nodded. “I hope so.”

“Then you go and tell my dad.” Ji Leyu struck while the iron was hot. “Go and tell him that you want me to go to school with you.”

Lin Fei, “……”

“Why should I say that?” Lin Fei asked him. “Why don’t you say it?”

“He won’t agree if I say it,” Ji Leyu answered while blinking pitifully.

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei was even more embarrassed to say it.

He was getting along with Ji Yuxiao now and didn’t feel constrained by the fact that he and Ji Yuxiao weren’t related by blood. In the end, it was something Ji Yuxiao refused. If he talked about it again, would Ji Yuxiao be unhappy?

Ji Leyu saw he was silent and asked him, “Don’t you dare?”

“I’m afraid your father will be unhappy because of this. I don’t want him to be unhappy.”

Otherwise, he would have to coax Ji Yuxiao again.

Ji Leyu pursed his lips. He didn’t want his father to be unhappy, but he also wanted to go to school with Lin Fei.

He frowned and thought for a while. Then he suddenly had an idea. “Let’s find your uncle and ask him to talk to Dad.”

Lin Fei thought, ‘Huh?’

Ji Leyu’s eyes were bright and he seemed to think this was an excellent idea. “I used to tell my mother when I wanted something and was afraid my father wouldn’t agree. If my mother agreed then my father would also agree.”

“Dad will listen to Mom. Your uncle isn’t my mother but he is my father. Dad should listen to him. After all, they are both dads and are adults.”

Lin Fei thought about it and felt it made sense.

Ji Leyu leaned against him, hugged him and coquettishly said, “Go and talk to your uncle, okay? Or should we talk together~?”

Lin Fei watched him blink and act cute and pinched his face. “Okay.”

He didn’t know if Lin Luoqing would agree.

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“My uncle said he will be happy if I kiss him. Now I kissed you. Are you happy?” Lin Fei asked him.

Ji Leyu, “……”

Ji Leyu felt that he was indeed happy.

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