FV: Chapter 82

He Ni finally reacted and pulled Zhang Xiaosong to the side.

She was soaked all over. Her wet and cold body shivered in the autumn breeze and her entire body was trembling.

She looked at Ji Leyu. Her hair had turned into wet locks and she didn’t look as proud and rich as usual. She was like a soaked chicken that had lost her feathers.

Ji Leyu looked as if he was about to cry. He seemed frightened, aggrieved and pitiful.

“I… I didn’t mean to,” he said timidly.

Zhang Xiaosong raised his wet sleeves and pointed at Ji Leyu while crying, “You must’ve done it on purpose. You deliberately sprayed me with water. Apologize to me!”

Ji Leyu was even more aggrieved. “I didn’t.”

Zhang Qing looked at it and felt it was unintentional.

Such a small child looked so well-behaved. He originally came out to water the flowers and was playing with water when they went out. He probably didn’t notice them, so he accidentally sprayed Zhang Qing’s wife and child when turning around. Then he became frightened and forgot to let go, continuing to let the water spray.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Zhang Qing looked at his wife and child. “He didn’t do it on purpose. Forget it.”

What’s more, this was Ji Yuxiao’s son.

He Ni didn’t speak. She quietly stared at Ji Leyu, who was still looking innocent.

He Ni felt that all the grievances in her heart were erupting at this moment. She traveled all this way to apologize to a child, but the other person ignored her. She stood at the door for an afternoon with her child but they couldn’t even see Lin Fei’s face.

Ji Yuxiao humiliated her and Lin Fei didn’t see her. Now Ji Yuxiao’s son and Lin Fei’s brother sprayed her and her son with water.

But what could she say?

Let’s ignore the fact that this child didn’t do it on purpose. Even if he did it on purpose, what could she say?

What did she dare to say?

She had to swallow it and not say anything even if her teeth were knocked out.

He Ni turned around crying and pulled Zhang Xiaosong out.

She listened to her son crying and saying he was cold and her tears couldn’t stop flowing.

He Ni’s tears didn’t stop even when she got in the car. She covered her face and sat in the car, crying in pain. However, Zhang Xiaosong was still complaining next to her, “I want to change clothes. My clothes are soaked. Mom, I’m so cold. I want to change clothes, wu wu wu.”

He Ni had to help him take off his coat. Then when she stretched out her hand, she found that her sleeve was also dripping. It dripped down and down, as if dripping on her heart, reminding her of her embarrassment. Her tears became even more turbulent.

Aunt Zhang opened the door and saw He Ni and Zhang Xiaosong leaving in a hurry.

She glanced over doubtfully. Then she walked over to Ji Leyu in the flower garden and asked, “What’s wrong with them? Why did they scream just now?”

Ji Leyu had adjusted the hose back to its normal watering state.

“I was just watering the flowers when they came out. I didn’t see them and accidentally spilled water on them.”

He talked to Aunt Zhang in a slightly embarrassed and shy manner, as if he was feeling guilty.

Aunt Zhang heard his words, thought it was just a little spill and didn’t care about it.

She had been dissatisfied with Zhang Xiaosong’s family due to Lin Fei’s affair, so she comforted Ji Leyu. “It’s okay. They are delicate. The sprinkler truck on the road will splash a bit of water on people every time they pass by, but I haven’t seen anyone scream like them. Don’t blame yourself, it isn’t your fault. Couldn’t they see you watering the flowers? They don’t know how to wait or go around.”

Once she finished speaking, she took the hose from Ji Leyu’s hand again. “Okay, you go and play. I’ll help you water it later.”

Ji Leyu nodded and said obediently, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Let’s go,” Aunt Zhang said with a smile.

Ji Leyu turned around with a smile and walked forward step by step. The well-behaved and innocence in his eyes gradually faded, replaced by complacency and pride.

They dare to bully Lin Fei?

Are they kidding?

Lin Fei is mine. No one can touch him!

I will take revenge on anyone who bullies Lin Fei!

The corners of Ji Leyu’s lips slowly raised up. His mood was light and happy. They had cold water poured on them in this weather. He didn’t know if they would catch a cold.

Hopefully, they would.

He pushed open the door and walked in, humming a children’s song without words again.

Just as Lin Fei got up from the bay window, he heard a knock on the door. Ji Yuxiao pushed the wheelchair in.

Lin Fei guessed that he should’ve come about Zhang Xiaosong and his mother. He had figured it out by this time. Zhao Xiaosong didn’t know he lived here and even Teacher Zhao didn’t know. It could only be Ji Yuxiao who told them.

He asked them to come and apologize to Lin Fei.

“You’re not reading?” Ji Yuxiao asked strangely.

Lin Fei didn’t want to tell him what he had just seen. Ji Leyu would definitely be unwilling so he just said calmly, “Taking a rest.”

‘That’s right,’ Ji Yuxiao thought. ‘No matter how beautiful the book, it is necessary to give the eyes a proper rest.’

“I just sent away Zhang Xiaosong and his mother.” He told Lin Fei. “They wrote you a review and gave it to me, since you don’t want to meet them. Do you want to see it?”

Lin Fei shook his head. He still didn’t feel that he needed to waste time on Zhang Xiaosong.

Ji Yuxiao nodded. This was actually within his expectations, but he still felt a bit lost.

It wasn’t too obvious. It was like a drop of water, very light but there.

He thought that Lin Fei would be happy if he did these things, but Lin Fei didn’t seem to care. It was as if it was dispensable.

Ji Yuxiao felt that he still didn’t know Lin Fei well enough. He also felt that he seemed to have done some useless work.

“Then I’ll deal with it myself,” he said. “I wanted to make you happy, but it didn’t seem to work. Fortunately, this proves you aren’t unhappy because of this, which is also a good thing.”

Lin Fei listened to his words and sensed the loss in his tone.

He thought about it and said to Ji Yuxiao, “I’m not unhappy.”

“I know,” Ji Yuxiao said.

Lin Fei approached him, stood in front of him and changed his words. “I’m a bit happy.”

Ji Yuxiao was puzzled. “Really?”

He obviously looked completely unconcerned.

Lin Fei nodded. “You want me to be happy. Since you want me to be happy, I am a bit happy now.”

Ji Yuxiao was stunned before he belatedly understood Lin Fei’s meaning. He wasn’t happy about Zhang Xiaosong and his mother’s apology. He was happy that Ji Yuxiao wanted him to be happy and did these things.

“You made them come, right?” Lin Fei said calmly. “You felt I needed their apology and wanted to protect me, so you let them come. Therefore, I’m not unhappy. I am happy.”

Ji Yuxiao saw the way he tried to explain clearly and couldn’t help smiling. He reached out and hugged Lin Fei, telling him, “As long as you are happy.”

“Then are you happy?” Lin Fei asked him.

“If you are happy then I’m happy.” Ji Yuxiao kissed the side of his face.

Lin Fei remembered what Lin Luoqing had said before, ‘I will be happy if you kiss me.’ Therefore, he turned his head, revealed half his face and kissed Ji Yuxiao’s face.

Ji Yuxiao was surprised and looked at him in disbelief.

Lin Fei’s eyes were clear and filled with an imperceptible tenderness. He asked, “Are you happier now?”

Ji Yuxiao felt that the drop of water in his heart disappeared without a trace in an instant. What he did wasn’t useless. At the very least, Lin Fei was happy that he cared and was happy because Ji Yuxiao wanted him to be happy.

Lin Fei also kissed him just to make him happy.

Ji Yuxiao made him happy after all.

He rubbed Lin Fei’s forehead and said softly, “Yes, I’m happy.”

Lin Fei saw the smile in his eyes and felt that the lost emotion from before seemed to be gone. He was relieved and smiled softly at the other person, so that Ji Yuxiao could feel his mood.

Ji Yuxiao saw the smile bloom on his face, like a flower in the morning, pure and immature. He felt that he seemed to have become closer to Lin Fei at this moment.

It seemed that he had finally stepped through the seemingly indifferent layer of alienated air and stood in front of Lin Fei. He no longer needed Lin Luoqing or Ji Leyu as a bridge and could directly embrace Lin Fei by himself.

He kissed the side of Lin Fei’s face again, his heart full of joy.

Ji Yuxiao left Lin Fei’s bedroom in a good mood and returned to the study with a relaxed face and two useless reviews.

Lin Fei returned to his desk, ready to continue reading.

He had just read two sentences when Ji Leyu opened the door and walked in holding a small fruit plate.

“I’m back.” Ji Leyu naturally walked to him and sat down. He placed the fruit plate on his desk and looked at the book in his hand. “Were you reading at home today?”


‘That’s so boring,’ Ji Leyu thought. He grabbed a cherry tomato, placed it in his mouth and said, “Someone came to see you today.”

“Yes.” Lin Fei was still calm and his eyes didn’t leave the book.

Ji Leyu was curious. “Why were they looking for you? What is your relationship with them?”

“A classmate.”

Ji Leyu nodded. So did he bully Lin Fei at school?

“Then why didn’t you go down to meet them?”

“Who said I must see them just because they come?” It was only then that Lin Fei took his eyes off the page to look at Ji Leyu.

He was eating cherry tomatoes with his cheeks bulging. He was like a little squirrel eating secretly.

Lin Fei placed a bookmark on the page he was reading. He closed the book and asked in a calm tone, “Did you forget to tell me something?”

“Is there?” Ji Leyu thought about it. Did he? He didn’t seem to have forgotten anything.

“No?” He replied.

Lin Fei, “……”

Are you now trying to add dishonesty to your countless shortcomings?

Lin Fei was helpless. “What did you promise me before?”

“There are too many.” Ji Leyu thought about it. “Which one are you referring to?”

Lin Fei, “……”

“So you didn’t remember it at all, did you?”

“Of course not.” Ji Leyu refused to admit it. “I have done everything I promised you.”

“So what did you just do in the yard?” Lin Fei asked him. “Shouldn’t you have told me in advance?”

Ji Leyu was shocked. “You saw it again?”

How come he was caught by Lin Fei every time he did something?

It was too miserable!

Ji Leyu felt that he was going to feel despair!

“This time, I didn’t push them into the water and I didn’t start a fire. I didn’t use knives that you said couldn’t be used. I just poured water on them. This won’t kill people. I also didn’t do it secretly behind their backs. I did it in front of them. This isn’t a bad thing behind the scenes, so there is no need to tell you.” Ji Leyu quickly put aside his responsibility.

He blinked and acted cute. “Small flowers and grass aren’t afraid of being watered. Can people still be afraid of being watered? There are many people who don’t bring umbrellas on rainy days and they are fine.”

Lin Fei thought, ‘…He has quite a lot of false reasonings.’

Ji Leyu looked innocent. “Right?”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei pinched his face and didn’t care about him.

Forget it, it was just some water. They wouldn’t really die from it.

Ji Leyu saw that he seemed to have let this go and was relieved. He deliberately snorted again and complained. “I poured water on them for you but you didn’t praise me. You even lectured me.”

Lin Fei, “……”

“You still want me to praise you?”

Ji Leyu heard his disgusted tone and plausibly said, “I did it for you. Otherwise, I would’ve ignored them.”

He pouted and looked at Lin Fei with an aggrieved look.

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei felt 30% helpless, 30% calm and 40% indulgent. He reached out his hand and touched the other person’s head. “You are good.”

“What else?”

Lin Fei had to hug him. “I really didn’t lecture you.”

“Don’t lecture me next time,” Ji Leyu immediately asked for benefits for himself.

Lin Fei silently put down the hand touching his hair. “Then it’s better if you don’t be good.”

Ji Leyu, “……!!!”

Ji Leyu’s little face immediately puffed up and he almost became angry with this person.

Lin Fei saw his angry appearance and almost laughed. He touched Ji Leyu’s little head again. “Okay, I won’t lecture you next time, but you aren’t allowed to do too much.”’

“I got it.”

“You have to tell me before you do it. If it is too late, then tell me after it is done.” Lin Fei looked at him. “In any case, you have to tell me.”

Ji Leyu frowned. “Isn’t that the same as before?”

“Be obedient.” Lin Fei patted his head.

Ji Leyu pouted. “Yes.”

After this, he plunged into Lin Fei’s arms again. Then he remembered something and asked, “How can you be bullied by him? When were you bullied by him and why didn’t you tell me?”

He suddenly let out an ‘ah’ sound. “You didn’t go to school today and said you were going to transfer schools. Is it because of him?”

Listening to his series of questions, Lin Fei raised his hand and stuffed a cherry tomato into Ji Leyu’s mouth, pausing his questioning.

Ji Leyu was caught off guard by him and was fed a cherry tomato. He was stunned for a moment before looking at him in a daze.

Lin Fei felt this expression was quite cute, so he poked Ji Leyu’s face before answering calmly, “I wasn’t bullied by him. I hit him. Didn’t you see that he has injuries on his face?”

“The transfer wasn’t because of him. It is my uncle who said this place isn’t suitable for me. I should go to a place that is more suitable for me.”

Ji Leyu chewed on the cherry tomato in his mouth and asked curiously, “Then where is the place that is more suitable for you?”

Lin Fei shook his head. But…

“Do you remember the Animal World we watched before?” He asked Ji Leyu. “Every tiger has its own territory. I will also have mine.”

Ji Leyu listened while supporting his little head. “Then I should also have my own territory.”

Lin Fei heard this and was a bit puzzled. Lin Luoqing said he was a dragon but he didn’t say what Ji Leyu was. Then what was Ji Leyu?

He couldn’t really be just a small fish, right?

Lin Fei decided to wait and ask Lin Luoqing next time.

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Ji Leyu is a little fish! A lantern fish or a piranha!!!!


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