FV: Chapter 81

Ji Yuxiao finished his work and looked at the time. It was almost time to end the punishment.

He took the initiative to call Zhang Qing.

Zhang Qing answered quickly and respectfully, “President Ji.”

“Let your wife answer the phone,” Ji Yuxiao said indifferently.

Zhang Qing had to give the phone to He Ni.

He Ni could barely stand any longer. She took it in a trembling manner and heard a warm and peaceful male voice.

However, his words weren’t so gentle. “What did you say yesterday? Write a review, right?”

He Ni quickly said, “I’m sorry, I was wrong. I really didn’t know he was your child. If I knew…”

“No no no,” Ji Yuxiao interrupted her gently. “You aren’t wrong. You should indeed write a review if you do something wrong, do you understand?”

How could He Ni not understand?

She was silent for a moment before saying in a humiliated manner, “I’ll write it now.”

“Is it just you?”

Tears swirled silently in He Ni’s eyes. “Xiaosong will write it too.”

Ji Yuxiao listened to her choked up voice and mocked her, “What are you crying about? You are the parent of a child and you will feel distressed for him. Then do you think Lin Fei’s parents are made of stone and won’t be distressed? If it is so uncomfortable, why not write 1,500 words? Come on, tell me your pain.”

He Ni didn’t speak. She couldn’t say anything. Didn’t she know that Lin Fei’s parents would be distressed? She naturally knew it but she didn’t care. She didn’t care about Lin Fei or whether his parents would feel distressed for him if he suffered. She didn’t care about others and she naturally couldn’t expect others to care about her.

There was no pen and paper in Zhang Qing’s car. Ji Yuxiao kindly asked Aunt Zhang to send them some papers and pens. Then he went to Lin Fei’s room.

Lin Fei was still reading and didn’t know what happened outside the door. He looked up doubtfully when he saw Ji Yuxiao coming in

Ji Yuxiao smiled and pushed his wheelchair up to him. Then Ji Yuxiao raised a hand and rubbed his hair.

“Zhang Xiaosong and his mother are here. They came to apologize to you and are just outside the door.”

Lin Fei listened quietly and made an ‘oh’ sound.

“Shall I let them come up? Or should I go down with you?”

Lin Fei was puzzled. “Why?”

“How else would they apologize to you?”

“They are apologizing but do I have to go see them and listen to their apology?” Lin Fei asked him. “Can I not see them?”

He really didn’t understand why Zhang Xiaosong and his mother suddenly came to him to apologize. However, he didn’t need their apology and didn’t want to see them. Therefore, he didn’t want to waste time—he hadn’t finished his book yet.

Ji Yuxiao was surprised. “Don’t you want them to apologize to you?”

“There’s no meaning,” Lin Fei said. “I don’t need it.”

He didn’t care about Zhang Xiaosong, just like he didn’t care about the stones on the road or pedestrians passing by. There wasn’t a trace of any feeling for Zhang Xiaosong or his mother, so he didn’t feel the need to meet them.

“Can I not go?” Lin Fei asked again in a calm manner, without any joy or anger.

Ji Yuxiao heard these words and carefully examined the child in front of him.

For the first time, he realized that he still didn’t know Lin Fei well enough.

“Aren’t you angry? He slandered you, snatched your mother’s phone and dropped it on the ground.”

“So I hit him,” Lin Fei replied.

“He was hit so hard that he hurt his face and cried a lot. I got my revenge.”

“Then you don’t think you need his apology?”

Lin Fei nodded. It wasn’t the first time he had fought. He would fight back every time someone provoked him. He had no father or brother since he was a child, so he was used to relying on himself.

What was the use of apologizing?

He had to listen to them and it would waste his time. He didn’t need it. He might as well hit them to the point of tears, so they wouldn’t dare do it next time.

“I want to read,” Lin Fei told him. “I don’t want to waste time meeting them.”

“Okay.” Ji Yuxiao laughed.

At this moment, he finally understood why Lin Luoqing would say, ‘Some people were born strong, such as you and Lin Fei.’ He had always felt that Lin Fei was just a child. Even though Lin Fei was smart, precocious and stable, he couldn’t be described as born strong.

Now he understood that it had nothing to do with whether he was a child or not. His age didn’t matter because his heart was far stronger than most people’s.

He had his own rules. He indifferently looked at the disturbances of the world and walked through it without causing dust. His world was pure and transparent.

Ji Yuxiao didn’t disturb the purity of his world. “Then I will go and let them leave now.”

Lin Fei nodded. He wanted to thank Ji Yuxiao, but he remembered Ji Yuxiao’s reminder not to say thanks again. Therefore, Lin Fei just smiled slightly.

Ji Yuxiao saw the smile on his face and couldn’t help smiling as well. He stroked Lin Fei’s head again.

He pushed the wheelchair out of Lin Fei’s room and went downstairs. He sat on the sofa, processing the messages in his inbox while waiting for Zhang Xiaosong and He Ni’s reviews.

Approximately 40 minutes later, He Ni called him and said that she and Zhang Xiaosong had finished writing the reviews.

Ji Yuxiao let out a hum and continued to process his messages. He waited until he finished processing it before letting Aunt Zhang open the door.

Ji Leyu got out of the car. The moment he entered the house, he saw several strangers standing there.

‘Who are they?’ He secretly wondered in his heart.

He Ni and Zhang Qing stood in front of Ji Yuxiao. They didn’t dare turn back even when they heard movement behind him. Zhang Xiaosong was young and couldn’t control himself. He reflexively looked toward the source of the sound and saw Ji Leyu sitting on a small bench at the entrance and changing into slippers.

He was beautiful. His amber eyes stared straight at Zhang Xiaosong and Zhang Xiaosong was even more surprised when he saw it.

Lin Fei’s family actually had such a cute younger brother?

He Ni noticed that her son wasn’t paying attention and quickly turned his head back. There was an embarrassed smile on his face. “President Ji, why don’t I see Lin Fei?”

Ji Leyu heard this and paused while standing up.

They came to find Lin Fei?


What did Lin Fei have to do with them?

He glanced at Zhang Xiaosong again and walked forward with his school bag.

“Dad.” He called out happily to Ji Yuxiao and put down his school bag on the sofa where Ji Yuxiao was sitting.

Ji Yuxiao didn’t want Ji Leyu to see him teaching others a lesson and said softly, “You’re back. Your brother is upstairs. Go find him.”

“I want to eat fruit.” Ji Leyu smiled. “I’ll go wash the fruits first.”

Then he smiled and ran toward the kitchen.

Ji Yuxiao originally wanted to distract him. Then seeing Ji Leyu leave, he didn’t say anything else.

He watched Ji Leyu enter the kitchen and made sure he couldn’t hear. Then he shifted his gaze to He Ni and Zhang Xiaosong again.

He Ni lowered her head uncomfortably when he looked at her.

She always thought that since he was called President Ji, the other person should be about the same age as her husband. She hadn’t expected this person to be so young and handsome. He leaned against the sofa, elegant and dignified. He looked even younger than her.

Now she stood in front of the other person, bowing helplessly to him. He Ni felt even more embarrassed in her heart.

“Where is it?” Ji Yuxiao reached out a hand.

He Ni hurriedly handed over the review she was holding in her hand. The coffee table was between the two of them. She reached out but couldn’t hand it to Ji Yuxiao. She could only keep moving forward, leaning forward to put it in Ji Yuxiao’s hand.

The other person still had that indifferent expression on his face and didn’t move from beginning to end.

This sense of humiliation made He Ni lower her head again. She felt that all her self-esteem was gone.


Ji Yuxiao said to Zhang Xiaosong.

Zhang Xiaosong hurriedly handed it over, but his arm was shorter and he couldn’t reach. He wanted to go around the coffee table, but Ji Yuxiao stopped him. “Just stand there.”

He Ni was forced to take the review from her son’s hand and hand it over in a humiliated manner.

Ji Leyu took out cherry tomatoes from the refrigerator. He was about to wash them when they were taken away by Aunt Zhang, who was cooking in the kitchen.

“I’ll do it, I’ll do it. Just stand by and wait.”

Ji Leyu asked her innocently, “Auntie, who are those three people outside?”

“I don’t know,” Aunt Zhang said truthfully. “But it seems they are here to apologize to Fei Fei.”

“Apologize to my brother?” Ji Leyu cocked his head, looking very simple. “Why apologize to my brother? Did they bully him?”

Aunt Zhang shook her head and helped him wash the cherry tomatoes. “I don’t know about this but they must not have done anything good. Otherwise, your father wouldn’t let them stand outside the door without answering.”

Aunt Zhang was at the age when she liked children. Out of the two children in the family, Ji Leyu was lively and Lin Fei was well-behaved. Aunt Zhang saw this and liked them in her heart, especially Lin Fei, who liked to read and study. It was doubly lethal for women like Aunt Zhang.

It was to the extent that after Aunt Zhang found out that Zhang Xiaosong came to apologize to Lin Fei, she stood on Lin Fei’s side without hesitation. She felt that Zhang Xiaosong must’ve bullied their family’s good child. Therefore, she didn’t have a good impression of them.

“Okay, I’ve washed it.” Aunt Zhang put the cherry tomatoes on the fruit plate and handed them to Ji Leyu. “Leave them alone. Your father will deal with it. Go eat the fruit. We will be eating in a while.”

Ji Leyu nodded obediently. “Yes.”

“You’re so cute,” Aunt Zhang said sincerely.

Ji Leyu smiled with curved eyebrows. “I’ll go and let Dad eat some too.”

He finished speaking and carefully held the fruit plate. He walked toward the coffee table in the living room and put the cherry tomatoes in front of Ji Yuxiao. “Dad, you eat first.”

Ji Yuxiao laughed and said gently, “You eat. I won’t eat.”

“Eat~” Ji Leyu said coquettishly. “You eat first. I’ll go and water the flowers. Once you finish eating, I’ll take it up and eat it with my brother.”

Ji Yuxiao just thought that his son was too sensible. He was simply a little angel in the world. He wasn’t the same as the bear child in front of him.

Ji Leyu watched him with a smile. Then he turned and ran out the door. He came to the flower garden in the yard.

In autumn, the yard of Ji Yuxiao’s villa had many chrysanthemum flowers, which were colorful and seemed very lively.

Ji Leyu calmly turned the tap to water the flowers. He hummed a children’s song without words to water the flowers in the flower garden.

Ji Yuxiao looked at the person in front of him. Zhang Qing smiled awkwardly. At his feet was a gift he bought last night. “This is a small gift for Lin Fei. I hope Lin Fei can forgive Xiaosong’s ignorance.”

“You are thinking very well. If you apologize, do others have to forgive you? If your son is ignorant, does my son have to pay for your child’s ignorance?”

The smile on Zhang Qing’s face became even more embarrassed. “I didn’t mean that. I…”

“Take it back.” Ji Yuxiao interrupted him. “There is nothing lacking in my family. Does he seem to be lacking anything?”

Zhang Qing could only shake his head in embarrassment.

“Fei Fei doesn’t want to see you. He thinks it is a waste of time. No one stipulated that if you come to apologize, the person involved must listen to you apologize, right?”

“Yes yes,” Zhang Qing nodded.

“I’m not asking you, I’m asking your wife. Mrs Zhang, am I right?”

He Ni quickly nodded. “Yes.”

“The fight happened in the classroom. Therefore, I need your son to tell everyone in the classroom tomorrow that he wronged Fei Fei. He started it first and deliberately provoked Fei Fei. He will admit he was wrong and will never dare do it again, okay?”

“Yes.” He Ni lowered her head and didn’t dare to refuse.

“Then he will go to the teacher’s office and stand all afternoon,” Ji Yuxiao continued. “Mrs Zhang, you were in the office that day, right? You said many things that didn’t sound good, right? Do you think it is too much that I asked you to go to the office and admit that you were blindly impulsive and bullied and embarrassed another family’s child?”

“It isn’t too much.” He Ni stared at the ground and felt like her neck weighed a lot.

“That’s good.” Ji Yuxiao nodded. “It is quite interesting to bully other people’s children, right?”

“It isn’t.” He Ni hurriedly shook her head.

Ji Yuxiao laughed. “It isn’t? I think it is quite interesting now. Mrs Zhang, you can spoil your own child, bully other people’s children or even get angry and want to bully Fei Fei again. That is fine. However, you had better hide it well or next time, I can’t promise that I will let you stand here and talk to you in such a good temper.”

He Ni’s tears were about to come out. “I won’t do it again.”

“Don’t promise me, I don’t care. You can go.”

He Ni heard this and acted like she had been pardoned. She couldn’t wait to pull her son and walk out.

She felt that her self-esteem had died in this room. She was constantly being pulled on and trampled by others while being ignored and uncared for.

She walked out impatiently, wanting to leave the place that had humiliated her.

Ji Leyu was playing with the hose in his hand in the yard. He seemed to be bored with watering the flowers and didn’t do it properly. He took the hose and sprayed it left and right, creating morning dew in the sky.

Ji Leyu watched. Then after hearing the sound of the door opening, he silently turned the nozzle of the hose. Then he turned around like a child inadvertently doing it when playing. The water column rushed toward He Ni, who just felt that she had breathed fresh air.

It was different from a gentle shower. The water from the hose hit He Ni’s chin with a fierce impact. In the next second, her body was cold and clammy. He Ni screamed uncontrollably.

Ji Leyu seemed frightened by the sound and quickly withdrew his hand. The direction of the water column changed and it ‘slapped’ Zhang Xiaosong’s face.

Zhang Xiaosong was caught off guard by this. He was soaked in cold water. It was cold and piercing and he cried immediately.

Ji Leyu froze in place as if frightened. He forgot to lower the hose in his hand and constantly sprayed water toward Zhang Xiaosong.

Ji Yuxiao had just sat back in his wheelchair when he heard He Ni and Zhang Xiaosong’s screams.

He was a bit puzzled and glanced toward the door. However, he didn’t care about the two of them and just said to Aunt Zhang, who had walked out of the kitchen. “Go and take a look.”

He finished speaking and pushed the wheelchair toward the elevator.

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