FV: Chapter 77

Luo Jia’s car was as stable as ever. The three of them arrived home at the same time as usual. Lin Luoqing opened the door and walked in with Lin Fei and Ji Leyu.

Aunt Zhang was pleasantly surprised to see him return. “Mr Lin, why are you back? Are you done with your work?”

“Not yet. I will be home for one night and leave tomorrow.”

“Then I’ll add a dish and make Mr Lin’s favorites.”

“Yes, thank you.” Lin Luoqing smiled.

Aunt Zhang waved her hand. “Mr Lin, you are welcome.” Then she headed back into the kitchen.

Lin Luoqing took Lin Fei and Ji Leyu up the stairs. Then Lin Fei pulled Lin Luoqing to his bedroom.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Luoqing asked him.

“Close your eyes,” Lin Fei ordered him.

Lin Luoqing looked at him doubtfully and said with a smile, “Why do you need to be so mysterious?”

It was rare for Lin Fei to be willing to act like this with him.

According to his original thoughts, he should directly give the cactus to Lin Luoqing. Yet just now, Lin Luoqing had said something like that to him and he was happy and warm. He didn’t want to give the gift so bluntly.

He saw what people were like on TV. He remembered that the people who received gifts on TV were very happy.

So he felt that Lin Luoqing might also like this.

Lin Luoqing cooperated and raised his hand to cover his eyes. He asked softly, “Like this?”


“Then what?” Lin Luoqing wondered.

He didn’t think in the direction that Lin Fei wanted to give him a gift. After all, Lin Fei hadn’t shown any intentions in this regard.

Lin Fei watched. Then he quickly walked to the bay window, picked up the pot of cactus to be given away and slowly walked back to him.

He held it firmly. Since he was short, he had to hold it up high with both hands if he wanted to hand it to Lin Luoqing.

“You can open your eyes now.” Lin Fei’s voice was soft.

Lin Luoqing let go of his hand and saw that Lin Fei was seriously holding a pot of cactus. The cactus wasn’t considered very tall, but it was much taller than the pot he had bought for Lin Fei before.

“It is for you.” Lin Fei smiled at him.

His two eyes were slightly curved and the eyelashes that covered his thoughts densely like a rain cloud were slightly raised, revealing his clear and bright eyes. The light flickered like sunlight in his eyes, melting his former calm and indifference into fine ice and turning them into the stars in the sky.

Lin Luoqing couldn’t tell what he felt in his heart.

Surprised, excited, satisfied or exhilarated. He stared at the person in front of him and slowly took the cactus from his raised small hands.

This was the first gift that Lin Fei had asked him for. In a shopping mall full of gold and silver jewelry, he asked politely and seriously if Lin Luoqing could give him a pot of flowers.

Now Lin Fei gave him this gift.

Lin Luoqing felt that the flower in his heart had blossomed on the cactus in his hand, in Lin Fei’s eyes and in his heart.

At this moment, he couldn’t suppress his smile.

“Thank you.” Lin Luoqing smiled and said to him, “I like it very much.”

He added, “I’ll take good care of my cactus.”

No matter whether it is in my hand or in front of me.

Lin Fei didn’t hear the meaning of his pun. He just saw Lin Luoqing’s joy as he said he liked it. He had a nice smile so Lin Fei was happy.

“You’re welcome,” he replied softly.

His heart thumped again. He was relaxed and soft. He looked at Lin Luoqing and was inexplicably a bit embarrassed, so he went to the desk with his school bag.

Lin Luoqing watched him sit down quietly and start to read again, but his ears were slightly red, revealing his shyness.

He smiled again without exposing him and turned to walk out of Lin Fei’s room.

Lin Fei turned his head when he heard the door closing and saw that Lin Luoqing had already left.

Then he lay down on the desk. He thought about what Lin Luoqing had said to him in school and couldn’t help smiling again.

Ji Yuxiao was reading the information in the study when he heard a knock on the door. The next second, he saw Lin Luoqing unexpectedly appear in front of his eyes.

He was surprised. “Luoqing? Why are you back?”

He went to visit the set yesterday and Lin Luoqing said he wouldn’t be able to take leave recently. Why did he suddenly come back now?

Lin Luoqing smiled and walked in, still holding the pot of cactus that Lin Fei had given to him.

“Look.” He proudly showed the cactus to Ji Yuxiao like a treasure. “Fei Fei gave it to me.”

Ji Yuxiao said proudly, “I also have it. Fei Fei gave it to me.”

Lin Luoqing, “????!!!!”

He thought Lin Fei specially gave it to him but it was actually a family package?

Ji Yuxiao laughed after seeing the surprise on his face. “Not long after you went to film, Lin Fei asked me if I could take him to buy flowers. I agreed and also got a pot of cactus.”

“It must be that you took advantage of me.” Lin Luoqing wasn’t to be outdone. “Fei Fei is so sensible. How could he just buy it for me? If you went with him, then he will naturally give you a pot as well.”

Ji Yuxiao didn’t deny it. “That should indeed be the case.”

“What about yours?” Lin Luoqing asked curiously. “Let me take a look.”

“It is in the bedroom,” Ji Yuxiao replied while moving the wheelchair toward him.

Lin Luoqing also walked over. He handed Ji Yuxiao the pot of cactus and pushed him out the study door.

“Why did you come back suddenly?” Ji Yuxiao asked again. “Is there something wrong?”

“It is nothing. Something happened over at Fei Fei’s side and the teacher asked me to come. I asked for a leave of absence from the director and the director gave me one more day. Therefore, I came home and took a look.”

Ji Yuxiao asked sensitively, “Something happened to Fei Fei? It even needed you to go over?”

Once he asked this question, Lin Luoqing didn’t hide it from him and said directly, “I will help Fei Fei with the withdrawal procedures tomorrow. Help me see which public elementary school here is better. I want to change Fei Fei’s school.”

Ji Yuxiao heard these words and turned to look at him in surprise. “What happened? Why does Fei Fei have to change schools? Did someone bully him?”

Lin Luoqing opened the bedroom door and explained what had happened at school today.

Ji Yuxiao hadn’t expected that this type of thing would happen in a place he didn’t know.

He was dissatisfied. “It wasn’t Fei Fei’s fault. Why did he have to drop out of school? I think it is better to let Zhang Xiaosong’s group drop out of school!”

“He can’t be kept there,” Lin Luoqing said calmly. “He isn’t a person who needs the light of his parents to cover his way. He had his own light and staying here will just block the light on his body. He shouldn’t be here.”

“That is the way it is, but there is still no need to leave. I will go see his head teacher and ask Zhang Xiaosong and his mother to apologize to him. This way, no one will look down on him in the future.”

“You don’t understand what I mean.” Lin Luoqing walked in front of him and stared directly into his eyes. “Of course, I can let you go to his head teacher and make Zhang Xiaosong apologize, but that isn’t the point. Zhang Xiaosong has never been the focus. The focus is Lin Fei.”

“If Lin Fei is just an ordinary child with no ability and the identity of his parents is his light, then he can naturally continue to stay there and be the same as other children. Lin Fei is different. His biggest light and glory is himself. He doesn’t need to rely on you or me to get respect and applause. He isn’t an ordinary child and is very good. He needs his own world.”

“A garden pool can’t hold a dragon. Leaving him there so he can gain respect and love because of your identity is not necessary for him. He can obviously rely on himself. Why should he use the light of others?”

Ji Yuxiao was stunned for a moment. He hadn’t expected Lin Luoqing to think like this.

He naturally knew that Lin Fei was smart and mature. He just hadn’t expected that Lin Fei would be such a powerful existence in Lin Luoqing’s heart.

“I’m not saying that Fei Fei won’t become a dragon. I just think he is still young. Even though he is very smart and stable now, won’t you put pressure on him by expecting too much from him?”

Lin Luoqing smiled. “No, there are some people in the world who are born strong, such as you and Lin Fei. I have always acknowledged the existence of geniuses and also accepted the differences between people. Lin Fei might be young but he is already far more tenacious than many people older than him. Such a person won’t feel pressure because of this. He will only want to touch the sky.”

Lin Luoqing finished speaking. He smiled at him and continued to pushed him to the balcony of the bedroom.

Ji Yuxiao thought about Lin Fei’s personality and didn’t persuade him any longer.

“So you are giving up on all private schools?”


“Okay,” Ji Yuxiao replied. “Then I will help you find a suitable school and let him transfer in.”

“Okay, thank you,” Lin Luoqing said warmly.

In the novel, Lin Fei only went to the aristocratic school until he graduated from primary school. His tuition was too expensive and ‘Lin Luoqing’ was reluctant to spend so much money on him. Father Lin had promised Lin Luoxi before she died. He was unwilling but this was his grandson. ‘Lin Luoqing’ took Lin Fei to beg him. He was in a good mood and was willing to give Lin Fei enough tuition for one semester.

However, Lin Fei had entered middle school and no longer wanted to beg his grandfather. Thus, he chose a public school with less expensive tuition. Since then, he entered his world.

In the beginning, Lin Luoqing didn’t think about transferring him to another school because it was Lin Luoxi’s wish. He cared about Lin Luoxi’s love for Lin Fei, so he didn’t mention it.

If he hadn’t been called due to the accident this time, he would’ve wanted to follow the original novel and let Lin Fei go to the aristocratic school until he graduated from elementary school. After all, Lin Fei seemed to like his school very much.

Now Lin Luoqing found that what Lin Fei liked might not be a specific school, but actually going to school.

That was a lot simpler.

Ji Yuxiao’s cactus was placed on the southeast corner of the balcony, enjoying the evening breeze and night lights.

Lin Luoqing took his cactus and placed it next to Ji Yuxiao’s cactus. Then he found that his cactus seemed to be smaller.

Did he buy it by body type? Lin Luoqing secretly thought that Lin Fei was really a child.

He touched his cactus with a gentle smile on his face.

Ji Yuxiao saw the cacti side by side and felt like it was them.

“Why did Fei Fei give cacti?” He wondered.

Lin Luoqing thought about it and made a guess. “It is probably because a cactus has thorns. It is sharp and can protect itself. He loves cacti and hopes that we can protect ourselves just like cacti.”

Just like himself.

Ji Yuxiao had thought about this answer before and wasn’t surprised. He just felt that Lin Fei was a child with a really delicate heart.

“Very good. Then remember to protect yourself when you go out.”

Lin Luoqing looked back at him and smiled. “I will.”

Ji Yuxiao thought of something and looked at him with more playfulness. “You just said that some people are born strong, such as Fei Fei and… I?”

He looked at Lin Luoqing and asked with a smile, “Do I actually have this image in your heart?”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

“I really didn’t see it. No wonder why I am your male god.”

Lin Luoqing felt he was good at grasping the key points. He could even notice this point. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he stood up and walked behind Ji Yuxiao. “Let’s go, male god. Prepare to eat.”

After eating, Lin Luoqing used glue to help stick the pink rhinestone on the mobile phone case.

Lin Fei took it and examined it. Then he said, “It is the same as before.”

His tone was as calm as always, without any reluctance or dissatisfaction.

Lin Luoqing smiled. “Yes.”

“Next time you think of me, just send me a video call invitation.” Lin Luoqing rubbed his head. It was a bit strange that he caused the following series of incidents just because he wanted to send a video call to Lin Luoqing.

Lin Fei actually took the initiative to try sending him a video call? It was really rare.

He asked, “Would you like to try inviting me now?”

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