FV: Chapter 76

He couldn’t drop out of school. He was only in first grade and still had a lot of classes to go to. He had to continue to study.

Zhao Lie heard He Ni talk about dropping out of school again and said in a depressed manner, “Xiaosong’s mother, why are you talking about dropping out of school again? We have already agreed that Lin Fei just needs to write a review and apologize. The children didn’t get along but there is no need to make it so serious to drop out of school.”

“Teacher Zhao, aren’t you being too partial? Lin Fei hit my family’s Xiaosong yet you are still standing up for him? Teacher Zhao, do you want to change jobs?”

Zhao Lei, “……”

Zhang Xiaosong followed his mother in gloating. “Yes, let him drop out of school. Drop out of school.”

His henchmen Haohao and Ding Ding immediately copied him. “Let him drop out of school.”

“Apologize before dropping out,” Ding Ding’s mother added.

“Yes,” He Ni said proudly. “First, apologize to our children and apologize well. If I’m happy then I might not care. If I’m not satisfied then your son will drop out of school.”

She looked at Lin Luoqing with a bright smile on her face. She didn’t hide her high-spirited appearance.

Zhao Lei had no choice but to persuade Lin Luoqing. “Lin Fei’s uncle, let’s have Lin Fei apologize first.”

Lin Luoqing chuckled. He laughed loudly and looked contemptuously at the people in front of him.

He said, “Are you done? Then it’s my turn to talk.”

He looked at Zhang Xiaosong. He didn’t care that he was so much older than Zhang Xiaosong and said directly, “You are Zhang Xiaosong but you should change your name to stupid, little bad in the future. You are stupid and bad. You are so young yet have so many thoughts. Calling you a bear child (naughty child) is insulting the bear. You can’t study better than Lin Fei and you can’t fight better than him. You are inferior to him in everything but you want him to apologize to you? You are dreaming!”

“What did you say?” He Ni was angry. “How can an adult talk to a child like this?!”

“I can say whatever I like, I don’t need you to manage me. The child is ignorant and you are also ignorant as his mother. Isn’t it because of your son’s cheap hands and mouth that he was beaten? He really can’t do anything. He isn’t first in the grade and doesn’t have many abilities, but he dared to provoke others. He deserves to be beaten.”

“You b*tch! You dare talk nonsense again!” He Ni wanted to hit Lin Luoqing but Zhao Lei hurriedly stopped her. The other office teachers also stood up one after another to stop her while trying to persuade her and Lin Luoqing.

“You should talk less.”

“Unless you really want Lin Fei to drop out of school.”

Lin Luoqing sneered. Yes, who would let their children drop out of school so easily?

What parents dared to be willful about their child’s studies?

Therefore, He Ni called two helpers. She had made up her mind to force Lin Fei to bow his head, apologize and write a review.

But what did Lin Fei do wrong?

“It is slander to wrongly accuse others of stealing things. Stealing from others is robbery and refusing to repent is showing a lack of clear understanding. For children who do all three things, who knows what they will do in the future? It might be school bullying from a young age or on a larger scale, it might be a juvenile crime. I don’t think it is necessary for my child, who has an all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, art and hard work to wrong himself to be in the same class as such a person. So, we will drop out.”

Lin Luoqing declared calmly.

For a while, Zhao Lei couldn’t care about He Ni and looked at him in surprise.

“Lin Fei’s uncle, do you know what you are saying?”

Lin Fei also looked at him with rare shock in his eyes.

He didn’t understand why Lin Luoqing said this.

He didn’t want to quit school.

Why pull him out of school?

However, Lin Luoqing’s expression was very calm. “Teacher Zhao, I thank you for the kindness of you and the other teachers but I will say one thing. Lin Fei didn’t do anything wrong and shouldn’t have to apologize. He shouldn’t have to apologize but Zhang Xiaosong and Teacher Zhao, you should apologize to him.”

“Still, I know very well that you have your own thoughts. Zhang Xiaosong is a bear child and won’t be willing to apologize. I can’t press down his head and force him to apologize. We can’t reach a consensus on this matter, so I choose to let Lin Fei drop out of school. He will no longer stay in the same class with a person who is highly likely to commit school bullying.”

“Lin Luoqing, you…”

“I still have business, so I won’t waste time here. I’ll go first.”

Lin Luoqing finished speaking and pulled Lin Fei out.

Lin Fei looked at him and was dragged all the way out of the office by him. They moved toward the stairs.

No no no, he thought. He couldn’t drop out of school. He had to go to school.

His mother said that children could only have a future if they went to school.

He needed to have his own future so he could protect himself, earn a lot of money and give Lin Luoqing pocket money.

Lin Fei suddenly stood still.

He held Lin Luoqing’s hand and didn’t follow any longer.

He stood very steadily and the hand holding Lin Luoqing’s hand strengthened. He was like a small pine tree that hadn’t grown yet. He was tough and tall.

Lin Luoqing turned back suspiciously. Lin Fei’s eyes were calm.

“I will apologize,” he said.

“I will apologize to them. I can’t drop out of school. I don’t want to drop out.”

He looked at Lin Luoqing with a determined gaze.

He had always been smart and good at trade-offs. Every time ‘Lin Luoqing’ beat him, he chose to stay with Lin Luoqing because he would face more dangers after leaving.

Now he was also willing to apologize for what he didn’t do wrong in order to not drop out of school.

He learned to make trade-offs and endure early on. He was mature and tenacious, ignorant but clear-sighted.

Lin Luoqing looked at him. He held Lin Fei’s hand and stared at him seriously.

He bent down, his eyes level with Lin Fei’s. He stared at the child in front of him and said solemnly and seriously, “You don’t have to apologize.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong. Why should you apologize? As long as you aren’t wrong, you don’t have to apologize and you shouldn’t apologize.”


“There are no buts. Lin Fei, you don’t have to wrong yourself. I am still here. Parents and guardians should protect their children so they could grow up healthy and happy. If you apologize for things you don’t need, it is my dereliction of duty. It is that I didn’t do a good job as a parent, making my child wrong himself. Then it isn’t your fault. It is my fault.”

Lin Fei shook his head. “I have to go to school.”

“I know.” Lin Luoqing squeezed his hand. “But Fei Fei, there isn’t only one school in this world. If you leave here, you can go to other schools, even better schools.”

“Your mother sent you here because she loved you and wanted to get you the best choice she knew. Therefore, she borrowed money to send you in. However, Fei Fei, sometimes the best isn’t necessarily the best for you. I want you to go to a place that is more suitable for you, because I love you too. I hope that you can have your own wings.”

Lin Fei stared at him without understanding.

“Fei Fei, you are excellent. You are better than all the children in this school, better than all of them combined. You are a dragon. Do you know what a dragon is? Fish swim in water, the jiao is in the deep abyss and dragons fly in the sky. You are a dragon. Even if you are still young, you are still in the water. You haven’t grown up but you are already far better than your other peers.”

“This place won’t give you any help. It will only restrain your wings. You can go to other schools, schools that can show your strengths and advantages. Do you understand? You are smart, self-disciplined, strong in learning, independent and have your own opinion. You can go to any public school after leaving here and you will be the favorite student of the school and teachers. A god of learning that is worshiped by other students. You won’t need to talk about how rich and powerful your family is. There will be countless people who like you and have expectations for you anyway.”

“Lin Fei, your life isn’t here. I am your uncle but I’m not your greatest strength. Your intelligence, studiousness, wisdom and prudence are your strengths. You are your greatest reliance. Meanwhile, Zhang Xiaosong can only show off that their family has money. Do you not have these as well? Of course, you have them but they aren’t worth mentioning compared to your talents. You don’t need to stay with them and lower your level to compete with them. You have to go to a place that really suits you.”

“There, people don’t need to know who your uncle is or how powerful your uncle is. It is because you are enough to make them feel admiration. That is the place you should go, a territory that belongs to you and can let you grow freely, never forcing you to bow your head.”

Lin Fei listened to these words and his heart trembled terribly.

He watched Lin Luoqing quietly and couldn’t say anything.

Ever since he was a child, he had heard a lot of praise. They praised him for being smart and having excellent grades, but they never praised him like Lin Luoqing. Lin Luoqing was straightforward, full of expectations and affirmatively said to him that he was a dragon. He was his biggest reliance and he didn’t need to be with them. They didn’t deserve it.

Everyone would just ask him why he didn’t socialize with his classmates, why he didn’t make friends and why he couldn’t be like other children.

Lin Luoqing was the only one who told him that the place he should be wasn’t here. He didn’t need to stay with them and he should go where he should go.

-A territory that belongs to you and can let you grow freely, never forcing you to bow your head.

Lin Fei nodded uncontrollably and kept nodding.

He wanted to grow, have his own wings and have his own territory. He thought that one day, he would become the one Lin Luoqing depended on.

If he was his biggest reliance then he should also be able to become Lin Luoqing’s reliance.

Even if Lin Luoqing said his greatest reliance wasn’t him, Lin Fei still hoped that in the future, Lin Luoqing’s greatest reliance would be him.

“Okay.” He heard his own firm and low voice.

He looked at Lin Luoqing. On this day, he gave birth to wings.

He would become a dragon. He wouldn’t just be a tiger running on the ground, but a dragon soaring in the sky.

In the past, Lin Fei felt that he had a bad personality and it was normal not to be liked by others. Later, Lin Fei believed that there were still people like Lin Luoqing who were willing to like himself, who had a bad personality. Now Lin Fei wanted to soar into the sky.

He didn’t just want to make a lot of money in the future to give Lin Luoqing pocket money. He also wanted to become Lin Luoqing’s biggest reliance, giving him a territory where he could grow freely and never bow his head.

At that time, he would be able to tell Lin Luoqing, “You don’t need to apologize. I am still here. If you apologize for things you don’t need, it is my dereliction of duty. It isn’t your fault. It is my fault.”

Lin Luoqing laughed, picked him up and kissed him on the face. “That’s right. Fei Fei, look. The sky is so high and wide. That is your territory, your future.”

Lin Fei stared up at the sky. The blue sky was cloudless and as pure as water. There was no end in sight.

This was his future, his destination, his ultimate foothold.

He leaned against Lin Luoqing. The seed in his heart slowly poked out its head and stretched toward the sky.

On this day, he formed a cocoon. He was eager to break out of the cocoon and become a butterfly.

Lin Luoqing carried him to the classroom and grabbed his school bag.

The people in the classroom had almost left. Only a few students who were left on duty saw him but they didn’t say anything.

They passed by each other as before. Only this time, they would never see each other again once the sun rose.

The little cactus grew up and left the desert for the forest. He was going to his territory, to occupy the mountains as a king and become his own reliance. He would become a free-running little tiger before becoming a dragon.

He felt light and joyful in his heart. He took Lin Luoqing’s hand and stepped on the fallen leaves in the school step by step.

Lin Luoqing looked at the faint smile on the child’s face and the emotions in his heart calmed down.

He was an ordinary person. His love and hatred were more obvious than Lin Fei’s and his joy and anger were more than Lin Fei’s. However, now he could feel the joy in Lin Fei’s body. He was peaceful and gentle, like a newborn beast. He was ignorant but looking forward to the future.

He was infected by this joy and his mood became lighter.

Luo Jia was already waiting at the gate and Ji Leyu was sitting by the window in the car.

Ji Yuxiao only picked them up in the first few days. His sleeping problems were too serious and the side effects of the sleeping pills were too obvious. He didn’t want Luo Jia to see it or to worsen his body. Once he confirmed that Lin Fei wasn’t too sad about Lin Luoqing’s departure, he didn’t pick them up again.

Ji Leyu had become used to this a long time ago. He even felt it was better for Ji Yuxiao not to pick them up. After all, his legs were so inconvenient.

He just never expected that he would see Lin Luoqing today while waiting for Lin Fei.

Ji Leyu was surprised. “Dad, why are you here?”

Lin Luoqing smiled at him. “I came to do something.”

Ji Leyu felt disbelief. “Are you done with work?”

“Not yet. I am on holiday.”

“Two days?” Ji Leyu guessed.

“One and a half days, including today.”

Ji Leyu, “……”

Ji Leyu felt that his job was really bad and it should be changed to another job.

He sighed. Then he remembered something and said suddenly, “Then does Dad know you have a holiday?”

“He probably doesn’t know.” Unless Wu Xinyuan had told Ji Yuxiao.

“Then he will be very happy,” Ji Leyu said with a smile. “Now we can give him a surprise.”

“Yes,” Lin Luoqing nodded.

He came back so suddenly with the two children and appeared in front of Ji Yuxiao. Ji Yuxiao must be surprised.

He should be very happy, right?

He couldn’t help looking forward to this when he thought about it.

Lin Fei watched Lin Luoqing with quiet and gentle eyes. Lin Luoqing was back, so could he give him his gift?

Lin Fei thought of Lin Luoqing’s pot of cactus that he took care of on the bay window. For a while, he felt a bit close to home, which was rare.

This was a surprise for Lin Luoqing. Would he like it?

However, Lin Luoqing liked him so much. Lin Luoqing should be happy to receive his gift, right?

He had a guess in his heart and faintly looked forward to it.

Don’t worry, Lin Luoqing is in charge of Lin Fei and Ji Yuxiao is in charge of revenge ^^

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