FV: Chapter 75

The phone was one of the few things Lin Luoxi left that Lin Fei could carry. Lin Fei always cherished it and carried it with him every day. Now he was slandered for this, the phone directly snatched away and smashed to the ground.

Lin Luoqing felt himself become angry when he heard this, let alone Lin Fei. It was no wonder he would make a move after Zhang Xiaosong attacked.

Lin Fei heard this and took out his phone from his pocket.

There was nothing wrong with the phone, apart from the fact that some rhinestones had fallen off the phone case. Lin Fei also took them out for Lin Luoqing to see.

Lin Luoqing looked at the phone in his hand and the scattered pink rhinestones. He kissed Lin Fei’s face and comforted him. “It’s okay. Once we go back, I will use glue to paste it on for you. I will ensure that it is exactly the same as before.”

Lin Fei nodded.

He actually had no emotions about this any longer.

Putting aside the anger at the moment when Zhang Xiaosong snatched his mother’s phone and let it fall to the ground, since he made sure the phone was fine, Lin Fei had long returned to his previous calm.

The phone was fine. Even if some rhinestones fell off, they could be stuck back on. The phone just had to be fine. Nothing else could cause ripples in his heart.

Other children might find it hard to endure Zhang Xiaosong’s slander and Zhao Lei’s punishment, but Lin Fei didn’t care.

He didn’t take this seriously at all and naturally didn’t waste his emotions on this type of thing.

He had always been a stingy person emotionally.

“Have you talked to the teacher?” Lin Luoqing asked softly. “It was Zhang Xiaosong who wronged you by accusing you of stealing your phone. He snatched your phone and even dropped it. He didn’t want to return it to you.”

Lin Fei calmly replied, “I told her.”

“Then she made you stand?” Lin Luoqing was puzzled.

Lin Fei thought for a moment before answering him, “I’m not injured.”

He added, “I didn’t cry either.”

Lin Luoqing, “????”

What nonsense was this?

Just because his baby fought well and didn’t like to cry, he was punished to stand all afternoon?

It was ridiculous!

Could a child who cried just receive candy?

Lin Luoqing smiled angrily. He hugged Lin Fei and felt that it was more than that.

That He Ni wore famous brand name clothes and spoke like a rich wife. This was an aristocratic school and what was important was self-evident.

It was really quite infuriating.

He Ni was talking when she saw Lin Fei and Lin Luoqing sitting down. She stood up in a dissatisfied manner and looked at Zhao Lei, who was still persuading her. “Teacher Zhao, what is going on? Why did Lin Fei sit down? Didn’t you have him stand up in punishment? You didn’t let him sit but he is sitting. This child has no quality and his guardian has no quality.”

Rather than suppressing her voice, she deliberately raised it a few degrees. She made it obvious that she wanted to mock Lin Fei and Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing chuckled and asked Lin Fei, “Do you remember what you can’t do in public places?”

“No smoking, no fighting and no loud noises,” Lin Fei replied to him.


Lin Luoqing praised him. “A child knows he shouldn’t make loud noises yet some people are still standing up and screaming. They are so unqualified. It is no wonder they have no quality in everything. They should look at themselves first.”

He Ni was so angry that she stepped on her high heels and walked up to Lin Luoqing in an aggressive manner. “Who doesn’t have quality? Does your son have quality? Your son is the one beating up people in the classroom!”

Lin Luoqing said calmly, “Then why don’t you ask why your son was beaten? Why didn’t Lin Fei hit him earlier or later, but hit him today? Is he the supreme being? It is such a rare thing and everyone wants to fight him? I think he just deserves a beating!”

“You deserve a beating!” He Ni turned to look at Zhao Lei. “Teacher Zhao, look at his attitude. You said we could solve this when he came. I don’t think there is any need to wait at all. Let Lin Fei directly apologize to my Xiaosong.”

Lin Luoqing sneered. “You have started to dream in broad daylight. You must not be well. The dream is very good but you should wake up quickly. It isn’t dark yet.”

He Ni, “……”

He Ni was so angry that she wanted to spit. Zhao Lei quickly persuaded her, “Don’t quarrel, don’t quarrel. We are all here now. Let’s sit down and talk about it. Don’t argue. Arguing won’t solve the problem.”

Lin Luoqing turned to look at her. “I am naturally willing to talk about it, but Teacher Zhao, I’m afraid some people aren’t willing to talk well.”

“Who doesn’t want to talk well? Your son hit someone and you took so long to come. Yet you have no shame! It is good to say that you are willing to talk!”

Lin Luoqing smiled. “Then I am shameless. My son is first in the exam and first every time. Why can’t I be shameless? What place did your son take in the exam? Say it and I’ll listen.”

He Ni, “……”

“37th.” Lin Fei recalled the ranking table and answered using his good memory.

Lin Luoqing hadn’t really wanted an answer when he asked this, but Lin Fei gave it. He naturally heard it and responded, “Wow, 37. It is so powerful. I remember that there are only 40 students in the class. It is 4th from the bottom. Your son is really powerful. He is worthy of being your good son!”

Lin Fei looked up at him. “Sun Jingjing didn’t come for that exam.”

“Then it is third from the bottom. Your son is even more amazing!” Lin Luoqing’s words were filled with sarcasm.

He Ni was so angry that she was about to hit him. Teacher Zhao quickly stopped her and tried to persuade Lin Luoqing, “Uncle Lin, you should say less.”

It was only then that she explained to He Ni. “This isn’t Lin Fei’s father. He is Lin Fei’s uncle.”

“Why did his uncle come here? Let his parents come! What? Does he have no father or mother so he wants his uncle to come here?”

Zhao Lei was about to tell He Ni that Lin Fei really didn’t have parents, but she heard Lin Luoqing’s cold voice say, “You care a lot. Isn’t your uncle a guardian? Don’t you have an uncle? You don’t have an uncle so you don’t allow anyone else to have an uncle? Why? Your nephew doesn’t light the lantern on New Year’s Eve?”

He Ni had never seen a man with such a vicious tongue. She thought that only women argued viciously and men were stupid. She didn’t expect the one in front of her to have sharp teeth.

She glared at Lin Luoqing. Then she heard the bell for the end of the class ring.

This was the last class, indicating that the students would be dismissed.

Zhao Lei hurriedly said to her, “Xiaosong’s mother, school is over and Xiaosong has also finished. Go and bring him over. We will solve this matter well.”

He Ni looked at Lin Luoqing and sneered. “Okay.”

She said, “You wait.”

Then she walked out angrily in high heels.

Zhao Lei saw her leaving and looked at Lin Luoqing helplessly. “What do you think you are doing? I called the parents over to solve the problem, not to aggravate it. If you are like this now, she probably won’t agree once Lin Fei apologizes and writes a review.”

Lin Luoqing, “???”

“Lin Fei apologizing? In addition, writing a review?”

Lin Luoqing was shocked. “What did he do wrong? Why does he need to apologize and write a review?”

Zhao Lei looked injured. “He hit children, injured Zhang Xiaosong and made them cry.”

“What is the origin of this matter? Didn’t Zhang Xiaosong slander Lin Fei first? Didn’t he snatch Lin Fei’s belongings and not return it? Lin Fei was just trying to get his things back. What is wrong with that?”

“It is fine if he was just trying to get it back, but he hit them!”

“So Zhang Xiaosong didn’t make a move?” Lin Luoqing asked rhetorically. “Isn’t it because he isn’t as skilled and hasn’t fought before? That was why he was hit. Is this Lin Fei’s fault? Is it his fault that he fights well and doesn’t let himself be bullied by others?”

Zhao Lei, “……”

Zhao Lei felt that he really didn’t make sense.

“Lin Fei’s uncle, if you are like this then this matter won’t end.”

“Why won’t it end?” Lin Luoqing wondered. “Let Zhang Xiaosong apologize to our family’s Lin Fei. Teacher Zhao, you know the cause of the matter but you let Zhang Xiaosong go back to class and had Lin Fei stand for an afternoon. Do you think you handled this correctly? Lin Fei was wronged and robbed by someone. Then he was punished by you to stand. Is this reasonable?”

Zhao Lei, “……”

Zhao Lei felt her temples start to hurt.

“Lin Fei’s uncle, you have seen Ms He, Xiaosong’s mother. She came to school early and insisted on me giving her an explanation. She pointed to Lin Fei and wanted him to apologize and write a review, but Lin Fei didn’t agree. You were also delayed. I wanted to let Lin Fei go back but Ms He didn’t let me. What can I do?”

“Don’t you know what type of school our school is? You also know what type of identity Lin Fei has and what identity Zhang Xiaosong has. I can’t afford to offend Zhang Xiaosong’s mother, do you understand?”

“So you favor Zhang Xiaosong and let Lin Fei be wronged?”

“I have already worked hard to fight for Lin Fei,” Zhao Lei explained. “In the beginning, Ms He insisted that Lin Fei drop out of school. You don’t want Lin Fei to drop out of school, right?”

Lin Luoqing didn’t speak and just looked at her.

Zhao Lei was undaunted. “I naturally don’t want Lin Fei to drop out of school. I could only calm down and appease Ms He and Zhang Xiaosong. You work outside and everyone is the same. It isn’t easy. The situation is bad now. Lin Fei is in a weak position and he has to compromise. We are like this and they are also like that when going to school. Children can’t understand this truth but you must understand it, right?”

Of course, Lin Luoqing understood that there was nothing wrong with what Zhao Lei said.

Sometimes, it didn’t matter who did what and who was wrong.

What mattered was who stood at the top.

For Zhao Lei, Zhang Xiaosong was from a rich family while Lin Fei was just a child from an ordinary family. Once Zhang Xiaosong’s family power was used to pressure them, the school wouldn’t offend Zhang Xiaosong and would just target Lin Fei. Thus, it didn’t matter whether Lin Fei was right or wrong. He was wrong.

Therefore, Zhao Lei wanted to calm this matter. She wanted to keep Lin Fei so she could only let him obediently do what He Ni and Zhang Xiaosong asked him to do. This way, they would let him go.

This might be the best method she could think of. After all, from her perspective, Lin Fei had nothing but good grades.

However, what mattered here weren’t grades. There were so many students here and only Lin Fei came to school on a bus.

Were there no smart students from ordinary families who applied here?

No, of course not. It was just that the school didn’t accept them.

For an aristocratic school, the point wasn’t grades but the nobility.

Lin Fei was an exception. He was accepted because Lin Luoxi risked her pride and begged her father for money.

She used to go to an aristocratic school herself and felt that an aristocratic school was good. She wanted to give good things to her beloved child.

However, her child might not be suitable for this place at all.

He Ni had already picked up Zhang Xiaosong. She came with Zhang Xiaosong’s two friends, as well as their mothers.

The three mothers all knew each other. Their children often played together, so their parents naturally became acquainted.

This was why countless wealthy families sent their children to this school. It was for the children’s future communication and their own communication. Everyone knew this was a society of personal relationships. Connections were sometimes more important than real materials.

He Ni pulled her son to Lin Luoqing and told Zhao Lei, “Teacher Zhao, I brought Haohao and Ding Ding’s mother with me. The three of us discussed it and unanimously feel that an uncultured child isn’t suitable to be in the same class as our child. You should have him drop out of school.”

“Yes,” Haohao’s mother immediately agreed. “Haohao told me that he even dared to hit Haohao. He is too violent. How can this type of child be in the same class as my Haohao?”

“He has no quality. The poor should go back to the school that poor people should go to. What is he doing here? It is bad luck.” Ding Ding’s mother glared hatefully at Lin Fei.

It was a pity that Lin Fei had no expression. He didn’t show the sadness or fear that she wanted.

He was only pondering on the words: dropping out.

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