FV: Chapter 74

Lin Luoqing hung up the phone in disbelief and turned to look at Wu Xinyuan. “I have to take a leave of absence and go out for a while.”

“Where are you going?” Wu Xinyuan asked him.

“My nephew’s school.”

“Then you have to go back to the city.” Wu Xinyuan didn’t want him to go back. “Either forget it or let Boss Ji go. It will take three or four hours to go back to the city from here and by that time, school will be almost over.”

Lin Luoqing shook his head. “No, I have to go handle this.”

Not only was Lin Fei fighting a weird thing, but with Lin Fei’s personality, if he let Ji Yuxiao go instead of him then Lin Fei would definitely be embarrassed.

In the end, he and Ji Yuxiao weren’t related. Being called a parent and being considered a bad student who fought were different things to Lin Fei.

Lin Luoqing finished speaking and didn’t hesitate. He stood up and went to find the director.

He had just taken a few steps when he faintly heard someone shouting, “Shi Zheng, come here and help me get this.”

Lin Luoqing instinctively stopped and silently looked toward the source of the voice. In the crowd, he vaguely saw a tall man with broad shoulders and long legs. He seemed to be in good shape.

Lin Luoqing secretly wondered who this person was. He didn’t seem to have seen the man in the crew before. Was there a person named Shi Zheng in their crew?

Why did he find this name so familiar?

He thought for a few seconds and couldn’t come up with an answer. Then remembered Lin Fei’s matter and didn’t think about it any longer. He started walking toward Director Zhang again.

Director Zhang heard him say he needed to take half a day off to go home to do something and was surprised. “Is your home in this city?”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing nodded.

“I didn’t hear you say it before.” Director Zhang smiled. “Then go. Don’t worry and come back after handling the matter.”

He really liked and took good care of Lin Luoqing. He was afraid that something big had happened in his family and took the initiative to ask, “Is half a day enough? I can give you another day so you can spend more time with your family after handling it. In our line of work, once we go out, we can’t see our family for a while.”

Lin Luoqing thought this person was a really good director!

Half a day off should be enough to resolve Lin Fei’s school problems, but who would dislike more leave?

Therefore, Lin Luoqing agreed without hesitation.

By the time Zhang Quan came to him with the script, he found that Lin Luoqing had already left and Xiao Wang was helping to pack his things.

“Where is Teacher Xiao Lin?” He asked suspiciously.

“He took a leave of absence.” Xiao Wang looked at him. “Tomorrow, ah, no, he will be back the day after tomorrow.”

Zhang Quan was shocked. “He took a leave for a day and a half? Oh my god, what happened to Teacher Xiao Lin?”

“There is something wrong at home. It isn’t a big deal so don’t worry.”

Zhang Quan felt relieved. After going back, he told the others that Teacher Lin’s small class was closed and they could continue to attend class the day after tomorrow.

The people who were getting ready for class, ‘…In an instant, I feel that my life is lonely!’

The hardworking, competitive king was gone. Did they still need to work hard?

Everyone looked at each other and decided to take a day and a half off together to rest well. After a week, it was time to rest. Even senior high school students could go to school for six and a half days and take half a day off, let alone the adults who had long been lazy!

Everyone happily enjoyed the rare rest. For a while, the crew was filled with a relaxed atmosphere, only for them to suffer from Director Zhang shouting, “Cut cut cut, come again and again!”

Lin Luoqing rushed over in a hurry and it was almost time for school to end.

During this period, the teacher had called him several times and asked him why he hadn’t arrived yet. Lin Luoqing could only apologize. He said that his place of work was too far away and he was already rushing back.

However, the teacher was obviously dissatisfied with him being late. The child who was beaten to tears by Lin Fei had already gone back to class while Lin Fei was still in the office.

“Your uncle is too inattentive to you. He still hasn’t come at this time.”

Lin Fei calmly said, “He is at work.”

“Even if he is working, this doesn’t allow him to ignore the child, right? What time is it? Why hasn’t he come yet?”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei was too lazy to talk to her.

Zhao Lei looked at him and asked, “Aren’t you going to apologize to Zhang Xiaosong? Even if you don’t do it now, you will have to apologize when your uncle comes.”

Lin Fei didn’t feel that he was at fault. He naturally didn’t want to apologize so he continued to be silent.

Zhao Lei had taught him for half a year and knew him well. He was smart and had a personality where he didn’t talk a lot. If this was an ordinary school and he was first in the year every time, most of the teachers wouldn’t care if he beat up someone. However, this school was a private aristocratic school. The children who enter are either rich or connected. Lin Fei was ordinary in his class.

Here, being ordinary was equivalent to poverty.

In the first week when new students enrolled, the teacher held a parent-teacher meeting. It was a class of 40 students and almost everyone’s parents sent gifts to the class teacher. It was to tell Zhao Lei that their family had money and power so she should take care of their children in class.

Zhao Lei had counted the gifts. After counting, she found that Lin Fei’s parents didn’t send any.

She didn’t know whether his parents were too disdainful because they had a superior family background or if the family had no money and no awareness of this aspect. Thus, she had a special chat with Lin Fei. It was only then that she found out his mother had died and he was now living at his uncle’s house.

She paid attention to Lin Fei for a while and found that he really wasn’t wearing any famous brands. Thus, she became completely sure that his family was really ordinary.

Zhao Lei had seen this type of student before. Parents did everything they could to give their children a good education, scraping together the money required to let their children enter an aristocratic school. Lin Fei was probably a similar case.

Most of these students were sensitive and inferior and felt like they were out of place here. However, Lin Fei was different from them. He was broad-minded and didn’t give off the feeling that he was different from others. He was even a bit arrogant.

Some people didn’t fit in because they were afraid that others would look down on them and they didn’t dare get close. But some people didn’t fit in because they looked down on others and didn’t want to get close to them.

Lin Fei was obviously the second type and he did have this type of capital. His grades were the best in the class and he was first in every subject. He never answered questions in class and never seemed to be in the limelight, but his results were enough to make him stand out.

There was no teacher who didn’t like good students. Zhao Lei was a teacher so she naturally liked Lin Fei in this regard.

It was just that she wasn’t a teacher of an ordinary school, but an aristocratic school. The first grade where students were just starting out was particularly important. Grades might matter but it was far from the most important thing. Power was always the most important thing here.

She couldn’t afford to offend the rich and powerful families. So even if she thought Lin Fei was smart and excellent, she didn’t favor him because of this.

“Did your uncle let you go to this school for you to beat someone? In addition, you beat them until they cried. What will happen if you apologize to Zhang Xiaosong and write a review? It is just a few words and will stop him from being angry and his mother from worrying about it. Isn’t this good?” Zhao Lei tried to persuade him.

“He did it first,” Lin Fei said calmly.

“I know,” Zhao Lei said helplessly. “But looking at your current appearance, you aren’t injured and you aren’t crying. Meanwhile, his face is injured and he is crying so much. You might’ve been defending yourself but you did too much. It shouldn’t be like this.”

Lin Fei didn’t understand it. Should he have just been beaten?

Or should he cry too?

However, Lin Fei didn’t like to cry by nature. What was the use of crying when crying was useless?

In addition, what was there to cry about?

Lin Fei didn’t agree with her words, so he stopped talking again.

Zhao Lei saw him like this and knew that her persuasion was in vain.

She wanted to settle the matter as soon as possible and send Zhang Xiaosong’s mother away, but Lin Fei wasn’t in a hurry.

He was calm, unlike the children in his grade. He didn’t make noise, make trouble, cry or feel afraid. If he was punished to stand, he stood with an expressionless, handsome little face. After being told to call his parents, he initially refused. Then later, he didn’t stop her any longer and let her call with a calm face.

Zhao Lei thought he was really different from other children but he had too much individuality.

Zhang Xiaosong’s mother, He Ni, was still chatting with other teachers about recent big-name skin care products. She smiled and said she would give them a set when she went back.

Zhao Lei listened and glanced at Lin Fei. Lin Fei’s head was lowered and his expression was unable to be seen clearly. He was quiet as if he had no sense of existence.

She sighed and blamed Lin Luoqing again in his heart. He truly wasn’t Lin Fei’s father. She had made so many phone calls but he was still so slow. He didn’t really want to come, right?

It was really annoying.

She was sighing for the sixth time when Lin Luoqing finally appeared.

Lin Fei was very calm before this. But now that he saw Lin Luoqing, he was a bit panicked.

He felt that he had disturbed Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing was so busy, but he had to leave work and come to Lin Fei’s school just because Lin Fei got into a fight with someone else.

It was just that Lin Fei didn’t think he was wrong for fighting. He didn’t want to apologize and could only watch the teacher call his parents.

This type of contradictory mood made him feel awkward and ashamed for the first time. On the one hand, he wanted to look at Lin Luoqing. On the other hand, he didn’t dare look.

Lin Luoqing saw him the moment he entered through the door. He also caught the contradiction on Lin Fei’s face. He rarely saw Lin Fei like this so he walked over and stood beside Lin Fei, touching him on the head.

“Hello, Teacher Zhao. I am Lin Fei’s guardian. I am sorry I am late. My workplace is too far from the school. I’m sorry.”

Zhao Lei saw his beautiful and handsome face and was a bit surprised for a while. The uncle and nephew looked very similar and were both handsome.

She smiled and said politely, “It is good that you came. We can talk about Lin Fei.”

Once she finished speaking, she glanced at He Ni, who was still talking to the teacher about the famous brand. She told Lin Luoqing, “Wait a minute.”

Then she stood up and walked to He Ni. “Zhang Xiaosong’s mother, Lin Fei’s guardian is here. Let’s go over and talk about the two children.”

He Ni had been waiting impatiently for a long time and deliberately said loudly, “I haven’t finished talking here. Wait until I finish talking and then we will talk.”

Lin Luoqing heard this and glanced over. He saw the woman’s knife-like eyes under her delicate makeup.

Lin Luoqing didn’t bother paying attention to her. He looked down and asked Lin Fei, “Why are you the only one here? Where is the crying child?”

“He returned to class.”

“So you’ve been standing in the office?”

Lin Fei nodded calmly.

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing felt that this matter was handled too inappropriately!

Based on Lin Fei’s personality, it was impossible for him to take the initiative to provoke trouble, let alone start a fight. He must’ve been the passive party. As a result, he had been punished by standing for almost an afternoon. It was fortunate that Lin Fei was indifferent and didn’t care about other people’s likes and dislikes. A child with a fragile heart would have a psychological problem toward this office in the future.

He looked around and saw that there was an empty chair not far away. He directly pulled Lin Fei over, sat down and held Lin Fei in his arms.

“What’s going on? How could you hit someone? Was it him who acted first? It must’ve been him who said something or hit you first. Are you okay?”

Once he finished speaking, he had Lin Fei stand up again so he could examine him from top to bottom. He wanted to determine if his little cutie still had the white and tender look from when he left. Then he was relieved and hugged Lin Fei back into his arms.

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei had guessed that Lin Luoqing wouldn’t blame him, but he hadn’t expected that Lin Luoqing would firmly believe it was the other child who made the first move despite not knowing anything. It was only then that Lin Fei’s heart finally relaxed.

Teacher Zhao had talked for a long time. Lin Fei hadn’t agreed with her words but he still wondered if this was the idea of adults.

He knew that the ideas of adults and children were different. He was worried that Lin Luoqing was also an adult and would have the same idea as Teacher Zhao.

In particular, Teacher Zhao was still a teacher.

In the eyes of parents, the teacher couldn’t be wrong.

Fortunately, Lin Luoqing didn’t have such thoughts.

“Why aren’t you talking?” Lin Luoqing stared into his eyes. “What did he do that made you hit him?”

He finished speaking and made another guess. “Is it that he did too much so you are embarrassed to say anything?”

Lin Fei really didn’t know what to say.

It was actually quite simple.

After eating at noon, he remembered the resolution he had made last night and wanted to make a video call to Lin Luoqing.

Then when he took out his phone, he was a bit worried. He was worried that Lin Luoqing would be on his lunch break. He felt that suddenly looking for Lin Luoqing would make him seem as if he missed Lin Luoqing very much.

He had always been a bit childish, awkward and shy when it came to Lin Luoqing. Therefore, he stared at Lin Luoqing’s profile picture. His small hand poked around but refused to fall on the video call option.

Then Zhang Xiaosong and the others came back.

He didn’t like Lin Fei very much. Now he saw Lin Fei holding a pink phone with shiny rhinestones attached and walked over to scold him. “Thief.”

Lin Fei didn’t even look at him and pretended there was no such person.

Zhang Xiaosong was annoyed by this behavior the most. As Lin Fei’s finger was still on the phone, he unexpectedly took Lin Fei’s phone.

Lin Fei rushed to grab it but Zhang Xiaosong and his friends stepped forward to stop him.

Zhang Xiaosong held up the phone and shouted, “This phone case is pink with diamonds on it. It must be a girl’s mobile phone. You stole a girl’s phone. You have no shame!”

He continued shouting, “Have any girls lost their phone? It was Lin Fei who stole it. Everyone, quickly check.”

Lin Fei saw Lin Luoxi’s phone in his hand and pushed Zhang Xiaosong away. He wanted to grab the phone from Zhang Xiaosong’s hand. Zhang Xiaosong saw this and hurriedly threw the phone toward his friend.

His friend didn’t catch it and it fell to the ground.

Lin Fei was immediately angry.

He ran to pick up the phone but Zhang Xiaosong’s friend was closer and grabbed it. Lin Fei directly grabbed the other person. Before the child could throw the phone, he took the phone back.

Zhang Xiaosong didn’t want him to get the mobile phone and tried to grab it again. He made a move during the scramble and the fight started.

Lin Fei had no brother and father since he was a child and his actual combat experience was much richer than these pampered rich second generations. He beat the children quickly, accurately and ruthlessly. After a while, he hit several children to the point of tears.

Zhang Xiaosong, who took the lead, was hit by him in the face. It turned red and he cried in pain. He went to find Zhao Lei and said that Lin Fei beat him.

Zhao Lei wanted to persuade Lin Fei to apologize, but Lin Fei didn’t want to. Zhang Xiaosong was also unwilling and called his mother directly, saying he was bullied. He Ni quickly arrived at school and demanded that Lin Fei be dealt with strictly. Her son must not be wronged.

Zhao Lei was forced to call Lin Luoqing to come.

Lin Fei told the story concisely and without emotions, just stating the facts.

Lin Luoqing listened and felt that his child was too wronged!

He was wondering how Lin Fei could fight with people. Based on his personality, he wouldn’t bother to deal with others if they didn’t provoke him. Sure enough, it was the fault of the other person!

“Where is the phone?” He asked. “Is it okay?”

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