FV: Chapter 71

Lin Luoqing turned to look at Yao Momo. “You should go back first.”

Yao Momo nodded while secretly glancing at Ji Yuxiao. Why was his head still lowered? Did he really get that angry?

Then wouldn’t Lin Luoqing have to coax him for a while after she left?

Yao Momo hurriedly said, “Then I’ll go back first. Xiao Lin, you are busy. Come to me after you are done. I’m not in a hurry.”

So you can coax him slowly!

Then she took her assistant and left.

Before leaving, she gave Ji Yuxiao one last look. Speaking of which, he looked like… why did it feel like he was sleeping?

Then Yao Momo quickly dismissed the idea. What type of joke was this? Who would run all the way to the set for a visit only to fall asleep without even seeing or speaking to the person?

Wouldn’t it be better to sleep at home during this time?

Yao Momo felt that she was thinking too much. It must be that Lin Luoqing’s friend was angry and didn’t want to pay attention to him, or some other reason she didn’t know. No matter what it was, it definitely wasn’t that he fell asleep!

This must be the case. She nodded again and quickly left.

Lin Luoqing bent down, tilted his head and looked up from below. He saw that Ji Yuxiao’s phoenix eyes were closed. His long eyelashes hung down quietly as he slept soundly.

Lin Luoqing, “……”

He was really sleeping very comfortably!

“When did he come?” Lin Luoqing asked Wu Xinyuan.

“Just now,” Wu Xinyuan said.

He fell asleep just after arriving?

He really only came to take medicine!

A special sleeping pill!

Lin Luoqing puffed out his cheeks and looked at this person angrily. Then he sighed helplessly.

Forget it, this is my husband. What can I do?

Or continue to give him the special sleeping pill?

He was sleeping so well that he probably hadn’t slept well recently. It was highly likely that he was busy with his brother’s matter again and was too tired.

“Let him have a good rest,” Lin Luoqing instructed softly. “Don’t bother him. I will go first. Call me when he wakes up.”

“Okay,” Wu Xinyuan replied.

Lin Luoqing glanced at Ji Yuxiao again. He was afraid that Ji Yuxiao would catch a cold so he covered Ji Yuxiao with a blanket. Then he turned to find the director.

He didn’t know how long Ji Yuxiao could stay for this visit. Ji Yuxiao was currently sleeping and if Lin Luoqing filmed in a while, Ji Yuxiao would have to wait again. The time the two of them had to spend together would definitely be reduced.

Lin Luoqing wanted to stay with him for a while. Therefore, he was going to find the director to see if he could move his afternoon scene forward.

The director had a very good impression of the crew these days, especially Lin Luoqing. Every time Lin Luoqing wasn’t filming, he was either acting against this actor or that actor. He said he was rehearsing but it was more like he was helping his opposing actor correct their mistakes and talk about the scene.

It was rare for Director Zhang to meet a crew that was so harmonious and serious. The actors didn’t add any scenes or change any scenes. They didn’t trouble the other actors or staff members in the crew and this made the director feel relieved.

Not to mention, they were working so hard!

In the past few days, Yao Momo, Li Hanhai, Zhang Quan and Wu Jia had improved a lot under Lin Luoqing’s guidance. Not only were their lines filled with emotions but their acting skills had also improved. It was much better than when they first started filming.

Director Zhang even wanted to try not dubbing at the end and using their original voices.

Therefore, he agreed without much thought after hearing Lin Luoqing’s request.

He was good at acting, helpful to others and pushed the crew to work enthusiastically, saving the crew worry and effort. Wasn’t it just adjusting his scene forward? What was so hard about this?

Even if Lin Luoqing wanted to take half a day off, he would agree without hesitation and ask if half a day was enough. If it wasn’t enough then he would give a whole day.

As a director, he always liked actors with aura, not to mention that this actor created a virtuous cycle within the crew.

This meant Director Zhang didn’t care about these little things at all.

Lin Luoqing saw he had agreed and immediately went to Yao Momo to tell her about this.

Yao Momo looked at him in shock. “So there isn’t much time left before we start filming?”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing nodded. “I’m sorry, Sister Yao. It is rare for him to come and I am too embarrassed to let him stay on the set all the time.”

Yao Momo nodded. She understood the reason. She was just surprised that the quiz came so suddenly!

She wasn’t ready so why did she already have to take the test?

It was a test for her!

“Then shall we rehearse before filming?” She suggested.

“Okay,” Lin Luoqing nodded.

Yao Momo picked up the script and walked to a place not far away.

She suddenly remembered something as she walked and she asked Lin Luoqing, “Is that friend of yours still angry?”

“No,” Lin Luoqing said. “He wasn’t angry.”

“Then he was…”

Lin Luoqing was silent for a moment. He was really embarrassed to tell the truth, but Yao Momo kept looking at him in a very curious manner.

He could only helplessly say, “He wasn’t angry. He was just asleep.”

Yao Momo, “?????”


He? Fell? Asleep?

“He was too tired. He stayed up all night last night to see me and didn’t sleep well in the car today. So after entering the film crew, he waited and waited and slowly fell asleep.” Lin Luoqing tried to think of a suitable reason.

Yao Momo thought, ‘…Isn’t it that my acting skills are so poor that it made him sleepy?’

It definitely couldn’t be Lin Luoqing’s acting problem!

Then it could only be her!

Yao Momo was a bit weak-hearted. “I see.”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing said with a smile. “So you don’t have to worry. Once he wakes up, I’ll bring him to see you.”

“Okay.” Yao Momo agreed.

“But he stayed up all night just to see you. Teacher Xiao Lin, he must really care about you.”

Lin Luoqing who had been talking nonsense, “……”

Lin Luoqing who completely made up his words, “……”

Lin Luoqing smiled. “Let’s go and quickly finish the rest of the lines.”

“Yes,” Yao Momo nodded.

By the time Ji Yuxiao woke up, Lin Luoqing had already finished his afternoon scene with Yao Momo.

Thanks to him, Yao Momo played Meng Tao’s girlish feelings very well in this scene and even Director Zhang praised her.

“Amazing!” Lin Luoqing said sincerely.

Yao Momo told him with a smile, “It is thanks to Teacher Xiao Lin. You taught me well.”

If Lin Luoqing hadn’t explained to her what duplicity was so vividly, how could she have noticed the mystery of this?

Being awkward wasn’t denying it; being awkward was just being unwilling to admit it. But whether they wanted to admit it or not, their eyes and expression would betray them. This awkwardness was the beginning of love.

“Okay. Teacher Xiao Lin, your friend seems to be awake. You should go over and accompany him. It is hard for him to come all this way.”

“Then I’ll go first.” Lin Luoqing also laughed.

Yao Momo nodded and waved to him.

Lin Luoqing turned to look at Ji Yuxiao. Then he walked toward Ji Yuxiao with brisk, joyful and expectant steps.

He walked faster and faster. In the end, he almost trotted up to Ji Yuxiao. He ran all the way to Ji Yuxiao with a bright and irrepressible smile on his face.

“You’re awake.”

Ji Yuxiao looked at him and for a moment, he felt that the sun was shining.

It was obviously the season of autumn leaves, but it seemed to be warm.

He let out a hum. Then he saw the pleasure in Lin Luoqing’s eyes and said, “Why did you run over? What’s the hurry? I won’t leave for the time being.”

Lin Luoqing didn’t speak. He actually didn’t know why he ran up in front of Ji Yuxiao in the end.

Of course, he knew that Ji Yuxiao would be there for the time being and that there was no need to be in a rush. Yet at this moment, he seemed to involuntarily want Ji Yuxiao to appear in front of his eyes even earlier.

Lin Luoqing felt it was a bit silly, but he was inexplicably very happy.

He couldn’t contain his joy.

He smiled at Ji Yuxiao. He was just about to say something when he saw Ji Yuxiao lower his head slightly, saying softly, “That’s right, your male god suddenly appeared and you must be excited. However, you didn’t need to run over so quickly to see your male god. One more minute or a second is not a delay.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Very good. His joyful mood instantly calmed down now.

Lin Luoqing turned around and walked in the direction of Yao Momo. Ji Yuxiao quickly reached out to grab him. “What is it? Are you so excited to see your male god that you can’t tell the direction?”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

“I suddenly remember that Sister Yao and I still have a few scenes that aren’t right. I have decided to work hard.”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao pulled him back and said in a low voice, “Your husband is here but you still have the guts to flirt with a woman in front of me?”

“We are very innocent.”

“Really?” Ji Yuxiao raised an eyebrow and looked at him.

Lin Luoqing nodded. “She just said that if you are willing, she wants to come and greet you.”

“Okay.” Ji Yuxiao was very calm.

“Then go back to the hotel first. Once we pass by her on the way, I’ll let you say hello to her.”

“Good.” Ji Yuxiao had no opinion.

Lin Luoqing walked behind him, pushing him. Once he passed by Yao Momo, he went to find her as promised.

“Didn’t you want to say hello to him?”

Yao Momo tilted her head and examined Ji Yuxiao. Ji Yuxiao saw her gaze and smiled politely. There was a bit of laziness hidden in his handsomeness. He was like a moon in the sky.

‘He isn’t an ordinary person,’ Yao Momo thought in her heart.

She looked at Lin Luoqing and said in a low voice, “He is so handsome. Is the appearance of your circle of friends so high?”

“It isn’t, but he is the most handsome.”

Yao Momo nodded. She walked in front of Ji Yuxiao and said gently, “Hello, I am Luoqing’s sister in the drama. My name is Yao Momo.”

“Ji Yuxiao.”

“What I just acted out… it wasn’t particularly bad, right?” Yao Momo hesitated but still asked.

There was no way. As an actor, anyone who saw another person fall asleep while seeing their performance would have to care.

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing silently looked at the sky.

Ji Yuxiao smiled. “No.”

“That’s good.” Yao Momo sighed with relief. “I thought my acting was so bad that you fell asleep. You don’t know but my acting skills really aren’t that good. That is why I usually ask for guidance from Teacher Xiao Lin off-screen. His acting skills are really good.”

‘Yes,’ Lin Luoqing said in his heart. ‘It is so good that he sleeps the moment he sees it! He sleeps once and asks to watch it again!’

It was really great!

Ji Yuxiao nodded. “Yes, his acting skills are great.”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…You are the least qualified in the world to say this!’

“But this is the first time I saw Teacher Xiao Lin become distracted when acting.” Yao Momo added with a smile. “Usually, he is very calm but the moment you appeared today, he was directly stunned and couldn’t care about his lines.”

??? No, who told you to say that?

Didn’t you say you just wanted to say hello?

Teacher Yao?!

Ji Yuxiao instantly regained his energy and asked with interest, “Is that so? He was stunned when he saw me?”

Ji Yuxiao finished speaking and looked at Lin Luoqing, who was stunned because of him.

It was a pity that he actually missed it.

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Before Lin Luoqing could speak, Yao Momo had already given an affirmative answer. “Yes, it can be seen that he was really surprised to see you.”

‘So it doesn’t matter if you were angry before or not, don’t be angry in the future,’ Yao Momo inwardly thought.

Ji Yuxiao’s smile became even brighter. “This seems to be a real surprise.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing quickly walked to his side and pushed his wheelchair away from Yao Momo. “Let’s go first.”

Let’s go. If he didn’t go, would he have any face left?

Besides, how would he look at Ji Yuxiao if this continued?

Ji Yuxiao leaned back against the wheelchair and looked back at him, seemingly smiling.

Lin Luoqing glared at him and questioned fiercely, “What are you looking at? Turn around.”

Ji Yuxiao smiled. “Are you angry?”

“You are angry!”

“Now you can’t speak your mind.”

“You can’t speak your mind!”

Ji Yuxiao chuckled. “You are quite cute like this.”

“You are cute!”

“Yes.” Ji Yuxiao nodded without hesitation. “I also think I’m quite cute.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing felt that he had lost again!

How could anyone in this world be so narcissistic?

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