FV: Chapter 70

Wu Xinyuan was a bit surprised when he received a call from Ji Yuxiao saying that he had arrived. “Why are you here?”

Ji Yuxiao thought, ‘That is what I should say.’

“Can’t I come?” Ji Yuxiao asked him. “Why? Are you doing something behind my back?”

Wu Xinyuan thought, ‘…That isn’t the case. It is just that you came here too suddenly. The timing isn’t suitable.’

“Then I’ll pick you up,” Wu Xinyuan said.

“Yes,” Ji Yuxiao agreed.

Wu Xinyuan exchanged a few words with his assistant Xiao Wang. He asked to be contacted if anything happened and then left.

Ji Yuxiao waited in the car for a while until Wu Xinyuan came. Then he got out of the car.

Lin Luoqing wasn’t there and Xiao Li was responsible for helping him push the wheelchair.

Ji Yuxiao watched Wu Xinyuan approach and asked him, “How have you been doing lately?”

“Very good.”

“Has anyone bullied him?”

It went without saying who he was referring to. Wu Xinyuan shook his head while thinking in his heart, ‘Bullying him? They are almost chasing him to ask, ‘Mr Lin, how can I answer this question, thank you?’’

Ji Yuxiao nodded. It was just fine.

In the end, it was Lin Luoqing’s first work and he wasn’t famous. Ji Yuxiao wasn’t very relieved, or he wouldn’t be so eager to come visit the set in just a week.

Sleep was one thing and worry was another.

This time, he came over while Lin Fei and Ji Leyu went to school. They happened to be away from home and he had time to visit the set. He could rush back before the two children went to bed.

Therefore, Ji Yuxiao got straight to the point. “Take me to the set to see him.”

Then he thought of something and added, “If he is busy or it is inconvenient, take me to the lounge to sit for a while. Once it is convenient for him, I will come over.”

Wu Xinyuan thought, ‘It isn’t a question of whether it is convenient or inconvenient. This…’

“What is with your expression?” Ji Yuxiao saw his expression of wanting to say something but stopping himself. “Do you have a toothache?”

“Mr Ji, perhaps you should go back to the hotel to rest first and not go to the lounge. It isn’t as comfortable as the hotel,” Wu Xinyuan sincerely suggested.

Ji Yuxiao, “????”

“What do you mean by that? Is it inconvenient for him? Is he so busy?”

There was no way!

Today’s cram school had just started!

Ji Yuxiao saw his melancholy expression and became more confused. “What is he busy with? He is a supporting role, not the male lead. How busy can he be?”

It is definitely a busyness that you can’t imagine!

“He isn’t just busy when filming. He is even busy when not filming.”

Ji Yuxiao, “???”

“Busy with what?”

Wu Xinyuan sighed. “Teaching and educating people.”

Ji Yuxiao, “???”

What did you say?

What educating?

What does my wife have to do with teaching and educating people?

Doesn’t he only have an educational relationship with me?

“Perhaps you should explain the meaning of these words.” Ji Yuxiao frowned slightly.

Wu Xinyuan felt helpless. “I didn’t believe it when you said it, but now I believe you. Boss Ji, you are correct. Luoqing is really good-looking, has excellent acting skills, a good personality and is good at everything. He is worthy of being the person you fancy. He is so powerful!”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”


Three minutes later, Ji Yuxiao finally knew what type of changes had taken place in the crew in just one week.

No one knew how it started, but before they realized it, everyone in the crew was already in competition except for Lin Luoqing, who was in the center of the storm, and the second female lead Su Ying, who had no rivalry scenes with Lin Luoqing for the time being.

“Now you know. You came over at this time and didn’t say it in advance. Luoqing’s time is already fully booked. Isn’t this embarrassing?”

So is this blaming me for not making an appointment in advance?

He needed to make an appointment to meet his wife?

Since when had Ji Yuxiao ever made an appointment?

Especially when the other person was his wife!

It was outrageous!

I see.” Ji Yuxiao nodded. “It’s fine. I’ll go and watch him teaching and educating people. How to say it, I am also the teacher of his students. His students are my students. I should go and see these surprise students of mine.”

He would also take some medicine along the way.

Wu Xinyuan agreed after seeing that he didn’t mind and led him toward the set.

Lin Luoqing was acting with Yao Momo. The two of them were brother and sister in the drama, so half of Lin Luoqing’s rivalry scenes were with her.

This was a pain for Yao Momo. Compared to Lin Luoqing, her ordinary acting skills were always a bit clumsy. Fortunately, she was also hardworking. She knew that her acting skills weren’t good and ran to Lin Luoqing every day. Her agent started to become puzzled.

“Do you like Lin Luoqing? He might have a good face but he isn’t popular at all. If you want to be with him, your fans will definitely make trouble.”

Yao Momo, “……”

Don’t tarnish our pure teacher-student relationship with this vulgar love, okay?

“I don’t recommend that you fall in love at this time, but if you must enter a relationship with someone, Li Hanhai is much better than Lin Luoqing.”

Yao Momo thought, ‘??? Are you crazy? Li Hanhai’s girlfriend fans will eat me!’

“I’m just looking for him to rehearse.”

“Then why don’t you look for Li Hanhai? He is the male lead.”

“What is the difference between 50 and 55 points? It is still a fail. We both get stuck in the live filming. Meanwhile, there is a huge difference between 50 points and 85 points. One is a fail and the other is excellent. I hear ‘cut cut cut’ all day while Lin Luoqing hasn’t even heard it once. If it was you, could you bear it?”

The agent, ‘…This might indeed be unbearable.’

“So.” Yao Momo looked at her. “We are pure colleagues who give each other mutual help. If I have to use a metaphor, it is like the school committee member teaching a scumbag. He is having a hard time so go and prepare a gift for him that won’t cause a misunderstanding. I will thank him another day.”

“Okay,” the agent answered.

Then Yao Momo took the script and went to find Lin Luoqing again.

The scene they were going to film today was Meng Tao and Meng Hua’s daily life at home. In this scene, Meng Hua keenly realized that Meng Tao seemed to like Sun Zheng, but Meng Tao resolutely refused to admit it. She only said that she thought he wasn’t as annoying as before.

The focus of this scene was on Yao Momo. She had more shots and needed to show the shyness of Meng Tao’s first love. She also had to show the awkwardness of her instinctive rejection after being questioned by her brother.

Yao Momo had already rehearsed by herself and came to Lin Luoqing to let him correct her mistakes.

Lin Luoqing was used to it. Every time he encountered her unnatural acting, he would stop and remind her.

“Wait a minute,” Lin Luoqing interrupted Yao Momo. “You don’t need to be so deliberate here. You haven’t realized that you like him at this time. When you are saying this, your yearning for him is subconsciously expressed so you should be more natural.”

Yao Momo didn’t understand it. “How can it be considered more natural? I feel like I’m already natural. Can you show me and then I’ll learn from it?”

Lin Luoqing nodded. “Yes.”

He changed his demeanor as he spoke. He showed some embarrassed shyness and tilted his head slightly like he was thinking about something. As he spoke his lines slowly, his eyes gradually curved and stars gathered in his eyes. The thoughts poured out of his eyes.

Yao Momo saw it and felt as if she understood a bit.

She imitated Lin Luoqing’s appearance and learned from it. She started fighting with Lin Luoqing because of this ‘shyness.’

Ji Yuxiao saw his wife whom he hadn’t seen in a week from a distance. Before he could rejoice, he saw Lin Luoqing smiling very brightly next to a pretty girl.

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

“Are you sure you didn’t miss out on anything when explaining to me?” He asked Wu Xinyuan.

Wu Xinyuan was puzzled. “What?”

“Who is that?” Ji Yuxiao raised his chin and looked at Yao Momo.

“Oh, she is Yao Momo, the female lead of the drama. She plays Luoqing’s sister in the drama.”

“That’s it?”

“Otherwise?” Wu Xinyuan was puzzled. “What else do you want to hear?”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

“Did Luoqing miss me when he entered the crew this week?”

‘…Don’t you know if he misses you or not? Why ask me?’

“Of course, he missed you!” Wu Xinyuan said with a smile. “He really missed you!”

“That doesn’t prevent men and women from flocking around him, a whole bevy of young men and women.”

‘…It is so sour. Is my boss so easily jealous?’

Wu Xinyuan never knew!

“Isn’t it teaching and educating people? He can’t teach himself. It is just a teacher-student relationship, a pure teacher-student relationship!”

“Do you know how Yang Guo and Xiao Longnu got together?” Ji Yuxiao squinted at him.

Wu Xinyuan, “……”

“A teacher-student relationship, tsk tsk.” Ji Yuxiao shook his head. “It is a really dangerous, charming and unpredictable relationship!”

‘…No no no, this really isn’t the case!’

He had been watching it for several days. It was really a pure teacher-student relationship. It was especially pure, the type that was purer than pure water!

“Why don’t you sit over there and I’ll call Luoqing over for you,” Wu Xinyuan hurriedly said.

“No need.” Ji Yuxiao refused. “Let him finish first.”

Work was important and he still had some free time on his side. There was no hurry.

Wu Xinyuan heard him say this and took him to Lin Luoqing’s usual resting area.

Ji Yuxiao sat in the wheelchair and watched Lin Luoqing’s beautiful side profile not far away, serious and quiet.

Lin Luoqing finished the demonstration and started a new rehearsal with Yao Momo.

He acted very seriously and Yao Momo was the same. Ji Yuxiao watched and his eyes slowly only saw Lin Luoqing’s figure. His world seemed to be quiet again. There was no noise and it was as gentle as a forest under the moonlight.

The familiar sleepiness reappeared after a long absence.

Ji Yuxiao whispered, “I will rest for a while.”

Once he finished speaking, he looked at Lin Luoqing’s movements and slowly closed his eyes in the midst of this person’s smile and the sunlight that filled his body.

Wu Xinyuan saw that Lin Luoqing seemed to have noticed this side and was stunned. He quickly lowered his head to remind Ji Yuxiao, only to find with surprise that Ji Yuxiao had fallen asleep.

Wu Xinyuan, “……”

Wu Xinyuan looked at Xiao Li. “Is he so tired?”

Xiao Li had already discovered that Ji Yuxiao had fallen asleep and nodded in consideration for his young master. “Yes.”

“He is so tired but he is still visiting the set?”

“So it is true love.” Xiao Li didn’t hesitate. “True love is like this. One day away is like three autumns.”

“I can see.”

In the beginning, Wu Xinyuan first heard about Ji Yuxiao’s marriage and thought this person was confused and gave up on himself, and there were no feelings for the other person. Now it seemed that the feelings were deep-rooted!

Tsk, it was pretty sweet.

Yao Momo saw Lin Luoqing suddenly freeze in place. He didn’t say any lines or move and just stared straight into the distance. This caused her to ask suspiciously, “What’s wrong?”

She followed the direction of his gaze and found there were two people she had never seen before in the area where Lin Luoqing usually rested. One of them looked extraordinary. He was dignified even though he was in a wheelchair and it was impossible to take her eyes off him.

“Who is that?” She was curious. “Did he come to visit the set?”

Lin Luoqing couldn’t help smiling. ‘Why did you come suddenly without saying anything? I didn’t even know.’

He replied, “My friend.”

Yao Momo saw his bright and dazzling face that was suddenly full of spring and blinked in astonishment. Then she glanced at the person in the wheelchair not far away and whispered, “Do you like him?”

Lin Luoqing, “!!!”

Lin Luoqing immediately withdrew the uncontrollable smile on his face. “What nonsense are you saying?”

“Then why did you become so happy? I have never seen you smile so brightly before. How to say it? It is like seeing spring in your eyes.”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…You can’t act but your eyes are quite sharp!’

“You are thinking too much.” Lin Luoqing concealed it. “I didn’t expect him to come so there was some surprise.

“Wow, so he didn’t tell you in advance? He specially created a surprise for you. He must like you as well.”

‘…Oh my god, how come you are saying everything?’

“We are just friends. True friends and good brothers.”

Yao Momo nodded. “Uhuh, true friends and good brothers!”

“Why is the tone of your words so strange?”

“Is it?” Yao Momo blinked innocently. “Then your good friend is here. Why don’t we rest first? You can go and talk to him. After all, he has come all this way and you can’t let him wait the entire time, right?”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…You are so understanding that I always feel something is wrong!’

Nevertheless, he did want to talk to Ji Yuxiao. After all, they hadn’t seen each other for a week.

He missed Ji Yuxiao when they didn’t meet but after this meeting, for some reason, he seemed to miss Ji Yuxiao even more.

“Then you should take a break too,” he told Yao Momo.

Yao Momo saw the corners of his lips that were subconsciously raised and thought in his heart, ‘Now I know how to act out Meng Tao’s awkward embarrassment. Isn’t this a ready-made live teaching?’

She nodded and walked forward with Lin Luoqing.

“Why are you following me?” Lin Luoqing was puzzled.

“Your friend just saw us acting together. I want to go over and say hello to him to be polite.”

Lin Luoqing nodded. “Okay.”

“Isn’t he handsome?” Yao Momo asked while looking at Ji Yuxiao’s figure.

“Yes, he is very handsome,” Lin Luoqing said with a smile.


He saw Ji Yuxiao’s slightly lowered head that didn’t allow his face to be seen clearly and wondered why this posture was so familiar.

No way!

Lin Luoqing suddenly remembered his fear of being dominated by Ji Yuxiao’s repeated tried and tested ‘falls asleep as soon as he sees me acting.’

No no, it couldn’t be, right?

His acting skill had been affirmed by Director Zhang and his colleagues applauded him. How could Ji Yuxiao still fall asleep?

Surely not!

Definitely not!

Lin Luoqing’s heart was complicated and his mood was disturbed.

Yao Momo watched as she and Lin Luoqing got closer, but the other person still had his head lowered and didn’t look at them. She wondered, “Why is he keeping his head down? Is he thinking about a serious problem?”

She suddenly realized something. Perhaps she was seen by the other person when she was acting with Lin Luoqing just now, so he was angry and unhappy from the misunderstanding.

If this was the case, she needed to resolve the misunderstanding in a tactful and ingenious manner.

For example, ‘You have such a good relationship that you traveled so far to specifically see him. He also saw you instantly and smiled like a flower, ignoring me.’

Yao Momo organized her words and didn’t panic.

On the contrary, the closer Lin Luoqing got, the weaker his heart became and the more he felt that familiar feeling returning.

He had come to this point. Why hadn’t Ji Yuxiao responded?

Had he really fallen asleep again?

Lin Luoqing walked up to Ji Yuxiao step by step, apprehensive and suspicious.

Yao Momo was already introducing herself. “Hello, I am Mr Xiao Lin’s sister in the drama. My name is Yao Momo.”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Yao Momo saw that he still had his head lowered and was ignoring her. She silently looked at Lin Luoqing and thought, ‘…Isn’t this too angry? It is to the point of not wanting to talk to me?’

Was it possible to be so jealous?

Teacher Lin actually liked this type?

Lin Luoqing standing beside him, “……”

Very good; it was as expected. Ji Yuxiao fell asleep again!

So… he came all the way to visit the set just to take sleeping pills?

Wasn’t it too far away?

Too hardworking!

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