FV: Chapter 69

“It isn’t,” Lin Fei said honestly.

Ji Leyu, “!!!”

It turned out it wasn’t him?

He wasn’t happy!

“Who was it?” Ji Leyu was furious.

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei felt this person loved being angry.

“My mother,” he answered calmly.

Ji Leyu, “???”


Oh, that was okay.

He smiled again, as if it wasn’t him who had just been angry.

“Then am I the first person you gave flowers to?” He tilted his head and asked.

Lin Fei shook his head.

Ji Leyu, “……”

“Is it your mother again?” He guessed.


“Then I am the first besides your mother.”


Ji Leyu was happy and took Lin Fei’s hand to go to the dining room to eat.

However, Lin Fei didn’t move because he remembered something. “You didn’t wash your hands.”

Ji Leyu, ‘…Indeed, I forgot.’

He could only pull Lin Fei back to the sink. He seriously washed his hands and spread them out for Lin Fei to see. “I’ve washed them.”

Lin Fei nodded and went back to the dining room with him.

After eating, Ji Yuxiao took the two children out to the flower market.

Lin Fei’s purpose was clear. The moment he entered the store, he headed directly to the cacti area.

Ji Leyu was different. He raised his delicate little chin and looked at this one and that one. He wanted to choose the most beautiful pot of flowers.

Ji Yuxiao didn’t choose and just looked at the two of them.

Even if he gave flowers to Lin Luoqing, he wouldn’t send such a simple flower in a pot. It had to be the type of boutique box flowers with thousands of bouquets.

Lin Fei examined them for a while before choosing an emerald green cactus that looked bigger.

He picked up the flowerpot and was about to go to the boss to pay the bill. Then he remembered that if he gave this to Lin Luoqing, only Ji Yuxiao would have no cactus at home.

Lin Fei glanced back at Ji Yuxiao. This person was sitting in the wheelchair, his eyes following Ji Leyu’s back. His eyes were gentle and relaxed.

Lin Fei blinked and felt that Ji Yuxiao also needed a pot of cactus.

He hoped that Ji Yuxiao could also protect himself while having a flower pot of his own.

Therefore, Lin Fei looked again. Among the piles of cacti, he chose a pot that looked larger than the one in his hand.

He took out the pot as well.

Then he called the boss over, pointed to the potted cacti on the ground and asked him, “How much?”

The boss smiled and gave him a number.

Lin Fei lowered his head and took out a 100 yuan note from his pocket, ready to hand it to the boss. Then he heard Ji Yuxiao say, “I’ll pay.”

“I will pay.” Lin Fei turned to look at him. “I have money.”

Ji Yuxiao pushed the wheelchair over.

“Didn’t you promise not to be polite to me at home?” He asked in a gentle tone.

“But…” Lin Fei looked at him and was a bit unsure about what to say.

Ji Yuxiao touched his head. “It is natural for adults to help children pay.”


Lin Fei bent down, picked up the largest pot of cactus and handed it to Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Yuxiao took it doubtfully. Before he could lower his hand, he heard Lin Fei say, “If you pay, it will be what you bought. I didn’t give it to you.”

Ji Yuxiao finally realized.

He looked at Lin Fei with surprise before glancing at the cactus in his arms. “You are buying this to give to me?”

Lin Fei nodded.

Ji Yuxiao smiled.

He looked at the cactus in his arms and didn’t insist any longer.

“Then you pay.”

“Yes.” Lin Fei nodded and turned to give the 100 yuan in his hand to the boss.

The boss took it and praised him. “You are really good.”

As he spoke, he also imagined touching Lin Fei’s head like Ji Yuxiao.

Before his hand could get closer, Lin Fei was a step ahead of him and avoided it indifferently.

The boss smiled and didn’t feel embarrassed. He just thought the child was cute even if he couldn’t be teased. Therefore, he gave Lin Fei more change and asked him to come back the next time he bought flowers.

Ji Leyu also finished picking out the flowers he wanted at this time.

He picked a pot of red roses. The flowers hadn’t bloomed yet, but the buds were delicate and beautiful.

He walked up to the boss with the roses in his arms and asked, “How much is this?”

The boss stretched out his hand, compared the numbers and told him the price.

After hearing this, Ji Leyu took out money from his pocket and gave it to the boss.

Ji Yuxiao saw that they had bought the flowers they wanted and prepared to leave.

He asked Xiao Li to help carry the flowers for Lin Fei and Ji Leyu and put them in the car. He got into the car first and then let the two children get into the car.

Lin Fei and Ji Leyu were to his left and right.

Ji Yuxiao was still immersed in the joy of Lin Fei giving him a gift. He never thought that Lin Fei had been thinking about buying flowers for so long and it was actually to give to him.

He looked at Lin Fei curiously and asked, “Fei Fei, why did you give me a cactus?”

Ji Leyu knew the answer to this question and hurriedly said, “He likes cacti.”

Ji Yuxiao hadn’t expected Lin Fei to like cacti. Most children his age obviously preferred beautiful flowers. It was just like Ji Leyu, who chose a pot of roses.

Then he thought again. Based on Lin Fei’s temperament, it seemed like he would really like cacti.

He wasn’t a person who would be attracted to beautiful appearances.

“I see. I like it very much. Thank you, Fei Fei,” he said gently.

Lin Fei shook his head. “You’re welcome.”


“Can you please not tell my uncle about this first?” He asked Ji Yuxiao.

He wanted to give Lin Luoqing the cactus after Lin Luoqing returned home. He didn’t want Lin Luoqing to hear about it from others first.

Ji Yuxiao guessed previously that out of the two pots of cacti, the large one was for himself and the other slightly smaller one should be given to Lin Luoqing.

Now he heard this was indeed the case. He didn’t say much and responded gently, “Okay.”

“Thank you,” Lin Fei told him.

“You are being polite to me again.” Ji Yuxiao pinched his face.

Lin Fei, “……”

“But you also thanked me just now.”

Ji Yuxiao thought, ‘…This is embarrassing.’

Ji Yuxiao stared into Lin Fei’s eyes. He vaguely felt that he could see disgust in Lin Fei’s eyes, but it must be his illusion. Lin Fei’s eyes were obviously very calm. How could there be disgust?

It must be his illusion!

Ji Yuxiao smiled awkwardly but politely. Then he silently changed the subject and went to talk to Ji Leyu.

They smoothly went home.

They had gone out early so it wasn’t time for dinner. Ji Yuxiao decided not to take them out for dinner.

He asked Xiao Li to move the pot of cactus that Lin Fei gave him to his bedroom. He placed it on the balcony in a manner that looked good.

“Does it look good?” He asked Xiao Li.

Xiao Li nodded. “It is quite good-looking.”

“Right?” Ji Yuxiao was proud. “Fei Fei gave it to me. He is quite considerate.”

Xiao Lo also felt that the two children of the family were very sensible and nodded sincerely. “Our young masters are sensible. They aren’t at all like the naughty children of other families.”

Ji Yuxiao took it for granted and had no idea how much killing power the two children of his family really had.

Ji Leyu hugged the roses and took the elevator upstairs with Lin Fei and Ji Yuxiao. He reached the door of his bedroom but didn’t go in. Instead, he took two more steps and entered Lin Fei’s bedroom.

Lin Fei ignored him and went straight to the bay window to put the pot of cactus that was going to be given to Lin Luoqing next to his own pot of cactus.

The moment he put it away, he saw Ji Leyu also put down the roses in his arms.

He pushed and adjusted the position so it was next to the large pot of cactus.

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei turned toward Ji Leyu. “Why did you put it here?”

“It is given to you.” Ji Leyu smiled. “You gave me a pot of flowers so I will also give you a pot of flowers.”

“You gave me what you liked and chose it yourself. I also gave you what I like and chose it myself.”

There seemed to be no problem.

Lin Fei turned his gaze back to the roses that hadn’t bloomed on the windowsill. He remembered that Ji Leyu seemed to have said that he really liked roses.

“Isn’t it pretty? I looked around and this one looks the best,” Ji Leyu said sweetly.

“Thank you,” Lin Fei replied.

Ji Leyu shook his head. “You’re welcome, but you have to raise it well. You aren’t allowed to give it to others or raise it to death. I will come to check every day.”

Lin Fei, “……”

“You also know that it should be raised well?”

Ji Leyu, “……”

Why was he turning over old accounts again?

Ji Leyu pouted in an unconvincing manner. “I’m raising it well now. It is doing well!”

Lin Fei listened with a smile and didn’t argue with him.

He sat down on the bay window, picked up the small watering can and sprayed some water on both the large cactus and Ji Leyu’s roses.

The roses weren’t big. It was a small plant and the bud was stained with water. It was beautiful, just as beautiful as Ji Leyu.

Lin Fei looked at the three pots of flowers on the bay window and suddenly smiled.

It looked like he, Lin Luoqing and Ji Leyu were standing in a row.

He thought of this person and his action of watering the flowers was gentler. He didn’t know when Lin Luoqing would come back. Lin Luoqing had gone to work now and was alone outside. He had to protect himself better but could he protect himself well? Would he protect himself well?

Lin Fei had always been a bit worried.

Lin Luoqing was in a place he couldn’t see and he didn’t know anything. Thus, he wanted Lin Luoqing to be like a cactus and protect himself.

Lin Fei reached out and touched the thorns of the cactus in front of him. They were hard and piercing. He hoped that Lin Luoqing could also have such thorns.

Lin Luoqing, who was remembered by Lin Fei, was acting against Li Hanhai at this time.

Once Li Hanhai changed his makeup, he had his agent take a few photos of him on the first day and post them on the agent’s own Weibo to test the evaluation of the netizens.

Sure enough, his fans saw his new behind-the-scenes photo and immediately moved to the forum to post. [Ahhh, is this Li Hanhai’s new look? So handsome!]

Netizens were about to mock him for promoting his previous look as a new look. Then once they entered the post, they found it was indeed a new look! It was completely different from the previous one! He was truly handsome!

“Did he change his look?”

“Oh my god, Li Hanhai has a handsome forehead!”

“Ahhh, I couldn’t get him before but now I get it after these few photos. It is indeed at a level where he can debut with this face!”

“I said not to make fun randomly before the drama comes out. How do you know that he doesn’t have any other looks?”

“This has the temperament of Sun Zheng. I am kneeling and begging the crew to use this style all the time.”

“Honestly speaking, the styling of this crew is really good. The men are handsome and the women are beautiful. An idol drama should be like this.”

“So which makeup artist is so powerful that they actually lifted our Brother Li’s fixed bangs?”

“Hahaha, yes, add a chicken leg to the makeup artist.”

“I checked it. She seems to be called Amy. I saw that she did Li Hanhai’s style and Lin Luoqing’s style on Weibo.”

“Lin Luoqing’s styling was also done by her? Awesome!”

“Is Lin Luoqing actually qualified to share a makeup artist with Li Hanhai? Is Li Hanhai so easy to talk to?”

“It has been said that our brother is very kind. Didn’t he take care of his team in the previous competition?”

All of a sudden, Li Hanhai’s fans turned on their mics one after another and started to promote their idol. This made Li Hanhai gain a new wave of popularity.

Li Hanhai saw this result and knew that he had done the right thing.

This meant he was particularly serious when practicing with Lin Luoqing and even allowed Lin Luoqing to directly point out where he wasn’t acting well.

Lin Luoqing felt a subtle sense of wonder about this.

Why did everyone who acted with him do this recently?

From Wu Jia to Yao Momo, Li Hanhai to Zhang Quan. He didn’t know when it started but as long as he wasn’t busy, they would come to him to practice acting. In the beginning, it was still sporadic. Then it became almost like a schedule. Once this person was finished, there was this person and that person.

They came to him one by one with a gentle attitude and sincere tone. It was as if he wasn’t a supporting male lead but their tutor.

Lin Luoqing felt it was strange and wonderful. They… what were they thinking?

Were they so easy to get along with?

It was too good for them to have no arrogant airs!

He was the unknown third male lead!

Lin Luoqing was quite flattered. He felt that the actors in the crew were really humble and friendly. They were really good actors!

“By the way, Luoqing.” Li Hanhai looked at him and asked hesitantly, “I’ve seen a few of your previous works. At that time, your acting skills weren’t very proficient. How did you improve so much later?”

Is it not very proficient?

I was terrible!

As far as the original owner’s acting skills went, whoever saw it would shed tears! It made people’s eyes swollen!

“Yes, I acted more, practiced more and learned more,” Lin Luoqing replied.

“So you didn’t film other dramas later and practiced alone at home?”

Lin Luoqing nodded obediently. “Yes.”

“Both lines and acting skills?”


“Then how did you judge when you were unqualified or qualified?”

“You can record it, watch yourself and compare it.” Lin Luoqing taught him. “Choose a classic scene performed by others and perform it yourself. Then record it and see where and how much difference you have with the other person. Take the other person as a full score and continue to learn from them. Get close to them and sum up your own shortcomings and difficulties in the process. Once you overcome it then it is fine.”

Lin Luoqing was relatively talented in acting and basically hadn’t encountered too many difficulties. However, he also had moments when he tried to act but found he couldn’t do it. He saw other people’s classic scenes and figured it out over and over again. He learned, got closer and found the weaknesses in his acting skills. He overcame them and tried new classic scenes.

“But that is a stupid method,” Lin Luoqing said with a smile. “Brother Hai, you can hire a teacher and ask him to point out your shortcomings in each scene. This is also okay.”

Li Hanhai hadn’t expected that Lin Luoqing wouldn’t hide it at all and said everything the moment he asked.

It was no wonder why he could become so good at acting after a year. It was such a boring learning method. If he could stick to it for a year, he could be regarded as determined and extremely self-disciplined.

“Yes, I see. Thank you,” Li Hanhai said warmly.

Lin Luoqing shook his head. “It’s nothing. You’re welcome.”

“Then can I come to you every day in the future?”

“Of course,” Lin Luoqing agreed.

“Then free up time for me,” Li Hanhai hurriedly said. “Don’t let me come and find that you are acting against Yao Momo, Zhang Quan or Wu Jia again.”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…The wonderful feeling of being fought over is here again!’

Obviously, he was just the unknown third male lead!

Lin Luoqing nodded quietly. “Oh.”

Li Hanhai thought, ‘Very good. The season package was successfully bought and my season card has arrived!’

At this time, Ji Yuxiao finally set out from home and prepared to visit Lin Luoqing on the set.

He really couldn’t wait any longer. After taking the painless and side effect-free Lin Luoqing’s brand of sleeping pills, Ji Yuxiao felt that he wasn’t able to take ordinary sleeping pills with obvious side effects again!

His wife was better and safer, so he was going to take medicine!

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