FV: Chapter 66

Lin Luoqing returned to his rest area calmly and saw Wu Xinyuan’s shocked expression.

Lin Luoqing, “????”

What happened to him?

“What’s the matter?” Lin Luoqing asked.

Wu Xinyuan looked at him with a shocked face and complicated emotions.

Now he felt that Brother Li was simply lying to him!

Lying to him!

It was trying to cause Wu Xinyuan to have a clear prejudice against Lin Luoqing, provoking the relationship between agent and artist!

What a good actor!

What great acting!

What great line skills!

Brother Li even dared to say that Lin Luoqing couldn’t do anything!

It was obviously him who couldn’t do it!

Wait. Wu Xinyuan remembered it again. After he took over Lin Luoqing, he watched Lin Luoqing’s previous online dramas. He had excellent facial features but was like an AI. He wasn’t suitable for extroverted roles or introverted roles. He was most suitable for withdrawing from the circle to benefit the audience. Yet now he was…

Wu Xinyuan became confused. “Did you secretly take lessons before joining the crew?

Otherwise, this change was too big. It was like he suddenly gained enlightenment and changed from a scumbag to a top student.

It was only then that Lin Luoqing understood the shock on this person’s face.

It was like this.

Wu Xinyuan had seen the original owner’s acting skills. Now seeing Lin Luoqing, it was normal to be shocked.

After all, the original owner’s trash acting skills were real. If he didn’t quit the circle then the audience would have to refund their money.

Lin Luoqing nodded and followed his words. “Yes.”

Wu Xinyuan heard this and felt that Lin Luoqing was really serious and obedient. He was too worry-free!

He was like this yet Brother Li still had the nerve to say he wasn’t easy to look after?!

Lin Luoqing used to be really bad at acting but he was willing to work diligently to make up for it. Before Wu Xinyuan could even hire a teacher, Lin Luoqing had already completed the class and went to work?!

For the scene just now, the director didn’t have a single word of criticism.

If he was talking to Li Hanhai, he would say things like ‘Cut’, ‘Hanhai, you can’t be like this, you should be like this.’ Then for Lin Luoqing, it was ‘Luoqing, you performed well. Continue to maintain this state.’ It could be seen that Lin Luoqing had a talent for acting. It was just that he previously hadn’t faced the camera before and couldn’t release it freely.

Wu Xinyuan was pleasantly surprised and very satisfied. He felt that the boss was right. The boss’ husband looked good, acted well and had a good personality. However, his previous company and agent weren’t good, so he had been covered in dust and hidden until now.

It was all Brother Li’s fault for having a bad business ability. Fortunately, their boss’ husband was now left to him!

Otherwise, it would just be a waste of talent!

Brother Li was eating when he felt pain from his knee and he suddenly sneezed.

The little artist next to him was concerned. “What’s the matter, Brother Li? Is someone blessing you?”

Brother Li didn’t think so. It was probably someone cursing him. How else could he have the illusion of receiving an arrow to the knee?

It must be Wu Xinyuan. How well-behaved was his little artist compared to Lin Luoqing? Wu Xinyuan must be angry again and couldn’t wait to return Lin Luoqing to him. Thus, Wu Xinyuan was scolding him.

Alas, Brother Li thought he could understand. In two days when he wasn’t busy, he would call Wu Xinyuan to comfort him. By the way, he could show off how well-behaved his new artist was. It was simply beautiful.

Brother Li happily ate the snail powder noodles and felt that the powder in the bowl was even more fragrant.

Lin Luoqing rested for a while as he watched Li Hanhai and Yao Momo play a few scenes together. Then Li Hanhai finished work and it was his turn to act with Yao Momo.

Then he went there and realized that compared to Yao Momo, Li Hanhai was indeed well prepared. It was because Yao Momo still hadn’t memorized her lines yet!

“Sorry,” Yao Momo apologized. “Give me a bit more time, please? I’m almost done memorizing them.”

“Okay,” Lin Luoqing replied gently.

He had encountered this type of thing a lot and naturally wouldn’t care.

Yao Momo was different. She had a slight headache now. Before she entered the crew, she never thought the situation of the crew would be like this.

As a small artist who filmed idol dramas, Yao Momo initially memorized her lines before joining the crew. Then she soon found that sometimes the speed at which she memorized the lines couldn’t keep up with the crew’s fly pages where her lines were changed.

So in recent dramas, everyone memorized the lines a day in advance or on the spot. This meant she couldn’t help but slack off. She felt that like everyone else, it was okay to start filming and then memorize her lines.

Last night during the script reading, she found that Lin Luoqing seemed to have memorized his lines and was surprised. Therefore, she also quickly memorized her lines. Unfortunately, she slept early and there were so many things happening. She couldn’t completely memorize them all before filming started.

This originally wasn’t a big deal but Yao Momo just had a few scenes with Li Hanhai. Compared to yesterday when he was just as unfamiliar with his lines as her, Li Hanhai was obviously very smooth today. Yao Momo could only let him wait for her in an embarrassing manner. The even more embarrassing thing was that after making him wait, Lin Luoqing also had to wait!

These two were too hardworking!

Yao Momo felt guilty. She decided that when she went back tonight, she had to memorize tomorrow’s lines well. Otherwise, wouldn’t it seem like she was the female lead holding everyone back?!

Lin Luoqing saw that Yao Momo would take a while so he clicked on his WeChat, ready to chat with Ji Yuxiao. Then as soon as he clicked into it, he saw that Ji Yuxiao had sent him a WeChat message. [Is it over?]

Lin Luoqing: [Not yet. There is still the last scene.]

Ji Yuxiao looked at the night sky outside the window. It was already this time and he hadn’t finished?

Ji Yuxiao: [How do you feel? Are the people in the crew nice to you?]

Lin Luoqing felt that everything was pretty good, so he replied: [It is all good.]

Ji Yuxiao was relieved: [That’s good.]

Lin Luoqing: [What about you? Are you sleeping with Xiao Yu and Fei Fei today?]

Ji Yuxiao: [Yes, I should sleep with them for the first two days before letting them sleep by themselves.]

Lin Luoqing smiled: [The three of you are getting closer now.]

Ji Yuxiao: [Don’t worry, it still isn’t as close as you.]

Lin Luoqing: [Really? Obviously, we aren’t very close to each other.]

‘…How close do you want us to be?!’

However, he didn’t ask this. The answer was obvious. Lin Luoqing definitely wanted to do some artsy bed scenes with him.

Ji Yuxiao: [You had better work hard.]

Lin Luoqing smiled slightly.

Ji Yuxiao: [Work is work but pay attention to the scale. Don’t hug or cuddle others every day or do some artsy bed scenes.]

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing turned to look at Wu Xinyuan. This was indeed a conscientious, loyal and good employee.

Filming had just started and he already couldn’t wait to talk to the boss!

Lin Luoqing: [There is such a strong smell of vinegar. It seems that a big friend is in a hurry~]

Big friend Ji Yuxiao, “……”

[I’m just afraid that your little friend will cry when the time comes.]

Lin Luoqing felt that he didn’t understand it. Why would Lin Fei and Ji Leyu cry?

He thought about the appearance of the two children with red and tearful eyes. Don’t say it. It should be quite cute.

It was just that he couldn’t bear it.

[I got it.] Lin Luoqing replied. [Chief Vinegar Ji.]

Ji Yuxiao, “???”

What did this mean?

Lin Luoqing seemed to have guessed his doubts and took the initiative to explain: [The chief of a vinegar factory, referred to as the Chief Vinegar.]

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Lin Luoqing was about to continue chatting when he heard Yao Momo’s voice. “I’m ready now.”

He had to say to Ji Yuxiao: [I’m going to film now. You should hurry up and go to sleep. I’ll video call you when I’m free. Mua~}

Ji Yuxiao: [Rest early. It is late at night. Don’t catch a cold.]

Lin Luoqing hurriedly looked and replied with a yes. Then he prepared to film with Yao Momo.

Director Zhang gave them a few words of guidance. Then Lin Luoqing started this scene with Yao Momo according to the positions they practiced before.

Yao Momo looked sweet and actually fit the female lead’s personality very well. However, her acting skills were average and her expressions were superficial and lacking in appeal.

She opened her mouth to show surprise and opened her mouth to show happiness. All emotions were conveyed through mouth movements. Director Zhang watched her and after getting stuck several times, he called her over for special guidance.

Yao Momo listened to his guidance and nodded obediently, but she couldn’t fully implement his guidance.

After all, her acting routine had been formed and her acting skills were like this. She worked hard to improve herself but the result was definitely not something that could be achieved overnight. In the end, she barely managed to pass.

Director Zhang had filmed for half a day and almost figured out the level of his crew’s actors.

He asked the assistant director for the schedule this week. He adjusted a few of Lin Luoqing’s scenes and told the assistant director, “Make copies of this one.”

The assistant director picked it up and saw that Lin Luoqing’s scenes had been changed. Some had been moved forward while others were delayed.

The ones that were advanced were morning scenes and the ones delayed were evening scenes. He quickly understood based on Director Zhang’s habits.

Film his favorite actor first thing in the morning so he was in a good mood. Then film his favorite actor before the end of work in the evening to relieve his irritability from the day. This would also ensure that the night scenes wouldn’t be filmed for too long.

In this way, Director Zhang really liked Lin Luoqing.

The assistant directly immediately claimed credit. “The role I chose isn’t bad, right?”

Director Zhang nodded. “It is really good. You chose this role very well.”

The assistant director glanced at Lin Luoqing. He chose Lin Luoqing purely due to Lin Luoqing’s good looks and because he previously knew Wu Xinyuan. Thus, he gave Wu Xinyuan a chance. He didn’t expect that there would be an unexpected joy.

The satisfied assistant director gave the schedule sheet to his assistant and asked him to print a few copies.

Lin Luoqing finished filming this scene with Yao Momo. There were no other scenes so he could finally pack up his things and go back to the hotel to rest.

He looked at the time and estimated that Ji Yuxiao was already sleeping. He didn’t disturb Ji Yuxiao again.

At this time, Ji Yuxiao was once again sleepless.

He stared into the vast night and started to think seriously. If he went to visit Lin Luoqing tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, would Lin Luoqing be surprised that he came so early?

But if he didn’t go, he could only take sleeping pills to get some rest.

He had already enjoyed Lin Luoqing’s sleeping pill with no side effects so he felt that he had now become picky. He couldn’t look at ordinary sleeping pills at all!

Lin Luoqing didn’t know that Ji Yuxiao was already thinking about visiting the set so soon, or he would inevitably be jumping up happily.

Soon, he was about to jump happily even though Ji Yuxiao hadn’t appeared. It was because the crew’s official announcement posters were released. Under his official announcement poster, he received rave evaluations.

‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak’ was the idol drama with the most attention this autumn. Ever since the marketing account released the news of the male and female leads, the book fans and fans of the male and female leads had been paying attention to this drama.

They waited and waited before finally receiving the official announcement of the crew of ‘Peaches and Plums Don’t Speak.’ The makeup photos were released and both book fans and actor fans were very excited.

“Ahhhh it is finally official!”

“Momo is so sweet. I like sweet girls and Momo is too cute.”

“Momo is so cute. Momo, jiayou!”

“Brother is so handsome. My brother is too good-looking. I am looking forward to Sun Zheng. I seem to be able to see it now!”

“Wu wu wu, my brother is still as handsome as ever. I am satisfied.”

Obviously, Yao Momo and Li Hanhai’s announcement posts were controlled by their fans and only praise could be seen.

Lin Luoqing was a bit apprehensive as he clicked on the comments under his official announcement post. He didn’t have many fans like Yao Momo and Li Hanhai, so they were almost all book fans under his Weibo.

“F*k, this is Meng Hua? I like it!”

“Ahhh, Meng Hua is so handsome. He is much more handsome than the previous actors mentioned.”

“My younger brother looks so young. I wonder if the director chose him based on his age.”

“Can a newcomer actor do it?”

“If it isn’t a photo deception then he is too good-looking. I’m so satisfied. Brother, jiayou!”

Lin Luoqing was relieved and continued to look down. Most of the book fans seemed satisfied with him and didn’t dislike him for not being famous. They only hoped that his acting skills would be a bit good.

“Unfortunately, my younger brother is so young and looks like a newcomer. Everyone shouldn’t have too much hope.”

“Wu wu wu, it is fine as long as there is no drama. This image is too close to what I like. I can endure it as long as my brother doesn’t act too badly!”

“Me too!”

‘…You don’t have to lower your requirements so much.’

He saw that the book fans on Weibo seemed quite satisfied, so he went to the forum to see what netizens on the forum were commenting.

Lin Luoqing was surprised when he took a look. Unlike Weibo, which was controlled by the fans’ comments and praises, the official announcement of Li Hanhai as Sun Zhang was much more negative on the forum.

“Why does Li Hanhai look like this again? Is it any different from his previous works?”

“Oh my god, this is a series. He hadn’t changed his appearance for three works in a row.”

“I’ve already seen his unchanging appearance for ten thousand years and want to vomit. Doesn’t he know that he is acting and he shouldn’t be himself?”

“I am numb. I basically gave up on this drama when I saw that he was playing Sun Zheng. Fortunately, I ran quickly.”

“I heard someone say that their house collapsed. I took a closer look and found that it was my house that collapsed. This isn’t Sun Zheng, it is Li Hanhai.”

Soon, Li Hanhai’s fans started arguing with these netizens. The netizens weren’t to be outdone so the two parties couldn’t stop arguing. Li Hanhai’s black fans also entered to disrupt the situation. For a while, the forum’s home page was full of Li Hanhai’s styling related posts.

“I want to ask if this is a series? Aren’t his looks the same? If I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought he was playing triplets!”

“Fans, come and see. Tell me about the male protagonist of three dramas with the same style. Who wouldn’t say that Li Hanhai is playing Li Hanhai?”

Lin Luoqing looked at it and was surprised to find that the makeup really was almost the same. It was obvious that the styling was done by his personal makeup artist, who highlighted his advantages and covered his shortcomings. In addition, they were all modern dramas so he looked like Li Hanhai, not the characters he was playing.

“What type of drama can he act in when his attitude is like this? I think that Lin Luoqing who plays Meng Hua in this new drama is very good. If he is like this and his acting is suppressed by others then don’t blame the other person.”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘??? Don’t drag me into the water at this time!’

Fortunately, Li Hanhai’s fans didn’t bother to deal with him, an unknown person. They just fought with the netizens and didn’t scold him.

Lin Luoqing sighed with relief while praying that Li Hanhai wouldn’t see these remarks and become angry with him.

However, what he was afraid of happened. Li Hanhai was reading the forum posts at this time.

Weibo was full of his fans. Fans always hugged and held their idol high. If he wanted to see the real evaluation, he sometimes had to avoid the fans.

He wanted to see how netizens commented on him in this drama. Then he opened the forum and saw the situation of the melee. He also naturally saw that some netizens used Lin Luoqing to step on him.

“The actor Lin Luoqing looks very close to Meng Hua. At first glance, he is Meng Hua. This is different from Li Hanhai. Who can tell that he is Sun Zheng?”

“Lin Luoqing is really amazing. He makes people’s eyes shine. This Meng Hua fan is really happy.”

“If it wasn’t for Meng Hua and Meng Tao being siblings, I would’ve shipped them. They are too well-matched. The poster of Lin Luoqing and Yao Momo is too sweet.”

“Did Lin Luoqing act in anything before? Why haven’t I heard his name? This shouldn’t be the case with his appearance.”

Li Hanhai read these comments and clicked on Lin Luoqing’s makeup poster to take a look. Finally, he pursed his lips.

“This is Lin Luoqing’s previous work.” The assistant had already found the original owner’s two online dramas and handed him the tablet.

Li Hanhai clicked on it and watched it for four minutes. His mood became very subtle in an instant.

He watched it for another four minutes and the subtlety in his heart could no longer be described as subtle.

“He just has these works?” Li Hanhai was puzzled.

“There is one more,” the assistant replied.

“Was this one filmed first?” Li Hanhai asked.

The assistant nodded.

Li Hanhai understood. It might’ve been Lin Luoqing’s first time facing the camera so he couldn’t control himself. His facial features flew around. Li Hanhai believed that his next work would be very good!

“Is his next work a movie?”

Generally, the better directors made movies.


Li Hanhai, “???”

“It isn’t a big director?”

The assistant was confused. Of course not. Why would it be?!

Lin Luoqing was so terrible!

“Of course not, Brother.”

Li Hanhai, “……”

Li Hanhai struggled to ask, “Is it a low-key and reliable team?”

The assistant was surprised. “It is an online drama with no investment!”

Li Hanhai, “……”

Then he soon understood. It must be an aspiring and responsible newcomer director. He worked hard to attract investment but couldn’t make a big budget production. Thus, he carefully guided the actors. This allowed Lin Luoqing to make a qualitative leap from his facial features flying around to being able to control them like now.

“He is the male protagonist, right?”

The assistant, “……”

The assistant felt that Brother Li was thinking too much.

“It is a male supporting role. You should see for yourself.”

He handed over another tablet.

Li Hanhai quickly took it and opened it expectantly. His heart was ready to see the qualitative change.

Then he fell silent.

Who was this robot-like AI?

Was he paralyzed?

What was this acting?

What happened when a robot ran out of power?

Li Hanhai felt that he couldn’t understand it and was really shocked!

“Does he have any other works?” He struggled to ask.

“No, he is so bad. How can he have other resources?”

Li Hanhai, “……”

“He just played these two dramas?” He asked in disbelief. He couldn’t believe it.

“Yes,” the assistant confirmed it.

Li Hanhai, “……”

Li Hanhai felt he was too confused. He couldn’t understand Lin Luoqing at all!

“How many years has it been since he filmed? Is it five to eight years?”

The assistant, “……”

“Brother, this is from last year. One was from the beginning of the year and the other in the middle of the year.”

Li Hanhai, “……”

“Do you believe in miracles?” He asked his assistant.


“Or do you think Lin Luoqing has a twin brother or younger brother?”

The kind whose acting skills were particularly excellent!

‘…No, Brother, why do you care about other people’s twin brother or younger brother? Do you want to know them?’

The assistant felt this was too confusing. What happened to his brother today? He didn’t fall in love with Lin Luoqing’s twin brother or younger brother, right?!

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