FV: Chapter 63

This meeting room was very large. In addition to the director, actors and screenwriter, the agents and assistants of the actors could also enter.

Wu Xinyuan found a place to sit down and looked at the people in front of him. The director, screenwriter, second male lead, second female lead and third female lead were all present.

Li Hanhai and Yao Momo, the male and female leads of the crew, had many schedules and hadn’t arrived yet. Everyone waited a while until they arrived in the meeting room one after another, politely apologizing to everyone.

“It’s okay.” The director said with a smile. “Sit down. Have you eaten? If you haven’t eaten, let’s eat first.”

Lin Hanhai hurriedly said, “I’ve already eaten on the plane.”

Yao Momo smiled. “I’m on a diet and I don’t eat at night. This way, I can look better on the camera.”

The director was naturally polite again.

Lin Luoqing looked around and found that Ma Bozhong hadn’t come. Ma Bozhong was a veteran with good acting skills. There was no need for him to read the script with them. He was probably sleeping at this time.

“Everyone has arrived so let’s get started.” The director flipped through the script. “We will start with Act 5. This scene has more conflicts and can help everyone enter the plot and the characters. Hanhai, you start first.”

Li Hanhai hadn’t expected that they wouldn’t start from Act 1. He had specially memorized the lines of the first four acts, thinking he could leave a good impression on the director. He didn’t expect that it would start off with Act 5.

Li Hanhai had to open the script and start reading the lines of this scene.

He had a good appearance and popularity, but his line reading skills were a bit terrible.

It seemed that he couldn’t find the emotions of the characters. There was no accent where it should be accented and no anger where he should be angry. It wasn’t as bad as reading with no emotions but he was like a ruthless word reading machine.

The director couldn’t help tapping on the table and giving him a reminder. “Hanhai, pay attention to your lines. Don’t be restrained and let go a bit more.”

Lin Hanhai nodded. His voice was louder than before, but his emotions still didn’t follow.

The director gave another reminder. Then he saw that Li Hanhai’s expression was a bit impatient and stopped giving reminders.

In any case, it could be dubbed in the later stages. These actors knew it so they didn’t take the line speaking problems too seriously.

If they couldn’t cry, they would use eye drops to force tears, let alone bad lines. There were many professional voice actors who could dub it for them in the later stages, so it was inevitable that some young actors were too comfortable and unwilling to work hard on their lines.

The director had seen a lot and was used to it.

Besides, there were so many people present. It was okay for him to say a few words, but if he kept singling out Li Hanhai then the other person would feel that the director had made him lose face and had opinions about him.

The director didn’t want a conflict with the actors before filming started. There was no meaning, so he would say the rest once filming started.

Once Li Hanhai’s lines finished, it was Yao Momo’s turn. Yao Momo’s voice was sweet and soft, with some of the stickiness of a southern girl. Her articulation wasn’t perfect, so the director also reminded her with a few sentences. He asked her to pay attention to her articulation and pronunciation.

Yao Momo nodded and obediently marked it on the script.

Lin Luoqing listened to the director’s comments and scanned the scripts. His lines were later and they hadn’t reached him yet.

He waited a while before it was finally his character Meng Hua’s turn to speak. “Excuse me, I’m here to pick up my sister to go home.”

It was one line but there was a hint of a smile and some magnetism. Combine this with his already clear timbre and it made people instantly imagine a young teenager.

The director looked up and saw Lin Luoqing sitting on the chair in a relaxed and calm manner.

Yao Momo was surprised. “Xiao Hua, why are you here?”

“You haven’t come home. I was worried that something happened to you so I came to take a look. I didn’t expect that you really encountered something…”

He spoke with a deep smile in his eyes. He slowly looked over at the people present.

“No, I’m now…”

“What are you doing now?” Li Hanhai interrupted her. “You took Su Ying’s things. Aren’t you going to hurry and hand them over?!”

“I didn’t,” Yao Momo said helplessly.

At the critical moment, it was Meng Hua who spoke. “What is it? Let me see?”

“It is a keychain. It isn’t worth much but it was left to me by my mother.” This was said by the second female lead, Su Ying.

“Really? If it isn’t worth anything, why did my sister take it?”

“Then you have to ask your sister. Meng Tao, explain why you took Su Ying’s things.”

Yao Momo was angry and annoyed but she couldn’t argue. Meng Hua saw this and took the initiative to confront Sun Zheng, played by Li Hanhai.

It was in this confrontation that the gap between the two people was presented to the director on the spot.

Li Hanhai was reading his lines completely according to the script. It was okay when there were only a few lines, but once there were many lines, he couldn’t even read them smoothly, let alone integrate emotions.

Lin Luoqing was completely different. He didn’t read from the script the entire time and the expression on his face changed according to the lines. His lines were fluent and full of emotion. He could draw people in every time, especially when supplemented with the contrast to Li Hanhai. It could be said that the gap was so obvious that it was almost disparate.

Finally, Lin Luoqing sneered. “So you just wronged my sister based on other people’s casual words? How ridiculous. When I came here, I heard that you got into a fight and was taken away by the police. Why are you still here now? If other people’s words are so believable, shouldn’t you be in the police station right now?”

He turned to Yao Momo. “Let’s go.”

Li Hanhai was really angry and wanted to stop him. The two of them fought and then this scene ended.

The director looked at Lin Luoqing with surprise. He hadn’t gone to the audition for the role of Meng Hua. It was the assistant director who went. He just looked at Lin Luoqing’s photo after the actor was determined and felt that his image wasn’t bad, so he didn’t ask anything else. After all, the most important ones in a drama were the male and female leads. The supporting roles were just the icing on the cake.

Now looking at Lin Luoqing, he felt that this person wasn’t just a timely help but an amazing flower.

His appearance was very good. He sat at the same table as the popular star Li Hanhai but he wasn’t inferior to Li Hanhai, He was actually more delicate and eye-catching than Li Hanhai.

He had a sunny and clear appearance that Li Hanhai didn’t have, with his picturesque eyebrows. He was vivid and youthful.

In addition, his speaking skills were much better than Li Hanhai. Supplement this with his clear voice and it made him have a rare agileness.

Such an actor had no name in the entertainment industry?

This shouldn’t be the case?

The director was a bit puzzled but it wasn’t a big deal. Based on Lin Luoqing’s appearance, he would soon have a name in this circle as long as his acting skills weren’t too bad.

This was as long as his acting skills were okay.

After the first round of reading, the director allowed everyone to rest before starting the second round of reading.

This time, Act 18 was selected. It was also a group scene with a large number of people.

Lin Luoqing’s lines were still in the middle and late stages, so he wasn’t in a hurry. He listened quietly until it was his turn to speak. Then he said in a calm manner, “You care so much about my sister. Do you like her?”

“Are you joking? You are dreaming if you think I like her!”

“Is that so? That is for the best. Then you shouldn’t stop my sister from seeing Brother Xu, right?”

He successfully raised the atmosphere with a few words.

Wu Xinyuan watched in surprise and felt there was nothing to say about Lin Luoqing’s speaking skills. There were so many people in this scene but their lines weren’t as good as his.

This was really unexpected. Wu Xinyuan recalled his previous lines in the online drama while also thinking about recording the original voice for him when filming. This could be used as marketing after the drama was aired.

The director was equally surprised, but it was different from Wu Xinyuan. The director had already been amazed by Lin Luoqing’s line skills before. Thus, the even more surprising thing now was that Lin Luoqing didn’t need to read the script for this scene.

Did he memorize all the content of the previously released script?

Every time, the others were looking down at their lines but he didn’t use his script at all. He could even express the corresponding emotions with the lines.

If so, his work attitude was quite serious.

The director couldn’t help nodding in his heart and his evaluation of this person skyrocketed.

Two hours later, the first round of the script reading ended.

The director gave everyone some suggestions in turn. Once it was Lin Luoqing’s turn, he gave rare praise. “Luoqing’s lines are very good and it seems like you have memorized them. Not bad. Your preparations are excellent.”

Lin Luoqing hurriedly responded humbly, “It is just a coincidence. I happen to have nothing to do during this time. I have been resting, so I memorized the lines.”

It wasn’t that he wanted to be humble. The male and female leads were sitting here while the director praised him so much. He didn’t dare to say, “Yes, I’m really serious.” Was this just pulling hatred to himself?

Therefore, Lin Luoqing could only be politely modest.

The director seemed to understand his concerns and stopped praising him so much. After speaking, he moved on to the others.

The director finished commenting and the script reading was over, so everyone dispersed.

Yao Momo left late. She happened to meet Lin Luoqing and smiled at him politely. “Your line skills are so good.”

“They are okay, thank you,” Lin Luoqing responded politely.

“Can I go to you to correct my lines once filming starts?”

Lin Luoqing hadn’t expected that she would have such an idea and agreed without hesitation. “Of course.”

“Thank you.” Yao Momo smiled at him.

She added Lin Luoqing’s WeChat and exchanged a few more words with him. Then she said goodbye to Lin Luoqing at the elevator entrance.

Wu Xinyuan looked at him and was a bit impressed.

Due to Brother Li’s reminder to him, he already had very low requirements of Lin Luoqing. He hadn’t expected that Lin Luoqing would surprise him repeatedly. Could it be that Lin Luoqing was really a talent like his boss said?

Then Brother Li had buried this person for too long and actually put the blame on Lin Luoqing. It was too shameful.

Wu Xinyuan didn’t have any doubts about Lin Luoqing this time. He had very serious doubts about Brother Li. It was very suspicious!

Not far away, Brother Li had just finished an audition with his little artist and suddenly sneezed. The little artist cared about him. “Brother, what’s wrong? Do you feel cold? I also feel it is cold. The wind today is too noisy.”

Brother Li nodded. It was a bit cold but it felt more like someone was scolding him. But who was it?

It must be Wu Xinyuan. After all, he was now taking care of that waste Lin Luoqing. He was probably angry to death.

Who wouldn’t scold others when looking after Lin Luoqing?

He was such a good person but didn’t Lin Luoqing make him so angry that he wanted to open up Lin Luoqing’s head to see if he had any brains?

Therefore, Brother Li decided not to care about Wu Xinyuan.

Jiayou, Brother. There is hope if you work hard, although that hope is relatively slim.

Lin Luoqing went back to his hotel room. At this time, it was almost 11 o’clock. Lin Fei and Ji Leyu should be sleeping. Ji Yuxiao was in the same bed with them, so he was probably ready to sleep with them. It was estimated that Ji Yuxiao was also sleeping at this time.

He thought this and didn’t disturb the three of them. He put down his phone and went to the bathroom, ready to take a shower and sleep.

However, at this time, Ji Yuxiao’s state was completely the opposite of what he expected. Ji Yuxiao was closing his eyes, bored and unable to sleep.

Obviously, he lost sleep again after Lin Luoqing left.

Ji Leyu held his shoulder and slept in his arms, while Lin Fei slept on his side in a regular manner. The two children slept very peacefully, their breathing even. It was only him who was completely unable to sleep, despite his closed eyes.

Ji Yuxiao sighed. He would have no sleep tonight!

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