FV: Chapter 62

Ji Yuxiao hadn’t expected Lin Fei to have doubts about this matter. “Didn’t your uncle tell you before he left?”

No, Lin Luoqing was so careful. How could he not tell Lin Fei?

It was only then that Lin Fei remembered Lin Luoqing had indeed told him that Lin Luoqing would be away from home for a long time and that they wouldn’t see each other for a long time. He just always thought that this ‘long time’ was the half a day from morning to afternoon, like his school time, so he didn’t care.

He felt that he already knew what going to work was. His mother was like this when she went to work. How could Lin Luoqing be different?

“Will it take him half a month to come back?” Lin Fei asked Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Yuxiao thought about it. “If it is fast.”

“Then what if it isn’t fast?”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao looked at his inquisitive eyes and said honestly, “It might take around three months.”

Lin Fei. “!!!!”

Lin Fei felt that he couldn’t believe it.

Three months? Longer than summer vacation?

Did Lin Luoqing have to go to work for so long?

No wonder why he didn’t want to go to work.

The one who was just as surprised as him was Ji Leyu, who was sitting on the side and preparing to eat.

“Three months?” Ji Leyu’s hand shook and the eggplant that had just been taken fell into the bowl.

“Why will it take so long? Mom only went out to perform for a month at most.”

The reason he was calmer than Lin Fei when Lin Luoqing left was because Cheng Wei, a dancer, sometimes went abroad to perform and left him for half a month.

So when Ji Leyu heard Ji Yuxiao say half a month, he felt it was okay. He had experience.

Now that Ji Yuxiao told them three months, Ji Leyu became worried.

Three months!

His uncle might be at home alone for three months!

His mother left for half a month and his father would miss his mother. He would hold Ji Leyu and sigh about why his mother hadn’t come back. Now Lin Luoqing was going to leave for three months. Could his uncle withstand it?

“Why does it take three months for Dad to go to work?” Ji Leyu was puzzled. “Isn’t three days okay?”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao thought for a while before explaining it to him. “Your father is an actor. An actor is a person who plays a role in a TV series or movies, just like the TV series you usually see on TV. They are performed by your father and other actors. Do you feel that the series is very long when watching it on TV? If it takes three days to film one episode, won’t it take around 90 days which is three months to film 30 episodes?”

“If it is being shown continuously to you on the TV then the people acting it in can only continue filming continuously. They can’t act for a few days and then go home to rest, right?”

This actually didn’t make sense, but considering the fact that the children were too young, Ji Yuxiao really couldn’t explain it to them. The crew had an investment, the funds were in place, the venue was rented and the clothes were made. The actors had to film it all at once or it would delay the follow-up arrangements of the actors and also waste the investors’ money.

Therefore, he could only change the words to something Lin Fei and Ji Leyu could understand, so they would understand why Lin Luoqing couldn’t come home.

Lin Fei and Ji Leyu did understand it. Ji Leyu cocked his head and asked, “Then can I see Dad if I turn on the TV now?”

“Of course not.” Ji Yuxiao was amused by him and laughed. “They have to finish filming for it to be on TV and they haven’t finished filming yet.”

“Then what should I do if I miss Dad? Won’t you miss him? In three months, kindergarten children can get along with other children during summer vacation. What if Dad gets along with others as well?”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao felt that his nephew’s sense of crisis was quite strong.

“You have to trust your father and believe that you are his favorite child.”

“Then are you his favorite big friend?” Ji Leyu asked.

Ji Yuxiao chuckled. “Probably.”

Ji Leyu also smiled. “Then I should be as well.”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei decided not to tell him about the truth of the matter, lest he has to coax Ji Leyu again.

He already understood that acting wasn’t the same as other jobs. Thus, Lin Luoqing needed to leave for so long. He didn’t ask any longer and started eating.

Ji Yuxiao was worried that he would feel lost and uncomfortable without Lin Luoqing by his side. He took the initiative to say, “Fei Fei, is it okay to sleep with me tonight?”

Lin Fei was a bit surprised and looked up at him.

Ji Leyu immediately raised his hand. “I also want to. The three of us will sleep together.”

Ji Yuxiao smiled. “Okay, if your brother is willing.”

“Why wouldn’t he be willing?” Ji Leyu couldn’t think of a reason not to like it and turned to look at Lin Fei. “How nice is it for the three of us to sleep together?”

Lin Fei was indeed a bit reluctant.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to but that he wasn’t used to it.

He wasn’t a person who liked to be in close contact with others. Lin Luoqing and Ji Leyu were the exceptions. The two of them were clingy and close. One liked to kiss and hug while the other liked to be spoiled and coaxed. Lin Fei had become used to it.

However, Ji Yuxiao was different. He sensed Lin Fei’s precocious maturity at first sight. In addition, Lin Fei wasn’t his blood relative. He treated Lin Fei with a more restrained affection. He showed respect and a sense of proportion.

This type of manner of getting along made Lin Fei very comfortable and it also made Lin Fei very fond of Ji Yuxiao. However, it lacked the closeness brought about by physical contact.

When Lin Luoqing was around, he was the bridge between them and Lin Fei didn’t feel anything.

Now that Lin Luoqing was gone and he had to face Ji Yuxiao alone, there was a sense of unspeakable strangeness.

He didn’t know Ji Yuxiao well and he wasn’t used to Ji Yuxiao.

However, Lin Fei still remembered what Lin Luoqing had said before. Ji Yuxiao liked him so he didn’t reject Ji Yuxiao.

He nodded in agreement.

Ji Yuxiao smiled when seeing his agreement. He laughed and touched Lin Fei’s head. Then he helped fill up the soup.

Lin Luoqing wasn’t here so Lin Fei and Ji Leyu took a bath by themselves.

Aunt Zhang watched from the side in case they fell inside the bathroom.

“You are amazing.” Aunt Zhang praised. “Let’s go. I’ll take you to Mr Ji.”

Lin Fei followed her and went out.

Aunt Zhang knocked on Ji Leyu’s door and called him along. Then she took both of them to Ji Yuxiao’s room.

Ji Yuxiao sat in the middle of the bed. He patted both sides of his legs and motioned for them to sit next to him.

Ji Leyu immediately ran over and Lin Fei also got into bed.

“Let’s see what your uncle is doing, shall we?” He said to Lin Fei.

Lin Fei hadn’t expected that he could still see Lin Luoqing and felt a bit strange. Then he soon reacted. It should be the video call that Lin Luoqing had mentioned to him before leaving.

He let out a hum, his tone light. It was hard to see any joy.

Ji Yuxiao secretly thought that this shouldn’t be the case. Didn’t he find Lin Luoqing’s leaving unacceptable at dinner?

Why was he so calm now?

Did he figure it out so quickly?

Then Lin Fei was indeed very good at self-regulation.

Ji Yuxiao opened the video call. Ji Leyu immediately came over, almost leaning into his arms. Lin Fei couldn’t help getting closer as well.

He had indeed adjusted his mood and accepted this fact.

It was just that in his subconscious mind, he still wanted to see Lin Luoqing. So even though his face was normal, his body naturally approached the phone that Ji Yuxiao raised.

Lin Luoqing was about to read the script when he suddenly received the video call invitation from Ji Yuxiao. He saw that he still had a few minutes left and quickly picked it up.

The moment the video was connected, he saw two and a half familiar faces. Lin Fei was that half. Only half his face entered the camera.

Ji Yuxiao reached out and hugged Lin Fei into his arms, letting his whole face enter the camera. Then he said to Lin Luoqing, “How do you feel on your first day of entering the crew? Are you busy?”

“It’s okay,” Lin Luoqing said. “I’ll be doing the script reading in a while. So I’ve been reading the script all afternoon.”

“Haven’t you memorized all the lines?”

“Then you need to have the right attitude. By the way, why did you suddenly find me for a video call? Did you miss me?”

“It is the two children who missed you,” Ji Yuxiao said.

Ji Leyu nodded quickly. “Dad, will you be going out for three months?”

“Not necessarily.” Lin Luoqing thought for a while. “I’m still close by. If I’m not busy with work, I’ll go home to see you.”

“When will you not be busy with work?”

“I don’t know.”

“Then will you have any other children in these three months?”

Lin Luoqing smiled. “Don’t worry. There are no children in the crew. In addition, Dad had only two children in my heart, you and your brother.”

“Then there won’t be any big friends either?” Ji Leyu struck while the iron was hot.

Lin Luoqing let out a meaningful ‘oh’ in a drawn out tone. “Which big friend are you asking for?”

Ji Leyu smiled and his eyebrows curved. He didn’t speak and just looked at Ji Yuxiao. The meaning was clear.

Lin Luoqing was amused by his appearance. He looked at Ji Yuxiao and asked, “Is it you? The big friend.”

“It really isn’t me,” Ji Yuxiao said. “I didn’t tell him to ask you. It is purely out of his own concern.”

“Then do you want to know?”

“I don’t need to know. You definitely won’t have one.”

“So sure?”

“After all, the children you like are in my hands.”

As he spoke, he hugged Lin Fei and Ji Leyu again. Ji Leyu giggled.

Lin Luoqing couldn’t help smiling when he saw it.

He looked at Lin Fei, who had been silent all this time, and said to him, “Why is there a child here who isn’t speaking? Don’t you have anything to say to me?”

Lin Fei looked at him, wanting to say something but not knowing how.

He wanted to ask Lin Luoqing, ‘Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving for three months?’

He was also angry with himself. Lin Luoqing had clearly said he would be leaving for a long time but Lin Fei didn’t take it seriously.

It was rare for him to be angry with himself. He blamed himself so he didn’t know what to say to Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing only thought that the child was too lazy to speak. After all, Lin Fei was used to being aloof. If he didn’t want to speak, he would just look at them with his fan-shaped statistical chart eyes than bother talking. Thus, Lin Luoqing didn’t care about it. He just gave a reminder. “If you want anything or if you have any problem , find your uncle. I will go back when I have time.”

Lin Fei nodded. “Yes.”

“Remember to miss me.”


Lin Luoqing still wanted to say something but there was a knock on the door. It was time for him to go to the meeting room to meet the other main creators.

“I’m going to read the script. You guys go to bed early. Good night.”

“Good night,” Ji Yuxiao said softly.

“Goodbye, Dad.” Ji Leyu waved at him.

Lin Fei also said softly, “Goodbye.”

Lin Luoqing hung up the video call. He opened the door and walked toward the meeting room with Wu Xinyuan, who was outside the door.

Lin Fei saw Lin Luoqing’s face disappear in a flash and pursed his lips. He became even angrier with himself.

He just said nothing.

In fact, he should’ve said something. He didn’t understand the difference between work in the beginning. Before parting, he thought they would meet in the evening so he didn’t say anything last night or this morning.

Finally, he understood. Then just now, he saw Lin Luoqing but he didn’t say anything.

JI Leyu said a lot but he didn’t say anything.

Lin Fei’s heart was rarely uncomfortable and he competed with himself.

He thought that if he had known Lin Luoqing was really going to leave for a long time, he would’ve…

He would’ve…

What would he have done?

Maybe he wouldn’t have felt that Lin Luoqing was clingy.

It was three months so it was normal for Lin Luoqing to be reluctant.

Lin Luoqing was so reluctant to part with him but he thought Lin Luoqing was clingy. He was too naive.

He wasn’t mature at all.

Lin Fei felt that what he did this time wasn’t good.

He seemed to feel a bit sorry for Lin Luoqing before parting.

He sat next to Ji Yuxiao, leaning against Ji Yuxiao while listening to Ji Leyu tell Ji Yuxiao, “Don’t worry, Dad. Dad won’t have any other big friends and he will come back early.”

Ji Yuxiao didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “Then I thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Ji Leyu was very proud.

Today, he was working hard to protect the love of his two fathers!


Lin Fei suddenly remembered what he thought before. He hadn’t given Lin Luoqing a gift yet. Then he could give Lin Luoqing a gift.

This way, Lin Luoqing would receive the gift when he returned and wouldn’t be so sad about being away from him for so long.

Lin Luoqing was so reluctant to part with him and must be feeling uncomfortable now that he would be gone for three months.

After all, Lin Luoqing was indeed clingy. Lin Fei didn’t dislike him. He was just stating a fact.

Lin Fei thought so and stopped being angry with himself.

He found a solution, thought of a remedy and restored his heart to calmness.

At this time, Lin Luoqing had just greeted the director and other actors and sat down in his seat.

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