FV: Chapter 61

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Lin Luoqing got on the bed as he spoke. He propped himself up on his hands, face almost touching Ji Yuxiao’s face.

Ji Yuxiao quickly turned his head and restrained himself. “Wait until next time.”

People’s desires were endless. If they really started at this time, Ji Yuxiao was afraid that his previous insistence would be lost.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want Lin Luoqing. He just couldn’t ask it of Lin Luoqing at this time.

Ji Yuxiao raised his hand and turned off the light. In an instant, the bedroom became dark.

He couldn’t help sighing with relief. As long as he couldn’t see Lin Luoqing’s face and eyes, he wouldn’t be so easily swayed by the other person.

Lin Luoqing watched him turn off the lights as if fleeing and didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

Am I so scary?

I’m not an extremely dangerous thing.

Why still turn off the lights?

“Think about it clearly. If I leave in two days, there will be no time if you want me to help you.”

Ji Yuxiao reached out his hand, put it around the other person’s waist and said softly, “I’ll go and see you.”

“Really?” Lin Luoqing was happy.

“Yes.” He replied softly. “Just do what you like and have fun. Don’t care about the rest.”

Lin Luoqing’s heart softened again when he heard this.

He was very close to Ji Yuxiao, close enough to feel this person’s breath. Ji Yuxiao’s hand was still on his waist. He looked at this person and slowly pressed their lips together in the darkness.

Ji Yuxiao responded without hesitation. He gently rubbed against them and kissed him passionately.

Lin Luoqing was able to keep up with this rhythm at first. However, he couldn’t keep up later and had to be carried away by Ji Yuxiao. He could feel Ji Yuxiao moving recklessly in his mouth.

Until Lin Luoqing leaned against Ji Yuxiao’s arms unsteadily, this person was still kissing him lingeringly.

“I’ll miss you.” Lin Luoqing leaned against him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Me too.”

“Then you have to come and see me earlier.”

“Yes.” Ji Yuxiao kissed him on the forehead, hugged him and rubbed his forehead.

Lin Luoqing wasn’t willing to really embarrass him. He fell asleep in Ji Yuxiao’s arms.

Wait for the next time. Next time when Ji Yuxiao was willing, he would help Ji Yuxiao again.

After all, they still had time.

The next morning, Lin Luoqing still sent Lin Fei and Ji Leyu to school as usual.

“Starting tomorrow, I won’t be able to see you off.” He said while sitting in the car and holding both Lin Fei and Ji Leyu.

Ji Leyu was puzzled. “Why?”

“Because I’m going to work.” Lin Luoqing explained to him.

Ji Leyu was puzzled. “Can’t you go to work after sending me to school?”

“Of course not. It will be too late.”

Ji Leyu nodded after hearing his words. For adults, going to work was indeed more important.

“Then Dad, go to work. I’ll go to school by myself.”

“You are so good.” Lin Luoqing rubbed his head.

He was going to work and Lin Fei and Ji Leyu’s schools weren’t on the same road. Naturally, they could take separate cars and go to school independently, then Lin Fei didn’t have to get up so early every morning anymore.

Lin Luoqing later told Lin Fei about this idea. Lin Fei had no opinion. Just…

“Did you ask Xiao Yu if he would like it?”

“He definitely would,” Lin Luoqing said. “This morning, he said he would go to school by himself.”

“Not necessarily.” Lin Fei looked at him. After all, Ji Leyu was so clingy.

Lin Luoqing listened to these words and thought for a while. Then he went to Ji Leyu’s room again and asked if he would like to go to school separately from Lin Fei. “The schools of both of you aren’t on the same road. If you separate, your brother can sleep longer.”

Ji Leyu, “……”

Ji Leyu silently pouted.

“He can sleep in the car.”

The meaning of this was obvious.

“You don’t want to?”

Ji Leyu wasn’t as straightforward in front of him compared to Lin Fei. He wanted to maintain his obedient image so he blinked in an innocent and pitiful manner, “I want my brother to accompany me.”

Lin Luoqing saw this pitiful appearance. Ji Leyu was still a child at heart and it was normal to want someone to accompany him. It was a pity that Lin Luoqing couldn’t accompany him.

“Then I’ll ask your brother if he wants to.”

“Yes.” Ji Leyu nodded.

Lin Fei was definitely willing. He must be willing. If he wasn’t willing then Ji Leyu would make him willing!

“I’ll go with you.” Ji Leyu said positively.

Lin Luoqing pressed him down on the chair. “I’ll go. You should do your homework well and be a good boy.”

Ji Leyu was forced to stare at the door eagerly, waiting for this person to bring the answer he wanted.

“You are right. He is reluctant and wants you to accompany him.” Lin Luoqing looked at Lin Fei, who seemed calm in front of him and felt that Lin Fei knew Ji Leyu quite well. “But if you don’t want to, I can persuade him again. The two of you are still young. You don’t have to wrong yourself for him.”

Lin Fei calmly replied, “It’s fine.”

It was just waking up 20 minutes earlier. It was nothing.

“So you’ll accompany him to school from tomorrow?”

Lin Fei nodded.

Lin Luoqing chuckled. “You are pretty good to him.”

Lin Fei was shocked by these words. Indeed, he seemed to be really good to Ji Leyu.

Sleep with him, coax him, hug him and accompany him to school.

He was a really good and conscientious brother.

He pursed his lips before finally saying, “He is also your child now and a family member.”

Hearing his words, Lin Luoqing couldn’t help being surprised. He was always worried that since Ji Leyu called him Dad and Lin Fei only called him Uncle, this would make Lin Fei feel that there was a gap between him and them. Now, he told Lin Luoqing that they were ‘family members.’ He always put himself in this family and thought this was his home, even though he never called Lin Luoqing ‘Dad.’

“Okay.” Lin Luoqing touched his head. “It is fine if you want it. As long as you are willing then I am willing too.”

Lin Fei was watched gently by him and felt a bit embarrassed. He looked down at the pages of the book.

Lin Luoqing raised his small chin and told him, “Look at me. I have to go to work tomorrow and you won’t be able to see me. So take a good look at me tonight.”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei felt that this person was starting to be clingy again.

They just couldn’t see each other during the day. Wouldn’t he see Lin Luoqing when this person came home from work at night?

During the time when Lin Luoqing didn’t work, Lin Fei went to school during the day and they couldn’t see each other. Wasn’t this the same?

However, he had never calculated things with Lin Luoqing in these aspects. He just watched Lin Luoqing quietly and calmly. “Oh.”

“Remember to miss me.”


“If you really want to see me, you can send me a video call invitation. Don’t you have your mother’s phone? Just open WeChat.”

He took out his phone as he spoke, wanting to demonstrate it to Lin Fei.

Lin Fei calmly said, “I know.”

It was only then that Lin Luoqing put away his phone. “Then remember to send it to me.”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Luoqing was just going to work. He wasn’t a student who was going on vacation for two months. Was a video call really necessary?

Lin Fei felt that this person was really clingier than Ji Leyu.

“Do a good job,” he told Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing was amused by his words. “Then what if my work isn’t good?”

Lin Fei, “……”

How dare you say that?!

Are you the same as Ji Leyu?

Lin Fei felt that he was very much like Ji Leyu’s father at this time. One didn’t want to work well and the other didn’t want to read well.

“If I don’t work well, will you support me?”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei replied to him realistically, “I haven’t made any money yet.”

“That’s right.” Lin Luoqing nodded. “Then it seems like I can only work well. Once you make money, I will be able to not work so hard.”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei cocked his head and thought in his heart, ‘Is work so annoying?’

Lin Luoqing didn’t seem to like it so much.

“Is your job bad?”

“It’s okay,” Lin Luoqing said. “There is nothing wrong with it.”

“Then you don’t want to work hard?”

Lin Luoqing had just teased him so he said deliberately, “You don’t understand. Adults don’t want to work. I want to go to play, watch TV, travel and do other things I like during the time I have to work. Who likes work? It is all about making money.”

Lin Fei didn’t really understand it but he had never worked before. So after Lin Luoqing left, he took out his pocket money and counted it very seriously.

If he gave all his pocket money to Lin Luoqing, would Lin Luoqing not have to go to work?

But did he have a lot of money?

This money shouldn’t count. Besides, the money was given to him by Lin Luoqing.

Lin Fei became curious about work for the first time. When could he start working?

Lin Luoqing didn’t want to work, but Lin Fei might like to work. Then Lin Luoqing could do whatever he liked without having to work.

He could make money. If he made money, he would give Lin Luoqing pocket money.

He was waiting to raise Lin Luoqing but he was still too young and hadn’t grown up. It would take a long time to be able to raise Lin Luoqing.

Lin Fei sighed. He felt that growing up was a very slow, slow process.

Early the next morning, Lin Luoqing sent the two children to school. Then Wu Xinyuan came to pick him up.

He had already packed his luggage so he said goodbye to Ji Yuxiao. Then he pulled the suitcase into the business car.

Ji Yuxiao accompanied him out of the courtyard and watched Wu Xinyuan’s business car leave. Then he reluctantly returned.

If he hadn’t received a leg injury, he would’ve been in the business car to send Lin Luoqing to the crew.

But he couldn’t send Lin Luoqing off.

Ji Yuxiao looked at the empty and quiet living room and felt that his home was lonely.

Lin Luoqing didn’t know about Ji Yuxiao’s sentimentality at the moment. He was still full of anticipation for the upcoming star path.

Wu Xinyuan saw that he was very excited and took advantage of the fact that they hadn’t arrived at the crew to teach him about the male and female protagonists filming with him this time.

“The male protagonist Sun Zheng is played by Li Hanhai. Right now, his popularity is high and his personality might be a bit crazy. Try not to have conflicts with him. The female protagonist is Yao Momo, a second-tier female actress. Her personality is very good. Oh yes, the actor playing Sun Zheng’s father this time is Teacher Ma Bozhong. Please remember to be humble to him. Teacher Ma is an old veteran and you are of the younger generation. You have to respect him when you see him.”

“Yes,” Lin Luoqing replied.

He actually knew all of this. But it was one thing for him to know and another thing for Wu Xinyuan to take the initiative to remind him. Lin Luoqing was very satisfied that his agent could remind him.

The car drove for two hours before finally arriving at the hotel booked by the crew.

Lin Luoqing, Wu Xinyuan and the assistant Xiao Wang got out of the car one after another. Xiao Wang went to the front desk to get the room card and then got on the elevator with Lin Luoqing.

They didn’t arrive too late. They unpacked and prepared to go and get something to eat.

It would start tomorrow. Tonight, the director planned to let all the main people meet and read the script together. This way, they could have a better performance when they started filming tomorrow.

Therefore, Lin Luoqing finished eating and went back to his room to read the script.

He had a good memory and had already memorized the first half of the script. There was no pressure at this time. He was just waiting to meet the other actors in the evening.

Lin Fei returned home with Ji Leyu in Luo Jia’s car after school.

He went back to his room to do his homework as soon as he entered through the door. He soon finished the homework his teacher assigned to him.

Ji Leyu knocked on his door and appeared outside the door with Ji Yuxiao, who was in the wheelchair.

“It is time to eat.” Ji Yuxiao smiled at him.

Lin Fei closed the book and left the bedroom.

Lin Luoqing wasn’t here so Ji Yuxiao pushed the wheelchair by himself. Lin Fei looked at his movements and wondered, ‘It is already at this time. Lin Luoqing hasn’t come back yet?’

He walked over, raised his hands and pressed them to the armrest. He wanted to push Ji Yuxiao forward like Lin Luoqing. Otherwise, Ji Yuxiao’s hands would become dirty because the wheels had rolled on the ground.

Ji Yuxiao was caught off guard when he felt the strength behind him. He almost reflexively controlled the wheelchair and made it stop.

Lin Fei was puzzled. Why wasn’t Ji Yuxiao going?

Ji Yuxiao looked back at him and could only see the top of Lin Fei’s black hair. Lin Fei was still too young and wasn’t even as tall as Ji Yuxiao in the wheelchair.

“Are you trying to help me?” Ji Yuxiao asked gently.

Lin Fei nodded but didn’t speak.

Ji Yuxiao extended his hand to let the child come over. Lin Fei walked over and he touched Lin Fei’s head, his tone soft and delicate. “I can do it myself. You are still young and have to use a lot of effort to push me. You might end up hurting yourself, so help me when you grow up, okay?”

Once Ji Leyu heard this, he came over and took Lin Fei’s hand. “It’s okay. Dad can do it himself.”

He had also tried to push Ji Yuxiao before and was rejected, so he understood. “We are too short and we can’t see the road. Then we will bump into other things.”

Lin Fei heard this and didn’t insist any longer. He hummed in agreement.

Ji Leyu pulled him along and they happily entered the elevator with Ji Yuxiao.

The three of them entered the dining room together. Aunt Zhang had already laid out the dishes and rice was served, bowl by bowl in front of the places where they were used to sitting.

“Let’s eat.” Ji Yuxiao gave a piece of sweet and sour pork to Lin Fei.

Lin Fei looked at the food in his bowl. Then he looked to where Lin Luoqing often sat and asked suspiciously, “Uncle hasn’t come back. Aren’t you going to wait for him?”

Ji Yuxiao hadn’t expected him to ask this and the hand holding the food paused.

He turned to look at Lin Fei and Lin Fei’s eyes were clear.

He didn’t touch the food in his bowl, as if he wanted to wait for Lin Luoqing to come back to have dinner together.

“He isn’t coming back tonight,” Ji Yuxiao said gently. “Your uncle went to work. Don’t you already know that?”

Lin Fei knew. Of course he knew. Lin Luoqing had said it to him.

But wasn’t going to work the same as going to school? He would go home when the time came.

His mother sometimes came back late but she still came back.

“Is he going to be back very late?” Lin Fei guessed.

“Sort of.” Ji Yuxiao looked at him and explained it to him. “It will be very late. It will take around half a month. So he won’t be back today. The three of us will eat together.”

Lin Fei looked at him in surprise. Shock flashed in his usually calm eyes.

He wasn’t coming back?


Wasn’t working just leaving in the morning and going home in the evening?

Lin Fei couldn’t understand. He looked at Ji Yuxiao and the surprise in his eyes slowly faded away, turning into circles of doubts that were full of ripples.

Why couldn’t his uncle come back?!

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Fei Fei is still the best :3

Aaah, someone explain him please the job if an actor, poor kid is starting to get bad thoughts.

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1 year ago

I love how author wrote FeiFei too! It really shows the world from kid’s eyes. He is indeed more mature than his age due to his experience, but due to limited exposure too, he had child innocence. Like when he thought works is only done on the day till late night. This is cute and heart breaking when he is shaken by the fact, there are different duration of different works. If these is animated, Fei Fei shocked stoic face will be so adorable 😆.

11 months ago