FV: Chapter 55

“My father can help you.” Ji Leyu tilted his head to look at him.

“That’s natural.”

Lin Luoqing smiled, carried him into Lin Fei’s room and put him beside Lin Fei.

“Okay, the two of you play together. Wait for us to come back.”

Ji Leyu nodded. “Yes.”

Lin Fei looked at him and told him, “Goodbye.”

Ji Leyu immediately waved his little hand.

Lin Luoqing saw the two of them cooperating tacitly and waved to them with a smile. Then he went out.

He really hoped that Ji Leyu could get along with Lin Fei more. This way, Lin Fei could watch him and control him. It was best to subtly educate him and influence him.

In this way, Ji Leyu wouldn’t be like in the novel where he danced on the verge of breaking the law.

After all, this was his own child. Lin Luoqing still hoped that Ji Leyu could be happy. Even if he didn’t contribute to the world, he shouldn’t endanger society at least.

Inside the room, Lin Fei looked at Ji Leyu. He thought about it and pulled out a book for him. “Let’s read a book.”

Ji Leyu, “……”

“Or do you want to play with the tablet?” Lin Fei suggested and found the tablet for him again.

Ji Leyu, “……”

Ji Leyu grabbed the book. “Stop looking down on people. I will read the book.”

Lin Fei nodded, stood up and brought him a chair. “Sit.”

Ji Leyu sat down angrily. He opened the book in his hand and resolved to let this person see how powerful he was today.

Lin Fei glanced at him and saw him pouting, head resting on the book. He looked sad but also very serious.

He lowered his head and the corners of his lips curved slightly.

Lin Luoqing left Lin Fei’s bedroom and walked toward Ji Yuxiao’s study.

He hadn’t talked to Ji Yuxiao this morning because of last night’s event. Now he suddenly had to find Ji Yuxiao and he was inexplicably a bit embarrassed.

Surely Ji Yuxiao wouldn’t mention what happened last night, right?

Surely not!

Definitely not!


Lin Luoqing cheered himself up and did enough psychological construction. Finally, he pushed open Ji Yuxiao’s door and said rather awkwardly, “It is time for us to leave and go see my father and stepmother.”

He looked at Ji Yuxiao. Then for some reason, he turned his head and left only his reddish side profile for Ji Yuxiao to see.

Ji Yuxiao was amused by his actions.

“Is there a mirror?”

“Why?” Lin Luoqing squinted slightly and looked at him suspiciously.

Ji Yuxiao leaned back against the chair and said calmly, “I want to see how handsome I am today that you don’t dare to look directly.

Lin Luoqing, “……”

For the 10,000th time, Lin Luoqing felt that this person was really narcissistic!

“You dare to look at me now?” Ji Yuxiao saw he was staring straight at him and smiled. “You aren’t hiding any longer?”

“Who was hiding?” Lin Luoqing refused to admit it.

Ji Yuxiao chuckled. “Then who didn’t dare to look at me or talk to me this morning? Isn’t it you, Dear?”

“Hmph.” Lin Luoqing snorted. “I’m going back to my room to change my clothes.”

After he finished talking, he turned and walked toward the bedroom.

As a result, Lin Luoqing covered his face and screamed internally the moment he went out. It was all Ji Yuxiao’s fault. He was fine at first but Ji Yuxiao insisted on doing that thing last night. Now whenever he saw Ji Yuxiao, he thought about what happened last night and those things in his dream. How could he still look directly at the other person?

In addition, Ji Yuxiao still had the nerve to ask him if he wasn’t hiding any longer?

Did he want to hide?

He just didn’t want to see Ji Yuxiao. It was too yellow and too shameful!

Lin Luoqing sighed and thought that Ji Yuxiao was really a goblin that killed people.

A goblin!

The goblin Ji Yuxiao didn’t feel that he had hurt anyone. He thought his wife’s awkwardness was cute.

He turned off the computer and pushed the wheelchair out of the study. He intended to accompany his newlywed spouse into the bedroom to change clothes.

Yet the moment he pushed open the door, what entered his eyes was porcelain white—Lin Luoqing had just taken off his shirt.

Ji Yuxiao thought, ‘…it is true that it is better to come early than to come by chance.’

Lin Luoqing turned around when he heard the door opening. He saw Ji Yuxiao behind him and Ji Yuxiao smiling after seeing him turn around.

Lin Luoqing, “!!!”

Lin Luoqing’s face was visibly red. “You go out.”

“This is the bedroom we share,” Ji Yuxiao told him calmly. “Besides, you have a good figure. There is nothing unseemly.”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…You aren’t ashamed at all!’

“Hooligan,” he murmured in a low voice. He glared at Ji Yuxiao, turned around and changed into the sweater he picked out.

Ji Yuxiao was amused by his reactions.

It was so pure.

He was so innocent yet still provoked Ji Yuxiao every day. It really made people want to do something.

If it wasn’t for the fact that his legs weren’t good right now, Ji Yuxiao felt that Lin Luoqing would definitely not be able to get out of bed at this moment.

Once he thought of this, the whiteness of the back he had just seen once again came to mind. It combined with the flushed complexion when Lin Luoqing was in his arms last night and it made his heart sway. Things that were too white always needed some embellishment, like plum blossoms in the snow. Some red flowers should bloom on this back.

Ji Yuxiao’s thoughts were like water slowly rising at low tide, hooking his heart and full of charm.

He quickly shook his head and coughed unnaturally, stopping himself from continuing to think these thoughts.

It was too inappropriate in broad daylight when the other person was still in front of him.

Ji Yuxiao sighed. He finally understood why there were words like being lascivious in the daytime.

It really fit people’s desires.

Lin Luoqing changed his shirt and looked back, wondering if he wanted to change his pants in front of Ji Yuxiao.

Their eyes met and Ji Yuxiao felt a bit guilty.

He asked, “What’s going on?”

“Aren’t you changing your clothes?” Lin Luoqing asked him.

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

“I’ll change it when you are done.”

Lin Luoqing smiled. “Then do I still have to go out?”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

“So I don’t need to invite you to go out, right?”

Ji Yuxiao nodded and silently left the bedroom.

He waited outside the door while thinking about how Lin Luoqing was changing clothes in the room. It was a pity that the lights were too dim last night. He could only see Lin Luoqing’s emotional face but not anywhere else.

Then Ji Yuxiao thought about it again. Lin Luoqing was already so awkward even if he hadn’t seen anything. Lin Luoqing had been acting awkward all morning. If Ji Yuxiao looked at other places, it was estimated that Lin Luoqing wouldn’t know how to face him all day.

He was really cute. Ji Yuxiao really didn’t expect Lin Luoqing to act so young in this matter. He wasn’t like a person who was mixed in with the messy entertainment industry. He was more like a high school student who hadn’t graduated.

‘He is indeed quite child-like,’ Ji Yuxiao thought.

Lin Luoqing finished changing his clothes, opened the door and left the bedroom. He reminded Ji Yuxiao quite arrogantly that he could go in and change.

It was only then that Ji Yuxiao pushed the wheelchair into the bedroom and chose an outfit for himself.

He called Xiao Li, got into the car with Lin Luoqing and went to Father Lin’s house.

This was Lin Luoqing’s first visit to Father Lin’s house. In the memories of the original owner, the entire villa was luxuriously decorated, as if they wanted to embed the words ‘I’m rich’ on the walls.

Lin Luoqing smiled softly. “Dad.”

Father Lin also looked at him with a smile. “You are back. I’ve been waiting for you since early in the morning.”

Chen Feng immediately said, “That’s right. Luo Luo, come sit here.”

She was very affectionate every time she called out to Lin Luoqing by calling him Luo Luo. However, Lin Luoxi, Lin Luoqing and Lin Luojing all had the character ‘Luo’ in their names. It wasn’t known what Luo Luo she was thinking about when she called out Luo Luo.

Lin Luoqing calmly sat down on the sofa, but Ji Yuxiao didn’t sit. He directly placed the wheelchair next to the armrest beside Lin Luoqing and was too lazy to move himself to the sofa.

Father Lin noticed this detail. Ji Yuxiao was indeed disabled and it was inconvenient.

On the other hand, Chen Feng sighed with relief. She secretly thought it was lucky that she didn’t let her son marry him. It wasn’t even convenient for him to sit on the sofa. This affected life too much.

“Luo Luo, we are a family after this marriage. You should go home with Yuxiao often in the future,” Chen Feng said gently.

Lin Luoqing nodded. “Yes.”

Father Lin after seeing how cooperative he was. “I know you have a home in your heart. You have been wronged for so many years.”

“I’m not wronged,” Lin Luoqing replied. “I understand.”

Father Lin was even happier. “As long as you understand. In the future, this will be your home. You can come back whenever you want. Dad welcomes you.”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing looked moved.

Ji Yuxiao thought that his father was quite funny. ‘Dad welcomes you.’ Was this a hotel? He still needed to be welcomed?

He looked at Father Lin calmly while waiting for the sugar-coated truth.

Father Lin and Chen Feng sang and talked for a long time. They saw Lin Luoqing and were close to hugging and crying. Their emotions moved heaven and earth. Then they finally ended the foreshadowing session and got straight to the point.

“Luoqing, you are married to Yuxiao now and can be considered as being prosperous. You will enjoy endless wealth in the future. You should pity your poor father. Business is currently more difficult to do. Several partners on my side said good things but they regretted it when the time came, alas.”

He intentionally dragged out his final sigh and waited for Lin Luoqing to ask him why.

Lin Luoqing was very cooperative. “Why?”

“Why else? Aren’t they disgusted that our company is small and isn’t famous?” Father Lin was angry. “They are dogs who look down on people. If we become bigger and stronger in the future, they will come to me crying and I will ignore them. Alas, it would be great if there was a big company to cooperate with us. In that way, our popularity can increase and we can naturally do it. We wouldn’t be so passive like this.”

Father Lin said the speech he had prepared and looked at Lin Luoqing expectantly. This person should be able to understand what he meant, right?

It should be!

Then he saw Lin Luoqing’s innocent look as he replied very simply, “Yes.”

Father Lin thought, ‘…Why doesn’t this guy have any eyes?’

Wasn’t Lin Luoqing clear about what he meant?

Then he had to make it clear!

“Tell me, where can I find a company that is influential enough?”

Lin Luoqing frowned and thought about it. “It doesn’t seem to be easy to find.”

‘…What nonsense are you saying?! Don’t you have one by your side?!’

Seeing this, Chen Feng hurriedly cooperated. “Isn’t Yuxiao’s family okay? Now our two families can be regarded as being joined by marriage and can cooperate. Isn’t it double happiness and mutual benefit? Fertile water shouldn’t flow to the fields of outsiders.”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…You are pretty good at putting gold on your face.’

As far as the marriage between the Lin family and Ji family was concerned, this wasn’t a marriage. It was more like poverty alleviation.

The cooperation between the Ji Group and the Lin family wasn’t mutual benefit and fertile water wasn’t flowing to the fields of outsiders. It was instead called targeted poverty alleviation!

Lin Luoqing was surprised. “This… I’m afraid it won’t work.”

“Why not?” Chen Feng asked him. “You and Yuxiao are husbands. Isn’t it normal for our two families to cooperate?”

“Exactly.” Father Lin also persuaded him. “Aren’t we your parents-in-law?”

“But Yuxiao has already resigned and announced in public that he will no longer care about the company’s affairs.”

Father Lin, “????!!!!”

What was going on?

When did this happen?

How did he not know?

“Why is that?” Father Lin couldn’t understand it.

Lin Luoqing sighed. “It is all my fault. Yuxiao’s father doesn’t like me and didn’t agree to us getting married. Yuxiao could only leave in order to marry me. Between me and power, he could only choose one and he chose me. This might be the charm of love. Mom, Dad, are you moved? I’m pretty moved.

Father Lin, “…!!!!”

Chen Feng, “…!!!!”

What nonsense about being moved?!

What d*mn love brain was this?!

Was he crazy?!

On the side, Ji Yuxiao smiled slightly when he heard these words. His lines were actually copied. His wife was really good at applying what was learned. Just because of this, he had already started to be moved!

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