FV: Chapter 48

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

“I don’t have any problems at all!” Ji Yuxiao gritted his teeth. “You are the one who is avoiding medical treatment!”

“Okay okay, I am afraid of medical treatment so accompany me to check it, okay?” Wei Junhe didn’t care about him at all, a patient who was afraid of medical treatment.

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao felt his temples starting to throb.

Lin Luoqing was still behind him and tried to persuade him. “Let’s just go to check first. We can check the heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys—ah, no, no kidneys.”

Ji Yuxiao, “………”

Ji Yuxiao felt helpless. The appearance of wanting to cover things up was really obvious.

“Let’s go home,” he said tiredly.

Lin Luoqing heard this and couldn’t help glancing at Wei Junhe. Wei Junhe couldn’t do anything and could only give him a look to persuade Ji Yuxiao next time.

Lin Luoqing was forced to push Ji Yuxiao into the elevator and toward the outside of the hospital.

He took Ji Yuxiao into the car and said goodbye to Wei Junhe. Then he had Xiao Li drive home.

Wei Junhe watched the car leave and felt quite emotional. He was really touched now. He hadn’t really been touched by Lin Luoqing being secretly in love with Ji Yuxiao for 15 years. However, now his brother was likely to have a problem with his third leg and Lin Luoqing still treated him like a first love. Who wouldn’t be touched?

He was too touched!

[What a beautiful love!] Wei June spoke in the group: [My sister-in-law touched me so much!]

Zhuang Yue: [Why are you touched again? Did something happen that I don’t know about?]

Qu Yingzhe: [Same as above.]

Wei Junhe still cared about Ji Yuxiao’s face and didn’t say his guess. He just told them: [Ask what love in the world is and I will tell you with tears streaming down my face. Why do I have tears in my eyes? It is because I have deep respect for my Sister-in-law. Yuxiao, you should be content for the rest of your life that you can meet Sister-in-law!]

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao turned to look at Lin Luoqing. “What did you say to Wei Junhe?”

How could that person be touched like this?

“I didn’t say anything?” Lin Luoqing was puzzled. “He just said that you didn’t let me go in because you were embarrassed. It isn’t that you don’t want me with you.”

“What else?”

“I asked if it is convenient, could we have a physical examination?”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

“So he thinks that I am avoiding medical treatment?”

Lin Luoqing thought about it. “Perhaps?”

What was perhaps?

It was definitely the case!

Let’s link this to the time when Lin Luoqing said not to check the kidney function and not to go to the andrology department. It was okay if Wei Junhe didn’t hear it but if he heard it…

Ji Yuxiao leaned back against the chair and felt that this misunderstanding was too big.

He glanced at Lin Luoqing, who had an innocent face and eyes full of doubts. Very good, didn’t Lin Luoqing suspect that there was something wrong with his body?

Ji Yuxiao would show him tonight if there were any problems!

Lin Luoqing saw the emotions surging in Ji Yuxiao’s eyes and blinked. He asked tentatively, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.” Ji Yuxiao smiled.

Just you wait, there will be a time at night when you tremble!

Ji Yuxiao lowered his head and chatted privately with Wei Junhe: [Shut up quickly. You only have one mouth. Why talk so much?”

Wei Junhe was considerate of his male self-esteem and didn’t argue. He just said tactfully: [Shall I arrange physical examinations for all of us in a few days? Shall we all get checked?]

Ji Yuxiao, “………”

[Just make arrangements for yourself! You are the one who should worry!]

Wei Junhe sighed and felt that his brother was really saving face. This was related to the dignity of men but it was because it was about the dignity of men that he couldn’t hide his illness and avoid medical treatment!

What would he do if this continued?

The moment Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao returned home, Ji Leyu heard the movement and immediately pulled Lin Fei downstairs. He ran to Ji Yuxiao and asked with concern, “Dad, are you better?”

“I’m much better.” Ji Yuxiao smiled at him.

No one would believe a child’s words about such things, so he always said to Ji Leyu that he was much better and would be fine.

Ji Leyu really smiled.

He didn’t really believe it but he hoped that Ji Yuxiao could be much better than before. Therefore, he was willing to believe Ji Yuxiao’s words.

Ji Yuxiao remembered the thought that he had before he came out. Then he turned to Lin Luoqing and said, “You go and accompany Fei Fei. I have a few words to say to Xiao Yu.”

“Okay.” Lin Luoqing hugged Lin Fei toward his room.

Ji Leyu didn’t know the reason so he waited until they returned to the bedroom before asking Ji Yuxiao, “Dad, what’s wrong?”

Ji Yuxiao looked at him and felt a bit guilty in his heart. It wasn’t for Ji Leyu but for Lin Luoqing.

He really wasn’t sensitive enough in some matters. At that time, Lin Luoqing told him very seriously that when they got married, he would be Ji Leyu’s father. He would also pick up Ji Leyu and take care of Ji Leyu. Ji Yuxiao had only been touched at the time and forgot to tell Ji Leyu that after they obtained the certificate, Lin Luoqing was also his father. This meant that Ji Leyu should also call him Father, not Uncle Lin.

“Xiao Yu, I’ve married your Uncle Lin,” he said softly. “Do you know what marriage is? It is just like your mother and father.”

Ji Leyu nodded. “I know.”

“So you can’t call him Uncle Lin anymore,” Ji Yuxiao said softly. “You should also call him Dad.”

He reached out and hugged Ji Leyu onto his lap, asking seriously, “Is it okay?”

To his surprise, Ji Leyu nodded almost without hesitation. “Yes.”

Ji Yuxiao was a bit confused by this cheerful and straightforward attitude. The lines that had been prepared to persuade him were swallowed down by Ji Yuxiao at this moment.

He looked at his little nephew and laughed. “I thought you would be reluctant.”

Ji Leyu smiled sweetly. “You are my father now and the person who you marry is my mother. However, a man can’t be called a mother. I can only call him Dad. I know that.”

“Then you know a lot.” Ji Yuxiao patted his head.

Ji Leyu asked him, “Dad, do you like Uncle Lin?”

“Do you like Uncle Lin?”

Ji Leyu nodded. “Uncle Lin likes you so I like him.”

“Really? Do you think he likes me?” Ji Yuxiao laughed.

“Don’t you think so?”

“Hmm…” Ji Yuxiao thought about how Lin Luoqing acted with him. “I also feel that he seems to like me.”

Ji Leyu was even happier. “Then I like him even more.’

Ji Yuxiao smiled and scratched his nose. “You little devil.”

After he finished speaking, he remembered something and added, “But you must remember your parents. Uncle Lin and I are just your adoptive fathers. Your parents are your biological parents and they love you very much. This means you are luckier than other children. You have three fathers and one mother. There are four elders who love you.”

Ji Leyu put his arms around Ji Yuxiao’s neck and leaned against him. “I know.”

Ji Yuxiao kissed his forehead. “That’s good.”

“From now on, I will call Uncle Lin by Dad.” Ji Leyu thought of something and asked, “If the two of you are there and I call out Dad, will you be able to tell the difference?”

“Then you can call him Daddy or call me Father.”

Now Ji Leyu understood. “Okay.”

He looked at Ji Yuxiao with smiling eyes.

He didn’t mind calling Lin Luoqing father, just as he didn’t mind calling Ji Yuxiao father.

His father used to say before that a ‘father’ was the male elder who loved him the most in the world.

Ji Yuxiao was like this now so he was Ji Leyu’s ‘father’.

Ji Yuxiao finished speaking to Ji Leyu and he opened the door to prepare to go back to his bedroom.

Then he caught sight of Lin Fei’s bedroom. He walked over and knocked on the door. Then he heard Lin Luoqing’s voice. “Come in.”

Ji Yuxiao pushed open the door and said to him, “I’m going back.”

“Then I’ll go with you.” Lin Luoqing pinched Lin Fei’s small face and walked toward Ji Yuxiao while ignoring Lin Fei’s disgusted and helpless gaze.

Ji Leyu remembered Ji Yuxiao’s words just now and called out clearly, “Dad.”

Lin Luoqing looked at him in surprise.

Lin Fei also silently looked over.

Ji Leyu smiled like a cotton candy that had just been shaken out. It was sweet and soft. “Uncle Lin, I won’t call you Uncle Lin in the future. Can I call you Dad?”

“O-Okay.” Lin Luoqing replied in surprise.

He had wanted to be Ji Leyu’s father from the beginning. Now he suddenly received this title and he was still a bit surprised.

He looked at Ji Yuxiao. “This is what you were talking about with Xiao Yu just now.”

Ji Yuxiao nodded slightly and said lightly, “Sorry, I didn’t notice the problem of the title before and I wronged you.”

Lin Luoqing felt like streamers of light were passing through his heart. “What is wrong with this? It is just a title. I don’t care.”

This was true. Ji Yuxiao looked at him and thought to himself, ‘You don’t care about anything. You don’t care too much.’

From beginning to end, Lin Luoqing didn’t seem to care much about anything.

Ji Yuxiao used him as a sleeping pill and let him act again and again, but Lin Luoqing didn’t care. Ji Yuxiao set a marriage date and said he would get the license as soon as possible, but Lin Luoqing had no opinion. He never cared when they went home and saw Ji Yuxiao’s bad relatives.

He didn’t care about anything so when Ji Yuxiao thought of something, he couldn’t help wanting to help Lin Luoqing care about it.

Ji Yuxiao laughed in a low voice and patted Ji Leyu. “Go and play with your brother.”

Ji Leyu obediently agreed and entered Lin Fei’s room.

Lin Luoqing was a bit puzzled. What was this for? Why suddenly send Ji Leyu away?

The next second, he understood.

Ji Yuxiao closed the door, took his hand and quickly kissed him on the face in front of the door that had just closed.

Lin Luoqing looked at the door panel in surprise. The white door panel was tightly closed, without a trace of movement.

It was only then that he squeezed Ji Yuxiao’s hand in shock and asked in a low voice, “Why are you so courageous? Aren’t you afraid that the children will see it?”

“Isn’t the door closed?” Ji Yuxiao replied calmly.

Then he took Lin Luoqing’s hand and kissed the back of the hand lightly.

Lin Luoqing was a bit ashamed but also a bit happy. “Why did you kiss me all of a sudden?”

Ji Yuxiao laughed and motioned for Lin Luoqing to come over.

Lin Luoqing bent down curiously. He approached and heard the other person’s gentle tone. “I won’t tell you.”

Then he laughed proudly after speaking.

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Ji Yuxiao was like a cat who stole sugar as he pushed his chair forward. Lin Luoqing puffed out his cheeks and couldn’t help smiling. He followed and helped push the wheelchair.

In the room, Lin Fei was covering Ji Leyu’s ears. He didn’t let go of his covering hands until he heard the sound of the wheelchair leaving.

Ji Leyu looked at him angrily, “You heard it.”

“I didn’t.” Lin Fei’s expression was indifferent. “I don’t eavesdrop.”

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