FV: Chapter 47 Part 1

He operated the computer and helped Lin Luoqing print out the script. “Is that all?”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing picked up the papers. “Generally, the scripts for the trial reading are relatively thin and almost always contained the content for the first few episodes. The crew will send me the rest of the script after it is confirmed that I will play the role.”

Of course, it was a different story if the crew liked him from the beginning.

However, the original owner was only an actor who had debuted for two years and was still an amateur. It was naturally impossible for him to have this type of treatment.

Ji Yuxiao reached out and asked Lin Luoqing for the script in his hand. Then he picked up the stapler and helped Lin Luoqing staple the papers together.

He said, “Hopefully, the script isn’t bad.”

“I hope so too.” Lin Luoqing smiled.

Ji Yuxiao looked at the smile on the other person’s face and his eyes were gentle.

On the day Wu Xinyuan came to him, Wu Xinyuan asked him if he had any requirements.

At that time, Ji Yuxiao almost blurted out, “For the time being, don’t arrange scenes that are too heavy for him and don’t let him film too far away.”

However, he swallowed down the words when they came to his lips.

Lin Luoqing liked acting very much. The second time they met, he watched as Lin Luoqing prepared for the audition over and over again. That was how Yu Xiao knew that Lin Luoqing took his job very seriously.

Every time he said to check Lin Luoqing’s acting skills and asked Lin Luoqing to perform a section for him, Lin Luoqing would prepare seriously and perform patiently. This was even after Lin Luoqing already knew that Ji Yuxiao would fall asleep. He still didn’t show any signs of acting in a perfunctory manner.

Lin Luoqing really wanted to be an actor, a good actor.

Therefore, Ji Yuxiao shouldn’t hinder him or trap him for Ji Yuxiao’s own selfish desires.

Lin Luoqing had helped him a lot. Even if Ji Yuxiao couldn’t give him the corresponding returns, Ji Yuxiao shouldn’t be a stumbling block in his career.

Of course, Ji Yuxiao knew what it meant when Lin Luoqing went to film. It meant leaving and that he would suffer from insomnia again. However, this was his business. It wasn’t Lin Luoqing’s matter, let alone the cause of it.

Therefore, he wasn’t qualified to let Lin Luoqing pay for his insomnia.

Once he got revenge, he would look down on himself.

This was why he told Wu Xinyuan, “Everything is subjected to his wishes. I hope he will go there with great hope and come back happily.”

Of course, he knew that the waters in the entertainment industry weren’t any shallower than the waters in the business world. He didn’t need Lin Luoqing to earn much traffic or win awards. He only hoped that Lin Luoqing could do what he wanted and be happy without any burdens. This was enough.

He just hadn’t expected this day to come so quickly.

Before he was ready for Lin Luoqing to leave, Wu Xinyuan had already chosen a script for him.

Ji Yuxiao felt a bit sad in his heart and felt that time was too short. It seemed that they had just met and got together, but now they were about to separate.

Ji Yuxiao was already reluctant, even before Lin Luoqing left.

Lin Luoqing looked down at the script and didn’t notice the emotions in Ji Yuxiao’s heart at all.

He was an actor before he crossed over into this world. Now he was finally going to start working again and he was still a bit excited.

“Let’s go, let’s go back.” Lin Luoqing looked at Ji Yuxiao. He couldn’t wait to go back to his room to read his new script.

Ji Yuxiao nodded and pushed the wheelchair toward him.

Lin Luoqing naturally pressed on the handle of the wheelchair and pushed him out of the study.

He was worried about Ji Yuxiao’s lack of a physical examination and was worried about entering the crew. It was in a local area and he could come back occasionally, but it definitely wouldn’t be as long as now.

Therefore, he had to hurry and persuade Ji Yuxiao to go and get a physical examination. However, Ji Yuxiao seemed to be repulsed by a physical examination. What should he do?

Lin Luoqing frowned while thinking about it.

Ji Yuxiao returned to the bedroom, took his pajamas and went to the bathroom, ready to take a shower.

Lin Luoqing sat on the bed and read the script he had just printed out.

The script only had the first few scenes and the biographies of the relevant characters. Lin Luoqing read it very quickly and finished it in a short time.

There was enough time so before Ji Yuxiao came out, Lin Luoqing searched for the original novel on the Internet.

In an instant, a lot of information popped up on the webpage.

There were character introductions, plot outlines and book fans who chose actors that were more in line with the original novel when hearing the filming news.

Lin Luoqing’s role was a supporting role and the number of scenes was between the second male lead and third male lead. The character was very pleasing. It was the female lead’s younger brother. He assisted his sister and future brother-in-law while fighting for the girl he liked. He was both happy and wronged.

Book fans were very fond of this role and the requirements for the male actor weren’t high. First, they must be young and secondly, they must be handsome. After all, he wasn’t the male or female protagonist. The requirements for acting skills weren’t as strict.

Lin Luoqing looked at it roughly and felt that he understood Wu Xinyuan’s painstaking intentions.

As an agent, Wu Xinyuan might not know what type of personality he had but Wu Xinyuan must’ve watched the two small-cost online dramas that ‘he’ had filmed before. Therefore, Wu Xinyuan decided to make use of his strengths and avoid his weaknesses. It was to use Lin Luoqing’s appearance instead of acting skills.

Due to this, he didn’t accept any major dramas or big productions for Lin Luoqing, let alone play a male protagonist right away.

This drama was obviously a touchstone for Wu Xinyuan. It was an IP adaptation and there were a certain number of book fans. He wasn’t the lead and there was no need to rely on him to be popular. If it became popular then he could also benefit. In addition, the role didn’t have many scenes but the sense of presence wasn’t weak. Wu Xinyuan had obviously put a lot of thought into choosing this role.

Lin Luoqing was very satisfied. This type of IP adaptation was obviously for traffic. He was the same as an amateur and was most lacking traffic. It was only with popularity that he could have opportunities to get into contact with better scripts. Therefore, traffic was very necessary.

In addition, the filming location was in their city and it was convenient for him to go home. It was killing two birds with one stone and was the best of both worlds.

Lin Luoqing replied to Wu Xinyuan on the spot: [Yes, I am willing to act.]

Wu Xinyuan sighed with relief when he saw this WeChat message. He had asked Lin Luoqing if Lin Luoqing had any requests and Lin Luoqing only requested that the scenes shouldn’t be too heavy and it should preferably be local. However, Wu Xinyuan had talked to Brother Li before and was really afraid that after choosing a script, Lin Luoqing would feel that wasn’t good.

Now it seemed that he was really an easy-going person. Brother Li was too good at scaring people!

[I will pick you up the day after tomorrow for the audition.] Wu Xinyuan replied.

[Yes, thank you for your hard work.]

Wu Xinyuan: [You are too polite. I should do this.] Then he added some key points about the audition, and advised him to go to bed early and maintain a good mental state.

Lin Luoqing hurriedly replied: [Yes.]

Ji Yuxiao came out of the shower as he was chatting.

The moment he walked in front of Lin Luoqing, he heard Lin Luoqing tell him happily, “I agreed to Brother Wu and I will audition the day after tomorrow.”

Ji Yuxiao’s heart paused and he was momentarily stunned.

So fast? He thought there would be a long time before Lin Luoqing left.

However, his face was still as gentle as ever and his eyes were like water. “That’s good. I wish you a successful audition.”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing picked up his pajamas with a smile and went into the bathroom.

It was only then that Ji Yuxiao gave a low sigh and moved himself onto the bed.

Early the next morning, Lin Luoqing received a call from Father Lin before he could prepare the scene for the audition.

He thought for a while before directly handing the phone to Ji Yuxiao. “You do it.”

Ji Yuxiao took a sip of porridge before putting down the spoon in an unhurried manner and picking up the phone. “Hello.”

Father Lin was instantly disappointed after hearing his voice.

He originally thought that if Lin Luoqing answered the phone, he would be able to persuade Lin Luoqing. He would supplement it with threats and sugar-coated shells. This was a two-pronged approach and Lin Luoqing would always be subdued.

However, it was Ji Yuxiao who answered the phone. He hadn’t gotten any benefits from Lin Luoqing. How could he directly tell Ji Yuxiao that Lin Luoqing had married him for money. Wouldn’t it be like losing his wife and his soldiers, blinding his own plan?

Father Lin sighed. He knew he wouldn’t be able to pass the level of Ji Yuxiao without shedding some blood. He could only grit his teeth. “It is like this, Yuxiao. I thought about it the entire night last night and I think you are right. Luoqing and you are married. It is such a big matter and as a father, I naturally can’t do nothing. So in addition to the previous 20 million, I will give a total of 30 million. What do you think?”

Ji Yuxiao laughed. “That is too little. So let’s do a total of 50 million. That sounds a bit better.”

Father Lin felt a flash of pain from his flesh and said miserably, “That is too much. Yuxiao, you know, our family isn’t rich like your family. 50 million is really a bit much.”

Ji Yuxiao laughed. “Is that so? I heard your words before and thought you valued me as a son-in-law very much. Since this is the case, Luoqing and I won’t bother you, we’re not going back.”

Ji Yuxiao hung up when he finished speaking.

Father Lin was so angry that he dropped his phone again. Then he pressed his hand against his aching forehead.

“He hasn’t agreed yet?” Lin Luoqing asked.

“Soon.” Ji Yuxiao returned the phone to him. “I’ll go out for a while after breakfast. If you need to use the car then call Luo Jia.”

Lin Luoqing paused as he was grabbing the phone. “You… what is going on?”

“Just a little thing.”

“Can I know?” Lin Luoqing asked him.

Ji Yuxiao stared into his clear eyes and hesitated for a moment before confessing, “Go and see a doctor.”

“Is it to see your legs?”

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