FV: Chapter 45

Lin Fei hadn’t expected that he would bump into Ji Leyu’s crime scene again when he just wanted to go downstairs to get some fruit.

He looked at the person who was leaning against the wall not far away, stretching his ears to hear what was going on inside, and thought to himself, ‘I would be a fool if I believed that he couldn’t sleep and went to find his father.’

Very good. Now in addition to hypocrisy, cunning, duplicity and viciousness, there was one more thing: he liked to eavesdrop.

Lin Fei watched Ji Leyu reluctantly walk over, face full of dissatisfaction. “Would you believe me if I said I couldn’t sleep and wanted to come find my father?”

Ji Leyu opened his innocent and beautiful eyes.

Lin Fei asked him, “What do you think?”

“Believe it.” Ji Leyu persuaded him.

Lin Fei sighed, took his arm and turned to walk back to his bedroom.

Ji Leyu had already given up the struggle and followed him back to the bedroom.


Lin Fei pressed him down on the chair, went into the bathroom to fetch a basin of water and placed it in front of him.

He still remembered that Ji Leyu wasn’t tolerant of heat so he added a lot of cool water.

Ji Leyu was already very familiar with this process so he obediently washed his feet. He showed his white and tender little feet to Lin Fei before stepping into the slippers that Lin Fei brought him.

These slippers were what Ji Yuxiao prepared for Lin Fei. Lin Fei hadn’t worn them at all but they were already worn twice by Ji Leyu.

“Go pour away the water,” Lin Fei instructed.

Ji Leyu picked up the basin, obediently emptied out the water and cleaned the basin. Then he closed the bathroom door and took the initiative to walk to Lin Fei’s bed.

He unceremoniously lifted the quilt and got in. He wrapped it around himself and asked Lin Fei, “You won’t tell my father and your uncle, will you?”

Lin Fei listened to his almost affirmative tone and glanced at him. “You aren’t allowed to eavesdrop in the future.”

Ji Leyu, “……”

“It has nothing to do with water, nothing to do with fire and nothing to do with knives.”

“But it has something to do with my uncle.” Lin Fei gave him a very good reason before wondering, “Why are you eavesdropping on them?”

“I want to protect my father,” Ji Leyu answered calmly. “I’m not eavesdropping on your uncle, I am eavesdropping on things related to my father. Adults have so many secrets. If I don’t eavesdrop, how can I know them?”

“You know also it is a secret?” Lin Fei felt helpless.

“However, I want to protect my father.” Ji Leyu plausibly said. “I don’t know anything. My father can only protect me and I can’t protect him.”

“So you also eavesdrop on your father talking to other people?”

Ji Leyu nodded without any shame. “Yes.”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei felt that this child must not have gone to kindergarten properly! Otherwise, how could he push people into the water and eavesdrop?

Didn’t his kindergarten teacher teach him to be an honest and kind person?

He asked JI Leyu, “Do you want someone to eavesdrop on you?”

Ji Leyu pouted. “I know this isn’t right but I can only do it for the sake of my father.”

“If you eavesdrop again, I’ll tell your father,” Lin Fei said calmly.

Ji Leyu’s eyes widened in disbelief. “You said you wouldn’t tell my father!”

“That was the last time you eavesdropped, not this time. This time, I didn’t promise you.”

Ji Leyu snorted angrily, pulled the quilt and lay down. He turned his back to Lin Fei and puffed out his little face.

Lin Fei didn’t try to persuade him. He raised a hand to turn off the light and lay down on the other side.

Ji Leyu saw him turn off the light while not saying anything. This caused Ji Leyu to turn around angrily and glare. “I didn’t hurt anyone this time.”

“It isn’t right to eavesdrop.” Lin Fei’s voice was calm.

“Then I won’t listen to my father and your uncle, only my father and others. This should be fine right??”

“No.” Lin Fei was very calm. “There are things your father wouldn’t want you to know, is just as you don’t want him to know about you.”

“But he is my father. What does it have to do with you if I eavesdrop on my father? Why do you care?”

Lin Fei cocked his head and looked at the other person. “He is also my uncle.”

Ji Leyu, “……”

Ji Leyu turned around again in anger and fiercely kicked the quilt.

Lin Fei let him kick as he wanted and closed his eyes.

Ji Leyu was still dissatisfied after kicking. He asked in a sullen voice, “Then what should I do if I don’t know anything and others treat him badly?”

“My uncle will protect him.” Lin Fei remembered what Lin Luoqing had said in the meeting room that day.

“He is married to your father and will protect him.”

Lin Fei finished saying these words and suddenly felt a bit emotional in his heart.

He would actually say such things and feel that Lin Luoqing would protect others. It was really incredible. He always thought it was already good if Lin Luoqing didn’t bully others. He didn’t expect that he would now feel that Lin Luoqing was a good person who was willing to take care of the people around him.

It was really ‘times have changed.’

Ji Leyu heard these words and didn’t speak.

He also remembered the scene i n the meeting room and remembered how Lin Luoqing had protected Ji Yuxiao.

That person could indeed be trusted.

In addition, Lin Luoqing was an adult like his uncle. They talked more and Lin Luoqing wouldn’t need to eavesdrop to know what his uncle had encountered and who wanted to hurt him. So Lin Luoqing was indeed better suited to protect his uncle than Ji Leyu himself.

He was still too young and could do too little.

Meanwhile, Lin Luoqing was already an adult and could do far more than him.

Ji Leyu felt reluctant but the other person was Lin Luoqing, a person he was willing to trust. Therefore, he finally reluctantly unloaded the burden of protecting Ji Yuxiao.

He handed this burden to Lin Luoqing along with his trust. He hoped that Lin Luoqing could be like him, no, better than him and protect Ji Yuxiao.

“Okay,” Ji Leyu agreed helplessly.

Lin Fei responded with a low sound.

Ji Leyu pouted and turned to look at this person. Lin Fei was lying flat on the bed, motionless.

So you just hummed?

Ji Leyu was so angry that his face puffed out again. “Aren’t you going to coax me?”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei felt that this person really liked to be coaxed. Didn’t he just coax Ji Leyu last time? Why coax again?

He reached out and touched Ji Leyu’s head. “You are good.”

Ji Leyu said critically, “You aren’t sincere!”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei turned to him. He took Ji Leyu into his arms, held him and touched his little head. “You are good.”

Ji Leyu was satisfied this time. “Do this when coaxing me in the future.”

“Yes.” Lin Fei was too lazy to deal with him.

“You can’t coax others like this,” Ji Leyu added. Then after speaking, his expression immediately changed. “Don’t coax others!”

Lin Fei, “……”

“No.” Lin Fei refused.

“Why?” Ji Leyu was instantly unhappy. Who else do you want to coax?”

He obviously didn’t coax Ji Leyu much and didn’t take the initiative at all? Why coax others? In addition, it was also in a very active manner!

Ji Leyu was so angry that his face puffed up like a bun.

“My uncle,” Lin Fei answered calmly.

Bun face Ji Leyu, “???”

Ji Leyu’s little bun face instantly returned to normal.

“Your uncle?”

“Yes,” Lin Fei answered indifferently. “He is the same as you. He has to be coaxed if he isn’t happy.”

Lin Fei silently sighed in his heart. Forget it, he already had to coax one person and it was the same to coax two people. Adding Ji Leyu was nothing. In any case, he was already very skilled in coaxing people.

Ji Leyu really hadn’t expected that the gentle and reliable Lin Luoqing would have such a side. He thought about it curiously. He couldn’t imagine Lin Fei coaxing Lin Luoqing. Lin Fei couldn’t touch his head as well, right?

However, Lin Fei was Lin Luoqing’s nephew so it was normal to coax him.

So Ji Leyu said again, “Then you aren’t allowed to coax anyone except your uncle.”

Lin Fei helplessly made an ‘oh’ sound. Ji Yuxiao shouldn’t need coaxing. He was so mature, stable and powerful.

Ji Leyu was satisfied. He leaned into Lin Fei’s arms and closed his eyes. “Good night, Brother.”

“Good night,” Lin Fei replied.

He closed his eyes again and fell into a deep sleep.

It was just like Ji Yuxiao who was far away.

Lin Luoqing looked at the handsome sleeping face in front of him and let out a long sigh.

“We are both adults and married but your sleep is still just a simple sleep. You are too bad. How can you be a male god?”

Lin Luoqing raised his hand to pick up a post-it note. He wrote a few words and pasted it onto Ji Yuxiao’s forehead.

He laughed, lifted the quilt and took the initiative to enter Ji Yuxiao’s arms. In any case, Ji Yuxiao slept with Lin Luoqing in his arms after the marriage. It was Ji Yuxiao’s hands that moved first and he just followed this habit.

Lin Luoqing placed Ji Yuxiao’s hand on his body, closed his eyes in satisfaction and fell asleep leaning against him.

The next morning, Ji Yuxiao woke up and felt a familiar post-it note on his forehead.

He reached out to lift it up. Then he saw the words on it and didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. [The husband sleeps peacefully, the wife sleeps alone.]

Ji Yuxiao looked at the person in his arms. How was he lonely and sleepless? He could see that Lin Luoqing was sleeping soundly!

Alas. Ji Yuxiao poked Lin Luoqing’s face.

Did he really want to fulfill the marriage obligations?

Was he serious?

Would he regret it?

Ji Yuxiao pinched Lin Luoqing’s face, his heart a bit hesitant.

In the end, Ji Yuxiao was just a mortal. His determination was good but it was only good. Who could stand being hooked like this every day?

If it wasn’t for him wanting to be a human being, Lin Luoqing probably wouldn’t be able to get out of bed a long time ago.

“You really don’t know how to cherish it.” Ji Yuxiao sighed. “Do you think it is really that easy to be a person?”

He was still too simple.

Ji Yuxiao laughed and poked him in the face again.

He was about to write a post-it note for Lin Luoqing when he heard the phone ringing suddenly.

Ji Yuxiao instantly covered Lin Luoqing’s ear with his hand. Then he used his other hand to scoop up the phone next to the pillow. He turned down the volume and looked at the person in front of him.

His actions were quick and Lin Luoqing hadn’t been woken up. He was still sleeping very sweetly.

It was only then that Ji Yuxiao looked down at the caller ID. It said ‘Father’ on it. It was Father Lin calling.

Ji Yuxiao didn’t like this father very much and didn’t think he was qualified to disturb Lin Luoqing’s sleep, so Ji Yuxiao rejected it mercilessly.

Father Lin stared at his phone in disbelief, unable to believe that his son had refused his call.

He quickly called again.

Ji Yuxiao hung up again and blacklisted him by the way.

Father Lin, “……”

He was so angry that he dropped his phone on the table and exclaimed angrily, “No filial piety!”

Chen Feng hurriedly added insult to injury, “Yes, I told you that he is a thankless ingrate. We were kind enough to let him marry Ji Yuxiao. He got lucky and got married, but forgot about us. What type of child is this?”

Father Lin also had this idea.

If Chen Feng and Lin Luojing hadn’t desperately approached Ji Yuxiao and expressed their willingness to befriend Ji Yuxiao, how could Ji Yuxiao be willing to marry Lin Luojing after his legs were injured? This allowed Lin Luoqing to gain the opportunity to marry him instead of Lin Luojing!

His stepmother and brother paved the road for him and he was lucky. Now he demolished the bridge after crossing the river and started to kill the donkey as soon as the mill was unloaded. He didn’t know gratitude at all!

“You don’t know this.” Chen Feng took the opportunity to stab a knife into Lin Luoqing again. “Lin Luoqing asked me for three million to get married. I considered it our dowry for him and didn’t refuse. I gave it to him directly. Who would’ve thought that he didn’t think about the kindness of the family at all.”

“You gave him three million?” Father Lin was shocked. “Why don’t I know about this? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Chen Feng hurried to act pitiful. “I just didn’t want you to worry so much. I thought Louqing was kind so it would be fine. Didn’t you think he really listened to your words and obediently went to marry Ji Yuxiao? He spoke well on the surface. He said that he would do anything as long as you are willing to recognize him. In actual fact, once he opened his mouth, he wanted three million. If he didn’t get the money then he would’ve never married Ji Yuxiao! I felt sorry for you and was afraid you would be uncomfortable. So for him and our family, I wanted to sacrifice my own money to give him and our family a good future.”

Father Lin sighed. “Your heart is too soft!”

Chen Feng immediately put on a soft posture and looked at him pitifully.

“Don’t worry,” Father Lin comforted her. “I won’t let you waste this three million in vain. Once he comes back, I will definitely let him return it to you with interest.”

“But how can he remember us now? How does he remember you as a father? He doesn’t want to come back at all.”

Father Lin laughed. “He is thinking too beautifully! If he dares to play tricks with me again, I will tell Ji Yuxiao about this three million. I want to see if he dares to let Ji Yuxiao know that the condition for marrying him is three million.”

Chen Feng nodded. “He disliked Ji Yuxiao for being disabled. If it wasn’t for the three million, he definitely wouldn’t have married Ji Yuxiao, who is disabled!”

Father Lin snorted. ‘Just this and you still dare to hang up my phone? You really gained courage when growing up. You don’t know how high the sky and how thick the earth is!’

So people were so cheap. Previously, Lin Luoqing cried and shouted that he wanted to go home and wanted Father Lin to recognize now. Now Father Lin was willing to let him go home and to recognize him, but he refused instead. What a scumbag.

Father Lin thought so. He didn’t realize that he hadn’t wanted Lin Luoqing to go home at all but now he couldn’t wait for Lin Luoqing and had to recognize him. This was an even more contemptible individual!

Lin Luoqing slept until almost 10 o’clock and finally woke up in a daze.

It was Saturday and the two children didn’t need to go to school. He naturally didn’t need to wake up early. Therefore, he rubbed his eyes slowly and greeted Ji Yuxiao, “Good morning.”

“Good morning.”

Lin Luoqing saw this person’s smile and felt ill intentions from it. He carefully stared at Ji Yuxiao for a long time before remembering that he stuck a post-it note to Ji Yuxiao last night. Now the post-it note was gone so…

Lin Luoqing hurriedly touched his hair. Sure enough, he found a familiar post-it note. He took it down and saw Ji Yuxiao’s handwriting: [Nonsense, you obviously slept well!]

Lin Luoqing, “……”

“Didn’t you sleep well?” Ji Yuxiao asked you. “You slept until late~”

Lin Luoqing snorted. “I couldn’t sleep in my heart!”

“Really?” Ji Yuxiao raised his eyebrow. “I’ll touch it.”

Then he lifted the quilt and reached out toward Lin Luoqing’s chest.

Lin Luoqing was startled and hurriedly sat up to avoid him. “What are you doing? You rogue!”

Ji Yuxiao smiled. “If this is a rogue, won’t it become a crime if I do something else?”

Lin Luoqing felt that this person valued himself too much. “Just you, what else can you do?”

Lin Luoqing looked him up and down and laughed. “If you can really do something else then I will definitely cooperate.”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Lin Luoqing leaned closer to him with a smile. “The question is whether you will do it.”

Ji Yuxiao turned around and blocked his mouth with an angry bite, angry and helpless. “You calm down.”

Lin Luoqing was caught off guard by Ji Yuxiao biting his lip and his heart thumped. However, he really settled down.

He instinctively pursed his lips. He felt like his mouth was a bit burned. It had become hot.

Speaking of which, this seemed to be the first time Ji Yuxiao kissed his mouth. The previous times, he kissed Lin Luoqing’s face but this time, he changed places.

Wait. Lin Luoqing suddenly realized that it was on the mouth. Then was this… a kiss?

He pursed his lips again and his face became hot for no reason.

Lin Luoqing lowered his head unnaturally and said in a low voice, “I’ll go and wash up.”

Then he turned around and prepared to get out of bed.

Ji Yuxiao saw him turning around and about to leave so Ji Yuxiao reached out and grabbed his waist, directly pressing Lin Luoqing down on his lap.

Lin Luoqing, “!!!”

The next second, he saw Ji Yuxiao leaning over and getting closer to him.

This face was a bit pale but not weak. The handsome face that was like flowers in a mirror and the moon reflected in the lake slowly shortened the distance to him. He could even see Ji Yuxiao’s beautiful phoenix eyes that were filled with an indescribable smile.

Lin Luoqing’s heart suddenly beat chaotically like rain, noisy and disorderly.

He blinked uncontrollably and whispered, “What are you doing?”

Ji Yuxiao smiled and touched his lower lip. “What do you think I am doing?”

Lin Luoqing felt his heart becoming even more chaotic.

He lowered his eyes silently. The lip that was just teased still had the touch of this man’s fingers.

What was Ji Yuxiao doing?

Pulling him back so suddenly and saying such things. Did Ji Yuxiao really want to do something?

Could it be that the words just now finally irritated him so he decided not to be a person?

Lin Luoqing secretly guessed and raised his eyes to look timidly at Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Yuxiao saw the doubts and slight anticipation in the other person’s eyes and didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

He raised his hand and flicked Lin Luoqing’s forehead. “What are you thinking about? It is so bright right now. Do you want to do something in the light of day?”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…Okay, I was thinking too much.’

He should’ve realized it earlier!

Ji Yuxiao was just trying to save face. How could he do that type of thing when his legs weren’t good?

What if he only got better after three to five years?

Lin Luoqing had to wait for him for three to five years!

What if it was 10 years?

What if it was a lifetime?

Wait. Lin Luoqing suddenly had a thought. Ji Yuxiao didn’t have three to five years. He ended up dying next year!

Lin Luoqing instantly grabbed Ji Yuxiao’s hand in an agitated manner. “Brother, I suddenly remembered something.”


Lin Luoqing stared at this person and tried to make his face indifferent again, as if he really just remembered a small thing. “There is a pre-marriage process that we didn’t go through.”

Ji Yuxiao was dumbfounded. “…There is a lot we didn’t go through.”

“This is especially important!”

“You mean…?”

“The premarital medical examination,” Lin Luoqing said solemnly.

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

“Let’s go for a medical checkup tomorrow.” Lin Luoqing stared sincerely into Ji Yuxiao’s eyes.

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao held his forehead. Okay, just because he didn’t want to drive the car, his wife now wanted to give him a physical examination!

Would the next steps be to nourish his kidneys and build up his yang energy?

“I don’t think it is necessary,” Ji Yuxiao said helplessly.

Your husband really can do it, very well. I just want to be responsible for you, you know?

It isn’t that it doesn’t work. It is that I am reluctant to do it!

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