FV: Chapter 41 Part 2

The lawyer took out the will and started to read it.

The whole process was fast, too fast even. It was because this will was very simple. Ji Yuling left all his inheritance, movable and immovable assets to Ji Yuxiao.

It wasn’t to his only son or his respected father, but to his most trusted younger brother he grew up watching.

Ji Yuxiao was stunned.

Everyone present found it incredulous.

Father Ji couldn’t accept it. “How can this be? Is this really a will written by Xiao Ling? How could he give his inheritance to his younger brother rather than his son? It is impossible!”

“This was indeed written by Mr Ji Yuling and it has been notarized. If you don’t believe it, you can go and check it.”

The lawyer looked at Ji Yuxiao and Ji Leyu in his arms. Then the lawyer said gently, “There are three letters here. They were written by Mr Ji Yuling for Mr Ji Yuxiao, Mr Ji Leyu and Ms Cheng Wei.”

Ji Leyu turned to look at Ji Yuxiao with surprise when he heard his name. “There are really words left for me.”

He happily jumped off Ji Yuxiao’s lap and reached out to take the letter from the lawyer’s hand, saying politely, “Thank you, Uncle.”

Ji Leyu returned to Ji Yuxiao’s side and gave Ji Yuxiao his letter. Then he took the one for himself and his mother.

Ji Yuxiao was really surprised. He directly opened the envelope and looked at the letter left by his brother.

The content of the letter was very simple. It partly explained why he did this and was partly an entrustment.

Ji Yuxiao roughly read it and finally understood his brother’s hard thought intentions.

Every person could get into trouble due to a cherished item.

The birth of Ji Leyu made Ji Yuling feel the preciousness of life but he was also worried about the unexpected.

He knew his wife too well. She was beautiful, kind and gentle but she knew nothing about things in the business world. She didn’t like her wealth, nor was she good at taking care of it. She just wanted to dance her favorite dances and be with the people she liked.

Ji Yuling liked her gentleness and simplicity, but he was also afraid about when he was gone. She was too gentle and simple and she had too much wealth behind her. This would lead to disaster.

He grew up in a wealthy family and had seen too many filth and open fights while maneuvering covertly in high society.

So he knew all too well what would happen when ability and wealth didn’t match, especially when she had a child.

Ji Leyu was still too young. An orphan and a widow, such a combination was too easy to cause tragedy.

Therefore, Ji Yuling simply gave Cheng Wei a sum of money. This was enough for Cheng Wei to live a few lifetimes with her simple concept of life.

Combined with the jewelry, house, car, etc. that he gave to Cheng Wei previously, Cheng Wei could continue living in the clouds without falling even if he died.

After that, he left all his property to Ji Yuxiao.

He knew his younger brother all too well and he knew Ji Yuxiao’s feelings for him. This meant he believed that even if he left, Ji Yuxiao would definitely help him take care of Cheng Wei and Ji Leyu.

Once Ji Leyu was an adult and had the ability to protect himself and his mother, Ji Yuxiao would return the inheritance to Ji Leyu.

Not every pair of brothers would have such sincerity between them but there were some who were real brothers. Ji Yuling knew that his younger brother was like this.

He imagined two scenarios. The first one was that he was dead and Cheng Wei was alive.

Then he hoped that Ji Yuxiao would follow Cheng Wei’s thoughts. If she met the right person and wanted to marry again, Ji Yuxiao should support her. If she didn’t meet the right person and didn’t want to get married again, Ji Yuxiao didn’t need to persuade her.

There was only one thing he didn’t want. It was for Cheng Wei to be too sad and to want to die. He hoped that Ji Yuxiao could stop her and tell her that Ji Leyu was still here. This way, she could worry about the world.

The second situation was also the one Ji Yuling wished to not face the most. It was that both he and Cheng Wei were dead.

Then he hoped that Ji Yuxiao could help him take care of Ji Leyu. If he met someone he liked in the future and the other person was willing, they could adopt Ji Leyu as their adopted son. If the other person wasn’t willing then just let Ji Leyu continue to be his nephew.

Ji Yuling didn’t write whether Ji Leyu should get his inheritance when he became an adult.

It was because he knew that no matter what happened, even if he told Ji Yuxiao that he wanted Ji Yuxiao to keep half of the inheritance, Ji Yuxiao wouldn’t listen and would return it intact to Ji Leyu.

He had such a character since he was a child. Ji Yuling knew it too well so he didn’t waste much ink on this matter.

He apologized to his brother and admitted his selfishness at this moment. He gave all his property to Ji Yuxiao, which was bound to lead the fire to Ji Yuxiao.

Everyone’s eyes would be on Ji Yuxiao and Cheng Wei and Ji Leyu would be able to avoid a disaster. They would be able to live richly with the money he arranged for them a long time ago.

Meanwhile, his younger brother was bound to face many unnecessary troubles.

This was the first time in Ji Yuling’s life that as an older brother, he brought trouble to his younger brother. He was sorry but he wanted to protect his wife and child.

He believed that Ji Yuxiao could manage the huge assets he left behind. He also believed that JI Yuxiao could help him take care of his wife and child.

Finally, he wrote: I hope you can soar to the clouds and have a wider sky. If there is a next life, I will be a more responsible brother.

Ji Yuxiao finished reading the letter in his hand with red eyes. Then he held Ji Leyu back on his lap and kissed him.

He told the lawyer, “I understand.”

The meaning of this was very clear. He was willing to accept Ji Yuling’s entire inheritance.

Father Ji disagreed and argued with him after the lawyer left. “Didn’t we agree that the inheritance belongs to Xiao Yu and the two of us will be his guardians?”

“This is my brother’s last wish,” Ji Yuxiao said calmly. “I am willing to follow his wishes.”

His brother worked so hard in order to protect his wife and child. He had already thought of everything, so Ji Yuxiao would respect his brother’s wishes.

“You are like this, do you know what people will say about you? They will say that your brother has just died and you have usurped the inheritance that belongs to his son. They will say that you are so calculated that you won’t even let his own nephew go.” Father Ji’s voice was sharp.

“I don’t care.” Ji Yuxiao looked calm. “They can say whatever they like. I don’t care.”

“What about Xiao Yu? What will Xiao Yu think when he hears these words in the future?”

“He won’t believe it.” Ji Yuxiao looked at his father. “I will make it clear to him so that he knows his father’s good intentions and knows how much his father loves him.”

Father Ji saw his unmoved look and his heart hurt. “Do you have to do this? Just follow what we said before. Is that so bad?”

“It would be fine if my brother didn’t write a will. However, he did so. Then I will respect his ideas.”

He persuaded his father. “I know what I will face. I don’t care so you don’t have to worry about me. I have long climbed back from the gates of hell. Even if I die one day, the days I live now will be earned.”

Father Ji heard these words and closed his mouth. His eyes were a bit sad and pitying, as if he remembered the ruthless car accident again.

Ji Yuxiao had never suspected his father before.

This was even though his father was the one most opposed when Ji Yuling’s will was announced. Ji Yuxiao just thought his father was worried about himself. Now he remembered his father’s words and expressions at that time and he wasn’t so certain.

His father wanted his brother’s inheritance, at least half of the inheritance.

Why was this?

Ji Yuxiao couldn’t understand the reason why.

He thought about this time last year. Or perhaps it was a bit later, in late autumn and early winter. It was when he and his brother went back to Father Ji’s house one day. After eating, he rested in his bedroom for a while.

He woke up in a daze and went upstairs to watch a movie in the video room. Then he happened to pass by Father Ji’s study and heard his brother’s voice.

They seemed to be arguing and his brother’s tone was very stern. “You had better not let Xiao Xiao know about this matter!”

He was very puzzled and hadn’t known what was going on. He walked over and saw his brother slam the door and walk out. Then his brother saw him outside the door and made a shocked expression.

“What can’t I know?” Ji Yuxiao got straight to the point.

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5 months ago

Nunca confié in that so called “father” of him.
Pinche viejo despreciable.

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Reply to  Lilyth

love the despreciable, truly made the comment shine.
I also never liked the old guy.

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Thx for the ch (^ヮ^)/

3 months ago

So I was right? At least one of them isn’t “Father” Ji biological son? I am thinking Ji Yuling. That is why “Father” Ji able to kill him and wanted half and half given to Ji Yuxiao. You know that believe, adopting a child can fish real pregnancy kinda thing. Or it is the other way around. I hope I was wrong though. Because Ji Yunxiao is too pitiful being the only one in the dark all this time.

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