FV: Chapter 41 Part 1

Lin Fei looked into his eyes, wondering if he knew something.

However, Lin Luoqing’s eyes were the same as before. They were still as warm and inclusive as ever. Lin Fei studied them for a moment and felt that he shouldn’t know.

Otherwise, Lin Luoqing would definitely be surprised. He was usually very restless.

“I won’t do much about it,” Lin Fei replied calmly.

Lin Luoqing, “????”

He wondered, “Don’t you think that person is doing something wrong?”

“But he won’t listen to me if I say it,.” Lin Fei calmly expressed his reasoning.

“That’s not what I mean.” Lin Luoqing tried to educate him. “It is one thing for him to listen to you and another thing for you to say it. What if a disaster can be avoided due to your words? You are invisibly helping others. Isn’t this a good thing?”

Lin Fei still looked like he wasn’t happy or sad. He just said, “But what do other people’s affairs have to do with me?”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…Baby, you are too cold.’

He looked at Lin Fei’s calm face that had no fluctuations. Indeed, his Fei Fei was such a cold child.

“So be it.” Lin Luoqing taught him. “You don’t have to care about others, but if you think that your family members, i.e. me, your uncle or Xiao Yu… if the three of us do something that shouldn’t be done, you can say a few more words and remind us.”

It was mainly Xiao Yu!

He and Ji Yuxiao wouldn’t do anything but that wasn’t necessarily the case with Ji Leyu!

“Is that okay?” Lin Luoqing asked. “Similarly, if you do something wrong, I will also remind you. It is just like looking in the mirror. You can’t see what your back looks like but I can see it. I can tell you if your back is dirty. In the same manner, you can tell others if their backs are dirty.”

Lin Fei saw the smile on the other person’s face and was silent for a moment before finally nodding.

He actually didn’t want to care about other people’s affairs. Everyone had their own personality and way of life. It was enough to take care of himself. Why bother with other people’s personalities or lives?

Even so, Lin Luoqing hoped that he could do it. If he didn’t agree, it would probably be very uncomfortable for Lin Luoqing and Lin Fei would have to coax him again when the time came.

Lin Fei felt that his current self was now very good at coaxing people, but in the end, no one would like this type of uncomfortable feeling. Therefore, it was better to agree directly.

“Okay,” he agreed helplessly.

“Then it is hard for you~ Lin Luoqing smiled and kissed him on the face.

Lin Fei habitually ducked and squinted at him.

Lin Luoqing smiled very gently. “Jiayou! You are the best!”

Lin Fei thought, ‘…Uncle is really too simple!’

Lin Fei sighed. He felt it was definitely better if Lin Luoqing didn’t know Ji Leyu’s true face.

Otherwise, he would definitely be frightened.

In the end, Lin Fei would have to coax him.


Lin Fei looked at Lin Luoqing with more tolerance and helplessness.

Lin Luoqing helped Lin Fei finish bathing and put him on the bed. He kissed Lin Fei and told him, “Go to bed early. Good night.”

“Good night,” Lin Fei replied.

Lin Luoqing turned off the lights and walked out of Lin Fei’s bedroom.

He didn’t rush back to his bedroom but went to the kitchen to get a box of ice cream. He ate it slowly.

Things were almost clear by now.

Ji Xin scolded Ji Leyu and Ji Leyu couldn’t bear the humiliation. He retaliated against Ji Xin by pushing him in the water and said that Ji Xin stumbled and fell. Lin Fei chose to help Ji Leyu under the circumstances and after returning, he promised to help keep Ji Leyu’s secret.

Therefore, Lin Fei didn’t say anything and Ji Leyu didn’t admit it. Only Ji Xin told the truth.

Lin Luoqing took a bite of the ice cream. It was cold and rich in a chocolate flavor.

He thought, ‘What should I do next?’

He couldn’t directly tell Ji Leyu that he was wrong. He was likely to ruin things because he had no evidence. Once Ji Leyu felt he knew about it, he would only feel that Lin Fei had betrayed him.

It wasn’t good if the two children didn’t get along so he couldn’t pick out the truth.

He also couldn’t go to Ji Xin behind Ji Leyu and Lin Fei’s back. In that way, there was a possibility that Ji Xin would leak something and it wouldn’t just be Ji Leyu who felt that Lin Luoqing didn’t believe him. It would be Lin Fei as well.

This wasn’t good for the three of them to get along so this wasn’t okay either.

He couldn’t pick out the truth and he couldn’t go to Ji Xin. Then he could only secretly find a way to correct Ji Xin.

However, how could Ji Leyu willingly correct it? He would just agree with his mouth but wouldn’t take it seriously in his heart.

Lin Luoqing felt that this was too difficult!

It was so hard!

This was the first time he was raising a child. How did he meet such a difficult child?

He couldn’t break into Ji Leyu’s heart and couldn’t let it go. He had to take care of Ji Leyu’s mood and lead him onto the right path.

This was truly doing difficult things in a narrow space—it was difficult!

Lin Luoqing ate the entire box of ice cream before temporarily putting down the matter of Ji Leyu.

He didn’t trust Ji Leyu very much but he trusted Lin Fei. LIn Fei had made him that promise today so Lin Fei should give Ji Leyu some reminders.

Ji Leyu might be able to listen to it a little bit… right?

Lin Luoqing wasn’t sure but raising a child was a slow process in itself. He had to give Lin Fei and Ji Leyu some time and be patient. He had to see what Ji Leyu would do later.

Lin Luoqing planned to stand still, observe the situation and then make a decision.

Unlike Lin Luoqing, who was breaking his heart for Ji Leyu, a small black sesame glutinous ball, Ji Yuxiao wasn’t thinking about Ji Leyu at this moment.

He was thinking about something else—his father, Ji Zhenhong.

Ji Yuxiao sat in the bathtub and his expression was grim. He carefully sorted out what happened today and finally remembered what Ji Zhenhong had specifically mentioned on the phone before. “Bring Xiao Yu with you. I miss him.”

Did he really miss Ji Leyu?

Or was he just thinking about the wealth behind Ji Leyu?

Ji Yuxiao really couldn’t understand it. How could his father also want his brother’s inheritance?

His father obviously started to delegate power early when his brother entered the company, wanting to change the rights. So why ask for his brother’s shares after his brother died?

Did he want to make his own shares bigger?


Obviously when his brother was alive, he had mentioned several times that his brother should be in charge of the company. His father had no opinions at that time. Why was he afraid that Ji Yuxiao would own too many shares?

Ji Yuxiao couldn’t understand it.

He remembered the day when the lawyer read out his brother’s will.

That morning, his father had told him, “Your brother is gone and his inheritance will be left to Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu is still young. The two of us will help him keep it. You will help him keep part of it and I will help him keep part of it. Once he is an adult, all these will be given to him.”

Ji Yuxiao didn’t refute it. This suggestion was very reasonable. Ji Leyu was his brother’s only child and he deserved all of his brother’s inheritance. In addition, Ji Leyu wasn’t an adult yet. It was logical for Ji Yuxiao and his father to supervise him.

Yet contrary to everyone’s expectations, someone came to him when the funeral ended and asked, “Are you Mr Ji Yuxiao?”

Ji Yuxiao nodded. “Who are you?”

“I am Mr Ji Yuling’s lawyer and he wrote a will five years ago. Can you please help me gather his relatives so I can help Mr Ji fulfill his last wish?”

Ji Yuxiao was stunned, as were the other relatives of the Ji family.

At that time, the funeral had just ended. The relatives fantasized that the will written by Ji Yuling might have something related to themselves so they didn’t leave. They sat in the living room of the Ji house, waiting for the lawyer to read out the will that none of them knew about.

Father Ji and Ji Yuxiao were sitting very close with Ji Leyu in the middle.

JI Leyu looked at the relatives who either stretched out their necks or whispered together, a bit bored.

He was the most reasonable heir but he was also the person with the least interest in this will.

He sat on the sofa and looked around. Only Ji Yuxiao noticed his boredom and hugged him, coaxing him with the words, “Just wait and listen to what your father wants to say.”

“My father is gone,” Ji Leyu replied softly.

His mood hadn’t been good all day and his usual common smile had long disappeared.

He leaned against Ji Yuxiao’s arms and heard Ji Yuxiao say, “That bag contains your father’s words. He likes you very much and there must be words left for you.”

“Really?” Ji Leyu looked at him with expectant eyes.

Ji Yuxiao nodded. “Really.”

He actually didn’t understand why his brother made a will. It was also five years ago when Ji Leyu was born.

So he couldn’t think of what would be written in his brother’s will.

However, he always supported the decisions made by his brother. Thus, Ji Yuxiao was very calm. He didn’t even look at the lawyer but kept talking to Ji Leyu.

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