FV: Chapter 40

“I was wondering why there was no one in your room. So you were here,” Lin Luoqing said.

Ji Leyu turned and smiled at him, well-behaved and cute. “I’m here to play with Brother Lin Fei.”

“It is almost time to take a bath and go to bed. Who wants to wash up first?”

Lin Luoqing looked between him and Lin Fei.

Lin Fei was fascinated by the book. He didn’t want to be interrupted at this time and took the rare initiative. “He can go first. I’ll finish reading this.”

Lin Luoqing had no opinion. He looked at Ji Leyu and motioned for him to come over.

Ji Leyu couldn’t refuse. He just sighed, got out of bed and walked in front of Lin Luoqing.

As he went out, he glanced at Lin Fei, who still seemed to be seriously reading a book…

Ji Leyu thought, ‘…Is the book that interesting? You have been reading it for so long!’

How strange!

Too strange!

Lin Luoqing and Ji Leyu returned to Ji Leyu’s bedroom and turned on the light.

He turned on the hot water, took Ji Leyu into the bathtub and asked him, “Were you afraid at your grandfather’s house before?”

Leyu shook his head. He grabbed a handful of water and replied, “Dad will protect me.”

“That’s true.” Lin Luoqing nodded.

He recalled what Lin Fei said before about Ji Xin bullying Ji Leyu. “Ji Xin’s group, did they just talk about you? They didn’t hit you or do anything else?”

Ji Leyu shook his head. He was a bit worried he would be asked about what they said about him

The next second, he heard Lin Luoqing saying, “Since you don’t want us to know what Ji Xin said, I won’t ask you. However, it definitely isn’t anything good if it can make you react like this.”

He looked at Ji Leyu and softly told him, “Xiao Yu, you have to know that not everyone in this world will be polite. Those who aren’t polite will say some unpleasant things. It isn’t your fault, it is their fault. So after you hear it, you can be angry, dissatisfied or scold them back, but you don’t need to doubt yourself or blame yourself.”

“The one who was wrong was the person who bullied you, not you, understood?”

Ji Leyu was stunned for a moment before staring at Lin Luoqing blankly.

He definitely didn’t feel like he was at fault.

Ji Xin was the one who scolded him. How could he be wrong?

Nevertheless, he still felt Lin Luoqing’s concern.

Lin Luoqing didn’t doubt him but was worried he would be unhappy because Ji Xin scolded him.

He didn’t ask what Ji Xin said because he knew that Ji Leyu didn’t want them to know.

He was a really nice and gentle person.

“Yes.” Ji Leyu agreed with a smile.

“Ji Xin scolded you but you were willing to save him. It can be seen that our Xiao Yu is a really good boy,” Lin Luoqing looked at him and added.

Ji Leyu’s eyes curved and he didn’t speak.

“He is just so annoying that he even turned around and wronged you.” Lin Luoqing seemed a bit worried. “Xiao Yu, if you meet people who need help in the future, will you save them?”

It was a tentative question.

Ji Leyu pouted and thought about it for a while. Then he replied, “Forget it. It will be bad if someone accuses me of doing it again.”

Lin Luoqing saw the innocence in his eyes and didn’t speak.

Instead, Ji Leyu remembered the scene in the meeting room and inquired, “Uncle, were you helping my father today?”

Lin Luoqing hadn’t expected him to remember this and smiled. “I am your father’s spouse. I will naturally help him.”

“At any time?”


“Against anyone?”

“Of course.”

Ji Leyu was satisfied.

He smiled and his bright arms were like crescent moons. “Uncle, you are so nice.”

Lin Luoqing raised a hand and pinched his face.

Ji Leyu took his hand. He held it in his soft, white and tender little hands and told him seriously and childishly, “Uncle, you have to remember what you just said~”

Lin Luoqing looked at him and nodded with a smile.

Ji Leyu laughed again and let go of his hand. He lowered himself deeper in the water in the bathtub, as if what he said was a casual mention that didn’t matter at all.

However, Lin Luoqing knew that he was serious.

He cared about Ji Yuxiao. He cared so much that even after 10 or 20 years, he never forgot things. He let those who hurt Ji Yuxiao pay the price one by one.

Lin Luoqing squeezed out some shower gel and applied it to Ji Leyu, wondering whether this child pushed Ji Xin or not.

He couldn’t easily convict Ji Leyu of this crime. Ji Leyu was too young and hadn’t shown his dark side in front of Lin Luoqing. He had no evidence and his guess wasn’t necessarily true.

Nevertheless, he wanted Ji Leyu to know the danger of this matter.

Even if Ji Leyu didn’t do it, this could give him a warning so that he wouldn’t do such things in the future.

He rubbed a lot of bubbles for Ji Leyu while telling him, “Xiao Yu, you should be careful yourself. The water is very dangerous. Sometimes even adults will die if they fall into the water, let alone children like you. You have to pay attention to yourself and not fall into the water like Ji Xin.”

Ji Leyu nodded. “Oh.”

“Still, you were very smart today. You knew to put a swimming ring around him. The next time you encounter someone falling into the water, remember to see if there are any tools nearby that can be used. Don’t jump in directly to save people. It is good to help others but you have to ensure your own safety first. It isn’t good if the person isn’t rescued and you end up in an accident yourself.”

Seeing that he was serious, Ji Leyu thought that the other person was really worried about him. Therefore, he quickly nodded and answered obediently, “I know.”

“That’s good.” Lin Luoqing laughed. “In addition, your father likes you very much. I also like you. Even if you do something wrong, you can tell us directly. If you are embarrassed, tell your father or tell me. Don’t follow Ji Xin’s example and wrong others because you are afraid. Lying isn’t good and wronging others is even worse. Do you understand?”

Ji Leyu was rarely stunned by these words.

He naturally knew that lying was bad and wronging others was even worse, but he was such a person.

How could he possibly tell Lin Luoqing or Ji Yuxiao what he had done?

How could he not lie and wrong others?

Ji Leyu smiled slightly and nodded obediently. “Yes.”

Lin Luoqing didn’t know if Ji Leyu listened to his words or how much he heard it. However, the truth of the matter currently wasn’t clear and he couldn’t say anything that was too obvious.

If Ji Leyu really pushed Ji Xin, it would prove he was no longer as innocent and harmless as he showed right now. His mind was far more delicate and deep than other children.

Then if he continued to talk like this, it would only arouse Ji Leyu’s suspicion.

This wasn’t what Lin Luoqing wanted.

He doubted Ji Leyu but he didn’t want to wrong him.

He had been questioned enough today. If Lin Luoqing doubted him at this time, it would be fine if he really did it. However, if he didn’t do it, Ji Leyu was bound to be disappointed and uncomfortable.

He was still a child after all. He was still exploring the world. Lin Luoqing might not be the light on his growth path but he couldn’t be the pain on his growth path.

Lin Luoqing helped Ji Leyu wash the foam off his body and put him on the bed. Then he went to Lin Fei’s bedroom.

Ji Leyu watched him close the door and sat on the bed with his head propped up. If he went to find Lin Fei, would Lin Fei tell the truth?

Would people find out that he wasn’t a good child at all, but one who lied and wronged others?

Ji Leyu frowned. He didn’t want Lin Luoqing to know.

Not only was he afraid that Ji Yuxiao would also know but he also simply didn’t want Lin Luoqing to know.

Would he be disappointed?

Ji Leyu thought, ‘He will be surprised, angry and very disappointed.’

Ji Leyu felt irritable when thinking about the disappointed eyes at that time.

Lin Fei would keep his word, right? He wouldn’t tell Lin Luoqing, right?

Ji Leyu sighed and felt that he was really careless this time. He should’ve waited a bit longer and hid a bit more. He should’ve been more careful. Now Lin Fei saw everything.

His handle was in Lin Fei’s hand.

At this time, Lin Fei had finished reading the book. He closed the book and followed Lin Luoqing into the bathroom.

He took off his clothes and sat in the bathtub by himself. Lin Luoqing teased him while helping him take a bath. Once he finished, he asked, “Was Xiao Yu really wronged?”

“You don’t believe him?” Lin Fei looked up at him.

Lin Luoqing nodded honestly. “If it was you, I would believe you. However, I haven’t spent too long with him. You know, I heard some rumors before saying that he is very fierce. That was why I was always worried he would bully you when I intended to marry Uncle Ji and live here.”

Lin Fei heard the words and remembered that there was indeed such a thing. Lin Luoqing had been worried several times when they first moved in.

Now it seemed that those fears weren’t unfounded.

It was just that he had already promised Ji Leyu so he couldn’t tell the truth to Lin Luoqing.

Lin Fei felt a bit guilty for a moment.

He thought that Lin Luoqing wouldn’t suspect Ji Leyu, let alone ask him the truth of the matter. That was why he took the initiative to tell Ji Leyu that he wouldn’t tell others when Ji Leyu came to his room.

He never liked to talk much, not to mention that it was someone else’s business.

Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao believed Ji Leyu and Ji Leyu didn’t want them to know the truth.

Then there was no need for him to break their trust and make Ji Leyu suffer.

He just hadn’t expected that Lin Luoqing wouldn’t believe Ji Leyu as much as he showed. Lin Luoqing had doubts in his heart but he didn’t say it.

Lin Fei pursed his lips for a while before whispering, “Yes.”

Lin Luoqing stared at him, tone gentle and soft, “Ji Xin wronged him?”

“Yes.” Lin Fei was still calm.

Lin Luoqing stared into the child’s eyes. Lin Fei’s eyelashes were very long and dense, hiding his mood.

Lin Luoqing could see the subtle, almost undetectable guilt.

It was so small and light that it seemed like it would disappear in the blink of an eye.

So why feel guilty?

Was it because Lin Fei lied to him?

So why lie?

Lin Luoqing remembered that Ji Leyu had been sitting on the bed when he came.

Was it because Lin Fei promised Ji Leyu?

Lin Fei couldn’t break his promise so he could only lie. Then because he lied to Lin Luoqing, he felt guilty.

Lin Luoqing sighed in his heart and continued to help wipe Lin Fei’s body.

“Fei Fei.” He looked at Lin Fei tenderly. “Then if one day, someone doesn’t fall into the water by himself but is pushed down by someone. What would you do if you saw it?”

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