FV: Chapter 39 Part 1

Ji Leyu panicked instantly.

Did he see it?

How much did he see?

Would he tell Lin Luoqing?

No, it must not happen!

Before he could make a move, Ji Xin ran over as if he had seen a savior. He hugged Lin Fei, pointed to Ji Leyu and shouted, “He wanted to drown me, he wanted to drown me. He is crazy, he wanted to drown me.”

Ji Leyu stood up and glanced at Ji Xin in a shocked and aggrieved manner as he had planned before. “I didn’t. I saved him. He was the one who accidentally fell into the water and I saved him.”

He thought that if Lin Fei didn’t see the moment he pushed people then he could hide it.

He usually pretended to be so well behaved. A good child heard someone screaming, walked in doubtfully and found someone in the pool. Then the child saved the other person. Wasn’t this normal?

Ji Xin was so naughty. He argued with this person today and that person tomorrow. Adults would definitely believe him more than that type of person.

It was the same for Lin Fei. After all, he had just seen Ji Xin bullying Ji Leyu.

—This was if Lin Fei didn’t see Ji Leyu pushing Ji Xin.

However, Lin Fei happened to see it.

Therefore, he saw the grievances on Ji Leyu’s face and his mood was complicated.

He used to think that Ji Leyu was the type of well-behaved and cute child that adults liked the most, so he told Lin Luoqing that Lin Luoqing could like Ji Leyu more and that he should like Ji Leyu more.

Now he realized that he was wrong.

Ji Leyu looked better than every child he had ever seen. His skin was whiter than a young girl and his eyes were as clear as amber. He looked simple and cute, but he was more complex and terrifying than any child his age.

This well-behaved and cute appearance were just candy wrappers he used to disguise himself. After peeling open the candy wrapper, it wasn’t actually candy but a knife.

Lin Fei had never seen such a child. He was hypocritical, cunning, inconsistent, vicious and cruel.

These words he learned that he thought would only appear on adults were all given to Ji Leyu at this moment.

Today, he finally got to know this child in front of him properly.

He looked down at Ji Xin, who was still holding him. The other person’s clothes were dripping wet and they made his clothes a bit wet.

Lin Fei said in a disgusted manner, “Let go.”

“You saw it, right? He pushed me. He was going to drown me.”

Lin Fei didn’t confirm or deny it.

Ji Leyu saw this and his heart panicked. Did Lin Fei see it?

Otherwise, why not speak for him?

He approached Lin Fei step by step and asked, “Brother, you saw it, right? I saved him, right?”

Jin Xin watched him come over and trembled even more.

He shouted, “Wu, don’t come over.” Then he let go of Lin Fei and ran out.

Lin Fei quickly chased him and Ji Leyu also followed.

Jin Xin ran back to the living room and went up the stairs, crying to find his father.

Ji Zhong was disturbed by his crying and looked back to find the three of them were entangled for some reason.

It was only then that he remembered his task and hurriedly walked over.

Ji Xin was crying so badly. Ji Zhong was afraid that he would be emotional and couldn’t explain clearly, so he grabbed Lin Fei and asked him what was wrong.

Ji Zhong was 14 or 15 years old and he was around 1.7 meters tall. Lin Fei naturally couldn’t break away from him and Ji Xin took the opportunity to run away again.

Ji Leyu didn’t care about him and just looked at Lin Fei.

In his plan, Ji Xin would definitely complain to his parents. Even if he didn’t complain, his clothes were wet and his parents would ask.

However, no one would believe him. Ji Xin was too naughty while Ji Leyu was too well-behaved. He wasn’t worried about Ji Xin going to complain.

He was only worried about Lin Fei. He worried that Lin Fei would tell Lin Luoqing what he saw and that Ji Yuxiao would know his true face.

This absolutely wasn’t allowed!

Everyone could know what he did and what he was like. Only Ji Yuxiao couldn’t know.

He must be the most obedient and best child in Ji Yuxiao’s heart. Only this was a must!

Lin Fei saw Ji Xin running up and looked at Ji Zhong with 30% helplessness, 30% speechlessness and 40% stupidness. “Your father, his father and Xiao Yu’s father are still in a meeting on the 3rd floor. Your grandfather asked you to watch over us. Don’t bother them.”

Ji Zhong woke up and hurriedly went to chase Ji Xin, but it was too late.

Ji Xin rushed into the meeting room with the best speed of his life and opened his mouth to cry.

Half of what happened next was within Ji Leyu’s expectations and half was beyond Ji Leyu’s expectations.

It was expected that Ji Yuxiao wouldn’t believe Ji Xin’s words. At the beginning, his grandfather didn’t believe Ji Xin either.

Unexpectedly, in just a few minutes, Ji Mu and his grandfather started to doubt him.

In addition, there were Lin Fei’s words.

Ji Leyu had never been clear about what Lin Fei had seen and how much.

Now he knew that Lin Fei had seen it all.

He looked at Lin Fei with mixed feelings.

He should be happy. Lin Fei said that he wouldn’t tell Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Yuxiao wouldn’t know and he would still be the most well-behaved and sensible child in Ji Yuxiao’s eyes.

Nevertheless, he couldn’t be happy. Lin Fei had seen it and knew how vicious he was under his well-behaved appearance. So he couldn’t feel at ease.

He looked at Lin Fei without a deliberately disguised smile on his face. He was quiet and didn’t know what to say.

Lin Fei didn’t seem to be interested in his true face. Lin Fei just turned the page and said casually, “You can go now.”

Ji Leyu smiled and wondered, “Brother, do you hate me?”


He didn’t like Ji Leyu so he naturally didn’t hate him.

“Then why drive me away?” Ji Leyu spoke in an aggrieved manner.

Lin Fei was puzzled. “Didn’t you come to make sure that I wouldn’t tell your father and my uncle? I already promised you.”

Ji Leyu, “……”

Ji Leyu thought this person was really interesting.

Ji Xin had been scared to death after seeing him like this yet Lin Fei was still in the mood to read.

“Do you have something you want to tell me?” He asked.

Lin Fei thought about it. “It isn’t good to push people into the water.”

“You can scold him or even hit him, but you can’t push him. He can’t swim so he could’ve died.”

“He won’t,” Ji Leyu replied calmly. “I wouldn’t let him die. I just wanted to scare him. You saw that I fished him up again.”

Lin Fei closed the book and stood up.

He was a year older than Ji Leyu and half a head taller. Now he stood up this time and almost caged Ji Leyu in his shadow.

“You can’t control the water. In particular, he can’t swim so you shouldn’t scare him this way. It is okay to scold people or to fight them, but water isn’t possible.”

“I already said that I would save him. I wouldn’t let him die.” Ji Leyu was stubborn.

“Not everything will go the way you think.” Lin Fei’s tone was calm.

“Still, he didn’t die, right?” Ji Leyu retorted.

Lin Fei smiled. His eyes that were as clear as water were full of mockery. “He isn’t dead but if everything went the way you thought, why are you standing here and telling me this?”

“What would you do if it wasn’t me who saw you today but someone else?”

“Ji Leyu, the things you think might not happen, just like you didn’t think I would appear. Even so, I appeared. You also didn’t think that Ji Xin would die but he might’ve died in the pool because you pushed him.”

“You asked me if I had anything to say to you. Now I am telling it to you. If you don’t want to hear it then you don’t need to ask me at all.”

Lin Fei finished speaking and sat back on his chair and opened a book.

He never liked to talk too much. It was because he might say a lot of words but others might not listen. Then why waste time?

From the beginning, he knew the purpose of Ji Leyu coming to him. From the beginning, he knew that it was useless to persuade people like Ji Leyu.

He might agree and raise his pretty little face to nod, but without opening his heart, one would never know if he really agreed or just lied.

Lin Fei didn’t like to guess and he didn’t want to guess. In addition, Ji Leyu wasn’t important enough to him to guess.

Therefore, when asking, it would be best if Ji Leyu was willing to listen but he was too lazy to persuade Ji Leyu if he didn’t want to listen.

Lin Fei himself was different from other children. He knew very well that there were many things that didn’t work when trying to persuade others. His mother had also persuaded him to talk more and play with others, but he was unwilling. It was useless to persuade him more.

It was the same for Ji Leyu.

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