FV: Chapter 38 Part 2

Ji Leyu was full of malice, pain and hatred. After Ji Zhencai and the others left, he walked out of the bathroom and returned to Ji Yuxiao’s hospital bed.

He curled up beside Ji Yuxiao, leaning on his uncle’s shoulder and praying that his uncle would wake up quickly.

He didn’t have his mother or father any longer. He couldn’t lose his uncle as well.

Why couldn’t his uncle have a resilient life?

In this way, he could affect his uncle, let him continue his life and wake up earlier.

Ji Leyu hugged him, heart in chaos.

He really didn’t like this memory. He didn’t like the words of Ji Zhencai and her daughter in law and he didn’t like the words ‘bearer of bad luck’ even more.

Ji Leyu hadn’t mentioned this to Ji Yuxiao after he woke up.

He was actually a bit scared and blamed himself. He was afraid that he really killed his parents and made it so that Ji Yuxiao couldn’t walk.

Now Ji Xin said these words to him again.

He was as annoying as his grandmother. They deserved to be a family.

Ji Leyu secretly noted this down in his heart and didn’t say anything.

There were too many people in the living room and he couldn’t show his true colors at this time.

Ji Xin saw that he was silent and thought he didn’t dare to speak.

Ji Xin was used to being lawless. At this moment, he felt that Ji Leyu didn’t dare to speak out of fear of him. Therefore, he became even more arrogant. He pointed to Ji Leyu and said with a smile, “Bearer of bad luck, bearer of bad luck. How about I call you this in the future?”

He looked at Zhao Zhu. “Xiao Zhu, fortunately, I came early or you would’ve been stupid enough to play with him. Then you might’ve died tonight.”

Zhao Zhu was taken aback by this and didn’t know whether to cry or not.

Ji Xin called over Zhao Zhu’s brother and sister in a friendly manner.

“I’m telling you, stay away from him or he will kill you.”

Zhao Zhu’s sister didn’t understand. “What is ‘kill’?”

“It is to make you die.” Ji Xin replied while pretending to strangle her.

The little girl immediately covered her neck with both hands and shook her head desperately. “N-No, don’t strangle me.”

“So stay away from him. This bearer of bad luck will kill you.”

This was what Lin Fei saw when he returned.

He never made a sound when walking. In addition, Ji Xin was busy laughing at Ji Leyu so he didn’t notice Lin Fei.

Lin Fei watched the brothers and sisters form a half-circle and look at Ji Leyu like a monkey. Then he told them coldly, “You are in the way.”

It was only then that Ji Leyu noticed that Lin Fei was back. The coldness in his eyes instantly disappeared and he returned to his usual innocent appearance. His eyes were filled with an inexplicable grievance.

Ji Xin turned around and saw Lin Fei. He remembered that this was the child of the person Ji Yuxiao had just married and could barely be considered Ji Leyu’s brother. He saw Lin Fei’s cold face and sharp eyebrows and didn’t dare to provoke this person. So he just said, “You are Lin Fei, right? You had better stay away from him, lest he kills you.”

Ji Leyu, “……”

Ji Leyu fiercely wrote Ji Xin’s name down on his death note!

He didn’t want Lin Fei to know about the ‘bearer of bad luck’ matter out of fear he would tell Lin Luoqing and then Lin Luoqing would tell Ji Yuxiao.

He called out softly, “Brother.”

Lin Fei saw the grievances in his eyes and thought that Ji Leyu must’ve been bullied during the time he was away. This was why he was sad and aggrieved.

He had only known Ji Leyu for a few days. He hadn’t said anything but he always felt that Ji Leyu was cute and well-behaved.

He was one year older than Ji Leyu and Ji Leyu would obediently call him ‘Brother’ every time.

Lin Fei had never been a big brother but he remembered that when he used to fight with other children, the other party would be unable to beat him and would shout, “Just you wait, I’ll have my older brother clean you up.” It was as if the older brother was going to help the little brother.

Therefore, Lin Fei naturally took Ji Leyu as the younger brother who couldn’t beat up the other person. Now Lin Fei was back and it was time to help his younger brother clean up the other person.

He turned to look at Ji Xin, his eyes as indifferent as always. It was as if he had no emotions.

“Aren’t you going yet? You are so close now. Do you want to be strangled to death?”

The moment these words came out, Ji Xin seemed to realize that he really was too close to Ji Leyu.

The two little girls had run away in an instant. Ji Xin was also cowardly. He glanced at Ji Leyu and walked away.

Lin Fei sat down beside Ji Leyu and told him, “It is okay now.”

Ji Leyu nodded and looked at him obediently. “Thank you, Brother.”

Lin Fei raised a hand and touched the other person’s head while thinking in his heart, ‘Sure enough, the older brother should help his younger brother clean up the other person.’

Ji Leyu looked at him sweetly. It was like a small cake with roses. He was sweet and glutinous.

Lin Fei took the iPad that was placed on his lap and pressed the play button again. Then he continued to watch Animal World with Ji Leyu.

Ji Leyu also watched along.

He watched for a while. Then he heard some movement. Ji Xin and the other children had started to play hide-and-seek.

At the beginning, it was Zhao Zhu’s brother Zhao Kai who was looking for people. Then it was Zhao Zhu’s turn.

Ji Leyu saw Ji Xin hesitating. He didn’t hide in the same area as the other two people, one ran to the south while the other ran to the north. They each ran in two directions.

Meanwhile, the direction that Ji Xin ran in was the direction of the bathroom.

Ji Leyu quietly took out the earpiece and told Lin Fei, “I’m going to the toilet.”

“Okay.” Lin Fei paused the video while Ji Leyu handed him the potato chips, the meaning obvious. “You can eat potato chips while waiting for me.”

Then he turned around and walked in the direction of the bathroom.

He didn’t walk very fast and no one could see what he was thinking at the moment.

He turned the corner and specially took a look around. He made sure that Lin Fei was still sitting on the sofa before starting his hide-and-seek game.

Ji Xin shouldn’t be hiding in the bathroom. The bathroom was always visited by others and it was easy to bump into people.

Therefore, he guessed that Ji Xin should be in another room here or… the indoor swimming pool not far away.

Lin Fei sat for a while and was a bit uneasy.

Ji Leyu had been bullied just now. What if he was bullied again when going to the bathroom by himself?

Lin Fei stood up worriedly and walked in the direction of the bathroom.

However, he arrived at the bathroom and realized that Ji Leyu wasn’t there.

Where did Ji Leyu go?

Lin Fei was puzzled.

Ji Xin looked at the swimming pool in front of them. Then he looked at the cabinet next to the swimming pool and smiled proudly.

Zhao Zhu didn’t like swimming. She was afraid of water so even if she looked here, she would definitely leave in a hurry and not search carefully.

Then he just had to hide in the cabinet and he would definitely be able to survive until the end.

He had this thought and was about to walk toward the cabinet when there was a quiet and cold behind like, like a ghost. “You don’t know where to hide, right? Then I’ll tell you. Hide under the water and you won’t be discovered.”

Ji Xin was startled and screamed. He looked back and found that Ji Leyu had appeared behind him at some point.

He smiled beautifully, like a burning peony or a blood-stained rose. His eyebrows were beautiful and his phoenix eyes that rose in a provocative manner were flamboyant and gorgeous.

JI Xin was inexplicably frightened. He was about to speak when he suddenly felt a force and fell straight back.

Lin Fei rushed to the door of the swimming pool and had just opened it a crack when he saw this scene.

He looked at Ji Leyu in shock and disbelief.

Ji Leyu’s face was shrouded in the shadow of the light and his expression couldn’t be seen clearly.

He stood by the swimming pool and watched Ji Xin struggling in the water. He raised his delicate chin and didn’t move a step.

Lin Fei was stunned. He felt that the person in front of him was so strange.

However, perhaps this was what Ji Leyu really looked like.

JI Xin struggled and splashed around, desperately shouting for help, “I can’t swim!”

He shouted at Ji Leyu, “Help, help!”

Ji Leyu watched calmly, the corners of his mouth curved slightly. There was an obvious smile in his eyes like he was admiring the other person’s struggle and panic.

Lin Fei heard Ji Xin’s voice and recovered from his stunned state. He was prepared to push open the door to save Ji Xin.

However, Ji Leyu moved.

Lin Fei saw Ji Leyu quickly take a few steps to pick up the swimming ring that was obviously for children. Then he jumped down unhurriedly.

He put the swimming ring on Ji Xin and pushed him. Then he went up first and pulled Ji Xin up.

“Is it fun?” He looked down at Ji Xin.

Ji Xin was frightened by him. Ji Xin shivered and didn’t dare to speak.

Ji Leyu laughed and said in a soft voice, “Say that I am a bearer of bad luck that will kill people and I will kill you first.”

“What do you think about drowning?”

Ji Xin cried and crawled backwards.

Ji Leyu laughed happily. He raised his head with a smile. Suddenly, his smile froze on his face.

Lin Fei was standing by the door, looking at them quietly and silently.

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