FV: Chapter 38 Part 1

Let’s go back to two and a half hours ago. The adults of the Ji family went to the third floor for a meeting, leaving only a group of children and Ji Zhong playing on the 1st floor.

Ji Zhong was addicted to his game. From the moment he sat down, he started playing games with great interest.

As for the task of taking care of the children, Ji Zhong didn’t think that anything could happen in his own home so he didn’t care about it.

Before coming, Lin Luoqing was afraid that Lin Fei would be bored after arriving at the Ji house, so he specially packed a small backpack for him. It contained the iPad he bought for Lin Fei and some food.

“You have to eat with Xiao Yu.” Lin Luoqing taught him.

Lin Fei nodded. “I know.”

So at this moment, Lin Fei took out the iPad and naturally asked Ji Leyu if he wanted to watch a video.

He was watching Animal World, which he hadn’t finished watching before. This episode was about cheetahs.

Ji Leyu glanced at the animals with fluffy spots on the screen. He remembered that before going out, Ji Yuxiao told him that Lin Fei was coming here for the first time and he had to take care of Lin Fei more. It was best to follow him at all times. Therefore, Ji Leyu didn’t refuse. He took the earpiece from Lin Fei’s hand and watched it with him.

Halfway through, Lin Fei wanted to go to the toilet so he paused the video and asked Ji Leyu, “Where is the bathroom here?”

Ji Leyu raised his hand and pointed. “Go forward and then take the turn.”

“I’ll accompany you,” he said sweetly.

“No need.” Lin Fei handed the iPad to him. “Help me look after the tablet and bag, thank you.”

He finished this sentence and added, “There is food in the bag. You can eat it if you want.”

Ji Leyu just asked casually. At this time, Lin Fei refused and he was also happy. He nodded and let Lin Fei go by himself.

He sat alone on the sofa and had nothing to do. He remembered what Lin Fei had just said so he took a bag of potato chips out of the bag and ate it slowly.

As he was eating, Ji Zhencai’s granddaughter Zhao Zhu ran over and asked him, “Do you want to play hide-and-seek with us?”

Ji Leyu indifferently replied, “No.”

His eyes moved to the third floor. If he could, he would prefer to go to the third floor to eavesdrop on the conversation of the adults.

If it was about Ji Yuxiao then he wanted to know. However, Lin Fei definitely wouldn’t eavesdrop. Once the time came, he would be eavesdropping alone and it would be bad if Lin Fei went back and told Lin Luoqing.

Ji Leyu wasn’t stupid. He naturally knew that eavesdropping wasn’t good. Everything to do with stealing was bad.

“Let’s play together.” Zhao Zhu was still trying to persuade him. “Hide-and-seek is fun if there are many people. Brother Xiao Yu, you should play as well.”

Ji Leyu continued eating the potato chips with a firm attitude. “No.”

Zhao Zhu’s mouth flattened when he finished speaking like she was very disappointed.

At this moment, the adults weren’t here and neither was Lin Fei. Ji Leyu was too lazy to pretend so he ignored her like he didn’t see it.

He had just been quiet for two seconds when Ji Xin ran over.

He was Zhao Zhu’s cousin and two years older than her. He saw his sister’s sad face and instinctively felt that Ji Leyu had bullied her.

“What’s wrong, Xiao Zhu?”

“Brother Xiao Yu said he won’t play with us.” Zhao Zhu looked at him in an aggrieved manner.

Ji Xin heard this and glanced at Ji Leyu. Then he said with disgust, “Forget it, Xiao Zhu. Even if he doesn’t play with us, we shouldn’t care about playing with him. My parents said he is a bearer of bad luck and we should stay away from him.”

Ji Leyu heard this and looked up.

Of course, he knew Ji Xin, Ji Zhencai’s grandson and Ji Huan’s son.

Ji Zhencai liked her son very much so she let her son Ji Huan take her surname. She even preferred Ji Huan’s son, i.e. her grandson Ji Xin.

Ji Xin relied on Ji Zhencai’s favor and made trouble every day, jumping up and down.

Ji Leyu looked at Ji Xin and didn’t speak.

Ji Xin felt his gaze and didn’t care. Instead, he proudly repeated what others said. “What’s wrong? I’m not incorrect. You are a bearer of bad luck. Otherwise, why else would your parents have an accident? Even your uncle was injured. You were the only one who was fine. Isn’t it because you are a bearer of bad luck? Your parents were affected and whoever is close to you will be the same.”

There was a ‘pop’ and the potato chips in the bag shattered in response.

Ji Leyu tightly gripped the packaging bag in his hand and stared at Ji Xin.

This wasn’t the first time he had heard something similar.

He had heard it not long after he woke up from the car accident.

At that time, Ji Yuxiao hadn’t woken up. He slept next to Ji Yuxiao and only left when he went to the toilet.

One time, he went to the bathroom and when he came back, he heard the voices of Ji Zhencai and her daughter-in-law through the crack in the door.

“It is a car with four people and only Xiao Yu is fine. Isn’t this too mysterious?”

“His parents are dead while Ji Yuxiao is injured and hasn’t woken up. Why is Xiao Yu fine and has no injuries?”

“There was no accident early in the morning and no accident in the evening. There was only an accident when the four of them got together yet he is fine. Why do I think it is strange?”

“Is he really a bearer of bad luck? Usually, he is closest to his parents and Ji Yuxiao but now all three of them had an accident. His direct blood relative died directly on the spot while his close relative was seriously injured. I say that Ji Yuxiao was probably lucky enough to survive because he was only an uncle. It is just a pity for his two legs. It is really miserable.”

“The year he was born, it seemed that something happened in our family. I didn’t ask anyone to calculate it because I thought it was just a bad year. Now that this type of thing has happened again, I don’t believe that he doesn’t have a problem.”

“Mom, I think he is unlucky. We should stay away from in the future or we might be implicated by him.’

Ji Zhencai responded with a sigh. “Xiao Yu has a resilient life. This is what people with resilient lives are like. They don’t restrain themselves and only rely on the people around them to continue their lives. Yuling and his wife are pitiful. They are so young yet they are gone. Alas.”

Ji Leyu stood behind the door panel of the bathroom in shock. He was too surprised to go out.

It was the first time he heard this statement. Even if he didn’t understand what a bearer of bad luck meant, he could vaguely guess the meaning based on the words of the two people.

Did he kill his parents?

Did he cause his uncle to lie on the hospital bed with injured legs?

Ji Leyu found it unacceptable.

He unknowingly hugged his shoulders and slowly squatted down silently, without a sound.

How did this happen?

He didn’t understand.

He obviously liked the three of them the most. How could he make them like this?

Then why was he okay?

He had nothing except for his slightly painful flesh wounds.

He could still stand, he could still walk and he could continue to do what he wanted.

Meanwhile, his parents and his uncle were affected.

Ji Leyu cried.

He was genuinely terrified and couldn’t accept it.

He reflected on himself over and over again, asking himself repeatedly.

He obviously didn’t do anything bad. He might be pretending but he always pretended to be good. He had always been well-behaved.

So why was it still like this?

Ji Leyu didn’t understand.

He felt helpless, hesitant and stunned, but he had nowhere to turn to help.

He only trusted his parents and uncle. Now his parents were gone and his uncle was injured and lying on a hospital bed.

His uncle couldn’t answer his doubts. It wasn’t even known when he would wake up.

At this moment, Ji Leyu felt that the heavens weren’t fair and reliable at all.

Obviously, he had always been obedient. Other children smashed people’s glass today and hit people’s heads tomorrow, but nothing happened to the people they cared about.

Meanwhile, he lost the people he cared most about.

If he was really a bearer of bad luck and specializing in hurting others, then he didn’t want to hurt his own parents. He wanted to hurt those who weren’t good to him, his parents and Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Leyu wiped his tears and stood up again.

The beast in his heart opened its eyes and the maliciousness he had suppressed quietly swam through his blood while accompanied by the coming of the night.

He only had Ji Yuxiao left. He couldn’t lose Ji Yuxiao.

If the heavens were unreliable then he would protect Ji Yuxiao by himself.

Didn’t they say that he had a resilient life?

Didn’t they say that people with resilient lives would hurt others but not themselves?

Then whoever dared to hurt Ji Yuxiao, he would kill them first.

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