FV: Chapter 37

“Okay.” Lin Luoqing nodded.

Ji Huan wasn’t willing to let Ji Leyu go and shouted on the spot. “The matter hasn’t been figured out yet. How can he leave now?!”

Lin Luoqing looked at him and persuaded him. “Ji Xin can also go with him to change their clothes first.”

“Find out the truth first!”

Ji Huan finished insisting and looked at Lin Fei.

“Say it. Everyone will listen,” Ji Huan told him.

“Your father is here. You know, good boys shouldn’t lie. Your parents won’t like you if you lie.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

“First of all, I am his uncle. Secondly, I will always like him. The way you educate your son has nothing to do with me but don’t talk nonsense with my nephew.”

Lin Luoqing was speechless when he finished. He was about to persuade Lin Fei to ignore this person when he heard Lin Fei ask in his usual calm tone, “Will you believe anything I say?”

Lin Luoqing immediately swallowed down his words and looked over suspiciously. Did Lin Fei want to say something?

Ji Yuxiao and Ji Leyu also looked over and Ji Leyu couldn’t help pursing his lips.

“Of course.” Ji Huan smiled. “You are an honest child, right? You will grow a long nose if you lie. You don’t want a long nose, right?”

Ji Leyu’s heart tightened and he hurriedly opened his mouth, “Just say it, Brother.”

His voice was soft and glutinous, sweet and pleasant when he called out ‘Brother.’

He wanted to remind Lin Fei that he was closer to Lin Fei than Ji Xin.

He lowered his eyelashes and looked pitiful, his voice no longer vigorous, “I will never help others in the future in case I am wronged by them and have to let others testify for me.”

Many people thought it was the end of this matter when they heard these words and saw Lin Fei’s calm appearance

Ji Leyu didn’t push anyone. This was why he was so aggrieved and Lin Fei was so calm.

Ji Leyu was such a good and sensible child. He smiled sweetly in ordinary times and was polite and considerate to everyone. How could he push people into the water?

Ji Xin must’ve accidentally fell into the pool water. He was afraid of being scolded by his parents so he shifted the blame.

Ji Yuxiao felt sorry for him and beckoned for him to come over.

Ji Leyu walked over and Ji Yuxiao hugged him and coaxed him.

Lin Luoqing saw this but felt that this sentence was like a reminder. It reminded Lin Fei and asked for Lin Fei to help testify for him.

Everyone might think a bit more if this sentence came from the mouth of an adult, but Ji Leyu was just a child so no one thought about it. In addition, he was a simple and cute child who usually behaved pleasantly.

It was really powerful. Lin Luoqing sighed. If Ji Leyu had really pushed Ji Xin then his series of performances and the mentality of disguising himself without panicking were really impressive.

It was no wonder that in the novel, he could grow up among these relatives with no family affection once Ji Yuxiao died. Then he managed to sit in the highest position of the Ji family and take revenge on those who hurt him and Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Leyu seemed to sense his gaze and looked up at him. Lin Luoqing smiled at him, eyes very gentle.

Ji Leyu also smiled. It was sweet like cotton candy. It looked soft to anyone.

Lin Fei didn’t like this place so after Ji Huan finished speaking, he calmly declared, “Xiao Yu didn’t push him. Xiao Yu saved him. He was very smart and used a swimming float to push him to the edge. That is why the two of them are fine.”

“You are lying!” Ji Xin cried out again. “It is clear that he pushed me. You are lying. You are his brother so you will naturally help him. You are a big liar.”

Lin Fei calmly replied, “I don’t have a long nose so I’m not lying.”

Ji Huan, “……”

Ji Huan really felt that Lin Fei wasn’t lying, or he wouldn’t be able to believe this type of nonsense.

Nevertheless, he was unwilling so he continued to question it. “Why did Xiao Xin fall into the water and only Xiao Yu went to save him? Didn’t anyone else find it? If the others didn’t find him, how did Xiao Yu find him?”

“Xiao Yu went to the toilet and heard a sound. Therefore, he went to the pool and found Ji Xin in the water.”

“How do you know? Did Xiao Yu tell you this?”

“No,” Lin Fei answered indifferently. “I saw it.”

“At first, shortly after you went upstairs, I went to the toilet and saw them when I came back.” He glanced at Ji Xin, his tone cold and unruffled. “They were bullying Xiao Yu. Later, Xiao Yu said he was going to the toilet. I was worried he would be bullied again so I quietly followed him and saw it.”

Ji Yuxiao was coaxing Ji Leyu when he heard this. He turned and asked Lin Fei, “Was he bullying Xiao Yu? How was Ji Xin bullying him?”

“He said unpleasant things.”

“What words?” Ji Yuxiao asked.

Ji Leyu was startled and shouted, “Lin Fei, you aren’t allowed to say it!”

Ji Yuxiao turned back to Ji Leyu. Ji Leyu looked at him, eyes slowly changing from shock to grievance. “Don’t listen.”

Lin Fei stayed silent.

Ji Yuxiao didn’t ask.

He put Ji Leyu on the ground and handed the child to Lin Luoqing. Then he took Lin Luoqing’s hand and used it to cover Ji Leyu’s eyes.

“Fei Fei, turn around.” Ji Yuxiao suppressed his anger and tried to soften his tone as much as possible.

Lin Fei turned around and looked at the wall in front of him.

Then he heard a ‘bang.’ The next second, Ji Huan screamed in a pained manner.

Ji Xin’s crying became louder and he couldn’t stop calling for his father.

Lin Luoqing covered Ji Leyu’s eyes, not letting him see Ji Yuxiao’s angry expression and Ji Huan’s injured shoulder.

“Ji Yuxiao!” Ji Zhencai was stunned before reacting to what happened. “What are you doing?”

“It is the father’s fault when raising a child. The child might be ignorant but is the adult ignorant?”

Ji Yuxiao stared at Ji Zhencai, eyes full of anger. “My brother is gone but I haven’t died yet. If you let me hear your child talk badly about Xiao Yu, I won’t educate your children, I will educate the adult.”

Ji Zhencai’s momentum suddenly died down. She turned her head and refused to look.

Ji Yuxiao glanced at the people around the table, his tone cold, “You guys are healthy and there is no end to the things you want. You like things and don’t want to give them up. I am different. I’m already like this. I have given up on my career and I only care about my family. If someone makes my family unhappy then I will ensure that no one is happy. In any case, no matter what happens, It can’t be worse for me. However, is everyone willing to be the same as me?”

This was always the case in the world. The soft was afraid of the hard, the hard was afraid of the harsh and unreasonable, the harsh and unreasonable was afraid of death and those who were barefoot weren’t afraid of wearing shoes.

The more concerns one had, the more scruples they had.

Everyone knew how ruthlessly he fought when his legs weren’t disabled and everyone knew how dissatisfied he was with his current life. Therefore, no one wanted to provoke him. No one wanted to jump out at this time and become the first victim.

Ji Yuxiao saw that everyone had fallen silent and was satisfied.

“Apologize to Xiao Yu,” he demanded in a deep voice.

His gaze swept over Ji Zhencai’s face before finally landing on Father Ji’s face.

Ji Zhencai was the first to apologize. Ji Huan was suddenly attacked by Ji Yuxiao and an ashtray injured his shoulder, so he dragged out his son.

As his mother, Ji Zhencai felt unwilling but she didn’t want to have a bad relationship with Ji Yuxiao. Thus, she could only pinch her nose and say, “I’m sorry.”

Immediately after, Ji Mu and Ji Zhenyang also reluctantly said, “I’m sorry.”

Ji Yuxiao stared at Father Ji. Father Ji hesitated for a long time before looking at Ji Leyu and saying softly, “Lele, Grandpa didn’t doubt you. Grandpa was just trying to find out what happened. Don’t think about it. I will apologize to you.”

Ji Leyu inwardly sneered but an innocent smile appeared on his face. He said sensibly, “It’s okay, I don’t blame Grandpa. It is Ji Xin’s fault.”

Father Ji heard him say this and didn’t take this matter to heart. In the end, Ji Leyu was still a child. He didn’t understand anything, let alone hold grudges. He was still Ji Leyu’s favorite grandfather.

Ji Yuxiao helped get apologies for Ji Leyu so he didn’t want to waste time here any longer.

“I am in a bad mood so I won’t participate in the rest of the agenda. I am leaving.”

Ji Yuxian turned the wheelchair around and told Lin Luoqing, “Let’s go.”

These two words were unexpectedly gentle.

Lin Luoqing pulled Ji Leyu and walked out.

As he passed by Lin Fei, Ji Yuxiao took his hand and softly said, “Let’s go home.”

Lin Fei nodded quietly and followed him.

Ji Leyu glanced at Lin Fei with some emotional turbulence in his eyes.

Ji Leyu hadn’t changed his clothes so Ji Yuxiao first took him to Ji Yuling’s room on the second floor to change.

The two brothers grew up here. They might have moved out later but they occasionally came back here to stay. Therefore, Ji Yuling’s room always had his wife and child’s clothes for them to change into when they came back.

Ji Yuxiao remembered that the last time he changed clothes here was two months ago. He didn’t expect that in less than two months, he would completely leave.

Those who used to say he was good seemed to have forgotten him and even started to bully his son.

Therefore, there was nothing when a person died.

Only the living could achieve their goals.

Ji Leyu changed his clothes, put his wet clothes in a bag and got into the car with Lin Luoqing and the others.

The car drove quickly and they arrived home before 10 o’clock.

Ji Yuxiao reassured Ji Leyu with a few words and kissed him on the cheek before returning to his bedroom.

Lin Luoqing was worried about Ji Yuxiao’s emotions and followed him back to their room.

Seeing this, Ji Leyu turned around and went to Lin Fei’s bedroom.

Lin Fei finished checking his homework and was about to read a book when he saw Ji Leyu walk in.

“Brother.” Ji Leyu walked to him in a cautious manner.

Lin Fei looked up. There were no emotions in his eyes. There wasn’t the disgust, hatred or fear that Ji Leyu had imagined.

He was the same as usual. Not even his tone had changed. It was still the same tone where it was hard to tell if he liked or disliked Ji Leyu. “I won’t tell your father and my uncle.”

Of course, Lin Fei knew why Ji Leyu had come to him this time so he took the initiative to give Ji Leyu the answer he wanted. “You can rest assured.”

Ji Leyu’s thoughts settled at this moment.

Sure enough, Lin Fei saw it.

He always wondered if Lin Fei had seen it. If he had seen it, how much had he seen and how much did he know?

It turned out he had seen everything, all of it.

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