FV: Chapter 36

“Don’t you believe Xiao Yu?” Ji Yuxiao asked.

“Of course, it isn’t like that.” Father Ji explained. “I’m just looking for Xiao Zhong. He was responsible for watching the children and must know the situation best.”

Ji Yuxiao, full of mockery and wrapped in contempt. “What does he know? Does he know that Xiao Yu pushed Ji Xin?”

He couldn’t understand it. “This is your own grandson, the grandson you watched grow up. Don’t you know what type of personality he has and what type of personality Ji Xin has? Now you doubt him? Aren’t you embarrassed?”

Father Ji was moved for a moment. Then he seemed to think of something and insisted. “I’m not saying that Xiao Yu did something bad, nor do I suspect that he is lying but since you believe him, why can’t you listen to Xiao Zhong?”

Ji Yuxiao laughed in an extremely angry manner. “Why should I listen to him? I believe in my child and I know he wouldn’t do such a thing. Why should I ask others?”

He looked at his father and suddenly felt like he couldn’t understand this person any longer.

Why did he doubt Ji Leyu?

Even if he didn’t believe Ji Leyu, why couldn’t he believe in Ji Yuxiao’s brother?

How could Ji Yuxiao’s brother raise a child who deliberately pushed others into the water?

Why ask Ji Zhong?

Then in the blink of an eye, Ji Yuxiao understood.

His father probably didn’t suspect Ji Leyu. He just needed an excuse to take Ji Leyu away from Ji Yuxiao.

Therefore, it didn’t matter whether Ji Leyu would be uncomfortable due to his doubts or whether he would be disappointed in his family due to this matter. This wasn’t within Father Ji’s consideration at all.

Ji Xin’s matter was just an accident but it was unexpectedly related to what Father Ji wanted to do.

Ji Zhong just had to say that Ji Leyu pushed Ji Xin and his father could say that Ji Yuxiaio wasn’t worthy of raising Ji Leyu on the grounds that he didn’t raise Ji Leyu well.

At that time, he would compete with Ji Yuxiao for custody of Ji Leyu. Then in the name of Ji Leyu, he would ask Ji Yuxiao to return the shares that belonged to his brother.

It wasn’t just him. Ji Mu probably thought the same way.

Ji Yuxiao felt that it was really ridiculous, too ridiculous.

Ji Leyu stood there alive but no one treated him as a person, let alone a young child who had just lost his parents.

They only saw the wealth behind him and fantasized that it belonged to them.

Ji Yuxiao had never felt that his brother was so smart until this moment.

He wrote a will as early as the year Ji Leyu was born. To everyone’s surprise, he didn’t believe his inheritance to his beloved wife and son. Instead, everything, all the huge wealth that Ji Yuling had accumulated in his life, was all left to Ji Yuxiao.

A person could get in trouble due to a cherished item. There was nothing wrong with Ji Leyu but once these inheritances belonged to him, he would only become a puppet of these inheritances and he would never be happy.

It was because everyone coveted the inheritance behind him and he was only a five year old child who couldn’t protect himself.

“Ji Zhong,” Ji Yuxiao said coldly. “Don’t say anything. Since everyone says they believe in Ji Leyu, then there is no need to say it. Unless…”

“Some people say they believe it, but they actually don’t believe it in their hearts.”

For a moment, the room was silent.

Ji Leyu never thought that things would develop to this stage. He looked at Father Ji from a distance. This was his grandfather who would call him ‘Lele’ and hug him. Didn’t his grandfather like him? Why doubt him?

There was also Ji Mu, who said just a few days ago that he would take Ji Leyu out to play. Yet Ji Mu also doubted him.

In his expectations, no one would doubt him. After all, Ji Xin was so naughty while he was good-natured. Who would doubt him instead of Ji Xin?

Now he found that adults were far more complicated than he thought.

It was just like his grandfather. His grandfather had been saying ‘I like Lele the most’ and ‘Lele should live with Grandpa.’ Now his grandfather actually doubted him.

Sure enough, only his uncle was the most reliable, only his uncle would always protect him.

“I want to know what is going on. I admit that I doubt Xiao Yu. So Xiao Zhong, say it.”

In the end, he was a father. Ji Huan hadn’t wanted to ask anything but he saw that Father Ji was obviously on his side. Thus, he became active again and asked Ji Zhong to describe the situation at that time.

Ji Yuxiao stared at him and didn’t speak. This was Ji Xin’s father, the father of the person involved. He would naturally support his own child and had the right to doubt it. Ji Yuxiao couldn’t stop him.

Ji Zhong was caught in the middle of them and his mentality had long been broken. He immediately shouted, “I don’t know! I was playing games at the time and I don’t know anything. I just heard Xiao Xin crying and shouting that he would find his father so I followed. I only knew what happened when I came up here and heard him saying so. Don’t ask me, ask Lin Fei. He should know. The three of them came out together.”

Ji Xin nodded at these words. “Yes, Lin Fei saw it. He saw that I was the one pushed by Ji Leyu.”

In an instant, everyone’s eyes focused on Lin Fei.

Lin Fei’ face had his usual calmness. He didn’t seem to see the argument between the adults and children and there was no turbulence in his eyes.

Everyone saw his expression and secretly thought that Ji Leyu shouldn’t have pushed Ji Xin. Otherwise, how could Lin Fei be so calm when witnessing such a big thing as a child? He would’ve been frightened long ago. Even if he wasn’t panicking like Ji Xin, he should be afraid.

Lin Luoqing looked between him and Ji Leyu, heart full of doubts.

Unlike Ji Yuxiao’s unconditional trust in Ji Leyu, he knew what type of personality Ji Leyu had as an adult. Based on his personality, it wasn’t impossible to do such a thing as pushing Ji Xin into the water when he was a child.

However, Lin Fei’s expression was too calm. He might usually be expressionless but if Ji Leyu wanted to drown Ji Xin as Ji Xin said, how could Lin Fei be so calm when he was a boy with such a gentle heart?

Was it because they were all present and Lin Fei didn’t want Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao to be embarrassed?

That was really something he could do.

“Fei Fei, right?” Father Ji smiled gently at Lin Fei, who was standing not far away.

Initially, when Lin Fei came and Ji Yuxiao introduced him to everyone, Father Ji didn’t even look at Lin Fei, as if he would dirty his eyes.

Now he smiled at Lin Fei, putting on a gentle and loving face and lowering his voice a lot.

“I am Xiao Yu’s grandfather and your grandfather. Tell me, what did you see?”

Ji Yuxiao saw this kind expression and felt sad when he heard the words.

Lin Fei’s expression already explained the matter. If it was really Ji Leyu who pushed Ji Xin, he wouldn’t be able to stand beside Ji Leyu so calmly. At the very least, he would distance himself from Ji Leyu, not act like nothing happened.

Nevertheless, his father still had to ask and he had to pretend that he liked Lin Fei when asking.

At this time, he didn’t dislike Lin Fei. He didn’t think that Lin Fei was Lin Luoqing’s burden and that he wasn’t qualified to enter their Ji family.

It was really ridiculous.

Ji Yuxiao laughed on the spot while his heart became cold.

Was his brother’s legacy so tempting?

Ji Mu wanted it.

His biological father wanted it too.

Did they just not want him to have his brother’s inheritance?

Didn’t they have enough shares in their hands right now?

Did they still need to eye the ones left behind by his brother?

Lin Luoqing heard the sadness in the laughter and held his hand, softly calling out, “Brother.”

Ji Yuxiao shook his head and signaled that he was fine.

‘How can it be fine,’ Lin Luoqing thought. ‘All the people in this room are supposed to be your relatives but they are almost all standing on the opposite side of you.’

Even though he gave up his rights and wanted nothing, they still wanted more.

They kept asking questions over and over again, ostensibly to find the truth. Yet in fact, apart from the father Ji Huan, who was there for the truth?

They just wanted to find a way to point the spear at Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Leyu was just a child. No one cared about a child. They just wanted to calculate against Ji Yuxiao, the guardian standing behind him.

“Does Xiao Yu have a change of clothes here?” Lin Luoqing asked Ji Yuxiao in a low voice. “His clothes are wet. It is best to change them or he might catch a cold.”

It was then that a bit of reason emerged in Ji Yuxiao’s anger and disappointment. He looked at Ji Leyu and saw that Ji Leyu’s clothes were wet. A puddle of water was faintly forming at his feet.

“Everyone here is desperately trying to figure out what is going on and seems to care a lot about these two children. However, so much time has passed and no one reminded them not to change their clothes. It is normal that Yuxiao didn’t notice. You are inserting the knife one by one. He has to deal with you and naturally doesn’t have time to pay attention to these things. Meanwhile, there are so many of you. You can’t see the truth and you also can’t see that the clothes of these two children are wet.”

Lin Luoqing looked at the relatives of the Ji family with a smile. Finally, his eyes fell on Father Ji, his tone gentle while his smile was obvious. “It can be seen that your concern isn’t necessarily about this?”

Father Ji slammed a hand down angrily on the table. “Shut up! How can you talk here?”

Ji Leyu looked surprised, not expecting Lin Luoqing to say these words.

He is speaking for my uncle.

He doesn’t doubt me. He is just worried I will catch a cold if I continue to wear wet clothes.

At this moment, Ji Leyu’s affection for Lin Luoqing couldn’t stop rising.

Like me, he likes my uncle and wants to protect him.

Like my uncle, he believes in me and doesn’t suspect me.

In addition, my uncle likes him. After marrying him, my uncle will occasionally act not like a father but the uncle I am familiar with.

Ji Leyu was so happy!

At this moment, he felt that Lin Luoqing was the best adult besides his parents and his uncle!

Lin Luoqing really deserved to marry his uncle!

They should be together forever!

Then he was soon pulled back to reality by Ji Yuxiao’s voice.

Ji Yuxiao glared coldly at his father and said angrily, “You shut up! He is my partner and Xiao Yu’s father. He is more qualified to speak than you! You don’t care about your grandson but you don’t allow others to care about him?!”

Ji Yuxiao turned to look at Ji Leyu and his expression softened for a moment. “Go to your father’s room and find a set of clothes to change into. Don’t catch a cold.”

After speaking, he seemed uneasy again and told Lin Luoqing, “You go with him.”

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