FV: Chapter 35 Part 2

Father Ji’s face instantly darkened.

He took out his phone and made a call. “Xiao Wang, move a chair to the meeting room.”

“It isn’t necessary,” Ji Yuxiao calmly said. “I think it is good this way.”

Father Ji looked at his son and didn’t speak.

Then after a long time, he suddenly laughed and looked at Lin Luoqing. “Do you think so too?”

If anyone else was asked this then they would probably say, ‘Add a chair.’

However, Lin Luoqing himself was dissatisfied because this person knew that Yuxiao couldn’t go upstairs yet he deliberately set the conversation place on a floor where Ji Yuxiao needed to go upstairs. This even happened twice when Ji Yuxiao went home. Therefore, Lin Luoqing didn’t want to be such a tactful person.

He smiled and spoke in a green tea manner, “How troublesome is it to add another chair? I think this is very good. Father, you don’t have to worry. I have already felt your intentions so there is no need to make a fuss. If I don’t feel bad then others don’t need to feel bad. In any case, it is all our people and there is no need to be polite.”

He finished speaking and deliberately told Ji Yuxiao, “Look at our father. How polite is he.”

Then he glanced back at Father Ji. “Father, you really don’t need to be polite. Just do whatever you want like it is your own home.”

‘…This is his home!’ Father Ji thought.

Father Ji looked at him with a fake smile.

Ji Yuxiao chuckled and reached out to hold Lin Luoqing. He squeezed Lin Luoqing’s hand and looked at his father. “Didn’t you say that there is something to discuss? Then hurry up and get to the point. A spring night is worth thousands of yuan. Don’t delay my time.”

Father Ji, “!!!”

Father Ji was so angry that he almost gritted his teeth.

Could this type of thing be said at the table?

What did this vixen do to his son?

However, Ji Mu’s father, Ji Zhenyang heard this and couldn’t wait to urge them. “Big brother, let’s get down to business first.”

“Yes, Uncle. Let’s talk about business first.” Ji Huai also urged.

Father Ji reluctantly shifted his gaze and didn’t look at Lin Luoqing.

He took a few deep breaths and told his relatives, “I have already received Xiao Xiao’s resignation and the company has approved it. Now the position of general manager of the company is vacant. Do you think it is appropriate for us to hire a professional manager or to choose someone else?”

Ji Zhencai, who had already agreed with her second brother earlier, immediately said, “Hasn’t Xiao Mu been in the company for many years? I think Xiao Mu is quite suitable.”

Her daughter, son-in-law and son also agreed. “Yes, isn’t Brother Mu very good?”

Ji Zhengao, the third brother, was dissatisfied. “I think it is good to hire a professional manager. People who do this professionally will definitely be able to do it better.”

“Xiao Gao, do you mean that Xiao Mu hasn’t done well?” Ji Zhenyang turned to look at him.

Ji Zhengao smiled. “I don’t mean that. I’m just thinking about the company.”

“Who isn’t thinking about the company? It is for the sake of the company that I feel Xiao Mu is suitable. Can anyone be more satisfying than our own family member?”

The second brother and third brother argued for a while. This was mixed with the voices of Ji Huai and Ji Zhencai so it was very lively.

Lin Luoqing watched with relish. He was eating a melon and it was such a big melon.

He was eating the melon when he felt his hand being pinched by Ji Yuxiao.

Lin Luoqing looked back and Ji Yuxiao smiled. “Is it fun to watch?”

“It’s okay.” Lin Luoqing commented.

Ji Yuxiao smiled while looking like he was going to stay out of it.

“Xiao Xiao, what do you think?” Suddenly, Ji Zhengao called out to Ji Yuxiao. “Tell me, do you think Ji Mu is suitable?”

Ji Yuxiao looked up at his third uncle. Then he glanced at Ji Mu, who was obviously very nervous but was pretending to be calm.

“I don’t care,” Ji Yuxiao replied. “Anything is fine.”

Ji Zhengao hated his stubbornness. “How can you say that? Your brother obviously wanted you to take care of the company! Even if you are disabled now, you can’t give up on yourself like this!”

Ji Yuxiao sneered and turned to Ji Zhengao. “Alright then.”

He said, “Third Uncle, you stand up now and I’ll help you break your legs. Then you can cheer up, fight hard and tell me with practical actions that it is just two legs. It is meaningless even if it is disabled, okay?”

Ji Zhengao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao looked at everyone in front of him and spoke mockingly, “Everyone says very casually that it is just two legs. Then is there anyone willing to stand up and let me destroy their two legs before they struggle to climb up higher? In any case, it is just two legs. For you, it should be a very simple thing, right?”

Everyone silently lowered their heads.

Ji Mu saw that Ji Yuxiao really didn’t want the company and had lost his fighting spirit, so Ji Mu pretended to be a good person. “Xiao Xiao is right. Some people only know how to use their mouths. To put it simply, they don’t know how painful it is for the party involved, both mentally and physically. So focus on yourself and don’t talk about others.”

Ji Zhengao snorted. “Xiao Mu, you can just directly say it is me. Why mention other people?”

“Okay.” Father Ji coldly interrupted. “Let’s vote. Raise your hands if you agree with Xiao Mu becoming the general manager.”

More than half the people present raised their hands.

Father Ji nodded. “Then it will be hard for you, Xiao Mu.”

“It isn’t hard.” Ji Mu smiled. “It is all for the company.”

Ji Zhengao sneered. He stood up and was about to leave, but was stopped by Father Ji. “Sit down for me.”

Ji Zhengao reluctantly sat back down.

“There is something else.” Father Ji looked at Ji Yuxiao. His tone was very gentle but his words weren’t so gentle.

“Xiao Xiao, since you don’t care about the company and don’t want to contribute to the company then you have too many shares in your hands right now. Return your brother’s shares to me.”

Ji Yuxiao’s face instantly changed. It seemed he hadn’t expected his father to say such a thing and his entire face became gloomy.

Lin Luoqing sensitively felt the change in emotions. He looked back, held Ji Yuxiao’s hand tightly and said softly, “Yuxiao.”

Ji Yuxiao was awakened by his face and his expression became slightly better.

He leaned back his wheelchair, his tone so cold it was almost like ice. “Don’t even think about it.”

“Xiao Xiao, those were originally…”

Snap. The sound of the door opening interrupted Father Ji’s words.

“Get out!” Father Ji raised his voice and rebuked sharply when he saw that his words were interrupted.

Ji Xin, who had been crying from fright for a while, was frightened by this tone and cried even louder. He couldn’t stop calling out to his father and ran to Ji Zhencai’s son, Ji Huan.

Following this, Ji Zhong, Ji Leyu, Lin Fei and the other children appeared one after another.

Lin Luoqing stood up suspiciously while secretly wondering what was going on.

“What’s wrong?” Ji Huan looked at his crying son and was distressed. “Who bullied you?”

Ji Xin turned his head and pointed to Ji Leyu. “He bullied me. He pushed me into the water and wanted to drown me.”

It was only then that Ji Huan noticed that Ji Xin’s clothes were wet.

Lin Luoqing was shocked and looked at Ji Leyu.

Ji Leyu stood at the door. His eyes were full of grievances, his pretty face was taut and his mouth was tightly pursed.

Lin Luoqing noticed that his clothes were also wet.

“I didn’t do that,” Ji Leyu explained. “I saved him. He fell into the water himself and I helped pull him up. However, he was afraid that the adults would scold him so he said that I pushed him down. I was obviously the one who saved him.”

Tears flowed down his face as he spoke. Ji Leyu lowered his head and wiped it, looking very distressed.

Ji Xin was a well-known naughty child in his family. He teased people every day thanks to Ji Huan spoiling him and always caused trouble.

Father Ji heard this and scolded Ji Xin angrily, “You made a mistake yet you framed your brother. What are you and what is Xiao Yu? I think everyone here knows! Besides, how old is Xiao Yu? Can he push you?”

“Ji Huan, take your son out. If you haven’t taught him a good lesson then don’t come back next time.”

Ji Xin hadn’t expected to be the one scolded and howled again.

Ji Huan stood up to take him out. Ji Mu watched their departing figures. Then he thought of something and asked, “Wasn’t Xiao Zhong downstairs just now? Did you see it?”

“What do you mean?” Ji Yuxiao wondered coldly. “Do you think Xiao Yu pushed him?”

“I don’t think that,” Ji Mu hurriedly said. “I just think…”

“You better not think anything.” Ji Yuxiao interrupted him. “If you think again, I also have to think again. I feel that a professional manager is very good. What do you think?”

Ji Mu, “……”

He was speechless.

“Xiao Xiao, Xiao Mu is just…”

“Second Uncle, you also think that a professional manager is good right?” Ji Yuxiao laughed. “It seems that you and Third Uncle have the same opinion.”

Ji Zhengao laughed.

Ji Zhenyang turned his head and stopped talking.

Just as the anger in Ji Yuxiao’s heart went away, he heard his father’s familiar voice. “Xiao Zhong, tell me, what happened just now?”

Ji Yuxiao looked at Father Ji in shock, his eyes full of disbelief.

He never imagined that his father would ask this question.\

TL: There is a lot of names in this chapter and it can be confusing. This is what I figured out from the family tree just based on this chapter and general knowledge. 

Father  Ji: Should be the first brother. Has two sons: Ji Yuling and Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Zhenyang: Second brother. Has one son, Ji Mu and one daughter, Ji Huai. 

Ji Zhencai: The only daughter among the three brothers. Has a daughter, a son in law and a son. Her son is Ji Huan and his son is Ji Xin.

Ji Zhengao: The third brother.

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Yup, too many names haha ^^°

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3 months ago

I wonder if Father Ji is actually impotent and knows his wife cheated with someone to had Ji Yuling and Ji Yuxiao. The way he acted is like “evil stepmom in Western’s fairy tale”. Now I suspected he is the one scheming that accident! I hate him so much.

3 months ago

I don’t get what the problem is with Father Ji. All his actions shows how he don’t care about his son. And it’s baffling

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