FV: Chapter 34 Part 1

Wu Xinyuan looked at his newly appointed boss’ partner and artist and his heart was quite complicated.

He thought about it for a while. Then he politely asked as he got out of the elevator, “Luoqing, what are your plans now?”

He had to know Lin Luoqing’s thoughts in order to help plan the future.

Lin Luoqing’s idea was simple. “Is there a suitable script? I will film if there is any. If not, I will wait.”

“The suitable script on your side refers to…” Wu Xinyuan wondered meaningfully.

It wasn’t surprising that he asked. He had communicated with Lin Luoqing’s former agent. One reason was to understand the contract and the other was to understand Lin Luoqing’s personality a bit.

Ji Yuxiao only had his lover in his eyes and he felt that his wife was good everywhere.

“He has good looks and a good personality. I have also checked his acting skills. He can act anything. If you can’t make him develop then you should stop being an agent and go be a driver.”

Wu Xinyuan, “……”

Wu Xinyuan felt that this person was completely carried away by love. How could there be such a person in the entertainment industry? Wouldn’t such a person have already become popular?

Lin Luoqing had debuted for two years and he was still an amateur!

To be on the safe side, Wu Xinyuan had asked Lin Luoqing’s former agent. They were in the same circle and Brother Li had no nostalgia toward Lin Luoqing. He would naturally tell the truth.

“Isn’t he good-looking? If only his brains were changed. He has nothing but his face. He has no acting skills, work attitude or brains. Oh, no, he has the temper of a young master.”

Wu Xinyuan, “……”

This was completely different from what the boss was said!

Brother Li let out a long sigh. “I took a fancy to his face back then. As a result, I regretted it. I really regret it.”

Wu Xinyuan, “……”

He also regretted it a bit now.

“You will understand soon. I wish you good luck,” Brother Li said sincerely.

‘…I-I hope so.’

Thanks to this initial impression, Wu Xinyuan naturally didn’t dare to rashly plan an acting career for Lin Luoqing. He was afraid that Ji Yuxiao would ask him to change his job if Lin Luoqing was dissatisfied.

So he thought about it and said, “Does it need to be a big IP with a large investment? Or can it be a small-budget TV drama with a good script?”

“Anything is fine.” Lin Luoqing wasn’t picky in this regard.

He wasn’t a famous actor before transmigrating. It was good to have a job so how could he pick and choose?

“A big IP has the advantage of a big IP while a small-budget series has the advantage of the small budget. I’m fine with anything as long as the script is good.”

“What about the role?”

“It is fine,” Lin Luoqing replied. “I am fine with both the protagonist and supporting roles. As long as the character is good, a supporting role can also shine.”

“But…” Lin Luoqing hesitated.

Wu Xinyuan looked at him. The request was secretly coming!

What did he want? A big star or celebrity director? It couldn’t be both!

“But what?” Wu Xinyuan was cautious.

Lin Luoqing was silent for a moment. Then he made up his mind and said, “When helping me choose a script these days, try to choose one that can be filmed locally. I don’t want to be too far away from home.”

Wu Xinyuan, “????”

That was it? That was it! It was too simple!

He wondered, “Nothing else?”

Lin Luoqing nodded. “I believe that Brother Wu can control the rest. The content of the script, the role shaping and the production team should be considered in advance. There is no need for me to emphasize it.”

Wu Xinyuan nodded while looking at the other person in disbelief. Was he so sensible?

It wasn’t at all like what his former agent said!

It was really easy to look after.

The two of them chatted for a while before Wu Xinyuan sent Lin Luoqing home. He said that he would contact Lin Luoqing if there was a suitable script.

“Okay.” Lin Luoqing said goodbye to him and entered the door. Then he walked directly to the second floor.

He didn’t rush back to his bedroom but went to Ji Yuxiao’s study.

Ji Yuxiao was busy. He saw Lin Luoqing coming back and stopping the action of typing. He asked, “Has the contract been resolved?”

“It’s been resolved. My former agent was very good.”

“So why aren’t you popular yet?”

Lin Luoqing sat down on the sofa in the study and explained to him, “The matter of being popular relies on metaphysics. It isn’t that you can be popular just because you want to be popular. So many actors might work hard in their lives but they can’t become popular.”

For example, he worked hard but he lacked a bit of luck and opportunities.

Ji Yuxiao heard a trace of loneliness from these words and paused before comforting the other person, “It is okay. You will be popular in the future.”

“I hope so.” Lin Luoqing smiled.

As an actor, everyone wanted to be popular.

It was because you would have more choices and the right to speak when popular. This was why Lin Luoqing also wanted to be popular. He wanted to have more opportunities and choices.

Ji Yuxiao saw the smile on his face and affirmed it. “You definitely will be.”

Lin Luoqing looked at him with a smile, eyes shining brightly.

He had done so many things for so long. Now he was idle so he became a bit sleepy.

Lin Luoqing was embarrassed to disturb Ji Yuxiao so he went back to their bedroom and slept for a while. Then the alarm clock to pick up Ji Leyu rang. He sat up and prepared to pick up Ji Leyu and Lin Fei.

Ji Leyu was still in kindergarten. It was an older class but the school time ended earlier than primary school.

Lin Luoqing picked him up and took him to pick up Lin Fei.

This was something that Ji Leyu hadn’t experienced before. He looked at Lin Fei’s primary school with some novelty and asked Lin Luoqing, “Can I also come here to study next year?”

“Yes, you can study at the same school as Lin Fei when the time comes.”

“Will I share a class with him?” Ji Leyu was curious.

“Of course not. At that time, Lin Fei will be in second grade and you will be in first grade. You can’t be in the same class.”

Ji Leyu made an ‘oh’ sound and thought about it.

He waited and saw the school gates open. Lin Luoqing opened the door and got out of the car. Ji Leyu followed him out.

Lin Fei walked out of the school gate and habitually looked toward the place where Lin Luoqing would wait for him. He saw Ji Leyu standing next to Lin Luoqing and looking over. Ji Leyu learned from Lin Luoqing’s appearance and waved his small hand.

Lin Fei paused for a moment before remembering what Lin Luoqing had said. In the future, Lin Luoqing would not only pick up himself but also Ji Leyu.

Ji Leyu was still in kindergarten and finished school earlier than Lin Fei, so Lin Luoqing should’ve picked him up first.

He blinked. He looked at Lin Luoqing not far away and then at Ji Leyu. There was a slight and almost negligible strange feeling in his heart.

It wasn’t uncomfortable. It was just… like being struck by a small stone.

The stone was very small and didn’t give him any pain or discomfort.

However, it was a sudden hit.

Lin Fei calmly walked to Lin Luoqing. Lin Luoqing patted his head and told him with a smile to get in the car.

Lin Fei consciously sat by the window and held his school bag in his arms.

Lin Luoqing got into the car and sat between Lin Fei and Ji Leyu. He was very fair.

Not long after he sat down, Ji Leyu stuck out his head and asked Lin Fei, “Brother, what are you studying in school? Do you know how to read?”

Lin Fei nodded. “Yes.”

“Are you also learning how to count?”


“Then you are learning around the same as us.” Ji Leyu concluded.

Lin Fei thought about it and told him, “It is still a bit more. Kindergarten is simpler.”

Ji Leyu didn’t believe it. “Really?”

Lin Luoqing saw that the two of them were chatting among themselves so he simply picked up Ji Leyu, put him beside Lin Fei and moved to the window position. “Isn’t this much better? It saves me from sitting in the middle like the queen mother.”

Lin Fei saw him sitting on the other window and felt that small stone appear again. It was very small and very slight. It was obviously nothing but he could feel it.

Ji Leyu smiled sweetly at Lin Luoqing. “Thank you, Uncle.”

“You’re welcome.” Lin Luoqing smiled.

Ji Leyu turned to look at Lin Fei and kept asking questions about the first grade.

Lin Fei answered patiently. Once Ji Leyu finished with his questions, he held his chin and thought about it. He felt that first grade wasn’t a big deal. He could also go to first grade.

However, first grade started earlier and finished later. Therefore, Ji Leyu thought about it and gave up after a while.

He didn’t like going to school or doing homework. It seemed that he should continue going to kindergarten.

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